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There we go, I found a pretty easy way to locate the correct files! Just delete your cache, restart the game, wait for the enemy to use the attack you are looking for, quit the game and check your cache for the file names :).

Here's Emerald Shoot:


Thanks for the file names. I've already edit and fixed them for the next release. If you want them before then, I can give them to install manually. I don't have the time right now to sort through and find the last texture for Emerald Weapon. If you, or anyone else, can find this for me, that'll be a big help. I'll edit it right away and add it to the rest of the fixes.
Sounds great! Yes, I'd really appreciate a pack of only the fixed PNG files :)

I will try to find the Emerald Shoot textures and I'll let you know if I succeed.

General Discussion / Re: Battle model names?
« on: 2014-07-30 15:21:15 »
Awesome, thank you both! :)

General Discussion / Battle model names?
« on: 2014-07-30 08:35:54 »

Is there a list contaning all the battle model names? I managed to find the names of all main chars (e.g. RTAA for Cloud, RUAA for Tifa, RVAA for Aeris, ...), but I'm still looking for Safer Sephiroth and Sephiroth's final battle model (the one that has only 1 HP).

Can someone help me here? :)

That'd be awesome, I was too lazy bothering with an image editor and just removed them... :D


There is one more spell which I didn't bother to find yet... The Emerald Weapon casts it and it's impact causes splinters to fly through the air, uhm..., water.


That's an issue resulting from "Grimmy's Upscaled Magic Textures" pack.

The main issue you will encounter is on grey scale textures. For some reason if the original texture was in grey scale the mod path method doesn't properly remove the black that should appear transparent. The result is a black square around the magic spell. The way to fix this problem is to identify the offending texture. open the png in an image editor and delete the black leaving a transparent area. If you guys pm me or post up what textures are having this problem I'll put together a fix pack for them.

When I'm at home, I can post a list of all files suffering from that issue (at least all which I noticed during my playthrough).

General Discussion / Re: [REL] The Reunion
« on: 2014-07-18 16:42:17 »
Actually R01 is still online, it's just not included in the opening post.

In my clean out and rebackup I forgot to do R01... and it's gone.   ;D  I don't keep a backup of it on my HD because I have all the installation files here.  But that won't do me any good since R02 isn't ready.  I will reupload soon, because EQ2Alyza has kindly sent me it :)

Here you go.

General Discussion / Re: [REL] The Reunion
« on: 2014-06-27 16:21:51 »
Great, I'm looking forward to it! ;)

General Discussion / Re: [REL] The Reunion
« on: 2014-06-26 19:22:48 »
I'm sorry, I didn't express myself clearly... ^^ I'm aware that Kaldarasha is the mastermind behind most of the models and as far as I know he is still actively working on them. My question is if you are generally planning to include model fixes and additions in R02 which have been created after R01?

Releases / Re: Coin Skill
« on: 2014-06-26 17:14:53 »
Thanks! ;) Yeah, I could, but first I need to find a savegame containing a level 2 Throw Materia. I'll check it out!

General Discussion / Re: [REL] The Reunion
« on: 2014-06-26 11:38:41 »

Your "Model Overhaul" is awesome, it really is a quick and easy way to replace (nearly) all the NPCs. Before this I was using the Phoenix Rejuvenation Project, but I'm glad I updated ;).

I heard you are planning to release version R02 soon. Will this include any changes to the Model Overhaul? I noticed some glitching NPCs at Gold Saucer (blinking hair and heads), unchanged original NPCs (the guy on the Snowboard in Gold Saucer) and DrLilo already reported a texture glitch at the Chocobo races, so I wonder if you are going to fix some model-related things for R02?

Thanks to a little tutoring by cmh175, I might be able to fix those blinking heads, but I wonder if I should just have patience and wait :).

Releases / Re: Coin Skill
« on: 2014-06-26 07:01:14 »
Sorry for necroposting, but I can't find the answer to this anywhere and I feel like this thread is the best place for my questions.

- zendar has uploaded a lot of different designs. I can only use one of them at a time, correct?
- My modpath is "mods/Avalanche". Should I place the file in "mods/Avalanche/menu"?

Maybe I managed to answer everything myself, but I just want to make sure I'm integrating this correctly ;).

Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-06-24 06:24:51 »
Open AAAA.hrc with the sword and save it as bbe.hrc that should do the trick.  8)
lol, I was already considering to give this a try, but I just thought to myself "Nah, if that'd possible, cmh175 would've already told me!" :D

I forgot, the sword's texture slot is 2 for the battle model, so you actually need to add it twice for it to work. Ah, kimera's crashing. The TA model's texture is pretty big, I forgot I had to edit some parts outside of kimera.

Open bbe.hrc, and find the Chest and Hip line. Make it match this here:

Code: [Select]

Copy the sword files from the field model (aaae2.p and aaad2.rsd. Open aaad2.rsd and make sure it actually says aaae2.p in case I'm wrong) into the same folder with the world model, don't forget rtad.tex. Now try opening the model again in kimera, it should have the sword.
I tried this method yesterday and it worked perfectly, thanks again for all your help!

Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-06-23 16:32:25 »
I cant help too much with those models...but for head blinking open the hrc file in notepad. Find the line that says head and chest. Under where it gives the bones length it'll say the number of pieces and the corresponding rsd files:

Code: [Select]

It'll need to look something like that. Change the 1 to a 2, and copy the rsd file listed (in this case AAAF). If you open it in kimera again and save it it'll change it to AAAF1.
Awesome! I tried this with two models now and it works like a charm! Thanks so much! Sephiroth's blinking head totally ruined Cloud's narration of the past.

You need to add the texture for the sword, it's rtad.tex. I'm not sure what happened to the chest piece though. As long as you don't combine pieces when you save or remove the texture it shouldn't be effected.
Sorry for being a pest, but I still have trouble with this... (And no, I never combined any pieces!)

- I opened bbe.hrc from your world_us folder
- I clicked chest-hip
- I clicked "Add part to the bone"
- I opened AAAE2.p from your Sword Model folder
- I marked the sword and clicked "Show Texture options" --> No textures were listed
- I clicked "Add Texture"
- I opened rtad.TEX from your Sword Model folder
- The textures were shown on the right side (right under "Textures (part)"), but they sword remained white.
- I tried to save the model and wanted to name it bbe.hrc
- Right after clicking the save button, "Error 7" popped up:

- Then..., after clicking "OK"..., the unspeakable happened:

Uhm... Do you have any idea what's going wrong? ^^"

Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-06-23 07:25:27 »
Thank you, I gave it a try!

Unfortunately there is no file called "aaae1" in the sword model folder. Instead I found "aaae" and "aaae2". While "aaae" is the upper body, "aaae2" is the sword file.

When I added "aaae2", it looked like this:

Just for fun I swapped "aaae" and added "aaae2":

Why am I missing textures? Can you tell me how I add them as well? I was curious, so I opened the field version with sword, removed the sword bone and added only the "aaae2" file - the sword was added properly including textures.

Repaired Whiteraven Aeris Field model blinking head. Links on first post. 

~Media fire counted over a 100 downloads, how did no one notice this lol?
Is there a way for a Kimera noob like me to fix the blinking head? I have a few field models suffering from the same issue, but those models aren't supported at Qhimm, so I'm asking indirectly... :)

Troubleshooting / Re: SOLVED: [FF7] G-Bike scene freezes
« on: 2014-06-23 07:06:56 »
I understand, thanks for the heads up! I didn't notice any defective field models after adding the G-Bike files, but just in case I will repack my char file! (I hope the Reunion version of the instruction screen model is flawless.)

Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-06-22 21:12:04 »
Hi cmh175!

Thanks for all your awesome models, they really enhance the game in a great way. :)

For now I've removed the field bike model, I'm not even sure if the game actually uses it and when.
I guess your removal of the field model caused a little trouble to me, as you missed to delete BRIB.hrc. The model is used in the instruction screen right before the game starts. But thanks to a little hint of Kaldarasha I was able to fix this issue. Look here!

