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Archive / Hand Patch
« on: 2004-04-17 02:22:01 »
Alright, I've been informed that people are having trouble downloading my FF7 hand patch. The question is: can anyone (besides me) actually download the thing without either getting server errors or CRC problems?

Ok, The Skillster asked me, so I guess I'll start the post. I won't be surprised if this is one of those that doesn't get any replies though. It really seems like a lot of work.

This is about remaking FF7 in case you didn't know. This is a good time for those who aren't interested to quit reading. Also, keep in mind that this goes against the copyright and end-user agreement, so we'd be risking the wrath of Square.

The first order of business is to figure out what we want. What do we want to do? Do you we just want to change some of the dialogue and maybe a location or two? Maybe modify some limits? Enhance the graphics?

If that's all we're doing, it probably wouldn't be near as hard, but is it worth doing? I'm going to treat this discussion as if we've decided to go for a lot more. Does this seem feasible? I'm very skeptical, but it would be fun if we could.

Let's say we're going to:
-Improve or change some or all graphics, dialogue, sounds, and music
-Add completely new parts to the story
-edit the .AVIs
-Edit existing locations and add new ones
-Other (Heck, be my guest here. I really don't want to go overboard, but with some of the stuff I've mentioned, I think I already have. Multiplayer *would* be an interesting feature...)

Ok, we know what we want to do (a lot). How the heck are we going to do it? I see three options right off the bat on how to proceed.

1. Use the existing game engine(s) and modify it where necessary to suit our purposes.
2. Create our own engine(s).
3. Use existing engine(s).

|_If we choose #1, we need to be able to edit and/or create:
-Character/NPC models, .a files, etc.
-All aspects of the level files (images, scripts, locations, text)
-Sounds and music
-.TEX files
-All aspects of the battle files (models, enemies, limits, spells, items, etc.)
-The World Map
-The menu system

Out of this currently we can do:
-Music (and probably sounds with a little more work)
We're getting there with the 3d models and a few other things, but we can't really do much at the moment.

|_ If we choose #2, we'll have to do a *ton* of programming as we're practically making a game (think about as long as Legacy). We'd need a 3D engine or five for the Field, World Map, Battles, and Minigames. We'd also have to recreate the menu system, among numerous other things. Then, we'd have to copy and/or import 3D models, sounds, create our own scripts, AI and program routines, etc., etc.

|_ If we choose #3, we'd be doing many of the same things if we were doing #2. First we'd have to find an existing engine that suited our purposes, maybe even several of them. Then, we'd have to figure out how to implement FF7's Field, Battle, World Map, and Menu Systems. Next order of business would be copying/importing the character and Battle models. Then, remaking each scene of the game. After that, Minigames and so on.

In conclusion, none of these options sounds very fun -or feasible. At least not at the moment. What do you think? I'm not trying to be discouraging, but this does seem rather unlikely. Thoughts? Opinions?

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Troubleshooting / Curious
« on: 2001-01-08 07:41:00 »
Does anyone know which of Qhimm's projects are done?
I know he has said that Griever may not see another release because he's fed up with FF8's inner mechanics.
I also know that Jenova may eventually have one final release for bugfixes before being closed, and that Garden is done as far as he is concerned.
What about the rest?

I don't know if you guys even care about this, but some cracker who calls himself the Blue Deamon cracked Video Gamer X's email/internet account, deleted his sites, and then took over a guy's ezboard account so he could gloat on VGX's forums. I just felt that if any of you who might know of and respect VGX, might want to know. How'd the guy take over into an ezboard account, anyway? I thought they were supposedly pretty secure. Well, once again sorry for going off topic.

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