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General Discussion / Most liked/hated Square/RPG games
« on: 2002-02-25 15:20:00 »
1. Secret of Mana
2. Legend of Mana
3. Chrono Trigger
4. Parasite Eve 2
5. Parasite Eve

Both of Saga Frontier games. Never bothered to finish them.

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-13 04:20:00 »

They all work in different ways? Well, that's strange; obviously when Quake3 works with any OpenGL card, it's just my imagination. That's what OpenGL and DirectX are for: all the cards conform to their specs, so you don't have to worry about many differences, if any.

Yeah, that's why you will get different peformance between those 2 cards. It's because they are different.

You know, this Console vs. PC discussion is really a waste of time.

I think this discusiion is not about PC vs. console. It much more on whether SquareSoft should port FFX to PC or not.

FFX International will come out later this month (the 2-disc version) and still no words whether they will port to PC or not. I guess they didn't want to.....

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-12 16:03:00 »

It's proven that's not good? If you're going to say things like that and demand provable studies from other people, you should supply them too.

I read about the R.O.I. thing some time ago at FF Impulse I don't know whether they quote from a reliable source, but  it seems to be logical. Someone (vvalentine) says that FFIX PC aren't ported to PC because it doesn't sell too well. But didn't FFonline had made a report that FFIX is the best selling FF ever for PSX? More than 2 million copies in Japan alone. So why they didn't port to PC? What else if not because of the R.O.I. thing? Which company don't want profits? SquareSoft will make a port to PC if they are profitable. If not, they will not do that. And come to think about that, if FFIX does really don't sell well AND porting to PC is that cheap anyway, they will already makes FFIX PC to cover the losses they have with PSX version. Yes, it's not that hard to port to PC IF everyone is using software rendering! Hah! Software rendering with FFX? Don't really want to think about it. Porting to PC, while maintaing the quality the PS2 version have is hard (I comes from programming background too), because mainly of the different graphic cards, soundcards etc. I knows that everyone here know that Radeon, GeForce and Kyro and SiS do the same things in different ways. So are with Live!, Audigy, Vortex and the Turtle Beach audio chipset.This mean making a common engine without sacrificing quality is impossible.

To the anonymous bug victim: Find me online in Serious Sam multiplayer servers for the player with the nick "The Deathbringer". Second Encounter will be my upmost priority this month, and with 20 US dollars, I will definitely buy it. The demo is fun :)

Remind me anything if I forget to address anything.

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-11 11:47:00 »
Well, for starters. I'm 23 now and a graduate of Computer Engineering from UPM (anyone from Malaysia knows this uni). And I have a decent paying job with IBM, and I hope that info is good enough. And for now I live alone. Where? I think we need not to go there...

And I am not a SquareSoft employee whatsoever.

My computer (at home) is decently good enough; 900Mhz Duron, 512MB SDRAM , GeForce2 GTS, Aureal MX300, 40GB HDD and a Sony 16x DVD-ROM drive, with Win2k OS. I use them for a few things, such as typing reports, preparing presentation, and playing Serious Sam (the only PC game I play for now) online. And I have TMNet Streamyx too, which provide DSL service. When I'm not at work, I play console games (PS2 come to mind) because PC still don't have games worth playing (it may change though when Serious Sam: The Second Encounter get to my fave dealers).

Sephiroth says that alot of people buys 3D accelerators for Half-Life and FF7. How many people? 1 million? 2? These 2 numbers are NOT enough in the eyes of companies! And even that Croteam (Serious Sam developer) recommended GF3 as the best card for The Second Encounter, I will not buy one because I know my GF2 can still serve me well. And from this people, how many will actually buy FFX PC when they comes out.? Not very many people don't you think? Why Square should do FFX if R.O.I will be not good. FFVII and FFVIII sells well, but the R.O.I. is not good enough. If they do have good R.O.I. from these 2 titles, we will already have FFIX PC and also that we will also hear persistent rumors of FFX PC. Just because they have released FFVII and FFVIII for the PC, it doesn't mean that SquareSoft SHOULD release future titles for PC too. The demand is there, but they are not good enough for profits. And a lot of people simply missed this fact.

