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R05 is a significant improvement, yes.  But R07 will be the finalization and I'd wait for it.  R06 will at least be a very good update of the translation, but it won't be 100% signed off until R07. This is because R07 will have a completed proof check by Shikun, and a final revision. Grammar will massively be improved also.  The dialogue windows will be placed properly.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but--to reiterate the current plans, R06 is going to be a big bug fix and enhancement update, and R07 is going to be the big translation update? I only check in on this thread intermittently, so I don't really keep up with decisions and such.

Huh??  They dropped 32bit OS support a year or so ago, but I don't see why this would affect 32bit programs.  Indeed, dropping 32bit application support would be an incredibly dumb move on their part, assuming it's even possible.
I'm just throwing out possible reasons as to why it wouldn't work. Otherwise, I have no idea as to what's going on. We just want to mod the font...

Hey MCINDUS, a friend of mine was having trouble getting Tonberry working... He has it installed exactly how I have it, but it just won't work.

- We've tried disabling ReShade, it doesn't work
- We've tried turning off the Steam Overlay, doesn't work (I don't need to turn off the Steam Overlay on my end)
- We've ensured everything is in the correct place (No missing hashmaps or anything)
- We've tried the Directx9c runtime installer
- We've ensured he has the Visual C++ 2013 builds

He has Windows 10 and an NVIDIA card. He says NVIDIA recently started dropping support for x32 bit programs, and that may be why Tonberry isn't working. Could that be it? We tried for a solid hour yesterday with no results.

Just wanted to say the mod works great for me! Thank you so much.

No bug reports or anything, just wanted to say this is working great for me so far, and thank you for your hard work. :)

So... another deadline missed.  How time flies.  But we're closing in on it now.   Still need Luksy / JWP's help in regards to Opengl issues.
That's fine by me, but IMO you should stop setting deadlines and just tell people what the_randomizer85 said--"It'll be done when it's done." You're clearly getting swamped by A. The volume of projects you're working on and B. Real life. I don't think any deadline you set from here on out would realistically be met. As a fellow mod creator, (not FFVII but others) I think it's entirely fair, and indeed, your right to say, "Hey, I'm working on this. Here's a simple progress report. It isn't ready yet. I'll tell you when it is."

Is R06 just going to be technical updates, then, and R07 is going to have the finalized translation with Mr. Beer's refinements? Sorry for asking a dumb question.

People come in and they start with "Love your mod...."  and it turns to "But I want A B C D E F G changing, because I don't like the change."
Hey DLPB! Love your mod, but can you start everything over from scratch because I don't like some things?


I was one of those people at one time; now that I've figured out how to change what I want on my own, (Which I think amounted to changing the spell names how I like, and changing Mithril to Mythril...?) I really don't care about anything you guys name that doesn't adhere to official English Final Fantasy terms, since I can alter it myself if I dislike it. The fact that there are selectors for American English vs. British English, and Canon Terms vs. Proper Terms in the installer is good enough on my end, and honestly, it's more than I would do. Simply altering minor pieces of text in a PC game isn't hard, and I don't understand why people act like it is.

I came in here to enjoy a comprehensible FFVII script, and that's why I've been supporting The Reunion for so long. Thanks everyone for all your hard work, and I hope to be playing R06 by May 2018. :) (No pressure though, believe me--I get having to push release dates back further...)

I know I'm coming across harsh and direct... but that's who I am - and those kinds of "feedback" from people do not make me any more diplomatic or "nice". hahaha!
I've actually thought a lot about your words here--I'm a modder myself, going by the name of vivify93 on RHDN and TiresomeTeddybear on Steam. I used to bow to what anyone said and do what they requested, but I think I'm going to take that mentality more into mind.

"This is not a diplomacy, it's my mod and I'm going to do what I want with it. If you don't like a text change, change it back. The tools exist and it's not difficult by any interpretation of the word."

Is this unusable with the Steam version? I don't see a Kernel.bin anywhere in its files.

Troubleshooting / Re: Can't get touphScript to dump?
« on: 2017-01-19 13:47:32 »
I appreciate it! :) I've decided to use Makou Reactor and WallMarket for now, since they seem to have the same functionality. But if I ever get back to touphScript, I'll keep your suggestions in mind. :)

Edit - I did read the readme. It has pretty simple instructions. I did set up the paths in the INI. I ran as administrator once after having done the previous two things, still no dice. And I just checked--the files are not Read Only. So I'm lost.

Troubleshooting / Can't get touphScript to dump?
« on: 2017-01-19 02:11:37 »
Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well today. I wanted to dump some FFVII touphScript to make some personal adjustments to Beacause, but I can't seem to get touphScript to actually dump any text. I press D, then Enter, and the program closes and nothing happens. The log file created ends up blank as well. I'm very confused as to what's going on; could anyone please offer their assistance?

I am using The Reunion mod, I'm on Windows 10, and I'm using the Steam version of FFVII, if it makes any difference.

Thanks for your time; have a nice day!

