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IcePenguin, the mod for the french version works great but the main menu text (Item, magic...) is not aligned to the left but centered, can you fix it ? Also for the next release, would it possible to show all battle commands at once during encounters ?

Okay, I can do that.  The reason I centered the other languages is because some of the words get rather lengthly, and would look odd not centered.  But if anyone knows the proper abbreviation for the words, that would be awesome!

As for the battle menu, I have found the data for it, but its set up really weird and I'm still trying to figure it out.  It's designed for touch-screen.   I blame SE for not making a proper menu.  :p

Thanks for all the nice comments!   :D  Really glad people like it.   ;D

Hello everyone!  I know most of the attention at this site is to FF7 and FF8, but I'd like to share a mod I did for FF3!   :)  For those of you that don't know, the PC version of FF3 uses the terrible, terrible menus from the mobile release of the game.  The menus are cluttered with big touchscreen buttons that don't fit well with a big screen and make things awkward!

Anyways, here is a link to the mod!  I hope you enjoy.  Also, the mod has options for all supported languages:  Deutsch, English, Español, Français, and Italiano.

Download page: Version 2.0  (

Here are some screenshots to see the difference:

New menu:

Old menu:

New menu:

Old menu:

General discussion / Re: Help to make the FF movie real!
« on: 2013-03-04 21:46:47 »
Ah, I have never played any of the spin-off games.  I did see AC, though.  Which was totally... weird.  Especially Bahamut with his perfect, pearly-white human teeth.  Haha.

General discussion / Re: Help to make the FF movie real!
« on: 2013-03-04 20:20:58 »
Aesthetics are lost when something is converted, that's why movies about games never feel right. It's better if they made a fan film about fictional characters in the FF7 universe rather than try to reproduce the main characters in real life. There's that problem and another of how the characters should sound because not everyone's Cloud or Barret sound the same in their head as they do in real life. It takes away the imagination of the player who may see certain characters talking with different emphasize. That's lost when someone thinks how that character sounds rather than looking at their personality.

That gave me an idea.  If there ever was to be a FF7 movie, it -could- be about the guy that controls Cait Sith.  (isn't someone from Shinra controlling him?)  If that isn't true then ignore me.  It's been a very long time since I played this game.

Anyway, it could be about that guy controlling Cait Sith, since we don't really know him, and at the very end it could throw a cliffhanger at us with the guy contacting the main party for the first time.  It could be a spy movie and of course the guy would be super cool and stuff.  We might even get to see more of Reno and Rude and the Turks story.  I dunno.

Hmm, I gave it a shot but no luck.  :P  The most I got was making the box super massive, as big as the screen!  Haha.  Definitely amusing to have the screen turn all pink when Limits activate.  Oh well.  Eventually I'd like to re-create the UI you created.  (for the learning process)  This kind of stuff is fascinating, I think.   8)  The hardest part for me is locating things in memory.

So I've spent the last couple hours going through Kranmer's and DLPB's Hex Documentation.  So much fun!  Well, I've made a few tweaks to my game that I really like, but I can't figure out how to completely remove the "Help" bar in the battle menu.  I made the background part transparent, but those borders are a pain.  Most of my time was spent in trial and error, with only error.  I didn't see any notes about border transparency.  Any help would be welcomed!  :)

Also, I have a pretty important question.  I am modding the re-release version of the game, not the old version.  (so I'm editing the ff7_en.exe, not ff7.exe) So far so good, but I read there are a lot of issues/gameplay bugs with the re-release?  Is this true?  Should I just give in and convert to the old FF7?   ???

Gameplay Modding / Re: 99:59
« on: 2013-03-03 22:53:34 »
Whoa!!  I didn't see that before.  This is really awesome documentation.  Thanks!   ;D  I feel like a kid going into a toy store...  Haha.

