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Yo all.

I heard a while ago that FFVII WILL run other movies in place of the default ones, as long as the codecs are installed on the system.

Is this true?
If it is, I've been thinking about re-encoding those movies for a while.
Think about it, one could clean them up and get rid of a lot of the blocking, and perhaps even give them a decent resize up to 640x480, so the game wouldn't have to bother using whatever shity resizer it usually uses. If we could get the game to play XVid files especially...

If this did work out, I could easily put a Bittorent up for the files, so everyone could get them....

Hheh. Right here we are.
I have a movie of someone beating FFVII's Emerald Weapon in 1:30. Its one of the crazy 12 counter things, or whatever. Its pretty nuts.

The purpose of this topic is:
A: Anyone want it? I can either DCC it, send it  to you over MSN, maybe someone can even upload it to their webspace. Its only 10 megs.
B: Its from a Jappanese TV show. Anyone fancy translateing it (I know theres 1 or 2 Jappanese speakers on Qhimms, forgive me for forgetting who you are :P)? I'd like to know EXACLY what they're doing as this is looks like some mad bug/technique/thingy to me.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Psf >>>> you!!
« on: 2003-06-03 13:48:30 »
Winamp plugin here:

Psf files here:

YES! FFVII Ost = 800kb and it sounds god damn perfect.

Now heres the intresting bit... we can make FFVII play mp3s... how hard would it be to make it play perfect PSF files?

Any input guys? :D

I havent be around to much lately. Has there been any progress as of late? In the last patch that I know of you had the MP3 ID'ing down to pat. But stuff like Midi muteing ect didnt work. Any progress then? I have been looking forward to a properly working music patch for a long while.

Will greatly apreciate it if you can get back to me Fice.


Right I simply enabled it in the D3d tab in this tweak program Riva Tuner:" TARGET=_blank>

I took the tick out of TNT in FFVII config with this option enabled and 8 bit textures got a pass and the game ran in D3d with out the TNT ticked!

This is an intresting observation that no one else has noticed yet it is.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FFVIII and Eax
« on: 2001-06-09 17:52:00 »
Now Samuals DLS make FFVIIIs music sound really good except for songs like "Man with the machine gun"(Dream world battle music)
But has any one with a sound blaster live card tryed turning the choras up to about 80% for this song? If so you may notice it sounds about as good as it does on the Psx. Has any one considered hacking into FFVIIIs way of controlling Reverb and perhaps setting it at higer or lower depending on the song? I am pretty sure FFVIII changes the reverb level depending on where you are(About %20 in the garden say).

Is this even possible? It would really make the midi kick some more arse in that division.


These are from And its definately vertex shader graphics." border=0>" border=0>" border=0>" border=0>

*pats his GeForce 3*

Like we are gonna have trouble when FFX pc comes along now   :D

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General discussion / Msn Mesenger?
« on: 2001-08-08 23:36:00 »
Since there isnt a slot for it on profiles...
I'm just wondering if any one here is on Msn mesenger. I have way abadoned ICQ for being the spawn of AOL/Saten.
I'm [email protected] is any one want to talk to me.

I can really recomend this over ICQ. It isnt bloted. It dosent take about 10 seconds to load on an Atholn 650. It doesnt lag. Sure there were some problems with the servers a while back but there fixed now.

If any one wants to try this the website is here:" TARGET=_blank>

I will be playing Giants( :D) multiplayer for quite a while tonight but I will be on later is any one is intrested.

General discussion / FFX Conformed for PC!!!
« on: 2001-05-20 01:52:00 »
Thanks gos to Gohan over at the Eidos boards for this!
"Square representatives also confirmed that Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI are both PS2 exclusives, with both coming to the PC (but no other consoles) in later years."" TARGET=_blank>  

Whoawho! No nicking my bros Ps2 for me!

General discussion / FFIX PC petion
« on: 2001-01-27 20:56:00 »
Some one beat me to it!

90 sigs right now!

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