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FAQs and Tutorials / Custom Encounters
« on: 2016-11-12 01:31:50 »
So, after ten thousand years I'm free.

Okay but seriously,  I have been back to fiddling with FF7's game files, but I can't seem to understand most of it.  I consider myself somewhat computer literate, but I don't understand how hex editing works, and I have many things in these editors that I just don't understand.  But what I've been trying to do is make a modified Diamond Weapon battle that I can place somewhere else in the game for some fun.  Thing is, I don't know how to do a "new" encounter, as I want to give him new attacks, and make him stronger.  This would be a completely separate battle from the one in the storyline before you jump into Midgar, and really I'm only using Diamond Weapon because he has one of the coolest models IMO.  Also I don't know how to use Makou Reactor very well, so I have NO idea what I'm doing as far as trying to input the custom battle into the game other than making it a "random encounter" somewhere, which I don't really want to do since I'd want it to be a one time battle.  I TRIED to make it a random encounter, but got an encounter error, and can't figure out how to ACTUALLY put it in.

My question is, is there anywhere a tutorial on how to do stuff like this.  I'm not looking to put in separate models or anything like the "Omega Weapon" in New Threat.  I just want to use Diamond and turn him into something of a Ruby/Emerald style boss.   I'm just looking for some guidance on how to create a custom fight using different enemy AI and how to make it something akin to say the Lost Number boss, where you do a thing, and then a boss fight happens.  I've looked here and there, and my only real option seems to be dig through years of forum posts to try to find what I'm looking for, and possibly not even find it.  Any help is appreciated.

Disregard this, I found the thread I originally found the spreadsheet :).  I love these forums.
Hey guys, been a while since I hit the FF7 modding scene.  I remember once finding a database that held all the attack animations decimal values on it.  I'm currently in the making of modding my own FF7 to fit my tastes more (Screw you KotR) and I'm replacing some materia with other custom ones.  I have since lost the database that I was using to change the attacks in Wallmarket, and I can't seem to find it anymore.  I know someone posted it on here at one point, but search hates me and doesn't seem to want to find it.  If anyone could help me out I would love them, forever.

Also, if anyone knows of a way to put 3 summon monsters on one summon materia, that would make me happy, but that's a dream, and I don't know if it's possible.

Troubleshooting / Random question about enemy attacks
« on: 2010-03-22 03:23:01 »
Ok, so I know you can edit attacks and whatnot for enemies with PrC and such. I was wondering if it would be possible to give and enemy haste. I can't find an enemy that uses haste with PrC's search function, so I was thinking maybe it didn't work that way. But dark Nat. uses barrier on rufus so i was thinking it should be able to. Idk any help would be awesome.

Completely unrelated / Well then
« on: 2010-03-19 02:36:30 »
I'm going to be gone a lot the next 2 weeks. My girly friend is in town, which means, sadly, that I don't care about you guys :P. More so it's just that I'd rather please her than you guys. And, being that O don't do much here anyway, besides help with the hermoor lulz, I dont think I'll be too missed. Who knows, maybe in the future I could prove more useful to everyone, and maybe be more important.. hmm... Anyway, see everyone sometime in April.

Troubleshooting / Adding battle and bosses
« on: 2010-03-16 22:35:59 »
So I'm having fun with modding my game :D its fun times. I got a load of editors and such thanks to the generous people of Qhimm forums :P. And I've so far only done minor things to my game, such as edit/remove spells, and make new materia. I also made flashback cloud a badass because Zack wasn't a pushover in Crisis Core when I reached Nibelhiem. Anyway, I have just been wondering as of recent how exactly one goes about adding battles and boss triggers. Such as our friendly Hardcore mod's Omega. I've been wanting to add some tough, sub-par emerald weapon like bosses to the materia caves, but I have no idea how I would go about it. So if anyone could enlighten me as to what I would need to look into to learn to add new battle scene's and boss fights into the game that would be pretty sweet :D.

Side note: I've noticed through titeguy's shop editor that there are several shops that seem to be unused. I was wondering if anyone might possibly know how I may make a secret shop somewhere in like the materia caves, or even something like your return trip to Midgar to save it from the evils of Hojo and such.

