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FF9 Gameplay Releases / [FFIX] Balance Discussion / Mod
« on: 2020-03-27 22:45:44 »
Over this month, i've gathered some suggestions around the threads here and i've augmented them with my own findings in the last playthrough of the game.

Main goal of this post is to discuss balance in FFIX, aka change numbers and inner formulas without altering anything on the facade. Despite all the changes i've made, 99% of the descriptions of abilities and items haven't been touched at all.

I'll explore each section individually, analyzing the main issues and the solutions i've implemented:

- Full rework of the numbers, rebalanced around a simple concept: Progressing in the story should give better equipment than those found at an earlier point. Main issues:
- Robes are far too good and/or light armors are underpowered, especially endgame. White and Black Robe are massively overpowered. Glutton's Robe at least has "only" OP stats.
- Brave Suit's Fire boost is never used by Zidane and Amarant -> Fire Immunity (Vir's mod)
- Masamune is made through Orihalcon but it's weaker.
- Dragon's Hair invalidates half of Freija's weapons, acquired that early. Fixed that, Holy Lance is next, albeit minor.
- Rods and Flutes are completely invalidated by Rackets
- Jewels being equippable but giving zero stat boosts.
- Overall rebalance of stat boosts. Each chara now has at least 2 weapons with stat boosts.

- Some buyable pieces of equipment become unavailable as the game progresses and some of those are required in crafting. -> Now those are also sold by other, permanent shops.

Character Stats
- Minor: Lv1 stat rebalance, coupled with equipment stat bonus rebalance to reach uniform numbers at lv99
- True Lv1 Challenge / Perfect stats: 0 exp from Dantarian, Red Dragon and Pandemonium fixed encounters

Support Abilities
- Cost rebalanced around the actual worth of the skill. Most of it came from Vir's mod.

- Swd Mag are A LOT weaker than Sword Arts despite restricting team comp. -> Swd Mag are now multiplier based (like thunder slash and cherry blossom) and i've nerfed a bit the knight's sword skills. Flare Sword must be stronger than Shock or there's no point in sword mag.
- Holy L4 is massively underpowered (Vir)
- White Wind can be buffed (maxhp/2) and Curaga nerfed a bit (down to 88, too efficient)
- Lucky 7 is too unreliable. Make 7777's chance depend on Zidane's level
- Jump is bad and actually becomes weaker with Trance. -> Made it a physical strike, so boosted by trance, berserk and by x1.5 from High Jump. Also takes the element of the weapon. Removed added randomness in the Trance version.
- Dragon Breath is either useless or a boss destroyer. Should have it's power halved or more, and its MP cost reduced.
- Six Dragons is unplayable -> Now it's single target
- Dragon's Crest scales too fast: made it FreyaLevel * Dragons Killed, like Frog Drop.
- Overall MP cost rebalance: for example Cherry blossom is very overcosted
- Most of Vir's changes regarding hit chance for status inflicting spells.

- 60 to 80% of their power comes from the Inventory (or eiko's level). I'd reduce or cap the bonus and increase base power
- Boost removes short animation penalty without forcing full animation everytime (less boring, mitigates a bit Regen's OPness)

Battle Calculations
- Physical Strikes (Shock) take the element of the weapon but said element can't be boosted through equipment: fixed, now it's possible
- Thunder slash glitch fixed, now it's a regular magical weapon skill

Treasures and steals
- Steal from Ark: Holy Lance -> Bistrofork
- Steal from Earth Guardian: Rubber Vest -> Power Wrist
- Most of Clem Fandango's changes to Chocographs with some tweaks, like Gold chocobo available only in disc 4
   - Dragon's Hair -> Obelisk (Oeilvert Crack)
   - Gauntlet -> Defense Gloves (Oeilvert Crack)
   - Defense Ring -> Rebirth Ring (Ice Continent Crack)
   - Oak Staff -> Magician Shoes (Azure)
   - Magician's Robe -> Silk Robe (Azure)
   - High Mage Staff -> Octagon Rod (Red)
   - Kaiser knuckles -> Priest's Racket (Red)
   - Light Robe -> Coronet (Blue)
   + Rebirth Ring -> Defense Ring (Gold)
   + Potion x33 -> Dragon's Hair (Gold)
   + Priest's Miter -> Light Robe (Gold)

Skills Learned:
- Black Robe: Flare -> Death (either this or move both of them to disc 4)
- White Robe: Holy -> Dispel
- High Mage Staff: Osmose -> Flare
- It's also safe to remove a few Auto-Regens (there's a ton of them) and assing them to rarer Abilities.

To Do List:
- Basic attack is probably too good with all those cumulative multipliers: Killers, MP attack, Berserk...
- If nerfing the above, consider making killer applicable to physical skills, as well as row penalty: to avoid having all characters stay in the back spamming skills safely.
- Accuracy+ shouldn't powecreep Bright Eyes
- Haven't touched enemies, except tweaking a bit their categories. Example: too many fliers and why isn't Mu a beast?