No chance to number 2.  And I want it on record for others that this is the issue with giving options for canon.  It's gone from character names, to places, to further exceptions - and now requests for spells.  Soon monsters.  Then dialogue (actually, it's already happened at least once).  It's the reason there has to be a line drawn - and it's the reason I am a pig when asked to make compromises. This is no reflection on you, rotschleim.  It just needs to be mentioned.

This is a retranslation project at the end of the day.  You can use touphScript and Makou reactor to change the game however you see fit. :)

As for number 1. It creates lines for the mouths.  FF7 PSX didn't have any mouths at all most of the time, but I believe that to have been a mistake caused by lack of time.  It's hard to say.
It's alright! I understand entirely. I've tried to use touphScript in the past, but I can't seem to get it to work? I suppose I should ask around on that, eh!

And thanks for the info on my first question; I won't need the mouth replacement mod while using The Reunion then. :)

Hi again DLPB, I have a question and a suggestion.

1. The "closed mouths" mod in The Reunion--does that remove mouths from characters, or give everyone line-shaped mouths? I wasn't sure what it did.

2. Do you think it would be too much trouble to add spells to the "incorrect names" part of Beacause? The spell names are a little to literal and dry for my taste, such as Status Null.

Thank you so much for your hard work. :)

I managed to find it! I can see and understand your reasoning, though I don't necessarily agree with it. I appreciate the thought process put into it. :) I'll live with it. As for Sum, did you think about adding a period to the end of it at one point? I know you're not gonna fuss with a whole new release for a single period though. I don't expect you to. :P

Thanks for being so kind! I know I'm a relatively unknown user barging into your topic demanding explanations, so I appreciate it. :)

Hello there, DLPB! I've been enjoying the retranslation a lot, but I have some questions that I was hoping would be answered if it's OK. Not trying to be confrontational; I feel like when I come in and try to ask some questions, I'm often met with hostility because the questions are being read as demands, when in reality I am legitimately just asking the thought process behind things.

With that hopefully clearly put on the table, here's what I wanted to ask. For the record, I picked incorrect character names and series standard spell/item names.

1. I checked Sephiroth's spell list in the flashback to Niblheim, and he had Rise and Arise. The thing is though, Rise should be Raise; is there a reason it's Rise, like maybe do you like it better spelled like that?
2. This one I'm really curious on--why is Summon abbreviated as "Sum"? It looks kind of awkward. Can command menus not auto-resize anymore due to the menu cleanup mod?

This is fantastic and I do apologize if my questions seem rude or out of turn; as earlier stated, that wasn't my intent at all! I'm so happy that I can finally understand the plot of Final Fantasy VII. :) Thanks for your time; have a nice day.

Wait a tick--does this GeDoSaTo also smooth out FFVIII's 2D backgrounds? Holy moly!

Hello, everyone! :)

So I recently decided to try playing the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII again, and I'm having a lovely time. However, I noticed something shortly after I left Balamb Garden and got into my first fight--there was this strange black line across the mountaintops off in the distance.

I have a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about.

Here's what it's supposed to look like, taken from here:

It also shows up in Squall's bangs, the trees in the forest battle background, and many other places.

Does anyone know what might cause this, and how I might go about fixing it? I was wondering if this was something caused by the 8-bit paletted textures failing. However, I've fixed them by using FF8launcher, and the outlines still appeared. I also tried Aali's custom graphics driver to no avail. I'm still at quite an impasse in this situation.

Some information: I'm using Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. I've tried putting FFVIII under a different compatibility (Windows 95, Windows XP Service Pack 3) and it refuses to load FMVs if I do that. I also tried both the normal and NVIDIA GeForce v1.02 patches. I have Samuel Slight's DLS installed, and I'm using the Hi-Res font and the Direct3D Hardware Acceleration. I'm very hesitant to choose Software Renderer, since the graphics look terrible under that.

Has anyone ever really talked about this before? I'm doing a search of the forum now, and it looks like it's only been brought up once or twice over the years.

Thank you all very much for your continued hard work and support of the PC ports of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, thank you in advance for the help, and have a lovely day! :)

Hello, Bosola! First of all, thank you so much for this mod! I really appreciate it. :) However, I noticed some inconsistencies in the spell names, and I was wondering if they could be resolved in a future patch.

- The spells Life and Life2 are now named Life and Revive, strangely. In the late 1990s to the early 2000s, they were Life and Full Life. These days, they're Raise and Arise.

- While Gravira and Graviga are correct, the first spell in this family is called Gravity. In the mod it's simply Gravi.

- Sleepel has not been changed to Sleep, as it's known in almost all official English translations Final Fantasy games.

- Confu remains as such, but should be called Confuse, as it is in the translations of late 1990s to present Final Fantasies.

- As DeSpell has been changed to Dispel, I was thinking DeBarrier could be changed too? Just for an idea, Dispel is called "Erase" in Final Fantasy III; maybe that would work?

- Remove is known as Banish in the post-XII Final Fantasy translations.

