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Completely Unrelated / Re: GameManagerV2
« on: 2011-09-10 23:39:57 »
No problem. I'll support what I see is either worth supporting or hasn't been done before. From the looks of it, this hasn't been done before, so I'm all for it. If you even send me a txt file of your entire game database, I can possibly go through and see what games are missed for you to add along with screenshots and covers for them too. I'm enjoying this software TOO much. Didn't have The Godfather 1 in the database, but making your own is of course an easy fix :) the mounting and unmounting sounds like a good idea! Even if you were to make mini images ready to go when you boot the game (as a patch download) instead of using your own full-size image. Good for people that actually have retail copies of games and not pirated versions. Also, if you're going to make a screenshot function, maybe even a "FRAPS" type in-game recorder could go good too? All depends on what you're hoping to make out of this project, but whatever you want to do, I'm all for it! Congrats on making such great software.

Oh I know that part. I use it all the time. I get it alot when I'm testing out the Cloud skins, because I disable movie play on my pc by removing the "\" from the movies path in the directory. That works fine. The thing about that is, if it's in the mod directory, does that mean that it won't search for it in the LGP files and only access those certain mods from the mods folder?

Example: I know it would look like shit, but just for an example if you took Tifa's skin, add only half of the files for her in the mods directory and leave out the other half. Would it show up with half of Tifa's body modded and the other half poly? Or even if I were to do it with a full skin. Whatever works.

Purrrfect. Thanks alot. I really appreciate it. It seems like that mods folder would just make modding the game 100x much simpler than using LGP/UNLGP but at the same time it's confusing because you're not really told what formats are supported when it comes to everything but images in-game. When I say that, I mean putting weapon and character mods in that folder if its simple as adding the 4 character files into the folder or whatever format that file used to be.

edit ff7 weapons

I placed that in google, and guess what came up?  A whole range of links including

Was that really so hard for you?  You could have placed any number of searches into google or qhimm and it would have come up with something you could use.

Well first of all, THANK YOU. Second of all, the issue with that was that I wasn't trying to find the solution to editing weapons, because I use LGP/UNLGP to actually edit the weapons and "editing" weapons would most likely be along those lines? I just needed to know how to rename the weapons, so when I searched I typed in:

rename final fantasy 7 weapons
rename final fantasy 7 weapons pc
rename buster sword
rename buster sword final fantasy 7 pc
rename ultima weapon pc

And even switched the 7 to vii, so you see why that question was brought up now. If you search those same things yourself, you can see that nothing would come up. So that's why I couldn't find it.

Also, now that I have gotten your attention, maybe you can tell me the solution to the young cloud picture that wasn't included in the Menu Overhaul Project?

Your long winded posts bury any pertinent questions in a screen full of unrelated information.
Was there a question?
I didn't get passed the part where you insulted the Qhimm community for not stealing assets from another game.
Concise questions get answered.
Now, what's the problem?

Never mind. I don't see where I insulted the Qhimm community for not stealing assets from another game. Get your eyes check. And obviously all you guys are the same, because you see that I already asked the questions, but of course somebody has to be a dick even though they know the answers. Again. To whatever mods are out there reading this, if you feel that these questions can be answered by at least one person RESPECTFULLY and there's only a few dicks around here, then go ahead and leave this topic open. Other then that, if you know that everyone is going to answer this question like dicks, then please. Lock the thread. Up to you guys. All I wanted was some answers to my questions.

Completely Unrelated / Re: GameManagerV2
« on: 2011-09-05 02:53:25 »
Wow this is amazing. I have been WAITING for something like this for a very long time, and it looks quite impressive :)

A cool suggestion would be a downloadable embedded game trainer option if possible? Unless it closes and then launches the game. I don't know yet, I'm just downloading it now. I wouldn't use the trainer myself, just sounds like a cool idea lol. Even an embedded instruction manual/embedded pdf reader for strategy guides or whatever it may be (if it stays open and doesn't close when you start a game). Just throwin' some cool ideas out there.

If you know it is against rules to double post and annoy, why do it?

I'd answer your questions but most ARE answered if you use search.

6) Can I rename weapons/items with a certain program? Or would that be done manually..?

That is sheer laziness on your part to not know the answer.