Google Spreadsheet with numbers:

Clem Fandango's Mod:
Vir's Mod:

Those are the changes i've implemented in my modded game. Let me know what you think of those and if there are more overpowered or underpowered / never used aspects of FFIX.

Nuova Traduzione Italiana di Final Fantasy VII

Download v1.12 HERE
Non-Dialogue Documentation HERE.
(Last update: 25/May/2020 14:00 CET. Reason: bugfix.)

  • Vanilla Final Fantasy 7 Steam version 1.0.9
  • Built upon Re​union R05c
  • Game fully translated into Italian from scratch
  • Additional graphical tweaks and script fixes of my own
  • No support for other mods currently, that will come later
Useful links:

This project's goal is to retranslate FF7 into Italian using Daniel Burke's Re​union as the English source for the dialogues, while constantly cross-checking with the original Japanese script. For non-dialogue terms I will be reusing official translations as much as possible. My aim is not to have a localization that looks only to FF7 as a stand-alone game, i want it to blend well with the other Final Fantasy games we already have in Italian.

Among the fixes from the original script: Cait Sith has the accent it needs (link to video preview), Reno gets his verbal tic adapted, Red XIII speech pattern emphasizes pre and post Cosmo Canyon... and much more. A few in-game screenshots HERE.

Report any bugs, translation issues and other suggestions in this thread. The one thing i won't discuss is questions about compatibility with other mods, since I already stated that it will come in a future release.


    Flevel (overall progress): 693/693 (100%)

    ff7.exe: Completed
    Kernel.bin: Completed
    kernel2.bin: Completed
    scene.bin: Completed
    world_us: Completed
    movies: Completed
    minigames: Completed

Spoiler: show

    0.25a - Translated until the World Map.
    1.00 - First full release.
    1.01 - Fix Forgotten capital hang. Minor changes to a few dialogues.
    1.02 - Added italian magic.lgp.
    1.03 - Fixed in-battle help text spillover.
    1.04 - Finished proofreading playtrough of disc 1.
    1.05 - Finished first proofreading playtrough. Updated ending2 video.
    1.05a-b - Various minor fixes, tweaks and corrections.
    1.06 - Fixed help text & action box flickering in battle.
    1.07 - High-res jenova_e video.
    1.08 - Names of a few NPCs changed.
    1.08a - A few dialogues updated following R06b release.
    1.08b - Minor text fixes and minor script fix at Chocobo farm.
    1.09 - Bugfixes: Text against Sephiroth rinato, command name bar in battle, missing italian textures.
    1.10 - Text update due to the release of FFVII: Remake. Fixed "Limite di !" bug in the very last battle. Fixed middle character's name disappearance when healing with magic outside of battle.
    1.10a - Field names length bug fixed.
    1.10b - Final (?) Cait Sith proof check. Big props to Kuraudo.
    1.11 - Chocobo minigame texture fix.
    1.12 - Chocobo sex display bug in the bottom right box fixed. Ghost cursor in the materia menu (Esamina -> Magia/Invoca/Nemitec) fixed.


- Daniel Burke for:
   Reun​ion, Exe documentation, various editing tools, Ochu, BoxFF7: (temp link)

- SadNes City Translations, authors of the first FFVII PC Italian localization

- Luksy for:

- Myst6re for:
   Makou Reactor:
   Vincent Tim:
   Kernel2 compressor:

- sithlord48 for:
   Black Chocobo:

- satsuki for:
   Upscaled ending2 video:

- Kuraudo. for:
   Major help in post-release proof checking. Upscaled jenova_e video:

Special shoutout to Tim Roger's "Let's mosey", an amazingly educational and entertaining video series about FF7's translation mistakes.

Hi guys

I'm having issues with editing the "btl_win_X_Y" tex files from menu_us.lgp on the Steam version of FFVII. No matter what i do, when i reimport the tex back into the game they are always screwed up. Here's what i tried so far:

Omega: damages texture on import
Img2Tex: doesn't import the palettes. Can work with character pictures, not with btl_win_a_h and the like.
TexTool: same as Img2Tex
Vincent Tim: finally a tool that works with palettes, but colors are screwed up after import.

During the editing phase I tried: Usenti,, MS Paint and Photoshop.

I really don't know what else should i try. Someone that tried modding the menu lgp of this game can tell me the tools they used and if they experienced similar issues?

Thanks in advance.

Troubleshooting / Character PRP - Flower Lady bug
« on: 2010-11-23 15:54:10 »
Hello all!
I've found a strange bug in the Aerith encouter scene that happens after the reactor #1 mission.

basically Aerith's left hand is missing and aali's driver says that the error is a file in char.lgp called "l_hand.rsd" that can't be loaded

I've searched everywhere for this file but I found nothing that could help me even because it happens to every char.lgp with models from phoenix rejuvenation project even with the old NRC 0.6
And even if i try to put the missing file l_hand in direct folder to make the driver load it, it will simply overlap her left arm

a screenshot

here is what happens if the driver loads l_hand.rsd

Anyone knows how to fix this?

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