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Hello all. Playing 1.5 currently (i believe newest update or second newest).  Is heaven’s Cloud still only found through Iron Man?

Yes, it's a steal I think; but you'll need a Sneak Glove equipped to successfully steal from enemies in the Crater.

Thanks Chief, that allowed me to do the sidequest. Got Final Heaven and going to finish the rest. Great mod man. After i'm done with this playthrough i'm going to try to learn a bit more about modding and mod/play more modern games, but i definitely will be be giving your other NT mods a run through. The 2.0 version that you've posted about sounds pretty great, and the FF8 NT mod has my anticipation level very high as well. Is there an ETA on those?

No ETA currently, I'm afraid. Things are changing a bit on the job front, got an offer for a new one so my schedule will be changing a bit.

Hey I beat NT Mod 1.5 (just amazing mod btw) and hit "uninstall" in the 7thHeaven Menu to play Vanilla FF7, but after I did that it seems like in Vanilla FF7 the materia values are off. Example, Fire, Lightning, Ice materia takes off -10 Vitality and some other stats, I don't think that was a default value in Vanilla FF7? Using the Overhaul menu mod 7th Heaven so I'm using ff7_mo.exe in the file location, but maybe the values are overwritten in that exe? Or maybe I did something wrong?

I changed the file location exe to ff7_bc.exe and the materia stat values are back to normal. Not sure what happened but ff7_mo.exe had the same materia values from NT 1.5 mod even though I hit uninstall.

I think those materia values are in that .exe by default which I don't understand.

Was wondering if someone can help me with an issue i'm having. I'm pretty much at the end of the game and now i'm just trying to grab everyone's level 4 limit, but when i go to get Tifa's limit from Zangan at the nibelheim reactor, nothing triggers and he just tells me to be careful like we've already fought or something. Just for reference, i'm on the 1.4 version that runs with 7th heaven. I wanted to try the newest version but i was already way too deep into the game to reset it to 1.5 when i noticed, and i was still having a ton of fun with the older version anyway. I've researched on ways to fix this but i keep coming across mediafire links that don't work anymore, and the guy who resets quests on the highwind doesn't seem to be able to fix it, he just keeps asking me about Cid's limit quest which i haven't even done yet. I'm also very new to modding so i apologize if something like this seems obvious. Any help would be great.

1.4 had an issue with that variable trigger if I remember right and it'll behave as if it's already been finished. It'll be tough to fix as the IRO uses flevel chunks rather than complete field files. One thing you could try is:

- Download the IRO from this thread's front page and import it to 7H from the Library tab.

- Deactivate the 1.4 NT IRO and activate the 1.5 IRO.

- Run game as normal and load your save; do the sidequest and nothing else (avoid using rank-up for instance).

- When finished, save the game (to a separate file) and then close game; deactivate the 1.5 IRO and then reactivate the 1.4 IRO.

That should allow you to get the quest done without any issues popping up. But it's important to avoid using rank-up while on the 1.5 IRO as the variables handling that screen were changed.

There it is:

Big thanks for your help.

Also, I noticed when I wanted ro rank up, there is 5 choice for each character, but only 4 are in the Readme file, even if I've got the last version. Is there a complete list of the rank's choice ?

Just an update, I'm working through some of the offsets. A lot are easy enough to find, but the sources will take more time as the hex string from the english .exe doesn't seem to be exactly the same. I might need to ask on to get some more information.

hey Sega
what tool did you use to edit the magic stock stat boost (where having 1 spell is equal to 100). I love your mod so far the dialogue edits are amazing, just curious to which tool because i'm considering perhaps editing my files to re balance the junction/draw system a bit more, any help will be much appreciated

Keep up the good work! :)

There isn't really a tool, it's a hex-edit of the game's executable file (JWP came up with this):

Code: [Select]
#Junction Adjustment: 1 = 100 Stock

963CB = B3 64 90 90 90 90 90

#Primary Stats
966E5 = B2 64 90 90 90 90 90

#Speed & Luck
96788 = B2 64 90 90 90 90 90

96893 = B0 64 90 90 90 90 90

96921 = B0 64 90 90 90 90 90

#Elemental Attack
969D1 = B0 64 90 90 90 90 90

#Elemental Defence
96AAE = B1 64 90 90 90 90 90

#Status Attack
96BC1 = B0 64 90 90 90 90 90

#Status Defence
96C9D = B1 64 90 90 90 90 90

You can either make those edits manually or you can put the above into a notepad file and place it in Roses & Wine's Global/Hext folder. For format, check the hext files in NT's download.

