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Trying to look for the file in this thread

but all the links and and subsequent files are lost/broken. Tried Googling all over the interwebs, and old threads, but absolutely nothing.

Looks like the file name is 'CHIBICON.rar'.
Would love to use it — if it's an .IRO, even better :)

Does anyone happen to have this?

1) For some reason when I hit the fullscreen box on 7th Heaven, it gives me an error and says it's unable to load fullscreen and reverts back to windowed mode.

2) Also, when in game, walking in-field (not world map) there's intermittent vertical lines that flickers every other step Cloud makes when he moves. The text used to be crisp-looking on my other machine, but not my new one.

Is there something up with my graphics settings? It's a new machine with a GTX1070, didn't think it would have graphics problems. Currently running Windows 10.

What could I do?

7thHeaven / Default profile coming up blank
« on: 2016-02-13 16:29:44 »
When I fire up 7th Heaven from time to time, my default profile comes up completely blank. All the custom load order and mods that I activated has to be re-done from the start... this happens almost every other week. How can I prevent this from coming back up?

Audio Modding / .OGG looping help?
« on: 2016-02-08 15:35:44 »
Hey I have a few new of BitSymphony's remixed FF7 tracks and need some help making a looping OGG. His songs sound great and would love to implement them, however I'm having a really hard time looping them correctly.

Does anyone have any free time to lend a hand?

Here's his new playlist:

7thHeaven / Soundtrack audio samples in 7th Heaven?
« on: 2016-02-01 00:13:42 »
There's a bunch of fan-made music selections to change the soundtrack in 7th Heaven but there isn't any samples to hear what they may sound like. Is there a link that has a sample to each soundtrack selection?

It'd be nice to hear rather than starting up the game each time just to preview the music....

I'm trying to play with Aeris after her death, and definitely checked the Aeris revival box when I installed Bootleg. But now after she's dead, I don't see her as a selection in the PHS menu. I'm playing with Hay's reasonable difficulty mod checked also.

Is there a certain time where I can use her? Or certain trick I'm supposed to do that I'm not doing correctly?

I did reset the scene/kernel.bin's with ProudClod program (I had to from the below topic, where enemies didn't show up at the right spots), so I'm hoping that doesn't mess with the whole Aeris revival mod overall. Thoughts?

Bootleg Questions / Switch back to classic battle menus?
« on: 2014-04-11 17:21:07 »
Right now the default battle menu is the FF8-style transparent battle menus (which is nice) but is there a way to change back to the classic battle menu where the two big blue boxes are anchored/fixed down at the bottom of the battle screen? Without fudging up the rest of the Bootleg mods already applied?

I installed Hay's Reasonable Difficulty mod but the wrong enemies are showing in the wrong places when I get to Wutai area in Disc 1. I fought Demon Wall in the Sleeping Forest area for example. (That's just one of many....)

I used Bootleg 0040 and chose the Reasonable Difficulty setting from the menu. Everything was fine until I got to Wutai.

Is something wrong with the core files? What can I do to keep the difficulty mod with AND my save file but just have enemies show up in the right places? Is this salvageable or do I have to start over?

So I just recently installed Bootleg 0038 (thanks, PitBrat!) and everything looks fantastic.
I opted NOT to install the Menu Overhaul (although looks great) since I'd like to keep the menu looking as original to the PSX version as possible.

So the only gripe I have is, the standard menu that comes with the install, the materia color (and slots) looks way off.
From searching the forums, I found a couple users having the classic style menu but with updated materia color and slots.

My materia's in the menu look exactly like this (yellow, purple, all the colors seem way off):

But I'd like to make it look like this (notice how the materia looks much more crystal-like than christmas-ball like, and also the Font looks more tight and closer to the PSX version):

OR take the Materia color and slot style from the Menu Overhaul and place it in the Classic Style Menu? (the materia here looks best):

How can I achieve this? Without disrupting the files that I already installed with Bootleg 0038?  ???

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