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Hi guys, its me again :D
I have a small question regarding battle mechanics. How exactly does the maths behind calculating whether a status effect such as poison connects,  work?

In TFergussons battle mechanics guide, who I have always experienced to be a person with perfectly well tested and accurate info, it says that the status stat of the move is equal to the success rate as a percentage. For example a move that has a status stat of 32, as he explains it, gets substracted by one and then compared to a seed random of 0..99 to check  which number is higher. This will obviously make a 32 status stat resemble a 32% chance.

However, he does not really explain where that status stat is coming from. When I look into the KERNEL.BIN file using NFITC1's wallmarket tool, the stats are all divided by 4. And I dont understand why that is or how exactly the maths is applied. For example when I check on ff7wiki(which I basically dont really trust on a lot of indepth stuff), poison magic is claimed to be a 48% chance to inflict poison. The actual status stat is 12/63 in the KERNEL.BIN file though. The same applies to any other status infliction tool, the stat being 1/4 of the percentage we regard as the true value.

Following TFs guide the chance would be only 12%, but that is obviously not the case. An increment of the value to  around 20+ seems to pretty much guarantee the poison so it seems to be possible that its exactly 1/4. But there is no real proof or explanation for why that is and what exact formula is doing that.

Im sure you guys know  :-D

I doubt it because the patch works on an actual console. Maybe he wasnt using the correct version, otherwise I maybe made a mistake on one of the ppfs. I will try to check it as soon as possible.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-08-02 17:47:02 »
The download is broken it says its a virus Kappa

Thank you a lot mate!! :)

Hi friends, yet again I need your help. This time it is about FF9 I was analysing how exactly the game handles running away from battles and I found this on gamefaq:

Escape Chance
  Chance = [Party Lvl Avg * [200 / Enemy Lvl Avg] / 16]

After that, a random number is used to determine if you run away:

  Rnd MOD 100 < Chance, party escapes

  This check is performed once per second for as long as you hold L1 + R1.
  You can only escape during the time the enemies ATB bars are filling.

Basically I just want to know if the last part is perfectly accurate and whether I am understanding it correctly. While enemies ATBs are full holding l1+r1 does not help at escaping the fight right? So in theory when I cast a spell and the enemies atb is full it doesnt help to try and run during that animation right? So basically in order to get out of fights the fastest one should put battlespeed to the slowest in order to have more checks while ATBs are filling do I understand that correctly?

Thank you a lot!!! :)

The fps in ff8 do not drop when recording. The issue is that they are a bit higher than 30 in windows7 , around 31.3-31.7. In ff7 the issue can be fixed alternatively by disabling aero design for whatever reason , on ff8 it makes no difference. However ff8 runs at the correct 30 in windows 10 (again for unknown reasons)

The concern is mostly about speedrunning, getting the correcg and perfectly consistent gamespeed. FF7 we could establish 30fps very easily thx to your finding now Ive been asked if sth similar could be done for ff8. :)

Hi guys, I have a question regarding the randomly ranging fps on the steam ports of ff7 and 8. Apparently the games are supposed to run in 30fps in field jus like their original counterparts but run a bit higher under certain circumstances. While ff7 can go pretty much anywhere from 29-40 depending on the hardware (curious also why that is, usually the strawberriestier pc the faster) ff8 is a bit more “consistent“ but seems to have a glitch of similar nature where fps in win7 range between 31.3-7.

Now for ff7 dlbp has supplied us with a fix, apparently a single offset in memory at 0x787b48 has a bad value. Experimenting with it I experienced it to function like an fps multiplier, so one can set fps to perfect 30.00 tweaking it.

My main question is if there is a similar solution for ff8. Since the fps behave in a similar way, even if so in a smaller range I can imagine that the cause is similar and thus jus as easy to repair. Would be great if someone whos into that topic could have a look at ff8 field fps.

FF8 Gameplay Releases / Re: [FF8PSX] Easy mod
« on: 2016-10-12 16:04:53 »
I like this. It would be interesting to isolate the code that breaks the damage cap like eden does, that is something people are looking for since forever. I can imagine its just a small thing since there already are attacks going to 60k so no more than a flag in the attack properties I assume. Even better would be to completely remove the damage cap but having all ultimate limits uncapped as a standalone mod would already be a nice thing.

