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Archive / A challenge
« on: 2009-08-27 01:54:43 »

((Sorry for making a topic. I want the answers clearly listed and me not having to search topics to find one answer. If these questions been answered, please post a link to them))

Okay I am an advance 3D modeler, with 3Ds Max. And I have a couple questions.

-How many polys can the Pc version of FFVII accept? Terrain and Character.
--Answered: A budget of each character 5k. On screen max polys 100k polys.

-What maps(diffuse,bump,light,alpha,normals, etc.) can the game accept?
--Answered: Diffuse and alpha only. Alpha can only use one color to have transparency.

-Map sizes
--Answered: Models should be in a multiple of 4. Always doubled from one another, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ect

-How will the new models replace the models with animation?
--Answered: Animation is divided to limbs for each file.

I am pretty good at copying styles from games and know about the legal issue of ripping models.
I challenge this concept with a similar style of models from other games.

Thank you,

Editing for info answered to first post

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