On another note I wonder if there's way to have your world map model of TA Cloud 2.0 wear a sword? I tried to copy the files of your "Sword Model" folder into world_us.lgp, but it didn't help. (Those files only worked in char.lgp)

Troubleshooting / Re: [FF7] G-Bike scene freezes
« on: 2014-06-22 20:58:15 »
Thank you very much! Recompiling wasn't the problem (I already was using the manual version of Aali's LGP+UNLGP 0.5b/compiled by Kranmer), but Kaldarasha's hint helped me to get on the right track.

cmh175's TA Cloud 2.0 indeed was missing files! His char.lgp folder contained the file BRIB.hrc, but it was missing all the files BRIB.hrc was referring to. When I tried to open his model Kimera failed in the same way the game did.

Fixing this was pretty easy. His folder high-us.lgp contained all necessary files of the minigame skeleton, as well as caaa.hrc. I just copied everything from high-us.lgp (except for caaa.hrc) into char.lgp, added his bonus file for the black uniform (aabb.tex) and voila: the instruction screen model was fixed and the minigame didn't crash anymore.

Troubleshooting / Re: [FF7] G-Bike scene freezes
« on: 2014-06-22 10:41:51 »
Thanks a lot, I was able to reconstruct the error! Seems like my char-file is missing a bunch of files. I have no idea why I'm missing those, because I never deleted anything from the original file.

Code: [Select]
ERROR: failed to find file char/daaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: daaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file daaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/faaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: faaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file faaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/haaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: haaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file haaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/haaa1.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: haaa1.RSD
ERROR: could not open file haaa1.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/taaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: taaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file taaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/vaaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: vaaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file vaaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/vaaa1.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: vaaa1.RSD
ERROR: could not open file vaaa1.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/xaaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: xaaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file xaaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/zaaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: zaaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file zaaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/bbaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: bbaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file bbaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/bbaa1.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: bbaa1.RSD
ERROR: could not open file bbaa1.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/bbaa2.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: bbaa2.RSD
ERROR: could not open file bbaa2.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/dbaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: dbaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file dbaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/fbaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: fbaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file fbaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/hbaa1.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: hbaa1.RSD
ERROR: could not open file hbaa1.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/jbaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: jbaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file jbaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/lbaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: lbaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file lbaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/nbaa.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: nbaa.RSD
ERROR: could not open file nbaa.RSD
ERROR: failed to find file char/nbaa1.RSD (LGP) (path: )
ERROR: offset error: nbaa1.RSD
ERROR: could not open file nbaa1.RSD
ERROR: unhandled exception

I keep backups of different versions of my LGP-files, so I was able to narrow down the potential trouble causing models.

- The Reunion R01 Model Overhaul works fine if I don't add anything else.
- My next version contained Reunion R01, TA Materia, TA Save Points, cmh175's Red XIII Shaded, cmh175's HD Cid, cmh175's HQ Barret 2.0, cmh175's TA Cloud 2.0 (black uniform, with sword), Bloodshot's Tifa and Whiteraven's Aeris Field Model converted by cmh175. The same error occured!
- So it's safe to assume neither Reunion R01 nor Kula Wende's infamous models messed my char-file up.

If we limit ourselves to the models used in the minigame, one of the following must be troublesome:

- cmh175's Red XIII Shaded
- cmh175's HQ Barret 2.0
- cmh175's TA Cloud 2.0 (black uniform, with sword)
- Bloodshot's Tifa

The game crashes right before the game instruction screen and the only model seen here is cmh175's TA Cloud 2.0 (black uniform, with sword). So... probably this is the defective model?

Troubleshooting / SOLVED: [FF7] G-Bike scene freezes
« on: 2014-06-22 00:48:08 »

For some reason my char.lgp causes my game to crash at the G-Bike minigame. Just before the game instruction screen should appear, everything freezes and the message "Ooops, something very bad happened" pops up.

I just swapped the modified char.lgp for a raw version with original models and it worked fine and I was able to continue playing.

My char-file contains:
- The Reunion R01 Model Overhaul
- TA Materia
- TA Save Points
- cmh175's Red XIII Shaded
- cmh175's HD Cid
- cmh175's HQ Barret 2.0
- cmh175's TA Cloud 2.0 (black uniform, with sword)
- Bloodshot's Tifa
- Yuffie by Kula Wende
- Aeris by Kula Wende
- Sephiroth by Kula Wende

Unfortunately I didn't keep a save for further testing... :/

Do you have any idea which of my models is causing trouble? Or is that crash probably a known issue?