See that's the thing, I knew it was against the rules, but in this day and age it seems like when you're polite people don't wanna help you. But when you go and break a rule or turn into a d*ck THEN somebody wants to say something. I was going to inbox you myself BUT it seems that you have blocked my PM's :/ soooo that idea went out the window. Never knew I did anything wrong to you, but obviously I did. And to the "sheer laziness" on that, it's really not because I just don't know how to do it. If there was guidance then MAYBE I would be able to do this stuff. But there's no guidance, and on top of that there's no such thing as a stupid question.

If there was a way to figure out this stuff in the search, I would but the search engines on forums are so f*cked that I can hardly find anything. So instead of attacking me and going on about everything besides my questions, maybe just help me out? This is the right section to do it, is it not? And one of the problems is from YOUR mod, and you just proved that you just want to be negative by seeing that I wrote something and purposely not replying. A simple yes lgp/unlgp or no just rename a file is the simple way to answer the question. But of course people love to be complicated. From WHAT CAN BE DONE with the sad search engine, I found no answers to these questions.

I made sure I googled FIRST before using that "thing", because most of my questions were answered through Google and I didn't have to come here and ask the questions. Most of my answers I got through google, not here. But now that I DO need help and I'm in the place with possibly hundreds of people that know the answers to my questions, I thought MAYBE JUST MAYBE I could get some help. But apparently not. Unless you're a d*ck to people or if you have something to offer people in life, then you won't get a good OR bad response from nobody. But moving on...  :o

I know how to LGP/UNLGP and most of these questions can be answered by me just figuring out the formula of the 4 character name files. Going back to you quoting and bolding "6)", I would prefer to rename them manually without software, but if the software is there and it will make things easier and not glitch the game then okay. If it was as simple as you guys (aka. you for the time being, will turn into more guaranteed) make it sound then I wouldn't be asking these questions now, would I?  :mrgreen:

I'd answer your questions but >>>most<<< ARE answered if you use search.

So you just admitted to the fact that some of these questions are not answered on this forum, and you know the answer yet you don't want to tell me. Lol..... proves my point of you being negative and there's really not a way around that :P

A full 24 and no answers to not even one question..? Somebody has to know something *here comes the moderators.....*

Hi there, I'm sure a couple of you guys remember me  :o lol
I'm ANXIOUS to play my FF7, and the last time I posted here I just about gave up on modding the game. I went back to the original FF7 on PSX and eventually said... "know what? This can't cut it no more. I'm sorry "black label", you've been good to me, but I've found a better you... for now." And then, my black label copy of FF7 went and cried in a corner... I feel bad for 'em. I'm gonna go get him after I'm finished with all this. But yeah...
I'm trying to get back at it, and I seem to be having some trouble with a couple things.

I have some models that are not allowed on this forum, but that should not matter. A couple of you have it already, and it was taken down due to copyright laws from S-E (you know what I'm talking about... the infamous ****** ******** Complete mod by Kula Wende. also, not sure if this specific one was taken off the internet, but you get the point).

Anyways, getting to my problems.

1) I'm trying to mix some models together which would include APZ Cloud, the "infamous" mod, and Millenia's Custom Weapons. Pretty much I want to take Cloud's battle model, possibly slap another face on it from the infamous mod, because there's something about APZ's face model that just creeps me out... don't ask why, because I couldn't tell you lol. I'm just weird like that. BUT ANYWAYS, yeah. APZ body, infamous face, and Millenia's custom weapons. Okay, now that I'm done beating around the bush, is it possible to take the face model from another one and leave the APZ hair intact??? If not, then I guess I will be able to live with my creepy ass main character.
UPDATE: I FIGURED OUT WHAT CREEPED ME OUT ABOUT THAT MODEL... it's the eyes vato... the eyes....

2) Then I wanted to change the "infamous" mod "buster sword" and put it in the Ultima Weapon's place, and then keep APZ's amazing buster for the first weapon in the game. Would it mess up the model if I did that??

3) What is the name of the certain models..? I'm going through my mod folders and when I UNLGP, they have the 4 character titles (example: rtaa, rtab). I'm trying to figure out which one of these are the buster sword and which one is the Ultima Weapon.