If you want to tune the actual bonuses given, you'll need the Doomtrain tool. This modifies the game's kernel.bin. To get that, you need to get the Deling tool which can open the game's Main.fs archive and extract the kernel file from it. After making edits with Doomtrain, use Deling to replace the kernel in the Main.fs with your modified one.

Hi everyone

When I try to rank up with Mr Smile, but the sources only give me +1 instead of +5.
If I understand it right that's a problem with my .exe, but I can't changed the it because mine is the french version ff7_fr.exe and there is only ff7_en.exe in the emergency files... I don't know what to do.

Send me your .exe and I'll figure out the offset.

Nice, the FPS unlocking definitely piques my interest. Everything else seems a little too gameshark-y for me though lol. May be good for a "just for fun" playthrough. I wanted to ask though and i forgot in my previous message, I've been looking for double cut materia and your where is the thing doc says it's in the ancient forest but i couldn't find it anywhere. I also picked up 2 apocalypse swords from there, one at the very beginning right before exiting the first area and one in the chest at the end before entering the cave. There's also a frozen NPC inside the cave that i can't interact with so i was curious if maybe it's bugged.

Multi-Cut is in the last chest before entering the cave at the end of ancient forest (cave screen is supposed to be used elsewhere but been having trouble getting it not to load). Apocalypse is in a chest in the Gelnika, so I suspect you're on an older version; are you playing NT from the 7H Catalog?

Would it be possible to get the mod notes uploaded somewhere else like Googl edrive?

When I try to download I get locked into an infinite ad loop and have to close it. I wanted to read the notes while I watched my friend play this.

Should be downloadable, let me know if not.

No issues or anything like that. Just wanted to post that the New Threat mod is fantastic. Just got a proper gaming PC and this is only my second time experimenting with any type of modding (first was Skyrim on console) and this mod has shown me how great and fun playing games with mods can actually be. FF7 is my favorite game ever and being able to run through it again with new, well done gameplay tweaks and subtle story changes, like Aeris..yeah i said "Aeris"..surviving is like a breath of fresh air. The visual mods i have installed definitely help with that as well. I'm about half way through disc 2 and am having a great time with it. It can be difficult at times but i don't mind the challenge. To the creator of the mod, you did great work. I'm sure you'll keep it up, and i'm looking forward to the FF8 new threat mod that i read you're also working on.

Glad to hear that; I'd recommend checking out a tool called Ochu as well. It can toggle/unlock the FPS of this game to make it smoother/faster (along with other features):


Gotta say, sounds good to me. You're the pro man I trust you you to make it as great as you always do.  8-)

Do you have an idea when you will be done with making the Arranged mode more difficult?

Not sure, I've got FF8 on the go as well but I can work through FF7's files a lot faster than the FF8 ones. I'll see if I can get it done in a month.

@Sega Chief

Good job on the mod. I've been digging through the weeds on the morph materia location (v1.5). What little I can find says it's outside Aeris's house. My game has osmose outside her house. I played up through Wutai and never found it. I've been searching the web/documentation for the location but can't find it. This is driving me nuts. Is it possible to have morph misplaced because of install error?

There's two materia in that area; head up into the flower area beside Aeris' house. Morph is where Cover originally was (yellow orb, on left side), and the new Osmose materia is where the item was (cyan orb below the blue item, on the right):

That looked quite funny, I must have knocked the animation ID off or something; thanks for letting me know.

