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I must say I don't really understand bugs people are talking about since I don't have any using my model... Well it wasn't perfect I know it, legs could be improved... but I don't see anything else.

Anyway like I said before, and no it didn't change, you can feel free to use this model as far as you credits original authors (Timu, Millenia and eventually me for converting it to field model). Concerning Canon credits goes yo Millenia (for textures) and to me for 3D model.

That's all ! This is a modding community, sharing work must be base of it. Cause we can improve many things like this. To conclude, thanks to all of you that were interested by my model, I admit that really surprised me as it was my very first model (conversion to be exact).

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Mideel WIP
« on: 2013-02-22 07:48:32 »
Damn good Anaho !!!! Don't know who you are, don't know where you are from, but really impressed. I hope you just keep working on it and if you need other modders on it maybe, this must be a lot of work...

Releases / Re: [REL] APZ Cloud (Re-Release FINAL)
« on: 2013-01-17 08:15:27 »
Really no problem APZ, I understood, I don't take it wrong and I respect your point of view. I'm just a newbie on modding and I know many years will be necessaries to have skills allowing me to create a model.

Playing with already existing models is a good start point to understand FF7's structure I think. That's what I done on the very beginning, opening on one hand original model from FF7 and on other hand modified corresponding model. Don't forget many people here aren't modders and don't know anything about 3D programs or even files structure. And there's a lot to understand and assimilate. That's why I respect talented modders and their works.

Understanding FF7's structure and learning Blender or 3DS Max skills is really differents levels skills. So I repeat myself : I don't have took it wrong ! But I'm realistic and know I can forget about it, I will never have sufficient time to do it... That's why I said I will keep it for me and forget...

Just to clarify that everything is ok for me :)


Good idea DLPB and many thanks JBedford128 ! Link you provided will helps me for sure !

Graphical / Re: [WAIT-REL] Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« on: 2013-01-03 07:55:36 »
Thanks for your answer APZ. I understand what you mean but I'm really far away from a real modder ! In fact converting battle models to field on FF7 is where I started using 3D programs...

So there's not really creativity in it I agree, this is just your model but I changed some ratio. I don't know why you are showing me chibbi screens (I don't like chibbi lol) but that's not the deal anyway.

But you made something I was searching to do... Face with closed eyes... But I think I got it. 2 Faces ? Open and closed eyes ?!

Anyway e1sunz is right, there is another APZ Cloud field released ! Excuse me didn't saw that one ! But it seems complicated to use (so many textures stories !?). Well I will keep my field model for my personal use. I understand you APZ when you said you don't want to see too many versions of your model wich may denature it ! So I keep it for me.

Be sure APZ if someday I become capable to create something I will let you know like some other modders... But I'm not dupe, I know it requieres a lot of time, many and many hours...

Well conclusion, thanks for your answer APZ and e1sunz you're right ^^ Just forget about it :P  I was happy thinking my model was not bad, but I forgot there's many best modders here and I'm only making things already done :/

EDIT : In fact I have made a thing... HQ Barret Canon, but using Timu's 3D model and Millenia's textures ^^ So that's not really creativity too :/

EDIT2 : Well well well many thanks e1sunz ! You don't know how much I like you for pointing me released Cloud field ! I have done only 3 field models concerning Cloud : No sword, sword and parachute. But I was searching for others Cloud files !
This released Cloud field contains world model too I can now convert my field to world regarding files list :) But parachute Cloud field is missing :P

EDIT3 : I was sleeping ^^ I understand now why you show me chibi screens ! To show me you completely changed style of model by manipulating vertices ! But to be honest, I don't really want to make it in an "artist" way, models released are just wonderful for me, that's what I want on my game and I'm only do this in hope of having matching HQ characters on battle, field and world. Recently released TA's Cloud model is great but to be honest I kept APZ Cloud...

Releases / Re: New RedXIII model
« on: 2013-01-02 11:47:27 »
Wow many thanks Kela51 ! Greatest Red XIII I ever saw ! Using it now using direct path ! :)


Graphical / Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« on: 2013-01-02 09:08:20 »
Hi everyone,

I'm making this topic for sharing pics (and maybe model if I can) of my revised APZ Cloud battle to field model. In fact this converted model is not brand new, I made this one during previous year, so this is based on old APZ Cloud model but using new textures ! So there's no problem concerning face texture, and old 24Bit Textures are now new 32Bit Textures.

I have to thanks many modders, starting by APZ of course, but also many others that helped me with a lot of great advices, not especially on that model but on modding.

I have to thanks elfinea too, it's because of her converted APZ Cloud that I decided to improve mine.

Old                                            New

Added Black Suit & Dark Cloud textures :

I will not share without explicit permission from APZ and any Qhimm staff member. But since there are new textures, I think there's no problem for releasing it !

Edit : New one isn't smaller than old one, this is just an effect from Kimera screenshots...

