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Could you correct the background mds5_5, in the label of the door says 7 and should be 5 because the developers made a mistake, and besides is the Sector 5, not 7.
On the other hand, my work mate could fix it but he would need the file decompressed


We've found the code on PSX version, but we don't know how to fix

In PC version is:
mov     [ebp+var_20], 0
mov     [ebp+var_24], 0
mov     [ebp+var_28], 4

And the equivalent on PSX is:
addu r2,r0,r0
addu r5,r0,r0
addu r4,r0,r0
ori r3,r0,0x0004

This you can find on file battle.x descompressed: 0x9330

What should we make a fix on PSX version?


No, the dead guard stays on the floor. It stays there until you have left the building entirely. Unless he was supposed to hide the guard... but even if he was meant to - where would he put it? It's not there anywhere if you return.

I am not sure what "leave this to me" means - but it doesn't work in any scenario. I think the dialogue is just an excuse to tell you to move on.

According to Japanese version he says this at the beggining: こいつ (koitsu) means "this guy". So, I guess he will hide him in someplace. :|

I have a doubt in blin67_2 field. In the document says:
"Dead prison guard does not display when you return to this field."

But during the game, Barrett stays neart at the guard dead and says this:
“Leave this to me.
  You guys keep movin’
  before we get caught again.”

Then, Did Barrett hide the dead guard?

One question, were you able to edit background mds5_5 psx version with Tilemolester?

Myst6re, I have a question.
I repaired the field "lastmap" background PC version, why doesn't hide the state? It does have something special that map or special functions in PC?

In 98 PC version crashes when the first white light apears, only I repaired the background.

That method is a mess in my point of view because you need more scripts to come back and come back again in the same place.

Hi, I have a problem... I don't get how to solve on psx version in the field junbin4.
I removed Barret from party while is hadcuffied and Cait Sith fights alone. After battle, I added again Barret but it doesn't display his model. I tried to display his model in the script but I don't get it.

This fix I did if it works proplery in PC version. Does have a problem in psx version about the command remove and add party members?

If you use option "Repair", dissapear "red rocks" and it's like psx version and you won't have the Z's issue.
But to hide... red blocks... I don't get... it's like if aren't compatible in pc version the options of background,
or that field is special.

You can use this option in a PC version clean, not edited with psx port.

This option is in the background, here:

But I don't get how to hide red rocks...

It doesn't work the changes I make...

Other things:

In field blin70_4

Rufus says this:

“…That's how it is,Reeve.
  Your job is to regulate
  the reactor's output.”

One reactor? In the video shows all reactors working besides in Japanese says "mako reactors".

In the field cannon2, Vincent answers to Hojo this:

  Rest in peace.”


Literally translated:
Sleep for eternity...

Rest in peace sounds for me in a funeral, but Vincent hates Hojo and besides in the previous sentences speaks about who should sleep there.

And this text I don't understand the last sentence:
“I have been… urgh…
  overwhelmed by my
  drive as a scientist.”
“Just as I was back then.”

In japanese says something like:
I lost the last time.


Hi DLPB, I've seen a mistake of context in the field loslake1, when Cloud try to use the stairs and he is interrupted by Cait Sith.
The mistake is when you have Cait Sith in your party. Cloud doesn't answer throught PHS or telephone, so "hello?" is not correct in that context, I am not English speaker, but I understand that "hello?" is when you answer with a telephone. Well that "hello?" is used when Cait Sith is in your party or not.


In japanese:


Literal translation:
Hey! Wait a minute!



Hi, I have seen a mistake, I think.

Field: losinn

“I'm not making it up.”
“I really can feel their
  presence,deep down
  inside of me.”

It should not "their presences"? I guess is plural, Aerith and Sephiroth.

I have seen other error, in the field losinn:

“Ancients have actually
  slept in these?”

“Have Ancients actually
  slept in these,I wonder?”


In japanese doesn't mention about "Ancients" (古代種).


I have doubt in a field in Costa de Sol, is the field called delmin12:

  I'm the manager.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Well then,
  if you'll excuse me?

A manager in a cellar of a house? I have looked japanese script and "manager" is : 管理人
It can be translated as: Manager
But also means: Custodian, concierge, janitor.

I think that man is someone who keeps the house.


Really is the animation.

The animations programmed own to Cloud.

Other bug model, this time is Cid.

Check the animations in the fields sininb2 and sininb1.

And a video:

Rodritaku has fixed the bug model of the girls on Building Shinra, Psx version.
Here the results: the forum where is speaken about the topic.

Already done ;)

I didn't get in makou reactor. Could you send by MP that field or only the instructions?

The scene may need an edit to make any sense:

#xy 24 64
“Hang on,are you a ma-”
#xy 176 40
#xy 181 32
“Am I a what?
  Everyone around here just calls me 'Big Bro'.
  Anyway,never mind that.”

It would be great if Aerith's dialogue suddenly shows without pressing [OK] and Cloud finishes almost his dialogue.

DLPB, I have doubt in map mkt_mens

What does mean in Cloud's line?

“Hang on,are you a ma…”

Cloud did mean other word? A word which is an insult for the Big Bro?


Hi, DLPB, what else have you fixed scripts?

Or only did you have you fixed theses?;wap2


Use makou reactor, in the models, change the name EDEA for AZHE.
Save the file and test it.

I tested it and works.
On PSX version is harder than PC.


You are right, please disregard my message.
By the way, spy_dargon is working on the receptionist 3D model but needs some help, maybe Kaldarasha can help him with the PSX model.

It's fixed!
Thanks for the helping of messabasker and jeet.
Oregon could to replace the model on psx.


Wow, it's that model?  What the hell's happened? I always thought the guards were asleep there or something.  But now I find it's because the model is corrupted.

And yeah, it's fairly easy to change models with Makou.

Makou Reactor only can edit modelts on PC version :(

On Psx version is other story.

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