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Playing on the Steam version, not using 7H.
Hot fixes aren't installed, had assumed the above patch came with them, I'll install them and update you.

Edit: Hot fixes have fixed the Platinum match fight. Unsure about the land worm.

Great mod btw. Omega  Weapon and the KOTR guardian Are crazy.

I've had a few soft locks during battles in my playthrough.
Soft lock during a sandworm fight in Corel Prison and during the Platinum Extra Battle in Gold Saucer, Haven't found a work arounf yet, though it happens as soon as the battle starts I can input commands but they do not happen and the boss never takes a turn, also cannot flee.

I've noticed weapons are required to craft the ultimate weapons, Are these weapons missable at all? just reached disc three and can't find them.

Refer to title, I'd like to play on my second screen while my SO plays Sims. so far no joy, whenever a click happens or the window loses focus the game pauses.

Try having Barrett at lvl 99 with all materia slots filled with mastered HP plus if that doesn't work... I don't know what would hit the cap.

[EDIT] My bad I forgot how to read for a second apparently... I would imagine it impossible to achieve what you are trying in-game. you would have to alter the characters HP growth I guess.

I'm not 100% sure but I think the true "limit" would be 65535 (or something like that) can anyone confirm?

I may be wrong but doesn't "brink of death" appear under the status menu?

I have to say I find it quite ironic that Notch has been the most mentioned attacker of Euclideon, and not only because minecraft looks like crap but also because it runs like crap for such a simple crappy looking game. My PC plays League of Legends better than it can Minecraft.

I say best of luck to Euclideon. Their technology seems amazing and I for one hope that this can become a reality.

Oh god please don't include Angeal or Genesis...

Also As far as I know there are no new enemy skills though some enemy skills have changed, as I'm sure you found out with "mighty guard".

Also it would look awkward if Barrett said "hand me your 'EDIT PARTY' so it doesn't get wet" before you jump up the tower with mr dolphin.

Graphical Modding / Re: [WIP] APZ's New Canon Cloud
« on: 2012-06-15 20:23:24 »
Bow chicka bow wow!


looking forward to your Cloud.

Looks pretty good![offtopic] have you checked out Facepalmer field backgrounds? [/offtopic]

I have though they completely slipped my mind when I posted that.

I have to say, high quality text really looks odd with low res backgrounds. TA's graphical overhall is going to be amazing.

And remember people opinions CAN and very often ARE wrong.

All battle Arena challenges are insane, if you beat it once you deserve omnislash.

As for Dio's challenge.. I can't say I ever tried to beat it with this mod so I wouldn't have any strategies however back row + sadness is your friend. other than that just try to cover as many deadly status effects as you can and keep your health up.

Can't hurt to try.

Great, Now I'm even excited to see the installer  :-D

Now that is strange.. Have you correctly installed Aali's driver?

Scfrew what other people think of the name changes man, personally I don't like Aerith but I have grown to accept it as truth ( Mind you I never likes Aeris either I was glad when she died)

Anyway back on topic if people didn't play this because this or that wasn't changed that's their loss, you're doing an amazing job on this re-translation and people should stop bitching.

Personally I wouldn't have included original incorrect names as an option just out of principle =P

Of course your problem isn't with criticism, criticism is good for a project, an outside eye never hurt anyone.

Also Proud Clod... To this day I have been reading it as Proud Cloud, no idea why now I feel stupid.

Have you checked to see if the rest of the models are WIP's?

General discussion / Re: Vision: Final Fantasy 7 ONLINE
« on: 2012-06-07 16:36:41 »
The thing about Final Fantasy PVP that doesn't work is the current formula for a final fantasy game, Creatures have high HP low attack and characters have low hp high attack, if you face people off against each other it just becomes a game of who moves first wins.

If someone were going to do this they would have to majorly re-balance the game and give different characters wildly different stats. I believe this idea would also work better on class defined players.

In my opinion Final Fantasy 7 is the worst possible Final Fantasy game to do this with (as awesome as the game is).

When you downloaded it was it in a pack?

By this I mean did you download Tifa Aerith and Barrett with cloud or seperately?

It still amazes me just how much context I missed on my multiple plays through this game. Nice work on the cover up, I'm a fan of it.

Favourited this page thanks for the links e1sunz.

Doi, I can be an idiot at times =P

In that case I'll change my vote to Great Crater. Simply because Great Cavity does sound strange in conversations.

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