Completely unrelated / It's kinda scary
« on: 2010-03-15 08:24:55 »
When we have 40+ guests online, and 2 users....>>

Completely unrelated / Why do elecetronics suck so much
« on: 2010-03-07 23:16:41 »
I seriously don't understand why they suddenly decided they wanted to make things so that they would break. Why did they go from, "let's make a sweet system that can play games so people will enjoy it," to, "hey, let's make a shitty system that will break after 3 days so people will come buy another one?" I'm tired of malfunctioning systems. They piss me off to no end. I was just playing my PSP (Dissidia ftw) and I noticed my battery was low. I thought "that's odd, it just got done charging last night, and it hasn't been off the charger til about an hour ago." But I shrugged it off, and went to plug it in. Seeing as i was still in the mood to play Dissidia, I figured I would play a bit more, and stomp Exdeath's face in with Cloud for a bit, because its an easy way to level up. Then I noticed that my battery light was still blinking, curious... So I check to make use the usb cord (I have a usb to DC cord to plug into my laptop) was plugged in all the way, then made sure it was plugged into the psp right, and even played with the cord a bit.. no charge... gah. So now, I can't play because its to the point that the PSP wont turn on, cause it's trying to save the state the game's in which it need some battery life to do. And I don't even know if it's the cord or the PSP's adapter.... I hate electronics so much, I don't have the money to replace either thing being as I'm jobless. So I'm in a somewhat foul mood right now... whatever, guess I'll go read a book.

End rant... discuss electronics...

Did anyone else ever wonder what happened to the big, hulking body of Diamond Weapon after he was shot with a big, mako-fueled cannon of death? I for one thought it would have been kinda cool to see an effect similar to Ultima's death, and have a permanent addition to the world map of diamonds body, or the crater he may have left after exploding.


Also, I've been kinda thinking, it would be cool to add an optional battle rematch with Diamond. More powerful, somewhere between Ultima Weapon and Emerald Weapon. New attacks maybe? And better rewards (More EXP/AP/GIL/One Really cool item). I also thought it would be rather cool to try to model him with the new hole in his chest that was produced by the cannon, but I have no experience with modeling, so that was more just a dream. I know there are "empty" battle scenes, I've seen them in PrC and Hojo. So I figure at least a rematch would be possible. Anyway, this part was actually me more asking if someone could tell me how I could make a 2nd battle with Diamond possible. Carry on.

Troubleshooting / Problem with aali's gl driver
« on: 2010-03-01 20:13:09 »
Ok, so up until recently I've been using the custom GL driver with my FFVII. It worked fine for a while, althought I've found that a lot of my spells looked fk'd up because of fancy transparency. But I just recently got APZ cloud on my game, and being that I still had res set to 640x480 I figured maybe it would look a little better in a higher res. So I tried to install the saints high-res patch, because at the time, I didn't know how to set the resolution with the custom GL (I've figured it out now). However, this made my game lag to extreme hell. So I figured I'd just undo the saint patch and that would fix it, but it didn't. So I even reinstalled after backing up all my custom stuff (I just spent , off and on, 2 days modifying materia in my kernel.) but even reinstalling it didn't change the lag. however, I've noticed that it only lags when I insert the custom GL into the registry, and when I just use the FFVII config manager, it works normally. So I've pretty much gotten it to the custom GL is causing the lag now, but I don't know why, I even re-downloaded it, but no luck. Anyone know what I can do to fix this, or if its really that necessary for me to use the custom GL?

Team Avalanche / Materia
« on: 2010-02-27 20:30:02 »
Well, I'm rather stumped (which isn't hard with me) with romeo's materia. I cant figure out what to do with it. I've been reading a bit though, and I think that maybe I just can't use it without the whole GUI overhaul... which for personal reason's I'd rather not use. So can anyone tell me if I'm correct in thinking I can't use romeo14's materia images without the GUI overhaul?

I know it's possible and such to make new materia on the PC version of FF7. I was just wondering cause I'm having a hard time searching it, if there was a way to make a summon materia that could use multiple summons in the way a normal magic materia would:

AP level 1 = Fire
AP level 2 = Fira/Fire2
AP level 3 = Firaga/Fire3
AP level 4 = MASTER.

i want to do something along the lines of:

AP level 1 = blank
AP level 2 = Bahamut
AP level 3 = Neo Bahamut
AP level 4 = Bahamut ZERO
AP level 5 = MASTER

Just an idea I thought up. I want to remove master materia's from the game, and KoTR (for obvious reason) and maybe is there a semi-easy way to replace KoTR with my new materia (as in: you get the gold chocobo to go the new materia instead of getting KoTR)? I was thinking that maybe I could make it out to be a magic materia in WM, but with summon spells. However I don't know if it would show up as green magic materia or red summon materia, which I'm kinda picky about, but that's just me. Also I was thinking if it's even possible to make this materia that if I just over-write the KoTR  materia (also in wallmarket) would that make it so I could in game pick up my newly made materia instead at the area where KoTR would be in the field.

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