Sounds like the wrong executable is being used; I had some .exe files packaged with FF7 NT's IRO to be dropped into the ff7 folder by the user so maybe these have been used to replace the ones created by 7H as some of the stat changes sound familiar (albeit on different materia types cause it's a Hardcore mod kernel).

Hi, I looked around to see if I could find this particular issue anywhere else. I'm in the Dark Cave and after beating Mirrage, my party exits Cloud and then just stand there looking at each other. Can't move, can't make anything happen. Music and sound keeps playing so it isn't a crash. I thought this might be due to some of the graphics mods that I have installed so I turned those off. No dice. Any ideas?

I take it if there's other mods then it's an IRO? Make sure you're using the IRO from the first post on this thread rather than the one in the catalog. For debugging I'd recommend using a tool like Ochu to set the boss' HP to 1 so you can get past it faster; also try a different party composition in case one of the characters has a bad/conflicting script (and let me know if this works so I can debug the party comp you had that caused it to lock).

@Sega Chief

That sounds awesome man, would love to play something like that. Both the higscore ratio and the part of unused enemies in the NT files sounds really cool to me.

Now that we're talking about new idea's anyway, are you capable of bringing bonus characters to the game after you reach disc 3 (for example Zack, with the sword set and limit skills of Cloud, no replacement but more like a copy) to replace an impopular character like Cait Sith, perhaps with a special Quest or something? Or perhaps Sephiroth. Did always like the idea of playing these 2 guys in a nice and balanced way.

Also, about the Gold Saucer again, if its possible for you to create single battle rush as well, could be nice if you could play some of these legendary characters like Zack, Sephiroth, Dyne, some of the Turks, perhaps Rufus etc.

I had an idea for a feature like 'echo fighters' where you can swap a character with one that's similar on Disc 3 (not a story thing, just visually); this swap could also come with its own set of unique stats and other stuff.

Way that'd work; on 7H or similar, a model swap is initiated based on an in-game variable which means a different set of model files get loaded in place of the original (same with field model, menu portrait, etc). For stat-swap, that's where some of the new frameworks come in that allow the savemap to be adjusted using field script opcodes (this would also allow for Limits to be reallocated/deactivated based on what the new model is capable of using).

For the rush, I've written some notes and early ideas, was thinking they could follow certain themes; a Shinra-themed rush of shinra-based enemies/bosses for instance. A few themed rushes using certain types of enemies and some special ones.

Gotta voice support for this. I always thought it logical to assume that people who'd go through the effort of seeking out mods such as this are obviously doing it for the increased difficulty/added meaningful strategic depth&challenge to begin with, let alone the ones who want even harder time. It's pretty much the hardcore demographic at that point, so the second mode should most definitely stretch the difficulty as far as it goes without breaking integrity(too severe reductions to the number of viable tactics etc.). There's already vanilla and normal mode to cater to the majority of players anyways.

I'll make Arrange more difficult. There's a few critical adjustments I made in the 2.0 prototype that should make things interesting.

Hey Sega Chief:

I first found your youtube channel several years ago when I found out about Tifas Bootleg. I learned about the hardcore mod, which you had youtube videos of each boss. Thank you for that by the way! Then I learned about the FF7 New Threat mod. I started playing I think 1.3 and it wouldn't update to 1.4, and now here you are at 1.5.

Anyways that's not what this is about. Last year I found out about you making the FF8 New Threat mod and I became extremely excited. I wish you nothing but support and gratitude for all the hard work over the years you and others have put into these mods. So allow me to introduce myself by first making it clear how impressed and honored I feel that you let others experience the game in a way that you see it.

Okay now onto the useful stuff. I decided to make an account and post because I have played through your mod up until yesterday. I made it to Galbadia Garden, but have already found a number of things to let you know about.

If you're interested and it's useful I will volunteer to put dozens of hours into it and beta test quite a bit more if you would like. Here is what I've found so far in terms of breaking your game.