And no one knows whether the majority of FF players are college students or not, unless of course you can quote a reliable source. Just because your college have lots of FF fans, it doesn't mean that the whole world have the same scenario.

Sephiroth say again that FFX is one of the best games in PS2. I agree, but try to compare them with other earlier FF games, and not with other games from other genres. FFX, for me is just between FFIX and FFVIII in terms of overall quality. Still, FFX is the best RPG for PS2 though, for the time being.

Everyone may not agree with me, but I know SquareSoft and Sony are on my side   :D They don't have any reason at all for releasing FFX PC; not profitable and technicaly more difficult to do as they have to cater to a vast array of computer configurations. All of you must have remember the GeForce problem with FFVIII and Riva TNT problem with FFVII. If anyone instead wanted to do a petition so FFX will be ported to GameCube or X-Box, I will support that and I will sign it (even that I don't have them). But not PC, because it's proven that doing that will not do anything good for Square anyway. The PC-only users may be pissed off with SquareSoft's actions, but SquareSoft knows that they don't have to worry about these people makiing a dent to ther profits as PS2 userbase is good enough for them. If you don't want to buy a console for whatever reason, that's OK,  but don't come crying to Square asking them to do a PC port because it's not nice.

R.O.I. = Returns of Investment.

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-11 02:58:00 »
The anonymous bug now hits me   :P

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-10 13:55:00 »

And they don't have to sacrifice quality at all. Where did you get that crap? (sorry if I sound mean. I's WAY past my bedtime, and I'm starting to get hungery...) GF2 cards basicly exist in every gamer's system, if not better cards. (The GF3 TI 500 comes to mind...) Requiring such a card is not a big deal. What I'm more worried about is the HD space required. Even with the requirements of a DVD-ROM and a GF2, that's not nearly expensive to a gamer like me as buying a PS2 and a memorycard and FF10.

You obviously don't play lots of PS2 games surely. The graphic in FFX is just awesome (I'm not kidding - and I am not talking about cut-scenes). Not only FFX, other games are too, for example The Bouncer and Fifa 2002. Even I am worried that GeForce 2 is probably not enough to match PS2 Emotion Engine graphic capabilities. GeForce 2 class accelerators maybe is the standard of the gamers out there. But remember, not all gamers play Final Fantasy. If Square does wants to port FFX to PC AND does decide that they don't want to sacrifice quality, the target market that would be able to play FFX will be so small the R.O.I. will be not enough for the company. It's not viable for SquareSoft to make FFXPC just because a few people wants it. And does people will actually go out and buy a DVD-ROM and a GeForce 2 accelerators just for FFX? I think not.

And about NESticle, it doesn't play some Megaman games....

Actualyy (for me), FFX doesn't really merit buying the PS2. But I am still buying it because of other games like Madden, Smackdown 3( I will buy this in the future), Fifa 2002 etc. I will rather playing console games on a console than playing it on a PC. No quirks at all. And it's not that my computer is not powerful enough. It may be a little expensive than PC games, but it really worth it. About memorycards, it's not that the contents are unerasable.....

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-10 03:15:00 »

However, I disagree that C(onsoles) are better choices than PCs. PCs may not have the instant play that any console may have, but the PCs can do a helluva lot more than any console ever made! (I'd make a list, but I want to keep this post less than a page or so...)

Personally, if I have the choice between C and PC, I'll go with PC anyday of the week! First of all, the quality is usually much better. The resolutions are higher, plus you can play just about any game you want, including N64, SNES, NES, PSX, and a ton of other systems if you download an emulator. Show me a C that can do that!