4) When I installed the APZ Cloud model, I noticed in both normal and file battle folders, there was a file that was the same... I'm gonna go look at it right now and find out which one it is.................................. its rtcy. If I took the final battle rtcy and replace the normal battle rtcy, would it make a difference in game? Would the final battle portion of the mod not work because of that???

5) After installing the "infamous" mod, Barret seems to punch AND shoot at the same time in the bombing mission, and that's not right... is there a certain software that will let me change animations throughout the game so I can fix this issue?

6) Can I rename weapons/items with a certain program? Or would that be done manually..?

7) On the menu overhaul project, I noticed that in the mods folder DK, there was a missing picture. That picture would be young cloud. Would I just put young cloud's new picture in that folder? Or would I have to unlgp again?

Any help would be appreciated, and I'm pretty sure I posted this in the right place, seeing as these questions have to do with mods and not the actual game itself (hence, troubleshooting). I didn't want to PM the people that made the mods, because I'm sure they get questions like this everyday and they are probably annoyed by now, so I decided to just post it here where other fellow modders can help me get back on my feet :) any help would be appreciated, and I SWEAR that if I could give you a chocolate chunk ahoy cookie for every questions answered, I would  ;) swear on my mama!

General Discussion / Re: Custom FMV's
« on: 2011-08-15 22:13:19 »
Sorry I was thinking of if you altered the frame rate of the videos, in which case the polygon chars would show up at the wrong time.

Lol i'm getting so many different answers everytime i scroll down each post... :P
soo they WOULD show up at the wrong time for sure. like early in the video if i made it 3 mins

General Discussion / Re: Custom FMV's
« on: 2011-08-15 12:51:35 »
FMV's go by number of frames, so make sure you keep it the same.

Yeah, I got that part. I meant time limit. Example:

opening.avi is 2 mins
some dude made a new opening on this forum, but it was CC converted to FF7.... but it was 2 minutes also. If I wanted to make something of my own, would it HAVE to be 2 minutes? or do i just need to put the train at the end for the 2 guards to chill lol

General Discussion / Re: Custom FMV's
« on: 2011-08-15 09:08:34 »
Okay thanks. Another question, say I wanted to create something to put in place of opening.avi ... would i have to keep the exact time limit of the original one?? or just line up the train scene at the end?

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-15 05:57:29 »
It's ok. Didn't hide it's linearity well, savepoints replace towns, etc. As I see it, gameplaywise, it's a simplified  auto-rpg. I'm dissapointed, but I knew I would be so it doesn't bother me much.

For me, ff died with ff10: The 1st time I was really disappointed. And btw FF12 > FF10 (You can't kill monsters with stuffed toys and volleyballs). FF12 was a pleasant surprise imo.
FF X-2 was a disaster. I agree, the actual rpg gameplay was good, but it still the worst FF to date.

You like FF12 over FF10?

image removed

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-15 05:53:04 »
I wonder if I said; "Someone make models for Zack and Sephiroth and I'll give you my copy of >FFXIII< for >360<" if anyone would take it insulting. I would. Lol.

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-15 05:34:21 »
Shovelware by definition is cheap crap designed to make it to market as fast as possible. Shovelware is not good OR wildly appealing. It doesn't need to be, because it's so low budget that it's profitable even if it sells like crap.

Uhm... I don't know if you literally just explained it, but what's shovelware?  :o lol

EDIT: Nvm looked it up. Lol yeah XIII is far from shovelware, but it's not golden either :)

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-15 05:28:44 »
2) Holy Toledo, who keeps on stealing everything from you?  Talk about acquiring games illegally :P At this rate, you'll run out of cash to buy more copies of the same games with.

In my post it says that it was stolen by my ex-girlfriends ex from her house when I was with her... but looking back at it, and all the stuff I had there? ALL stolen? It was a setup for sure. Lol.

Along with my FF7 mini-collection (FF7 black label NEW, FF4, Tactics, FF8, FF9 < I was so into that one before it got stolen :[, FF10, FF10-2, Dissidia, Dissidia 012 Duodecim, FF12, FF7DoC, FF7 AC Limited Edition. All in one grab) they ALSO took my brand new ps3, my dvd collection (over a grand invested in a week's time, had all the weeds seasons up to 6, jersey shore 1 and 2, the spirits within, spirited away WHICH I NEVER GOT TO WATCH, and a bunch of other movies), my 2nd xbox 360, a stack of ps3 games AND my psp collection. If I see either one of them again,

Since DarkFang made a better more in-depth list than me, I'm gonna re-do mine off his. I did forget alot of them lol.