Let me start by mentioning that it was actually a challenge to do this. You've changed quite a lot, and so it made me explore quite a lot. Even to the point where I was trying to remember field draws. Like the Esuna in the Balamb train tunnel.

So here's how I broke my game:

1. As you know, there is no working level lock, and the refine items are honestly a give and take. You're never sure which thing you're going to get. It does look as though as the FINAL spell listed is the one that's accurate. So maybe just several text changes will fix that problem. You already know about the refine problem though so I'll waste no more time on that.

2. I really liked being able to get mug going from the start, but it led to some issues. One being that if you mug the bombs in the fire cavern, you can refine those to Firas. That's a MASSIVE stat boost out of the gate.

3. Card Modding the blitz card gives you a Dynamo Stone. This gives you Thundaga before you even leave the garden. That alone boosted my attack to just about 1500 points of damage. Though I didn't have this unlocked until I was ready to leave for Timber.

4. If you card mod a single abyss worm, you will get tornadoes. You already know what that does.

Now you can go and change all that, but I've been thinking about a possible alternate fix. Would it be easier to either A; Limit the amount draw points give you to a sliding scale. For instance, if Squalls under level 10, you get 1, 10-20=1-3, 20-30= 4-5. Or B; maybe instead of only one spell being required to use the spell as a junction, maybe up the amount to like 10. (Not too many, but enough to where you don't become overpowered to all hell just because we managed to acquire one or two powerful spells.)

Anyways, regardless of what you do thanks so much for the time and energy you put into all of your work. You're my FF modding hero!

Additionally there is a glitch in the main game of FF8. When you are on Disk 2 and get control of the mobile garden, you can do the Winhill side quests. Well, for some reason if you change the name of your main character you CANNOT begin this quest. I don't know if it's fixable, but I thought I'd mention it.

I'd also like to give you credit where credit is due. You kinda annoyed me in a good way by how much stronger you made those damn beach fish. Also they only drop like 1 fin every like 2-5 battles. You made me almost lose interest in waters early on. lol

Lastly, No I was or at least have not yet gotten the Lionheart. I reached the Grendals at level 25, and I fought just about 10-20 of them and to no avail did I retrieve Dragon Fangs.

Hi bud, thanks for the kind words; it's really encouraging.

I've fixed the refine text but I'm queuing that with some other changes that I want to put up all together as an update for the Disc 1 beta (which will probably be the last update until the full thing gets released).

At the eleventh hour I realised I hadn't implemented some kind of restructure for cards, specifically which NPCs had access to which cards. I'd done some tinkering with it in the past but not rolled anything out yet. But one of the bytes on the refine entries, I believed at the time, related to GF level as this byte is almost always 01 and the Doomtrain refine that requires Lv.100 had a value of 64 instead (100 in hex). Unfortunately, this byte doesn't seem to be linked to GF level at all (Siren has a similar refine where this byte doesn't equal 64) and the level-lock for card refine failed completely.

I could try setting it up so that it needs 10 of a spell instead of 1 but I'm hoping that a proper distribution of cards and some tweaks specifically to Fire, Blizzara, and Thundara will sort out the issue of overblown stats early on.

The Winhill glitch sounds interesting I'll have a look into that. No idea why a namechange would prevent a script from firing.

Someone mentioned that the fish hit too hard but I don't recall tweaking them again before release; I'll check them out.

I think Grendel gives Dragon Skin and nothing else; no Disc 1 Lionheart yet it seems.

I agree that before the fights where extremely difficult, and I can totally understand that you made this decision. But I think you could find a middle way, there is no challange anymore and thats a shame. If you would´ve made the update more difficult I was gonna play it again. I´ve played this game so many times that I need the challange. I hope your gonna change your mind about it in the future. What I don´t understand is that you already made 2 difficulties, the people who think it´s to hard could just decide to play the normal difficulty right? So that you can keep the Arrange mode for the die hards?  8)

Something else I would like to see, is that if you complete the game and all the bosses, and still like to have a good battle, maybe you could create something like the super boss rush, but in a different way, like a cave or an isle with all super strong enemies. In a sence this is how I already saw the Northern Cave before you made it much easier. You think something like this is possible? Maybe even an extra option in Gold Saucer where you can choose for a solo match or team match against random strong enemies, where you can archieve an highscore that you can try to beat to keep a certain challange in the game?