“What I don't understand is how the warping process can happen without having to engage in a battle with Yuffie. “

The battlemode warping occurs when one of the exceptional battlemodes is set in the field script, then any fight works like a Yuffie warp. On the run we use the kalm flashback for that since no xp is awarded duribg that which is realised by a battlemode. If you die in a battlemode fight, then load a save, any worldmap fight will bring you back to the battlemode scene upon victory. I guess its the same principle as mystery ninja fight,  some flags that are normally set upon game over are not touched if the battlemode is on.

You should learn the debug room warp. Im sure you can grab tons of stuff free from there. Xerokynos has a tuto vid how to do it, alternatively speedrun notes for pc any% will cover it as well.

General discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-09-12 20:32:31 »
Can someone plz test the yuffie warp i asked about earlier ? Just need to save in front of the small forest in rocket town area where yuffie appears almost 100%.  Then go in the nibelmountains and suicide, after that reload the save and defeat the Yuffie. If the game is bugged you will not get transferred to the field where you recruit yuffie but into the nibel mountains where you previously died.

Im really curious if its in because of the upcoming ps4 port.

General discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-08-21 14:46:15 »
Anyone tried Yuffie/bmw warping yet ??

General discussion / Re: FF7 Steam issue [SOLVED]
« on: 2015-06-05 10:58:27 »
Okay it works now, it has to be done from the main menu. Thx DLBP :)

As a workaround you can open the field in makou reactor and try to get rid of the gate entirely. If it is a field model you just have to hide it and you can pass through. If it's a location you have to look at the script to disable it.

General discussion / Re: FF7 Steam FPS issues
« on: 2015-06-05 06:31:09 »
Edit: I got the fix wrong.

General discussion / Re: FF7 Steam FPS issues
« on: 2015-06-04 22:00:45 »
Normally I never bump threads but Im sure some people know about this? Really no one?

Gameplay Modding / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Magic Strengthen
« on: 2015-06-03 09:51:18 »
I actually dont believe that junction effects are too strong. The only thing that needs to be removed from ff8 is card refinement ability and boss enemies have to become much stronger. Also the speed+ abilities must be replaced to make 140 speed unreachable without ridiculous amounts of farming.

Thats really all Id do to the game. Maybe beatin cc king should be much harder, too and have a special reward like a set of Apocs or so to give triple triad still a sense. But really the only thing that makes junctions op is the fact that you can get your hands on high level magic without being a high level causing enemies to be high level as well.

My 8 cents ;)

General discussion / Steam issue [SOLVED]
« on: 2015-06-02 09:30:38 »
Hi there, I would like to ask if someone already figured out why the field fps is getting higher than 30 on the rereleases depending on your hardware. Im trying to get to the original 30fps.
I already tried the fix by DLBP but it did not work for me. Anyone have a good understanding on what is going on with the frame limiter?

“User 'DLPB' has blocked your personal message.“

errr...what? Did I miss something, are we any kind of enemies? :/

Unfortunately no, Im sorry. As there is a mass iso updater now I will try to get this done for the us version as well.

I love modding for PSX, just had some other things to do, the steam mod and working out a decent speedrun. Ill be doing that for a few more days or weeks, then Ill get back to heroes and omega.

Yes I made a complete game overhaul using that model called Omega. I never released it though because I was stupid and made it only for the German version. I may pick up on it soon but atm Im more into speedrunning ff7 on twitch than actually modding it.

Black Chocobo will always work with all my mods.
No on disc2/3  Im still trying to prevent Sephiroth from mako poisoning staying the protagonist for the whole mod.

No on Buster Sword, Black Chocobo wont help you here as it just labels items wrong thinking of an unmodded Kernel. You can use it but it will not change the fact that I swapped the buster sword model out of Sephs battle model to get the masamune in. I could probably do a custom model for you if I find the time.

If you like the steam version you can find a more complete seph patch I made called Imperis.

If you want to make a story mod and you need free slots to work with, note that there are many bg fields only used for dialogue display. Also there are many useless fields like the cave in junon or houses in towns and villages.

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