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Releases / [FF7PC] Costa07's Highwind Models (v2)
« on: 2012-04-06 02:18:19 »
Here are both the highwind and highwind v2. Special thanks to grimmy for converting them for me thank you.
Highwind V1

Highwind V2

Team Avalanche / Treasure Chest project [WIP]
« on: 2010-11-10 12:07:52 »
I decided to take on a simple task for me to complete since there is only 5 different treasure chest. here is some pics of model i have done in game.

Chest 1

Chest 2

Team Avalanche / Enemy remodel [WIP]
« on: 2010-10-21 09:43:12 »
Here is the rocket launcher i model up. Its in the mission after the bombing mission. The textures i just worked up real quick was wondering if anyone want to retexture it for me. Since it model after the original i thought you all can use it for the TA project.

Here is some pics

Videos in action

here is a pic of the model untextured


Graphical / New VEHICLE
« on: 2010-08-10 07:03:23 »
UPDATE: These models have now been released. See for details - Bosola

As some of you know i already modeled a new highwind model but ain't so great at creating uvs and textures. So i was gonna try to do some adjustment to my old model. Then I just decided to start over since i improved a little on modeling. I almost done with the model besides just a little adjustment here and there. So i was wondering if anyone can make the UV's and textures. I'm using blender to model it by the way.

Here are some pics of the [WIP]

Releases / Highwind
« on: 2010-08-05 05:17:30 »
Hey guys my computer crashed so that's why i haven't been on. But i managed to find my old files on the highwind model. I finally got them in game then i realized the textures aren't to great. So if any one wants to modify this and make it better your more than happy to. Or if you want to use it as is till some one betters it that's cool too.

To in stall just download this   Then use lgp tools to put the new files in the world_us.lpg

Graphical / Costa07's Models
« on: 2009-10-15 23:07:39 »
 I was going to remake a new highwind model, and try to texture it good. I not to good at texturing and all. So I decided to post these pics i was using as a reference to my model, and a video of my model. I not sure if its any good so i decided to post about it before i even tried to finish.

Here are the pics i used as a reference to model it:

Then here is a link to the video of my model in progress.

Troubleshooting / Textures in blender
« on: 2009-10-06 23:10:24 »
How do you texture something in blender? I cant seem to figure it out i used to have 3d max on my last computer, but it crashed. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Releases / [FF7PC] Custom Battle Scenes (2009-09-20)
« on: 2009-09-20 08:12:04 »
I been working on the battle scenes texture, trying to re-texture them to be better. So far I only got Sector 1 done which is the fist mission for avalanche in the game. I have uploaded the files so everyone can try them, and tell me how there are and if there an improvement. Also how and what to improve or just to move on the the next part of the game. To install all you have to do is download then decompress your battle.lgp file then copy all the downloaded files into your battle folder and overwrite. Then just re-compress and start a new game to check out the new battle textures.

download link for Sector 1

Sorry you have to download each file individually i don't know how to put it all in one folder to download.

thanks MXster

Troubleshooting / Texture injections
« on: 2009-09-06 00:26:21 »
Can someone help me out im trying to use Aali driver texture injection but cant seem to get it to work i change the first pixel to EXTopac. Then i name my PNG opac_00 but all that shows up is a plain black texture instead of the one i was trying to put in. I dont know what im doing wrong any help would really be appreciated

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