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You can ask an admin in the forum of Nexus if you can proof that you are involved with that project. They probably will hide it until the owner comes back to approve the action.

Ahh cheers man, well it has links all over it to my work and the logo it uses is of my project too so that should be easy enough :D

To be fair, that pack above came from my team and i agree that Satsukis is better.
The guy in our team that made this seems to have vanished so i cant remove it or do updates lol.

Chances are this got ignored because it is an identical replica of another thread you already made:

FF7Voice / Re: Project Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2019-06-03 12:47:37 »
Playable demo has been released on the first page as well as a complete rebuild of that first post to reflect new changes, additions and more.

Hope you guys get it working easy enough and have a blast playing it!

FAQs and Tutorials / Re: [FF7]Big List of Bugs
« on: 2019-05-31 20:28:22 »
We gotta get that working. You have to play Echo-S :P
I think Strife himself actually had that same issue with using the Menu Overhaul. When he's back i'm sure he'll help you

General discussion / Re: Did I miss any Major Mods?
« on: 2019-05-31 17:18:57 »
Well you know what i mean lol. It's closest to the original style without actually being Chibi form. My bad

General discussion / Re: Did I miss any Major Mods?
« on: 2019-05-29 12:41:19 »
Arks Fields are here too, i personally find them overwhelmingly better than Remako:

There is also my own music pack here, of course i would advertise it but give it a shot:

If you like the chibi style models just with a better looking human anatomy use ChaoS:

As for the modders haven stuff you wont be able to get them, they are a private team.
The things they provide can not be shared on this site due to the ToS

Thanks! Lemme know if you find any issues. From what i can tell it's perfect but you never know.

Your best bet is Mcindus, he spends all his efforts on FF8. Only 1 of 2 doing so in fact i think

Team Avalanche / Re: Mako reactor bridge scenes
« on: 2019-03-14 19:19:17 »
Yeah we tried to make the models as close to the remake shots as possible being as it will become a forced meta eventually. Just kinda made sense for a first try. Eventually maybe we can swap them for others and have different versions to match the character model you use. I dunno, Might be a lot of work lol

I believe this is a DPI issue, i had the same one. Right click whichever EXE your using and select properties. Then on the compatibility tab tick the box that says Disable DPI scaling (May vary depending on Windows version)

It's actually inside the new cataloge link now for 7th heaven to save doing all that.
I advise everyone getting it. It is official too.

Grip isn't around atm so OP cant be edited but here is a vast update to OGFields:

All the light layers have been gone over and all animations tweaked. Cleaned up smudged areas and sharpened the areas which did not receive AI as well as others.

Once he's back i'll get him to update it

Here's a new direct link, the OP one is down:

You can use 7th heaven to extract the contents of the mod, from there you can place the field folder inside your FF7/mods/textures folder. This way they will load without the use of 7th heaven

That'sa funny combo of mods you have on for the Mains haha, Love that Barret though :P

Damn it does look good. that's a nice reshade setup too. I'm also glad to see people using the NinoStyle stuff! Took forever to convert them all for him haha

Your might possibly be to go into your FF7 folder, right click on opengl.cfg and edit with notepad.
Look for a line near the top that says "Modpath = " and write Textures after it.

That's usually my fix for this

Audio Modding / [FF7-PC] Looping field sound effects
« on: 2019-01-25 18:27:35 »
So i decided to try add in a few new sounds using the dummy sounds (731 - 734 is what i used).
They are in and working great, my only issue is i'm not sure how to loop them.
Right now when i have them play on a loop in game they just tick rapidly which i assume is just the first frame of the sound effect going over and over again.

Anyone know how this is done?

7thHeaven / Re: Minor problem with battle menu
« on: 2019-01-23 09:22:37 »
It's spread apart to leave space for the next spells.




I don't think there is an alternative for it

7thHeaven / Re: It just doesn't work
« on: 2019-01-13 00:47:25 »
You wont find G-Bike models here anywhere. It's against ToS. Just custom stuff

Got my vote, this is brilliant

Oh man if you can figure out how to do this stuff it'll be awesome. I've wanted to be able to do it forever now

If you can actually add a brand new animation in then may i suggest if you ever time to add a real Death animation?
So that when HP hits 0 they dont just teleport to the ground but actually fall. Might need 2 of them realism sake, 1 for going from good HP to 0 (Standing) and one from low HP to 0 (Crouching)

I have kind of done this myself by just altering the existing death animation but the issue is when you escape from battle they drop again :D  along with a few other instances. Would add a nice realism affect to the game

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