I decided to change this post into a compilation of reviews. Just cause I can.

Main Series:
IV Interlude: never played, but will one day when I get IV back :)
IV The After Years: never played, but doesn't seem interesting
VII CC: It did seem linear, but NOT as bad as FFXIII lol. I actually like this game, cause I already have a grip of the storyline. I took greyhound buses to towns looking for a copy of this game and every EB I went to messed with me :( first one I put it on hold and they sold it on me, then I took a taxi from one end of my town to another JUST to get there a minute after closing. I told the girl at EB I'd give her 20 bucks extra if she just gave me the damn game.... she waved it in front of my face and said, "oh, this one?" I replied with a smile and nodded. "Sorry. Computers are off." ...... so the NEXt day, I go back and they tell me the UMD was broken... ... ... .. .. .. ............................... so I went to one more place, they HAD it, but someone put it on hold right before I got there... just my luck. After weeks of searching, it was sitting on the Toronto EB shelf like it was always there in the first place... just taunting me... I swear if the case had a mouth, it would've said "Hey! Lookin' for me?  :wink: " Luckily, I still HAVE this game!! It was spared in the robbery, and I'm still playing through.
Dirge of Cerberus: Beat it!!! It was great! More epic with the keyboard and mouse usb function  8-)
XIV: LOLOLOL didn't I hear something about this game getting pulled off shelves by S-E cause of how bad it was put together or something along those lines..? Either that, or the website was picking fun at it.

Tactics Series:
Tactics: <3
Tactics Advance: Don't want to play it
Tactics A2: Never knew it existed... lol.

Fighting Series:
Dissidia: STOLEN :( SOOOOOOO EPIC (yes, these caps are aggressive lol)
Ehrgeiz: What a coincidence... I heard about this just yesterday... looks interesting.

Crystal Chronicles Series:
Crystal Chronicles: Never played. Looks interesting too.

Mystic Quest: Never heard of
Final Fantasy Legend: either of them

It's like nobody here even realizes that squarenix is a business and to a business, the only thing that matters are numbers
And no, fanboyism is not a valid source of numbers despite all your arguments.

And another thing. There are exactly two things you can do when you produce a game ( going bankrupt would be a third choice )
1) Make a good game
2) Make a widely appealing game

and those are FUNDAMENTALLY different things

All of you who like 13 are people in category 2. The same TYPE ( but not carbon copy ) of people that buy Wii game shovelware

Because when it comes down to it, FF13 is nothing but that. Final Fantasy themed shovelware cleverly disguised as a AAA game.

Oh and Ultima. No, you're not stupid because your opinion differs from mine. You're stupid because your opinion is so strong that it makes you unable to view something objectively.

LOL so true.

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-14 17:40:30 »
I see what all of your are all saying, and just people's opinions should tell them "................... we failed". Think about it. If they were to come to these forums, they would feel like idiots lol. This forum is filled with (more-so) turn-based junkies. Everybody says that X (or even X-2) was the LAST good Final Fantasy game.

I'm a dude, and I can tell you straight that if a Final Fantasy story never made me shed a tear, then nope nope. It's not a "(recurring) Final Fantasy" to me! LOL I kid, kind of. But all the Final Fantasy games have just been EPIC until 11 (which shouldn't be even counted, so let's just pretend I said 12).

Here is all the Final Fantasy games listed, if I've actually played them and my experiences from it (note I'm not a Final Fantasy collector ANYMORE, just FF7 exclusively since my dumbass ex probably set up her house to get "robbed", thus taking my whole collection) (which is what happened to my FIRST Pc discs of FF7 I explained about a week ago,  :( )

