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Alright guys, please help me out here. I wanted to play some good ol' FF7  so I got the original 1998 version and installed bootleg. I followed the tutorial on this site accordingly and installed the mods successfully. Now here's my problem -  after choosing new game, I get a black screen. I hear some noises of a train and Biggs beating up one of the train officers. After a minute, I get this screen:

Now the game doesnt freeze here .. when I hit enter the window dissappears. But the screen is black and there's no music playing.

Can someone help me fix this problem? I appreciate any help. Thanks.

General Discussion / FF VII-2?
« on: 2010-08-25 22:42:39 »
I've been watching a few youtube videos and I came across this channel:
The channel also has its own site and they made an entire remake of final fantasy vii. Whats weird is that some of the mods are familiar, especially the barret model, which is similar to Timu Sumisu's one. So is this final fantasy vii remake affiliated with qhimm in anyway?

General Discussion / Cpu usage when playing FF7?
« on: 2010-08-14 15:26:25 »
Just a little question i wanted to ask you guys, what is your CPU usage whenever ff7 is on? Mine is always at around 50%, which I think isn't normal...

Whenever I run the team avalanche graphical overhaul setup, it says I do not have Aali's custom driver installed (But I do!). I read the FAQ, and it told me to download Aali's custom driver 0.7.5 as well as the reg file. I downloaded 0.7.5 as it told me to, however I do not see any ff7_opengl.reg or ff7_opengl_vista64bit.reg. I have windows 7 64 bit, can somone upload ff7_opengl_vista64bit.reg separately for me?

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