Awesome, thanks for the reupload and thanks for all the hard work you put into your release! :)

Field, Battle and World Graphic Enhancements

                 FILE                              AUTHOR                  DESCRIPTION                     INFO             NOTE

FFVII Scene Enhancements PNG.7z                 EQ2Alyza        Battle Scene Enhancement for LGP        Qhimm FILE

Could someone please mirror EQ2Alyza's PNG pack? Unfortunately it's down.

Troubleshooting / Re: Trying to get up to date
« on: 2014-06-16 21:22:22 »
Welcome back mate! Have a look here,,,,,,,, but I would recommend to wait for the new Bootleg release.
Wow, thanks for all your recommendations. I will definitely go for some of cmh175's models, cmh175's FMVs, the High Def Advent Children Avatars, the HD Battle Scenes, the Cait Sith Battle Model, BloodShot's Tifa Model and the Model Overhaul (The Reunion R01).

Tifa's Bootleg though..., well, it's almost as extensive as "The Big List of Mods", so I have absolutely no idea which mods I should integrate into my game. ^^ If you can name me some awesome mods included in Bootleg, I may give it a try.

So I guess my choices for world-map and field backgrounds are already the best completed projects you can currently get?


Kaldarasha makes the best model pack for consistency. They are modeled after PRP and are combined with it to fill most of the holes. There are also optional animation improvements and dynamic event adjustments using 7H. It's the closest to complete we have for a model pack.

Yes, that works fine.

Mike has a complete weapon pack for Yuffie. Omega res novae has a complete pack for Cait Sith. Millenia and Slayersnext have complete packs for Cloud. Mike and Slayersnext have nearly complete packs for Aerith.

I am releasing a 7th Heaven catalog within a week, so if you want to wait around for that, you should be all set. 7H is a wrapper tool, similar to how mods are injected with the NMM at Nexus Mods. Makes it much easier to pick something, play, close out and pick another if you don't like it.
Sounds great! I'm in no hurry, so I'll gladly wait for your 7th Heaven catalog :). Thanks for your advices!

Oh, btw... Unfortunately your PNG pack (FFVII Scene Enhancements PNG.7z) is offline. Could you reupload it? I managed to get the LPG-version from Bootleg, but I prefer PNG files, so I'd be really grateful. :)

Troubleshooting / Trying to get up to date
« on: 2014-06-16 09:56:08 »
Hi there!

It's been three years since I modded my FF7 installation. Yesterday I went back into the game and noticed all those remaining low-res backgrounds. So I decided I should get some updates.

This is my setup from three years ago:

Comprehensive Game Enhancements:
Team Avalanche Beta 9
Team Avalanche GUI v2.0.8

Remastered OST

FL's Battle-Scene Enhancement

FL's World-map Enhancement

Field backgrounds:
Project Blackfan by yarLson
sl1982's Field Enhancement

Character models:
Phoenix Rejuvenation Project


I studied "The Big List of Mods" for quite a while and I think the following mods should be a great enhancement to my current setup.

FFVII Battle Scene Enhancements by EQ2Alyza

59 Textures For FF 7 PC to go with Felix Leonharts by Ste41k

Field backgrounds:
Omzy's FFVII Field Pack

Character models:
char.lpg- & world_us.lpg-models from The Reunion R01 by DLPB

Now I have a few questions...

01.) Are there any "better" or more recommendable choices out there or should I go that route?

02.) Is it save to combine Omzy's (field) and EQ2Alyza's (battle-scenes) files with those of yarLson/sl1982 (field) and Felix Leonhart (battle-scenes)? I would just copy the PNG-files of yarLson, sl1982 and FL into the mod folders of Omzy and EQ2Alyza to overwrite the existing ones.

3.) Can you recommend any additional mods? e.g. I never tried customized weapons (all I found were partial releases and I always wonder if it's hard to integrate them) and I'm sure there's other stuff out there.

Thanks in advance for any help! ;)

Thanks for your answers, squallff8! I guess I will give it another try without the models of the temp-subfolder and with the original aafe.a.

btw: I agree with lzrock93! Your models look great so far and you managed to get the PRP project so close to completeness... It would be just awesome if you would continue somewhen in the future. PRP is THE alternative for all the people who don't like to use chibi models.

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