What I'll do then is make Arrange into a proper hard mode. I think Arrange has disappointed people since it was released and every time it was renovated; if I'm doing one last update for 1.5 then that means one last chance to get Arrange done right.

The earliest builds on NT had a more expansive Extra Battle in Gold Saucer where you had a choice of around 8 or so bosses to go up against. It was eventually pared down into a 3-match thing with the bosses it used being sent off to different parts of the mod as new scripts were made. I could definitely bring something similar to it back, albeit a little grander in scale; there are a tonne of unused enemies in NT's files now that could be renovated.

As for a score, I could have each enemy tally into a variable that measures either number of turns it took to kill it (or to get through an entire rush mode) and have scores tallied at end?

I started this new game the 22th of november.  So is it possible that at the time the enemies from the Northern Cave were so low at HP? Can you explain the reason why you´d put the HP so low? The thing I´d really like was the challenge and this made it a bit to easy IMO.. Did you put the HP up again with the new update?

People felt the fights took too long for random encounters and I was convinced to lower the HP they had. Their HP wasn't restored with the latest update.

Hey Sega Chief,

I have a question about the newest New Threat Mod,

I´ve completed it on Arranged mode, which should´ve been more difficult then the normal one. But it was really easy. For example the enemies in the Northern Crater, who did have Alot of HP before, were considerably weaker now (I think the dragon there had around 30,000 hp), and also the Dark Cave was really easy to beat.. did you purposely downgrate the HP of the enemies there or do you think it was bugged?

It depends when you originally played, there's been a lot of HP nerfs (particularly Crater) since 1.5 first came out.


So I apologise if this has already been raised or I'm missing some detail of an update but having read the readme I was under the impression Steal was now 100% chance albeit with a smaller chance of a rarer item?

I am regularly getting Steal failures even against bog-standard regular enemies when using the mod. And I can confirm the mod is most certainly activated!

Edit: I've just read further into the readme with the Steal chances - it's a little confusing as the 25% chance for each of the 2 common items etc. seems to contradict the earlier paragraph?

It's a problem with the way Level was adjusted for damage formulas; as you get further into the game, it starts to become disproportionately difficult to steal. For the North Crater, you'll need a Steal Glove equipped to be able to steal successfully.

Quick questions

How come there is nothing on the NT 1.5 Flevel/Script Hotfix?? Is it not necessary in 1.5 or is it in the works?

Also, will 2.0 be a big jump for the mod? Any ideas when we can expect it? Or is 2.0 a hypothetical final stage of NT and 1.6 is the new version?

I'm going to do a playthrough with NT 1.5 right now because after beating the vanilla game (PS1 version) with a no summon-no items run, it still felt easy, and I'm not going to up the challenge because I know it will only become tedious and not difficult or strategic. I have played NT on the 1.4 version but my HDD failed before reaching Fort Condor and let me tell you I was excited to know it's still getting love. I recommend it all the time and even my FFmaniac friend that does a 100% run of FF7 and FF9 every year got his ass kicked for daring to think spamming attack and restore would work but he thinks potions having different effects in-battle and in the field is pretty neat.

There were no flevel changes in the february patch, it was purely scene/kernel changes (to correct a potential softlock with the Bizarro fight and make some adjustments to enemy skills to sort out the issue with one being unlearnable + altering a few).

1.5 is the final version for this mod. 2.0 is a rebuild I want to make that'll be using the modding frameworks that are currently in development by other users. The differences between both will be significant enough that I'll be keeping 1.5 around as a legacy version; a lot of stuff will be different/gone from 2.0 compared to 1.5.

I want to do one last big update for 1.5 in the meantime though because I don't know how long those frameworks will take to finish (and I'm also working on FF8 NT for the time being). I've another week off work coming up during this month so will probably go for it at that time.

