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init.out I think is like the new game state.

I'm unsure I'm still scratching the surface. I wrote a function to search the archive files for strings or byte array to help find some stuff. Though it's slow. My first search resulted in a tim file. Which is a texture so that isn't it.

Maybe it's in the EXE somewhere. Like how the card game is in there.

Interesting, about the EXE I can't confirm because I don't know about MIPS

I know where the strings are.
There is also values for it in the save files. You might be able to edit a save to enable it in game. line#378
Doomtrain wiki has some info about them in the kernel.bin under

Thanks buddy. Another question.

I was editing the save using Hyne save editor and discovered that file inside the save are init.out and are identically, so I can make a mod, but the chocobo World section is another file after init.out from save file.

Init.out inside save file

And Here is located the World map and Chocobo World and this are another file, so what file is this? I analyzed scene.out and kernel.bin but without success.

I'll move data to your post.

Thanks, it will be helpfull buddy.

about mngrp.bin at offset 0x1BD808 this text are buggy when I using this tool Translator Tool - MnGrpEditor (v1.6) from

What another way to edit this?

Note: This text are from Information tutorial

Someone or something rolled back the wiki to february 2019. So everything I edited or changed is gone.

You can see the code on

Maybe if I get motivated to redo everything I'll put it on a wiki on github where I have control over it.

All the work is gone? It's sad to know that.

I was trying to discover how to enable minimog and ChocoBuckle in FF8 but withowt success, do you know any method or opcode that do this?

I made a thread here about my project

5 added a bunch of info that I found on this file to the wiki. Still a lot of holes. Where I'm not sure anyone had discovered what is there.

I named the strings I'm having trouble reading "Complex Strings" mostly because the distance between the entries is 0-3 bytes so when I jump to the next offset i might be inside a string instead of the 6 bytes in front of the next entry.

I think the offsets might be in another section but I haven't figured it out yet.

I might take a break from this and integrate the ones I can read as it'll cover most of what I need to do.

I probably also should update the wiki with what is in the string data instead of just putting "strings here". Not that big of a deal. :P

The link about mngrphd.bin, mngrp.bin, tkmnmes files, and mngrp complex string was removed from wiki yesterday, can anyone update?

The following link off are:

I'm modding Final fanyasy VIII on PSX/PC/Steam version adding missing unused Term in the game like "Succession of sorceress power" and Minimog and Ribbon Term (Only acquired with PocketStation)

So I want how to enable MiniMog to item Mog's Amulet and change Chocobo Fire to ChocoBuckle from item.

I used the Opcode "MENUTIPS" to enable Succession of sorceress power" and Minimog and Ribbon

What Opcode to activate flag to enable MiniMog and Change Chocobo Tech?


  • Term Succession of sorceress power added to Tutorial
  • Term MiniMog added to Tutorial
  • Term Ribbon added to Tutorial

To Do:

  • ChocoBoy sell FriendShip (Moomba summon item) only in Esthar Chocobo Forest
  • ChocoBuckle tech for Chocobo
  • Enable MiniMog

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] DelingScript
« on: 2019-05-12 20:39:03 »
@Shard can you upload again? The link is off

@Tirlititi It's possible expand this box from menu?
I'm translating and i want to expand this box in horizontal to fit the rest of text.

Nice work, You pretend put psx compatibility?

The latest tool crash on Environment

Prima vista, when you click on Received 0 gil, sure is the dark..., etc

Could be possible add Boost, Enc none and max magic stone features from PS4 release to PSX?

FF8 have some unused information in "Information" section too, called "Succession of sorceress power", which says: When a sorceress is about to die, she gives her power to the next person who 'inherits' her sorceress powers. According to Odine's research, the power tends to weaken with each succession.

Another unused stuff is a shop called "Trabia Shop" on shop menu

It's possible activate this stuff?

It's possible extract text from ppf files?