Final Fantasy: Never played
II: Never played
III: Never played
IV: OwnED, never got to play it ( >:( )
V: Never played
IV: Actually want to really play
VII: ....... do I have to say something? lol was stolen, and re-bought 3 times (1 used pc, 1 new pc, 1 new ps1). That should say something.
VIII: I thought it was okay... wasn't feeling the card system (unless mixing up with IX, but sure it was here too) (still own a brand new copy green label for ps1 if anyone would like to purchase) (stolen, but bought back for good price).
IX: Great. Liked it mroe than VIII, but once again, didn't like the card system)
X: Epic. Never beat it yet, and regret it everyday. Got stolen.
XI: Never played, looks meh. Not really a fan of MMO's. Just a good story :)
XII: ... I hated it, rented once, bought later (when I collected; limited edition game and guide) and it got stolen. I don't miss it lol.
XIII: Topic of discussion
Tactics: I had alot of fun with this one when I was a kid. Just bought it again the other day :D

The rest I didn't list, I simply haven't played except for X-2. It got stolen :( lol

If I can be honest with you guys about something, but if the soundtrack is on point, then it makes the game more epic to me. Music was pretty good for XIII, but I didn't get the feeling with that game, and that's not good :O

Maybe it is just bad taste.  Everyone is welcome to like it but the fact is, it is a subpar effort full to the brim with flaws.

I have nothing against people liking the game (it is possible to like something which is flawed. It is possible to like anything), but I do when they make tired excuses for its flaws or pretend that the game had as much quality and content as 7-10.

One needs only to look at where the user reviews are heading to see the trend is downwards.  People are getting sick of the crap that Enix is firing out.

To sum up:

1.  Literally linear  for most of the game.  No way to go back on yourself.
2. Minigames almost non existent
3. Side quests that there are revolve around more fighting and grinding.
4. 2 AI characters, and auto battle doing most of the work.  No real brains required.  Dumbed down.  This happened because people accepted XII's battle system.
5. Over use of graphics and cutscenes.  Whole game is another failure in balance.
6.  Story is a joke, and even requires you to read a manual for exposition.
7. Traditional towns gone.  NPC relegated to near gone.  Nothing to do to break up the monotony of battles.  This is not a good thing.  This is against JRPG format, and it forces everyone to like it or lump it.  In the past some quests or places or shops could be skipped.

That's what I think about it....  SquareEnix now know that they can get away with doing this.  They learned that X-2. XII and the cash in spin offs of FF7 will sell like hot cakes no matter how bad the game or how flawed.  So... expect more of the same.  Graphics before substance, bloat before quality.

Since the merger, the quality of games has definately gone down in favour of pure greed.  We had X-2, the first sequel and a joke.  We have had FF7 turned into a cash cow with the spin offs.  We had XII where a battle could play for you while you sit there with the controller.  And now this flashy graphic fest XIII.  XIV is a disaster and I don't hold up much hope for XV.   It has all come down to the drive sorely for money rather than creativity since that merger.

And Kitase sums up the problem that he and his buddies have:

"If you're talking about the main Final Fantasy titles, one of the strong focuses of the series is cutting edge graphics. That's what people enjoy and that's what people associate Final Fantasy with."

"In that sense I would like to assure our users of this top quality artistic visual achievement. To do that we have to stick with high definition consoles."

All he cares about is graphics.

"That's what people enjoy and that's what people associate Final Fantasy with."

Err no it isn't  Mr Kitase.  It is 1 aspect but most people buy FF for the gameplay and for the miniquests and story.  The graphics are not a priority and I wish you and your team would learn that.  Todays graphics will be sh*t tomorrow, and then where does that leave a game which was bsed on graphics?  Hardly anyone will replay XIII in 10 years.

If that's all fact about what they were saying about the graphics, then that just changed the way I look at my used-to-be favorite developers. Read THAT Mr. Kitase.

The view you just made on XIII was 100% to me though.

1. It really IS linear, and I don't like being forced into one direction when I should be EXPLORING the beautiful graphics in the world instead of sitting on a tour bus...
2. It SHOULD have minigames... damnit. All we can do is sit on the tour bus I guess... I'd rather the card system back lmao.
3: If by side quests, you mean collect the floating orbs with potions and other worthless goodies that you won't need if you mastered the easy battle system of the game? Then damn. Lots of side-quests. Good work S-E. I love orbs.
4. ...
5. Did anyone really take in that this game IS Heavy Rain? Just longer and you're forced to do one thing lol.
6. If it's not the music, it's the plot I want. And I didn't like the main protagonist being such a bitch lol. She didn't like nothing.
7. Oh, don't worry buddy! You can explore the new next-gen online menus scattered along your ONE path :) they're even given fancy names and pictures to heighten the experience!!!!

