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I have created a new thread for the torrent with Bootleg 0039 and all mods. It can be found here

I will create new torrents for each release of Bootleg and try to keep it as current as possible.

Thank you PitBrat. I have created the torrent for 0039 and included your Bootleg zip along with the mods.

Remember that 1 week twice a year that I wouldn't be able to seed? Unfortunately this is one of them. It may be 2 weeks this time around. I have to wait for a show to end that requires every bit of bandwidth we have before I can seed. Once it is out I will post a link for the torrent.

Edit:  I have also downloaded the other 4 files you posted links to. They will be included in the updated torrent once 0040 is released.

you should contact "msifreakster" he has all the files too and said he is willing to seed them.

I have kept the files but since I never got a response if people would be interested, until now :), I never started to seed the entire set. The files I have are for Bootleg 0038, I have not downloaded the most recent additions for 0039. I do have unlimited bandwidth per month, not unlimited speed though. I can seed indefinitely 24/7 (except 1 week twice a year) unless things change here at work. If they ever do I will alert you to let you know.

I do recall seeing that some people have requested their mods not be included in a torrent like this. I would be more than happy to build the torrent and seed but I have no idea of who would prefer to not have their mods included in the torrent.

PitBrat, if you would be willing to let me know which mods are compatible with the newer versions of Bootleg I can replace those files in the torrents easily enough. I guess I would just need a changelog of sorts that relates only to addition or changes for the files bootleg uses. For example, I believe I have all of the files needed for any mod for use with 0038 but I believe there was a release for a Red XIII Model added in 0039.


Yeah I done that and still it is red  grrrr >:(

I had the same problem. I discovered that there we 2 separate Trish(aka Mike)s custom model pack.7z entries. One was "Trish(aka Mike)'s custom model pack.7z" and the other was "Trish(aka Mike)_s custom model pack.7z"
What I wound up doing was I clicked one link, waited for it to download and added the ' or the _ in the corresponding file, bootleg will have the file name it is supposed to be, after that bootleg completed without an issue.

On a side note, I was having the FF7Music problem that Anyguy had where I had sound but no music. If I disable FF7Music I have the old MIDI but no matter what I have tried I cant seem to get any of the remakes to play. Was there a solution that I didn't see? I have searched the forums but I can't seem to find anything helpful.

The size is not the Problem. In most Torrent programs you are able to select the files you want to download, so you don't have to download the whole 21 GB, just what you need. The bigger Problem is to find people who want to seed and keep this huge Torrent running. The few mods that not shall be redistributed can be made available as a seperate download on mediafire.

I have a PC that is always on and I work at an ISP. I have a fairly large pipe I can get away with using to seed a large torrent. I actually just downloaded all of the mods listed as supported by the most recent Bootleg and have them ready to go, I only had around 17-18GB though. I would be happy to seed but I would need to know what all I would need to do to stay current as the mods and bootleg develop. I may nee d a bit of help to make sure I have everything and that it is current. I can write a lit of all of the mods that I have downloaded currently if anyone would like me to seed everything.

On a bit of a side topic, I noticed a couple of files that I needed to change the file names because the bootleg link, which was working for both, had a slightly different name
 Below are the changes I made after clicking the link to the file in bootleg
Trish(aka Mike)s custom model pack ---> Trish(aka Mike)'s custom model pack
Trish(aka Mike)s custom model pack ---> Trish(aka Mike)_s custom model pack

1 is a weapon pack I believe and I can't remember what the second is. After changing the names bootleg said it was fine.

edit: Here is the list of mods I have the files for:
640sharp parts 1-3
640 smooth parts 1-3
1280 sharp parts 1-9
1280 smooth parts 1-6
Avalanche GUI v2.0.8
Avalanche High Res ( I would need to get low res as well)
Battle Scene Enhancement lgp use (Contains Bootleg and BFE)
corel prison bonus.rar
FacePalmer.part01.rar- 20 (A fix I blieve)
ff7_enhanced_movies_1 part 1-3
ff7_enhanced_movies_2 parts 1-4
Field Files Pack 1-5
FL-BSE v0.1.1
FL-WME Beta.exe
FMVRes-1.bin parts 1-6
Magochocobo Battle Scenes
magochocobo ff7 battle pack
magochocobo png battle files
Trish(aka Mike)_s custom model pack
Trish(aka Mike)'s custom model pack
yarLson Field Upscale Project v0.35

I know it can be hard to decipher the specific mods these files are for. Any input is welcome, let me know if you would like me to put the whole torrent up.