The quality may be better, but ePSXe don't even play 30% games out there. And what is better between this 2:-

1. Playing at 1024x768 with a 17' monitor with stereo sound.
2. Playing at 640x480 with a flatscreen Sony Wega 29" TV plus with Dolby Surround (or maybe AC-3) sound.

I'll take the second option anytime! None of the console emu out there plays all games anyway; zSNES, ePSXe etc. So you can't just play any games you want. Until now, I still can't make Formula 1 2001 to boot up with ePSXe. And so are Smackdown 2. Lots of great games like those 2 are just unplayable with emu. Show me a console emu that can play all games and I will shut up. Or maybe you can show me a console that  don't allow you to play all titles for its platform. There''s simply none out there.

Console surely can't do word processing and stuff, but that's why I have a computer! I personally think if a computer can do anything, maybe my productivity will be reduced, that's all. I buy a console NOT to make a weekly reports or creating PowerPoint slide shows, but to play games! And all my consoles do a terrific job with it.


There is an obvious explanation of why many people would like FFX for the PC. Personally I cannot afford to buy one. I mean, I could buy 5 playstation2s with my savings alone, but I have to buy books, pay rent, buy food, pay utilities, car expenses, and some minor miscellaneous things. Plus I don't have a job right now. I have a laptop, and I was able to barely buy that. That is all I have for everything. The thing is that Squaresoft can do a PC version of FFX. They just don't want to do it because of Sony (increase the sale of Playstation2). I don't buy many games (sometimes friends let me "borrow" them), but if it was something from Squaresoft, then I would buy it.

I don't believe that Squaresoft will be able to port the FFX without requiring you to have a GeForce 2 class graphic accelerator. But if you want them to port FFX and sacrificing in quality, it will be better if Squaresoft doesn't port FFX at all. Nevertheless, there are a lot of great game developers out there. SquareSoft is not only a good developer out there, there are also some others like Enix, Namco, Capcom and the list goes on and on. And not all Squaresoft games are that good anyway. Personally, I think FFX's quality hovers just barely above average, but the graphics and voice-overs are the ones that will keep me playing that game. Try to look other developers' PS2 offerings and you will not regret buying a PS2. Can't afford it? Start saving! It's fortunate that I'm now working though.....

I just can't really think why people wants to play FFX with crappy graphics, because FFX will surely looks like a stupid title without the that great graphic (which is the main reason why FFX is a good title).

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-09 04:10:00 »
Why eveyone don't just buy a PS2 console and leave it at that? It's not that expensive anyway, especially when compared with computers that have the same graphical capabilities as the console. Plus, don't have to worry with patches, incompatible graphic cards, game crashes (console games will not crash unless you are using Gamesharks etc.) and a lot more. And you can start playing right away, no need of long loading times for Windows :) For me, I will pick a console version of a game over the computer version anytime, especially for RPGs (maybe FPS games is an exception though). That's why I never signed petitions that asked SquareSoft to release PC ports of any of their games.

General Discussion / something weird
« on: 2002-01-04 03:30:00 »
Database problem? May the scripts somehow duplicates all the threads information and put them inside the same table. Who knows? Why don't you check the database (MySQL isn't it?) for duplicate entries?

General Discussion / FF / Dragon Quest?
« on: 2002-01-03 14:15:00 »
The first thing I noticed about DQ 7 is that the game is very complex and takes ridiculously a long time to finish. Maybe you will not believe it, but I need more than 250 hours to finish it in my first attempt!!!!!! ( compared to my usual 70-80 hours for other RPGs). Probably the length I need to finish the game can be attributed to the facts that this is my first DQ game and also that I will never read walkthroughs or using cheat codes at my first attempt on a game no matter how frustrated I am with the puzzles.

But the story is very good, and the battles are challenging (turn-based). If Enix somehow ported previous DQ games to PSX (in English), I will definitely buy them. The game is different from Final Fantasy, IMHO, because it is more complex and need more efforts to play em'. FF5 and FF Tactics are probably 2 FF games that are similiar to DQ7 at least.

