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You were right. Using a bottled BC, I was able to open the package contents of the and follow it's drive_c file path, which worked where trying the OS X path didn't. Thanks. :D

edit So I opened my save. All I wanted was to change the region, so just went to edit -> USA. Saved. Exited, it asked me if I wanted to save those changes again, said yes, then all my file info in BC changed to the default when the program first opens. Whatevs. But then I try to load it and it's gone. :(

edit out rant. i'm just gonna get the pc version and be done with emulation


I'm trying to open a pcsx-r save, but when I select 'Mcd001.mcr' from the memcards folder and click open, BC isn't seeing my save. It's showing every slot as '-Empty-'.

I'm running a bottled windows version of the pcsx-r on OS X 10.6.8 (better gfx.) It might be pertinent that Finder seems to be treating these .mcr files a little oddly, for instance when I select the file with my save, the modified date wasn't being updated from the created date (it treats my older os x memcards correctly, displaying the correct modified dates as the last time I played/saved.)

Thanks for reading and any help. ^^

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