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Completely Unrelated / Windows Vista
« on: 2006-09-19 09:55:32 »
Hey, I just wanted to find out what if anyone is using the windows vista rc1 and what they think of it?

I started using it, but the current ati catalyst drivers don't allow display panning so I can't use my TV as I have to lower the desktop resolution to 1024*860 which annoys the cr*p outta me.

Also has anyone tried using vista under a laptop? What's the performance like?

Completely Unrelated / FF8 changing speaker config
« on: 2005-12-05 19:43:04 »
Basically I have FF8 installed and its working perfectly.

My speaker configuration in windows/nvidia nvmixer set to 4 speaker mode. My problem is that whenever I run FF8 it resets my windows speaker config to a 2 speaker system. So whenever I quit the game I have to manually change it back to the 4 speaker config.

I am using the FF8 1.2 Patch for Non-GeForce Users and have also tried changing the sound settings in the configuration program. (I have checked/unchecked eax support, changed sound driver and directmusic port options)

Has anyone found a solution or suffer from this problem?

My system specs are:
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Abit NF7-M Nforce2 motherboard (using integrated sound)
ATI 9800pro AIW
Windows XP pro (sp2)

Archive / FF7 64 bit compatibility
« on: 2005-11-30 22:44:15 »
Has anyone tried running FF7 in Windows XP x64 edition? I know that it works using a x64 CPU in a 32bit operating system but will it work on a 64bit OS.

Also out of interest has anyone played FF7 on a Windows Vista beta yet?

General Discussion / FF7 Advent Children release date
« on: 2005-05-14 11:03:39 »

May 9, 2005 - It seems like we've been waiting for years to see Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII follow-up in full form. Well the wait is at last over. Producer Tetsuya Nomura has announced through the official Shinra Electric Power Company website a final Japanese release date for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Following months of delay, the video-only release will hit Japanese retail on 9/14/2005 carrying a price tag of 4,800 yen. A limited edition version will be released at the same time, with pricing to be announced.

Forcing on Anti-Aliasing is now permitted. This will permit users to use Anti-Aliasing on games such as Madden 2004 (which users are requesting). (ATI catalyst 4.5 release notes)

Would it be possible to force Anti-Aliasing for Final Fantasy VII with ATI catalyst 4.5 drivers?

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