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Completely Unrelated / Vinyl Fantasy 7
« on: 2010-12-10 15:00:32 »

I realize that this is old hat, but I can't help myself! (Besides the other thread was from a year ago, and I ain't no necroposter)  :evil:

Apparently, the general consensus from was that Vinyl Fantasy 7, the Final Fantasy 7 rap remix was "garbage".. I've listened to this album for a year now, and I like it? :|  Now, I'll admit... Stoopid is as the name implies and (I'm sorry to any fans) Spacious Thoughts with Tom Waits makes me want to jump out a window.

Now, with that being said, there are several songs that I personally feel are EPIC.
When I had the subs in my car, I used to crank:

1.Kool Keith + Tom Waits – Spacious Thoughts (The Prelude) 04:07
2.Jay-Z – Lucifer (Mako Reactor) 03:17
3.M.O.P. – Ante Up (Battle!) 03:42
4.MF DOOM – Air (Barrett’s Theme) 02:35
5.Outkast + Raekwon – Royal Flush (Sailing from Junon) 03:34
6.Skyzoo + Wale – Lyrically Inclined (Jenova) 03:18
7.Gucci Mane – Stoopid (Costa Del Sol) 04:10
8.Clipse – Fast Life (Sephiroth’s Reunion) 03:52
9.Dorrough – Ice Cream Paintjob (Gold Saucer) 04:07
10.Murs – Me and this Jawn (Mideel) 03:02
11.Slum Village – Get Dis Money (One-Winged Angel) 03:11
12.Ghostface Killah – Save Me Dear (City of the Ancients) 02:34

Icecream Paintjob took a little while to get into.. now I can't listen to the song without singing the whole damn thing.

Try this, listen to the original version of the song, then listen to the Vinyl Fantasy 7 Remix of that song.
Quite. A. Difference. It gives you a real appreciation for Nobuo Uematsu.


Troubleshooting / Storyline Revamp Concept
« on: 2010-12-10 05:31:29 »
The Christmas season is officially upon us, you know this because the stores start putting up the Valentine's day decorations about now. I was working on an FF7 related project and remembered getting my non-greatest hits copy of Final Fantasy 7 twelve years ago at Christmas. Twelve years. I'll let you grasp that concept, I'm 19, Final Fantasy 7 has literally been my favorite game for almost three quarters of my whole life. Now what keeps the player interested? The top-notch graphics? "Hey Cities," you say "But, Square put millions of dollars and tons of manpower into the flagship of the Final Fantasy Series. Producing a unique experience by incorporating fully 3D figures into a vivid 2D environment." True. But, they also did the same to several other titles released after Final Fantasy 7 updating 'cutting edge' graphics for there respective time as well.

With that being said, what really keeps these players coming back? It's the underlying themes and the dynamic characters. I realize with each mod that comes out and the easy accessibility to in-game text editors that there are bound to be a vast number of enhanced versions of the often choppy English translation. And besides the few "this mod turnz clooud into a gurl with an achne probelm!!!1!111!LAWLAWL!11!11", I have yet to find an attempt to use the Final Fantasy 7 stage to really get any real form of catharsis from the audience. Finding someone with skill to take creative liberties yet stick to the original concepts and character development rate.

The real point of this post is just me wondering if any of the major revamps of the game including the Team Avalanche graphical overhaul are going to include such a thing. A graphical overhaul and a script update a sort of body and soul complex.

Just an idea, I'm interested to see what other members have to say.

Archive / Vincent Hi Res
« on: 2010-12-07 22:10:14 »
I'm a new member and I would quickly like to say a few words. I joined Qhimm recently on my quest to help enhance not only my own but the gaming experience for others as well. From browsing the forums I realize that I'm not alone.. which is great!   ;)

Although I've read the rules this confuses me, are models originally intended as mods for other games/franchise that PERTAIN to the Final Fantasy series allowed?

For example, I have stumbled across a Hi-Res version of Vincent Valentine that I believe was created from scratch and not ported from anything. I've managed to import the file into Blender as well (after plugin hunting). If a new member of this community gets the okay, would a mod such as this be an acceptable project? Or is even discussion of such things taboo?


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