I want extract to fix something from that PPF?, because the translation was finished in 2006.


FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Field editor - Deling (0.9b)
« on: 2016-04-30 12:21:36 »
Congratulation Myst6re for you tool, maybe in future this can write PSX disc like a Makou Reactor?

Congratulation for this excellent tool, Tirlititi, one question:

Is possible enable beatrix in the group, without replace or swap any character?

Oh thanks Tirlititi, you're the best ;)

I'm on a project with a translation with friends to portuguese, and was separated by cities using the "Extract Script Dialog" option being that is already 80% completed, and my question is "Do you have plans to implement the Import Script Dialog option?"

Note: you tool is very precious, congratulation

Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.1.0.0)
« on: 2015-08-08 16:08:59 »
The actual base model isn't determined like this (or well it is upon creation / adding more attributes in-game but it doesn't repeatedly fetch its model like this; once the weapon is created this data is stored along with it and can be changed).

so, each weapon model has the appearance for each name, like

Caladboung = has configured to create model id 0x07 inside the weapon model (data, vertex, meshes)? this is it?

Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.1.0.0)
« on: 2015-08-07 00:14:55 »
congratulation for this nice tool, could you add weapon effect, ID, model and attributes too ;)

@ gledson : I would have advise you to do exactly what you did....
There is no need to remove the battles from the preloading list, though, and it is the thing that most likely made the bug.
In order to take no risk : simply remove the line RANDOM_BATTLE (remove it, don't change it to "NOTHING" though if that was the problem, then I made a terrible mistake ^^"), parse and save and that should be all about it.
Save states should work fine for a script edition like this. The changes will be effective as soon as you (re)enter the field. However, when changing the preloading files, I think the field needs not to have been preloaded first, so the save state must be at least 2 fields away from the modified field (for the entrance of the Gargan Roo, the save state should be in Tot's tower stairs, for example).

Also, keep in mind that there may be the "RANDOM_BATTLE" opcode somewhere else than in the main function. For instance, the random battles of the fire room in the Desert Palace are activated only once all the fires have been lightened up. So there is a conditionnal execution of "RANDOM_BATTLE" in the main function but there is also another one in another function running when the last fire is lightened.

Thanks Tirlititiworked perfectly on field battle :D

other questions, I could not find where the value disables battles on the world map ?, as it does to disable because I did not find any opcode called Random Battle, is to remove battles for some monsters.

Ex: no battle will be read with Armstrong data Desert, only be read data Adamantoise

It's Possible?

OBS: I'm trying to make a patch to perfect Excalibur guide ;)

@Tirlititi I have 2 question:

1º: Could be possible disable randon battle over the field and World map? if yes, how i do this?

2º: will be possible allow extract insert video (*.str) in the future?


1º: I found the Preload option on Environment tab/Field and i removed this monster.

2º: I changed script and changed the Opcode RANDOM_BATTLE to NOTHING parsed and saved

3º: but when i enter in game scenario the game crashes like this

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF-IX] Hades Workshop
« on: 2014-07-11 02:47:52 »
how codes to make all card with all arrow and complete attributes like this Nova dragon?

General discussion / Re: FFX-2 Hidden Models
« on: 2014-06-10 22:19:28 »
I need make a nude patch for this game, and I'm studying this formats :evil:

General discussion / FFX-2 Hidden Models
« on: 2014-06-08 19:35:13 »
I'm making a translation from Final Fantasy X International+Last Mission, so for curiosity I was exploring all characters/monster/weapon models and I found this models, my question are "Why Square-Enix do this, maybe a hot coffee, like GTA San Andreas?  :-P "

Are possible Swap this models and make a nude patch?

Nope. We won't be linking to models ripped from official games; it's just as copyrighted as the game itself. ~Covarr

General discussion / Re: How to translate Final Fantasy X?
« on: 2014-05-10 06:27:50 »
Poland Translation, Nice  ;D

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