General Discussion / Bug report
« on: 2002-01-03 13:55:00 »
Same here too. It's fine earlier this day.

General Discussion / FF / Dragon Quest?
« on: 2002-01-03 03:48:00 »
DQ7 is translated into English, and the title is changed to Dragon Warrior. DQ6 is also translated to English, but only the SNES version. DQ4 is also ported to PSX, but in Japanese language for now.

General Discussion / No FFXPC (maybe) ....
« on: 2002-01-03 03:44:00 »
Wow, 26 hours? I think I have played 50 hours or somehing and the end is nowhere in sight. Anyway, PS2 console is worth buying, not only because of FF series, but also of other games like EA games too. Unfortunately Resident Evil/Biohazard series is now only Gamecube exclusive, so maybe I will have to pick one up.

General Discussion / FF / Dragon Quest?
« on: 2002-01-03 03:34:00 »
DQ 7 consists of only 2 CD. DQ 6 Japan version for PSX have one CD because it doesn't use any 3D technology, so the graphics looks like a SNES console game. In fact, DQ 7 PSX and DQ6 SNES graphic quality are basically the same. AFAIK, DQ is second only to Pokemon in terms of popularity in Japan, with Final Fantasy and Biohazard series behind them.

General Discussion / FF / Dragon Quest?
« on: 2002-01-02 13:20:00 »
Enix is still alive. And DW7 is out last month or 2. The main hero in the manga (called Dai) wield a sword, and so are some of the others like Hyunckel himself.
[edited] 18 2002-01-02 14:21

General Discussion / FF / Dragon Quest?
« on: 2002-01-02 04:43:00 »
I also have all volumes of the Dragon Quest manga (the one that were translated into Malay). They are finished a long time ago. Cute chicks and handsome heroes around (Hyunckel???). I think the manga is based on the game itself, which one I don't know, because the only DQ game I've played is the 7th edition. DQ7 is better than FF9 and FF10, IMHO.

Are you tricking everybody to click on that ad? Nevertheless, they never claim that the quality of the DVDs that were transferred from VHS will match the real DVDs. SO I didn't think the advertisers want to cheat there.

General Discussion / At last I found this site back.....
« on: 2001-12-09 02:46:00 »
Well, I do hide my e-mail address because spammer nowadays don't operate not only on Usenet, but on web-based BB too. But I think phpbb should be able to create a mailing list, don't it?

And yeah, I do change my avatar shortly after I posted the first post.

General Discussion / At last I found this site back.....
« on: 2001-12-08 14:58:00 »
I'm certain that I don't get any e-mail, oh well. At least I found this board back. :)

General Discussion / At last I found this site back.....
« on: 2001-12-08 14:11:00 »
At least  I founs Qhimm bulletin board back. The admins should have put a link at the old site. I have to use Google to find the URL from ficedula site.

General Discussion / NOTICE -- NEW FORUMS
« on: 2001-09-29 04:18:00 »
But I've noticed that my post count have dropped considerably, about 40 posts.

General Discussion / NOTICE -- NEW FORUMS
« on: 2001-09-28 12:14:00 »
Well, this is a new one for sure.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FFVIII and Eax
« on: 2001-06-11 01:53:00 »
I think DirectX 7 don't have reverb control ( as opposed to DirectX 8 )  Not very sure though.

Archive / The end of this board
« on: 2001-09-12 13:50:00 »
Look at" TARGET=_blank>  or" TARGET=_blank>  for alternatives.
The Everyone.Net Community is better as their ads aren't as intrusive as

General Discussion / FFX OST FULL VERSION!
« on: 2001-08-13 17:18:00 »
I've ordered mine, and it have arrived today!

Preliminary hearing seems to suggest that it's better than FF9 soundtrack ( worse of all FF soundtracks I've owned ), but still have to hear more to see if it was as good as FF8 and FF7.


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