Team Avalanche / Re: Time to celebrate!
« on: 2013-01-01 07:21:11 »
Wow many thanks Bloodshot ! I don't know what you are talking about when you said "animation mod alpha" but I'll try it.

Thanks again to all of yours and a happy new year from France :P

Team Avalanche / Re: Time to celebrate!
« on: 2012-12-30 06:00:12 »
The blue materia has a bad filename.
Rename "dacp.p" to "dacb.p" to make the blue materia work.

Running low on Team Avalanche assets already?
What about the Grunt, 1st Ray and Wedge models?

Thanks again for all these cool new Team Avalanche goodies!

Thanks again Sl1982 for content and thanks PitBrat for details :) Sweeper's now working, let's try blue materia :)

Team Avalanche / Re: Time to celebrate!
« on: 2012-12-26 13:51:35 »
Oh damn my bad I didn't see it was only a warning message concerning Battle Scenes.rar because file is bigger... Thanks again for this Sl1982.

I didn't test Sweeper yet but Guard Scorpion is really wonderful (Battle Scenes too...).

Team Avalanche / Re: Time to celebrate!
« on: 2012-12-26 07:43:59 »
Sl1982 many thanks to you for your gifts, you made my chirstmas ! Your cloud battle model  is such impressive and you don't imagine how many times ago I was drooling on Guard Scorpion model !

As I'm back to FF7 I found this kind of things... and I'm really happy :) I'm just sad your Battle Scene link is dead :(

Edit : And Oh excuse me : congratulations for having a girl ! A very special Christmas I assume ! I wish you the best :)

Edit2 : Can you please let me try to convert your Cloud Battle model (not chibi one) to field model ?! As I'm back to FF7 (and trying to "mod" again) it will be great for refreshing my memory.

Graphical / Re: success converted apz cloud to field
« on: 2012-12-19 07:44:47 »
Oh damn you'r Ghina ?! So forget what I said  :lol: But I was sure model I used some month ago was using Zack Skeleton, you have made another Cloud field before right ? Sorry for my mistake concerning Cloud's black suit.

Edit : But I was right, I recognized Ghina's style but I wasn't known it was you ! lol

Graphical / Re: success converted apz cloud to field
« on: 2012-12-17 08:55:47 »
Hummm I asked myself about model used for your conversion... Ghina's model ?

Seems like your "APZ Cloud" have clothes textures from CC Zack model ...

Here is another conversion I made, using Ghina's field model, APZ's battle model, and original skeleton of Cloud model (Ghina's model is based on Zack skeleton) :

As you can see, there are not the same textures ! Cloud clothes are blue when Zack clothes are black.

So what did you use to convert this one ? I think I recognize Ghina's model feet (because I changed them...) and if you look details... we are using same hands... that made me think I need to fix them... and head ratio too maybe ^^

No, the true graphic artists are Timu and Millenia. The work of Kyo13 with this AM Canon is great too of course. I've only done a few simple fixes to the model with the help of 3ds max and kimera.

No new concerning your update of my mod ? I was really appreciate changes you made. Anyway I like my models and use them... because I made them, but like I said previously, if model can be improved I agree ! And it was improved.

Graphical / Re: knights of midgar/cloud of the round
« on: 2012-09-18 12:34:04 »
First I didn't understand why I received that mail... and now on the list of mods I see "Kyo13 Barrets Canon". it's pretty surprising to see something I made on another mod, since I don't have done a lot...

Concerning Barret's Canon I give you permission to use it BUT like I said on previous posts, this has been made using first part of canon on Timu's Barret battle model and textures are from Millenia. So I just use parts of their works to made it.

So I think their permissions are requiered. Anyway you have mine.

PS : I remember Timu gaving me permission to release Barret's Canon on Qhimm forums. But I didn't have any answer from Millenia. He didn't came here since a long time. So if you want his permission, I suggest you to contact him via his website (Argh I did'nt found it anymore).

Completely Unrelated / Re: I found Millenia!!
« on: 2012-02-01 12:03:57 »
Right FeliX, but to be honest, how many people are making donations when the content is already here and avalaible ! I'm honest, I don't have much money, so if I can make some economies, I do them !

But when the content isn't here, even not made, I think people can be more willing to bring some money to have it !

Anyway, just forget what I said, seems like I'm the only one that see things like that !

So all we can do, is hoping (or praying) for Millenia's back ! I seriously hope that one day he will made his way back to FF7 modding, but I'm really not convinced !

AlbusJC you know I said that everybody can do whatever he want with this model.

I looked your ameliorations, and found it pretty good ! It's what I expected, more people working on the same model to reach a better result ! And I think that's what you are doing !

So, I don't know if you have finished it yet, but I think I will use it too !

Thanks for your work on it !