Also Proud Clod... To this day I have been reading it as Proud Cloud, no idea why now I feel stupid.

You aren't the only one. It took me a while to notice the difference and I have to read it twice every time now because I know it's wrong but I STILL read it that way first  :)

That is really cool. I always liked the City of the Ancients partially because I like that track so much.

I really like this model but I have to agree, the legs look a bit long, not a lot but a bit. The arms also look a bit short to me, it may be because of the legs however and if the legs were a little shorter it may look right. Other than that I think this is perfect.

I have had a smart phone for 3-4 years now and I have yet to pay for an app. SNES9X is free, and it supports bluetooth controllers, specifically the wiimote. I'm sure if I looked hard enough that I could find a free psx emulator too. I will keep that one in mind though as I look around.

Which emulator are you using? I have SNES9X and it works great but I have wanted to play PSX as well.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Obligatory Christmas Thread
« on: 2011-12-28 23:09:23 »
Luckily for me it is rare I have to leave town to help. Also I just do networking so its none of the big stuff. I really don't envy the people who only do trade shows and have to travel everywhere. I get to stay at my center in Washington all year round. So this year I get a Christmas/Winter/Year end bonus and a bonus for working CES, fly back home mid Jan. I cant wait.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Obligatory Christmas Thread
« on: 2011-12-28 18:19:40 »
This is 3 days late, but Merry Christmas. Regardless of whether or not a person celebrates it, it's still recognised governmentally as Christmas in this country. Therefore, it's Christmas. So a late Merry Christmas!

Its not late for me. I am stuck in Vegas for the CES 2012 setup and my family cancelled Christmas because my dad got sick. Well today I get to Skype back home and Christmas is back on tonight! My family even sent me a few presents to open with them and some home made Christmas goodies. So Merry Christmas to you, and to everyone else! Also have a great new year.

I do have to note here that they aren't remaking it for the very reason people worry about a Square remake. They know that they cant resist changing some "broken" things. Personally I would still love a remake as long as they left the core of the game alone and left the materia system in. I have always loved the materia system. My list of things for FFVII to change all would be

Improved materia management system, just the way the materia and equipment menus work
improved graphics (this one by itself would get my wife to play finally :))
fixed translations
Barret being who he was supposed to be instead of a stereotype

In my opinion it wouldnt need anything else.

On a side note, Firefox underlines materia in red to tell me it is spelled wrong and it took me a minute to realize materia isn't a real word.  :P

Edit: Luckily we have Qhimm forums and a great modding community. It may not be as pretty as what a true remake would be but it sure is nice to have these mods around.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VII - HD Remake
« on: 2011-12-09 18:52:38 »
I love this forum novels, and especially this one, man the IP does not lie!
A new user comes from nowhere with 2 posts and with the only objective of searching this guy....
Her doubt by itself was pathetic, if she wanted to know anything, she, as a Friend, would ask him directly and not post in this forum and besides, all those compliments from both sides were weird...
And that threat? "Oh look I've got a lot of ideas..." C'mon man grow up...

This right here^^ A friend would have asked said friend if the profiles were the same. Shameless self promoting using a duplicate profile, followed by lying about the whole situation. Someone was feeling generous about not dropping the ban hammer on both profiles. The whole thing was entertaining to watch  :)

Im not a modder myself so I am not sure how everything works. But would it be possible to make materia that would do just that? Or would that be very difficult? It sounds to me like it would be very difficult.

EDIT: If you had the spells attacking the caster as well then it would be possible to take advantage of that and negate the damage or even absorb it, especially if they were elemental.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Special Days
« on: 2011-10-19 00:48:32 »
FF3 is my favorite of the series.  I like the strategy with the cost of changing jobs.
I had to play the fan translation.
Why is FF3 the most overlooked of the entire series?

Maybe I should have been clearer. At that time it was labelled as 3, but it was really 6.  I did enjoy 3, the real 3, but I love 6  ;D

Completely Unrelated / Re: Special Days
« on: 2011-10-18 23:16:00 »
My special day was my B-Day oh so many years ago. I had an SNES and had asked for FF3. My parents, not knowing anything about video games, bought me FFVII instead and some RAM, since the computer didn't have enough. Sadly, our video card wasn't up to the task, probably got about 2-3 frames per second. Painful but I still loved the game and still do to this day.
By the way, I still have the SNES and got FF3 for Christmas the same year:) I also have an emulator on my phone with FF3. Good times, good memories.

