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Graphical Modding / FF7, nailbat - loveless mod
« on: 2009-10-05 20:29:08 »
this mod basically changes the 'nailbat' weapon for the 'loveless' sword used by Genesis in FF Crisis Core,
NOTE: this is a custom model and has not been "ripped" from any other game

within the download there is a 'read me' wich will explain more.

happy modding =)

hello,,,,,,,, i have seen videos on youtube where people have switched there magic animations and changed them for enemy attack animations.... i was just wondering if anyone here knows how to go about doing this and what programs i would need to do this...... please help me
thank you

General discussion / haf saspan
« on: 2009-08-16 18:05:39 »
rammu es y haf saspan yd drec vunis yht e zicd fyhdat du du cyo y pek 're' du ajanouha eh ym prat, ev i ryja dnyhcmydat drec e luhknydimyda oui vun hud paehk y tisp ynca....

y dacd vun dra dnia VV vyhc,

b.c lralg uid so sycysiha sut, edc yfacusa



ver 1.1

this mod changes the ultima weapon to the masamune with the masamune stats, att-99,crit%-255,hit%-255 and 6 linked slots, instead of 8,
and also changes the buster sword to max materia slots and makes the damage calculation the same as vincents 'Death Penalty',
 this is calculated by how many enemies cloud has defeated.....

(i think this damage calculation is good for the buster sword, cause if u kill  enough enemies with cloud u can use the buster all the
 way through the game, this is y ive given it max materia slots)

Download link:


Ver 1.2

this version is exactly the same as the other but, the masamune now has a standard damage calculation, instead of the ultima weapon calculation.
and the buster sword now has the ultima weapon calculation instead of the death penalty caculation...........

enjoy =)

Download link:

check out my other weapon changing mod

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