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mcd and mcr are the same file type. they just have a different extention. all you need to do is change the filename so it ends in .mcd. you can also export as if you change the  extention when you export.(you can change it to any VMC file type and it will export that type). Black Chocobo is not Compatible with .psxstate files. i will see if i can make the VMC file type selection durring export easier.

Edit in 1.9.7 you will be able to select the types in the export file dialog.

Hm. For some reason, when I change the extension to .mcd, and loading onto my mobile device, neither my emulator (FPse) nor my Android memcard manager (PSX MC Manager) see anything in the slots...

[edit : corrected Android app name.]
Any suggestions?


I did not understand the difference between trying to load the memory card (within game) and loading the savestate (within the emulator). I have it figured out now! I needed to load within game, not the savestate within fpse.

Thank you for your patience and clarification!


I would like to convert a PCSX save file (.mcr or .pcsxstate) to one compatible with FPSE Android (.mcd).

Using the export options within BC, I can export to .mcr, .vgs, .gme, and .ff7, but I can't find an option for .mcd, even though documentation says it can export to that file type. 

Can someone please advise?

Thank you greatly.

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