To sum everything up though... we want FF7 gameplay in a next-gen game. How can you mess that up???

FF series is a perfect example of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series.

They had a good run, then Tenkaichi (FF7) came along, took over, made the BEST game out of the series Tenkaichi 3 (FFX) and then they went to shit when they made Raging Blast and Shin Budokai and all those games (... all games past XI). Came back with a remake with new features Tenkaichi Tag Team (FF7, 8, 9??) but only on PSP... they're on the same pattern lol. I just fear the making of Type-0... don't know much about it, but it was said it's based off FFXIII??? They're really attempting to give this the next-gen FF7 hype? LOL wow.

General Discussion / Re: Custom FMV's
« on: 2011-08-14 16:55:50 »
you guys are gods.  :'( thank you. i was so confused it took me literally (now) 3 days to do! My videos decent looking, maybe when I finally run through the final render I'll upload it :)

when or if i release it, would i put in graphics or graphics: releases?

General Discussion / FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-14 04:47:22 »
Okay, honestly I want to know what people in this forum think about this game. I've seen people love it, and I've seen people hate it. It's basically a linear-rpg. I bought it less than a year ago, played right up to seeing that little blonde chick (was her name Serah or something?) and I stopped there. I sold the game, but later regretted it because of the "hype" around the game. I'm easily suckered into video games even when I know they suck. (ex. I played Duke Nukem Forever demo, hated it, and then recently traded my BRINK for a copy). So yeah, I bought it again, and I got up to the Shiva sisters..... then I never touched it again. How does everybody REALLY feel about this interactive movie?

General Discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2011-08-14 04:31:11 »
Multiplayer for Final Fantasy VII would kind of throw off the game, but at the same time make it a million times funner. If your second player is a noob and he sucks, you can always smack 'em outside the head. Sweeper isn't that hard....

General Discussion / Custom FMV's
« on: 2011-08-14 04:27:59 »
Hi I'm working on new fmv's for my final fantasy vii. they're already finished and I use sony vegas 10.0. i render the size to 1280x960 and then I either compress it or leave it uncompressed to avi (which makes my 30 second clip like 3 gigs...). THAT however is not the problem. The problem is whenever I use one of MY fmv's, the audio stays normal but the video plays fast forwarded, thus cutting my fmv crucially short. I'm not sure if there is a certain way to render the videos or if there's a cool converter I can run my videos through. I been up since 8 oclock this morning trying to fix the problem and same with the day before. If someone could please be of assistance? I tried to msg a certain fmv someone in the forums but they blocked my msgs before I could even talk to them  :-o why? I do not know lol.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-08-14 01:34:49 »
If you mean when the battle ends that is a bug which is being fixed.

Yes that was it. Alright thank you for letting me know. I was starting to think my machine was getting old or something ???

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-08-13 00:44:12 »
You admitted to downloading a pirated copy of the game. The rules say members cannot help other members with pirated copies.

Well mods wouldn't work with my pirated copy so I went on Kijiji and bought another set (even though I already have it, but dont want to open) with only the discs for 40 bucks. Not sure if I got ripped off  ??? butttt I needed it for my project. Does not having the original box or the manual with that copy count as piracy too?  :-o Lol I kid. But yeah. Maybe you know the solution to this problem? It worked just before I installed the overhaul.  Nothing but the retail patch and the Aali drivers are on the FF7 installation path. I did not install Avalanche or anything else.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-08-12 23:34:40 »
Hey dude I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this or not but from before I had the black bar at the bottom of the screen problem and was able to fix it with aali's graphics driver. i then installed the menu overhaul and its back  :o do you know what could have caused this or how I could fix it? i didnt know if anyone else had this problem since i didnt feel like going through 23 pages lol

This may be off topic, but I'm in a situation of two copies of FF7 lol. The first time, I got the discs (platinum) and it was in decent condition. I downloaded a pirate copy, BUT it's legal if you already own the product you're downloading. Same situation when I got the triangle-boxed version. I have it, and I keep it sealed along with my FFVII black edition for PS1. I downloaded a pirated copy again when I got that one, but here's my question. It IS legal to download roms and iso's of games if you own it... but what if you havent opened it!? :o

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