Completely Unrelated / Re: I found Millenia!!
« on: 2012-01-20 07:46:07 »
We should pay for high res FMVs.

Hummmm fun nick "Syntax Error" remind me when I was a child  ;D

But there's already mods for FFVII PC with higher quality movies (higher than original PC version videos), I found pretty good (for example I'm using Final Fantasy VII FMV Restoration by DLPB).

I don't think this is actually a big problem, movies are not that bad, thanks to DLPB and all involved... but in the way to enhance FFVII (characters, weapons, grounds) there is a lot of work to do.

There are some very talented modders and 3D modellers, but I think Millenia is one of the best ! So I was just searching a way to give him back here ^^

Completely Unrelated / Re: I found Millenia!!
« on: 2012-01-15 10:49:12 »
:( Millenia on Skyrim ??? Skyrim players will be happy !

Argh too bad, seems like he's not a big fan of FF7 (or not enough lol).

And if you don't know it, seems like he had his own website :

I wanted to contact him, but I told myself it was better not disturb him. Sometimes I wish I could do like some sites: paying those people to work on projects ^^ (I'm from gamers hacking community, I was on a french website I will name LS, where developpers were payed in the way to port emulators, etc...)

You know, it's a kind normal, when you're paid for a work, your using more time on it ! :P

EDIT : Or we should get together, all those who want to contribute for Millennia's back  on FF7 modding. I mean each giving a little amount of cash, become a bigger amount of cash all together. If there is enough users, I think it's not impossible ^^

I know, must of people don't like to mix mod and money (or anything else, like Open Source), but trust me, like this it works... And I think talented people can expect gain their life from their talent.

Anyway, I'm just telling, take it like you want...

Graphical / Re: [WIP] APZ's New Canon Cloud
« on: 2012-01-14 10:18:06 »
I wasn't aware about story behind your first APZ Cloud, I didn't understood why it wasn't here anymore ! And anyway I found it a moment ago...

All that I want to say, it's I'm an addicted about your APZ Cloud (and after all, you know it's used by many people), I'm a beginner, and trying to make other HQ models, but I consider Cloud/Barret  perfect as it.

Now I understand why you are doing it, and just want to say, go for it, you have all needed skills and I know your model will be really great ! I will take a look back later, even if I really like the one I'm using !

Edit : I would not be that joyfull concerning Sony... and their policy ^^ Open Source isn't really what Sony like ... Maybe Microsoft was better ^^ I'm not sure they'll appreciate your models, they are more like to sue every Open Source code on court (they work like that lol) and they won (big wallets allways won, it must be justice ^^) ! So if they can made it with Open Source code, I wouldn't imagine about this kind of stuff :/ Anyway, congratulations XD

Graphical / Re: [REL/WIP] Felix Leonhart's Enhancements
« on: 2012-01-14 09:33:50 »
Ouch, no surprise, some FeliX's works ! Magnificent textures as allways !

I'm not used to say the smallest critical concerning FeliX (I mean I never found something to criticize) but I have to agree with PitBrat.

Anyway, transparencies allways complicate things on FF7, so maybe it's not so easy to have a  transparent enough ice without it being too much. So I have to add, I agree with PitBrat, but it's not really a big issue to me...

My pleasure for the model, it's my frist mod and I'm pretty happy I can release it. Since I don't use any Tifa, Yuffie or Cid model at this time, it will be hard to release one.

So far, I'm not what we can call a modder ! I don't have made Barret model, it was already existing.... So sorry, but I give you back your question : any Tifa, Yuffie or Cid model ? So I can make it XD

Thanks Vgr, thanks Timu Sumisu, thanks to many others, see first message of the topic, model released.

Oh well great ! Thanks ! So I'm releasing it by now (the weapon I mean ^^), give me 5 minutes and it's here (and to rename topic too)...

EDIT : 1st post edited, link provided, hope you'll enjoy !

EDIT2 : Wow sorry, I'm still sleeping ! I see "can he release his version of remodeled Barret" so we don't talk about the weapon but the field model !? oO Pretty surprised ! (remodeled is a bit strong, I would have said reconverted ! XD)

If there was no misunderstanding between members, I will post it later today or tomorrow, if I have to release it, so I have to improve it :P Don't worry I will not use more than one day more on it ! AS for many of members asking for arms lenght, I'll do it and others light improvements.

Graphical / Re: Help Identifying This Texture - Joker
« on: 2012-01-11 21:58:38 »
Good to know how to see required names for textures ! Thanks Krammer !

This is a website I found, in my way to identify field models on char.lgp, doesn't seems to have battle/magic file list :/ but anyway it can be useful to modders if they don't already know it  :

Sometimes it's very useful to gain time ! If nobody has time for trying import the textures maybe I can ?! Then post it back for use labelling it "JordieBo" ?! Let me know, this is the kind of thing I can do... well I'm not only making that but I can !

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