This file is old and has gaps but it lists majority of field models + animation descriptions. Some might be quite vague, or be identified using quotes from the game that I remembered being used as those anims played; it was for personal reference rather than a public database and not used it in a long time.

Some models have a code next to them, I think this is for their mouth tex file. My first mod was to remove/replace these with a blank one or the ones used by main characters so it's a leftover note.

This might be the database Borde referred to (loaded slow for me so give it a few seconds if it doesn't load right away):

And the wiki has its own for character models that has a picture of each one:

Hey Sega !
I'm glad to see the first release of your new project, i'm sure that it will be as nice as the 7 later on :p
Juste a litle question, are you going to add some battles that doesn t exist but would be good to have in the scenario (like you did in ff7 with for example turk battle in the cave after the ranch chocobo)
Also about characters, what does it mean for rinoa first limit is physical? if she's a pure mage how will you balance it?
As for Quistis, i was a litle dispointed to see she's a slowly tank hybrid, she's the blue mage so i was expect to see her more in a mage role, but it's up to you and i respect it !
I'm not the only one to say it but nice ideas here about junctions, draw magics and cards lvl cap !

Anyway good luck for your work !

Edit : about graphicals mods, wich one is compatible with your ff8 nt mods? wich one do you recommand to play with? thx a lot.

There won't be many new battles, I can only make space for a couple using existing entries.

Rinoa's Angelo limits in the default game are physical-based, which is fine there because her base stats are abnormally high across the board. In NT, re-speccing her to a magic-focused role impacted on the Limit a bit so the base damage for (most) of those limits was left a little higher so they don't get left behind.

Quistis has a mix of physical & magical based abilities so I needed to have her STR and MAG stat fairly decent to make good use of them. I'd already got Selphie, Rinoa, and Zell with decent speed stats so natural path seemed to be for defence; less speed helps to balance out the utility a bit (Quistis can choose what ability to use, but Selphie has to rely on RNG).

The card level thing seems to be kaput. I'm going to tinker with it some more but I might need to change the plan with that.

All graphical mods should be compatible.

Awesome, thanks for the info. My friend will greatly appreciate it.  So through some very light hacking I've noticed quite a few moves have changed in the E. Skill Material. Unfortunately, the readme isn't exactly up to date on a few of them.  Is it possible to get a newer guide that reflects the newer moves like Quarry Fuse and Chronocure?

I'll go over the thread + documentation sometime this week.

That's really amazing, biggest turn off for me with the PC version is that it looks and sounds worse than the original PS1 game (granted there are texture/background mods, but I prefer that 'real' PS1 aesthetic if that makes sense). An opensource FF8 would be super useful for modding, the restrictions on adding new enemies and field models/scripts are pretty tough to work around.

Downloaded the repository & installed monogame (think I need some other stuff for video/audio). Having a dig through it at the moment.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Strange Graphical Glitch
« on: 2019-02-28 14:00:11 »
I had a feeling it might be something like that, thanks for confirming. I've tried deactivating both mods (and deleting my texture cache), but it doesn't seem to have sorted the problem and I can't find any loose files in the direct folder except for a bunch of empty folders... Is there anything I might have missed? Should I just try a fresh install?

If you try running the game without IROs/7H (just using ff7.exe) and checking if that fixes it, then you could probably narrow it down by activating one IRO at a time and checking through (might need a save file that's past the intro + close to camera so can check faster). But if the eye is still wrong with no IROs on then a fresh install might be best.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Strange Graphical Glitch
« on: 2019-02-27 22:19:06 »
That looks like a higher res texture file that's managed to over-write one of the eye .tex files of Cloud's default model. Could be a stray file that's snuck into one of the other IROs.

Only things in your mod load order that look likely are the Objects iro and the Animations IRO because they'll definitely have a char.lgp in them that could contain the stray file.

Other possibility might be that a file is sitting in your direct folders; check to make sure there aren't any loose files sitting in there.

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