- Since the ally-usable spell Meteo has been known as Meteor since Final Fantasy VI, perhaps Cometeo could be expanded to Cometeor.

- FullCure should either have a space in it, or called Renew as in Final Fantasies XII and XIII.

- I was also wondering if the enemy skill Big Guard could perhaps be changed to Mighty Guard.

Everything else is fine as they are. Where applicable, I listed the late '90s spell names along with what they're currently called due to the time FFVII was released.

I understand that this mod is almost a year old, and I'm probably stepping on toes by posting here, but I believe that these are valid concerns. Also, I know there isn't a lot of space to work with, but I thought you have at least a bit of leeway since the Ice family was changed to Blizzard.

In short, my suggestions are...

Life / Revive > Life / Full Life, or Raise / Arise if going the "modern FF spells" route
Gravi > Gravity
Sleepel > Sleep
Confu > Confuse
DeBarrier > Erase
Remove > Banish
Cometeo > Cometeor
FullCure > Full Cure, or Renew if going the "modern FF spells" route
Big Guard > Mighty Guard (If possible)

If this is no longer being worked on, I apologize for this post. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day! :)

Hello, sl982! You did a good job on the new menu graphics. They're much more appealing now! :)

I have a small question: would there be a way to do anything with the hi-resolution font? I've noticed that in FFVIII's PC release, it's pretty poorly spaced out and entirely lacks a shadow. Because of that, it makes the character names hard to read in battle--especially when fighting on a beach scene.

Thanks for your help, PitBrat! :) I'll keep that in mind for this try. I found a different solution to this problem, though--I just needed to update FF7music as well. But then I got the sound delays that come with it... Ugh! Good thing I found out about ff7_lessdebug. But if what you say works for me--and hopefully it should!--I won't need it.

Soon, I'll have DLPB's updated FMVs, FFVII Remix's other updates, and the original models for consistency!'s all going according to plan...

Hello everyone, rotschleim again. After meeting with relatively little luck last time, I decided to call it quits. However, I'm now facing the doldrums of summer and decided to pick this up again. However, I'm having some problems again, and after trying numerous times, I've decided to come to the pros for help.

For some reason, FMVs refused to load in game; a black screen would be shown for a little while as the rest of the game went on. The problem was, I discovered, that I didn't set Aali's modified FF7 Config to use the Custom Driver. I looked in the version of Aali's driver provided in FF7 Remix, and it doesn't give an option for a "Custom driver." I thought I'd remedy this by simply manually updating to the latest version.

However, that somehow broke the music. Now, none of the .PSF or .MP3 songs will play, and I'm left with the cruddy MIDIs. If someone were to help me with this, I would very much appreciate it. I've tried everything I could think of, but I'm pretty new to this "modding" thing.

EDIT: I have fixed my previous issue. I needed to zip the .AVIs and extract the Eidos logo. It worked like a charm!

Hello again! Well, the last thing was steadly resolved, but now I have another problem: FF7 Music is acting up. Namely, it still loads the dumb midis instead of the MP3s! When I went to FF7 Music to configure it, I noticed the only option to choose is "PSF." "MP3," "remix," and "custom" are nowhere to be found! I tried manually re-adding the "MP3" option, but it seems to have somehow reverted to MIDI.

I actually don't plan on playing FF7 PC anytime soon past recruiting Tifa, but any help on this would be marvelous! Thanks in advance, of course. :)

Hello! titeguy3, a big thank you to you and everyone involved in this compilation of patches! It makes Final Fantasy VII look and sound a lot more palatable.

I've come to say that I recently encountered two irregularities with the game.

After installing the game, I immediately installed FFVII Remix and restarted once more. After the computer was loaded, I started up the game and something wrong occurred with the opening FMV. The music and sound effects suddenly just stopped playing; this happened after the light green ribbons gathered together to reveal the "FINAL FANTASY VII" logo. Then, after Aerith came onscreen, the music and sound effects resumed where they left off.

I thought this problem might be related to the HD FMVs, so I thought I'd replace them with the originals. However, I never got to test this theory, as there was another problem: The game would only load once per computer boot up. That is, if I quit playing to test some settings in Aali's OpenGL driver or FF7music, I'd need to restart the computer.

I did indeed launch the game from the correct shortcut in the Start menu, but only FF7music would load. Unfortunately, I was not able to try and see if the launches-once-per-boot up issue stemmed from the original, as I've since uninstalled in disgust and temporarily lost access to my FFVII PC discs.

I was not using the Ultima Edition of the game, and here are the specs of the computer I tried this on:

To recap, my problems were:
1. The music and sound effects pause on the opening FMV. They later resume and continue as normal. The HD FMVs may be the cause of this particular issue.
2. Final Fantasy VII only loads once per computer boot up, meaning that I have to restart the computer if I want to successfully launch the game once more. Strangely enough, FF7music starts up just fine. I have no idea what the cause of this issue is.

Much appreciation to replies on solutions to these problems. Of course, pointing me toward any topics or posts on these irregularities that already exist would be marvelous.

Season's Greetings to everyone! :)

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