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General Discussion / My resignation
« on: 2003-08-20 16:53:09 »
This is terrible. I never thought I would ever see a day like this here. I may not post but I do visit more often than you think and Jari is one of the reasons I do(I like to know how everyone is :) ). I always viewed these forums as one of the most mature I've ever been to. Anyways Good Luck Jari with whatever you do. I'm gonna miss seeing you post.

General Discussion / How long have you been here?
« on: 2003-08-08 18:13:38 »
wow I haven't been here in a long time  :oops: This is the first message board I ever joined. #202

General Discussion / something weird
« on: 2002-01-03 12:07:00 »
I don't know if it's like this for anyone else but I am seeing two identical threads for every thread here  :-? Anyone else see that?

General Discussion / What did santa give you?
« on: 2001-12-29 15:21:00 »
Wow sounds like you guys got some pretty cool stuff. The main thing I got was a dvd player. Yay no more crappy vcr tapes! Bad thing is no good dvds...yet.  :wink:

I'm gonna stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet!  :)

General Discussion / At last I found this site back.....
« on: 2001-12-08 23:32:00 »
I don't blame her for not showing her e-mail. I'm always getting weird stuff and strange people adding me to msn so I took mine off too.

General Discussion / We moved again...
« on: 2001-11-19 12:45:00 »
Well thanx to a very considerate member I am here! I had about given up! Thanx Chowderhead!  :smile:

General Discussion / Phew!
« on: 2001-11-12 18:50:00 »
I've seen some pretty bad storms where I live but wow...nothing like what I'm reading here! I will be thankful from now on that they are not any worse than they are.

General Discussion / I hate my comp...
« on: 2001-10-15 22:31:00 »
Ahhh don't feel bad Alhexx because I go through the same thing all the time!

General Discussion / grrr
« on: 2001-10-15 22:26:00 »
Yes Mirex I can see it now and all I can say is...very cool  :cool:

And thanx but of course I didn't make it, I found it.

General Discussion / grrr
« on: 2001-10-12 23:48:00 »
hmmm...sorry  :oops:

General Discussion / grrr
« on: 2001-10-12 13:25:00 »
Mirex I cannot see your avatar at the moment.  :sad:

General Discussion / Sumimasen...
« on: 2001-10-11 11:58:00 »
Sephiroth I'm glad you said "most" women because not all are like that and I would say that Qhimm will find that special one who will treat him like he deserves to be just takes time. Although I do agree that the biggest percentage of women are like that. Believe me...I know how women think!  :wink:

General Discussion / Sumimasen...
« on: 2001-10-10 11:22:00 »
Although I don't know you...I really hate to hear that you are having such a hard time. I know that nothing I say is gonna make you feel better, but I do wish you the best of luck and pray that you do get things straightened out. Just don't give up on anything.  :wink:

General Discussion / My MsgBoard is up...
« on: 2001-10-04 12:18:00 »
Alhexx I think it is a very nice board!  :cool:

General Discussion / Our members...
« on: 2001-10-04 11:34:00 »
Of course I can't speak for Yuna, but Alhexx...I'm the shadows.  :wink: I've been a little busy with emulation. And I actually became a mod for an emulation forum- cool huh!
btw- gimme time...i'll hit that 100 post count in due time! :cool:

Yea...the darker one is definately better of  the two!  :cool:

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / computer question
« on: 2001-08-11 08:59:00 »
Actually I have Win98second edition. And I don't think it has two hard drives they are just handled as if they were seperate drives.What SystemSave and QuickRestore is: QR is a way to format, but what it does is put your computer back to the way it was when it came from the factory (software, drivers, etc.) Much easier than doing it yourself. SS is a place to keep backup before running QR. QR does not touch the SS drive. I don't have a Win98 disk, it is all on my QR disk. I was able to take 1.5Gb from Drive C and put it in Drive D(SystemSave). That should give you a better idea. But anyways I think I came up with a solution for now- I will just move some of my files to Drive D to store them! :)

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / computer question
« on: 2001-08-10 16:31:00 »
i hope im putting this in the right place. let me explain my situation. i have a compaq that uses QuickRestore and has a drive called SystemSave for backup. I wanted to format my hard drive to check out some problems i was having. so i backed up my complete hard drive. i had to transfer some space to systemsave in order to fit my backup there. now i want my space back and i dont know how to transfer it back to my hard drive.does anyone know?

Archive / The end of this board
« on: 2001-09-20 21:38:00 »
Does that mean I won't be transferred since I'm not here everyday and I dont post everyday?  :(

General Discussion / SHIT!
« on: 2001-09-17 17:01:00 »
Sorry are right...but please read my last does say everyone.

General Discussion / SHIT!
« on: 2001-09-17 16:16:00 »
Hey guys. I know I haven't been here in a while and I'm a little late posting in this thread but I really like what Sephorith3D said back there. I agree...I couldn't imagine taking someone else's life. And also I can't imagine what the people of NY are going through right now.So my heart goes out to everyone involved and I pray for the families of victims that they can get through this.

General Discussion / Uhh..Screenshots?
« on: 2001-09-06 03:46:00 »
You can press Alt+PrtScrn and then copy to a paint program and save to whatever format. You can do this with anything on your computer screen.

General Discussion / FF7 Game Question
« on: 2001-09-04 10:20:00 »
Well I've browsed all the movies with a psx viewer and didn't see anything special.(on the ps game)

General Discussion / FF7 question this time
« on: 2001-08-31 08:20:00 »
I heard that if your stats were high enough you could manipulate the dragon zombie. What do you think?

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