I like to model but I have to agree, the white jacket and mesh underneath look off. Just because of the color. Everything else looks great.

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2011-10-13 16:37:12 »
I agree with sithlord, it is looking much better but the face is off slightly. I also have another point I noticed. If you look at the head of the concept art, it looks like the muscles for the tail start slightly behind the ears, almost the base of the skull, but it doesn't separate from the rest of the body until the base of the neck a bit before the shoulder area. The model you have now looks to me like the tail was just glued on too far down the spine, it doesn't look like it was intended to be there. The concept art shows a much smoother line for the tail originating farther up the spine and following the contours of the body. The neck may also be a bit long in comparison, however that could just be the angle I am seeing the model from. I like what I am seeing so far.

Graphical / Re: WIP Tifa
« on: 2011-09-28 18:18:51 »
lmao when you said that first i thought you were using that to describe how good the model was, like "Holy suspenders, Batman!"

This has to be one of the best posts I have seen on here. lmao ;D

They just try to explain their opinion, without the pretention to hold the absolute truth. When they say they prefer oranges over apples, they try to explain why, but don't imply that people who prefer apples are mentally deficient. There is your difference.

This is the root of it right here. Thank you Armorvil, you nailed it.  I couldn't find a proper way to describe what I have been seeing.

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-09-16 18:19:59 »
I agree with sl. I think the game, in its own right, isn't bad (opinion), I liked it (opinion) but it didn't feel like an FF title to me (once again opinion).

Now in regards as to what is opinion and what isn't here is what works best for me to describe opinion/fact.
If the statement uses "I think" or "I feel", or either of those phrases is a suitable substitution, then that statement is an OPINION, no matter how many people think or feel the same.

A fact is something that has proof.  Many opinions =/= fact or proof
i.e. I think/feel FFXIII has crap story/batlle system etc =/= FFXIII has crap story/battle system etc. Every individual thinks/feels differently.
i.e. I think/feel FFXIII was an amazing game, better an any of the other FFs I have ever played =/= FFXIII was a great game, or the best FF.

It doesn't matter how many people, critics or fanbase feel that way. It is 100% opinion.
My opinion is, I like the game, i have genuinely had a fun time playing. To me it doesn't feel like a true FF title though. (Both of these statements are also opinion.)
Others feel the opposite. No matter how deeply you feel or think FFXIII is a crap game or just not living up to the FF name it doesn't mean its a fact.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-09-13 19:00:54 »
I agree with you he got better after he dropped operation Nora but I still find him difficult. I agree with you on the points of him getting closer with Lightning, and in return she grows as well, and his father, I really did like that part, more because of his father than Hope himself. I just......cant take him seriously. He seems to miss the bigger picture of things all the time and focus on something minor. Again I haven't played to the end I might wind up liking him just like you  :)
I have liked Sazh so far because of how deeply the stuff with Dahj has affected him. I can understand how deeply that world and the situation would affect a father, especially with it getting rubbed in his face like that in Nautilus. The only part I really dont like about him is in battle, for the sole reason it takes him longer than anyone else to attack, which I have learned how to use to advantage at least a bit when you are forced to have him in your party.
I guess its all a matter of opinion, as it is with all video games. Thanks for your thoughts.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-09-13 18:31:36 »
Hope was my favourite character actually. I really like how he changed throughout the game. He was so scared and grief stricken at the beginning, then we see him shape into a strong and confident young man by the end of the game.

Originally, Lightning was not going to be the main character of the original was Vanille. They'd shown a lot of Lightning, so they just stuck with her.


I find it interesting that you like Hope so much. I am curious as to why? I haven't played to the end of the game yet but I have been far enough to see him drop his revenge against Snow and grow up a bit, I got the the plains when you can finally "explore", but I was never able to take him seriously.  The only character that has annoyed me more is Yuna, which may be due to my opinion that her voice didn't match who she was supposed to be except at the beginning. Tidus is close to as obnoxious as Hope to me. As a side note, I did enjoy 10 quite a bit, just not Yuna and Tidus. I don't like to find main characters annoying because it takes away from the game for me so I am hoping to get another point of view where I can at least stand him to make the game more enjoyable overall.

General Discussion / Re: Sorry Again
« on: 2011-09-07 20:23:03 »
I think Obesebear spelled it out pretty well. There was wrong doing and an attempt to cover it up. I would have been a little forgiving if their wasn't an attempt to cover.  I feel a minimum 12 month ban would be acceptable if not a perm ban. I don't see any room for compromise with the evidence we have been given.

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