General discussion / Re: Help to make the FF movie real!
« on: 2013-03-03 21:35:54 »
How come Cait Sith isn't liked?   I never thought about it before.  Unless you two were just being funny!  Ha...  Speaking of which, isn't there a mod the removes Cait Sith from cutscenes and FMVs?  I don't understand!   :-\

Gameplay Modding / Re: 99:59
« on: 2013-03-03 21:25:34 »
Is this done in the FF7.exe?  If so, I may give it a shot myself.  Though my knowledge of assembly/hex editing is limited, it is still a lot of fun to try it.  I've already made a few minor tweaks to the .exe.  :P

Anyways, I look forward to the timer patch, if you get around to it!  I think a lot of people would love it as a stand alone mod.

General discussion / Re: Help to make the FF movie real!
« on: 2013-03-03 18:06:57 »
I watched the trailer.  It was kinda ok.  Funny how Tifa and Barret are magically in front of the church, which, if I remember correctly, was far below the Sector 5 plate.  (Tifa and Barret were on top of the plate by the reactor)  And to the right of the church was an exit to the world map?  So they were leaving town, eh?

Also, it was sunny!  No sun in the slums of Midgar.  Haha, I'm just saying...  ;)  DLPB has the right idea.  Especially about the clothing.

Gameplay Modding / Re: 99:59
« on: 2013-03-03 17:50:03 »
Ah, yes.  :P  Unfortunately, MO caused me too many weird graphical bugs.  Not a lot, but too many for my liking.  I should probably consider if the good
outweigh the bad in my case.  The timer update is definitely awesome.  Hmm... :-\

To be honest, I read your post and immediately thought you had a patch for the timer only.  ;)  No worries, though!

Gameplay Modding / Re: 99:59
« on: 2013-03-03 16:32:33 »
A patch to increase the max time displayed?   :D   I would love to see something like that!  I didn't see anything like it in the "Big List of Mods", though...

Audio Modding / Re: Getting music to work...
« on: 2013-03-02 02:26:46 »
Nevermind!  ;)  I have found another solution.  I just installed the mods I'm using to the re-release version without converting it.  Didn't think it would be possible, I actually had to edit the .exe a little bit.   Anyways, thanks you two for the help.

Audio Modding / Re: Getting music to work...
« on: 2013-03-01 18:24:38 »
You can try uninstalling the ff7music and try installing this:

I think that's what I'm looking for!  I hope, anyway.  :)  But the links aren't working anymore.  Hmm.  I tried searching around the site for a mirror, and even googled many things, but I couldn't find AH anywhere.   Do you know of a working link?

Audio Modding / Re: Getting music to work...
« on: 2013-03-01 09:57:01 »
I tried all that.  After changing the sound settings in FF7Config, the game used the backup midi files.  Which sound really bad, haha.  :P  From everything I've tried, it appears that FF7Music is required?  It seems after I convert the new version to the old version, music won't work unless FF7Music is installed.

There really is no way to just use the vanilla .oggs, while still keeping the conversion?  Thanks again for the help, I really do appreciate it.  :)

Audio Modding / Re: Getting music to work...
« on: 2013-02-28 17:41:36 »
That would require me to reinstall FF7Music again.   :P  If possible, I'd like to have music work without it, by playing music from the normal \data\music_ogg\ directory,  as if no mod has been installed.  :)   Even though, the original .ogg files sound different, it's better than music not working properly.

I noticed in the "ff7_opengl" config file, it tells the game to use "music_plugin = plugins/ff7music.fgp".  (this is from Aali's custom driver, right?)  Is that why no music plays?  Because the game is still trying to play music from FF7Music mod?

Thanks for the reply and suggestions!  ;)  Those settings you recommended are what I used.  But it still had playback issues, especially during FMVs.

Audio Modding / Getting music to work...
« on: 2013-02-28 15:32:45 »
Hello!  I'm new.   :)

So I used PitBrat's Bootleg to install a couple mods, including FF7Music by Covarr/Ficedula.  Everything is working great, but I didn't like how the FF7Music played as a separate program.  (sometimes music doesn't end when it should, or it starts when it shouldn't)  Other than that, FF7Music is really cool.  The settings and features are amazing.

Anyway, I uninstalled FF7Music with its uninstaller, but now my music doesn't work.  I want to use the original .ogg in \data\music_ogg\, but they don't work anymore.  How to I get the game to use the original .oggs again?

By the way, I'm using the 2012 version converted back to the original version.  Thanks!   ;D

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