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Godo V0.2.0

Doggy casting barrier on Rufus causes some kind of summon effect that softlocks. Might be sephi's supernova summon.

That's the escape/exit animation, it was supposed to be locked off from assignment to attacks. I'll take another look at it.

Was that with the latest version, 0.2.0?

hey sega chief

some streamer on twitch said the hellagunner boss fight on this randomizer softlocks the game when the second hellagunner tries to comes down but it does not so it softlocks fight, i think it has to do with the different backgrounds, thats how it is with the motorball fight as well

changing backgrounds wont have any affect on any fight except for Safer Sephiroth i believe. The problem was with one of the boss fight filters but the update from yesterday should fix it so if you are on twitch make sure the streamers are using the 0.2.0 patch

I was talking to someone about it, and I think I have a strong lead on what it is. The animation reallocation only checks if the model swap option is on, not if the current scene has models excluded from swapping. So I reckon Reno, Gunners, Motorball, etc. were having their animations shuffled around. If it is that, then I can get a fix for it tonight.

Since the next version was brought up, I'd like to make a few suggestions on things you could do! :D

-Please give us the ability to bench Cloud after Midgar (and please don't force him into the final battle/Dark Cave sidequest). Letting us permanently bench Cloud for the entire game (save for the City of the Ancients, and the Northern Crater, both in Disc 2, and in Disc 3 to avoid a glitch found there) would vastly improve replayability since we could play with the parties we want during the main game instead of having to wait until the end of the game.

-If you haven't decided on an Innate Skill for Yuffie yet, maybe she could have one that has her randomly following-up an ally's attack with an attack of her own, or randomly repeating a spell casted by an ally? It could be called something like "Copycat." I think it'd fit with the whole Ninja theme and her personality.

-Is there room to give the Aero spell line to the player? Chocobuckle is a kinda sucky spell, and Tornado is only available near the end of the game, leaving Mages high and dry on hitting Wind weaknesses for a very long time.

-I've already mentioned this a couple times, but would you please consider buffing Red's Stardust Ray limit? It barely does half of what Earth Rave is capable of doing.

-Unless you change the stealing formula to use the Dexterity stat to determine success, would you please have Yuffie come with a Sneak Glove upon joining? Largely for convenience's sake, but it would also make stealing much more possible in Arranged Mode (if you plan on keeping enemies at higher levels on Arranged Mode).

-I went back and beat Zack in Normal Mode, but since Cloud has been nothing but dead weight, I cheesed it with W-Summon KotR. Please either nerf the Zack fight, buff Cloud a bit, or both.

-Since the Hero's Medal currently does nothing, maybe you could make a new Superboss that puts even the most optimized party at Lv.99 to the hardest test and have the Hero's Medal unlock said Superboss? There isn't really much to challenge you once you hit Lv.99 and get your hands on some fun Materia like MP Turbo, Quadra-Cast, Mega All, and Multi-Cut, so having a boss that's legitimately challenging even with all that would be fantastic, in my opinion.

That's about all I could think of. I hope these suggestions help you decide on things to add for version 2.0 :D

-Poor Cloud; best I'd be able to do currently is enable Tifa as party leader and then Cid when he turns up. The issue is the World Map.

-Mime could work for that, sure, but I'll need to condition it so it doesn't fire off when the player doesn't want it to. I'll trial it.

-There isn't much space for spells, typically you have to remove an old one. I'll figure something out.

-Stardust Ray will be buffed.

-I'll look into it.

-The landscape for fights will be a bit different in the final version so this might not be an issue at that point.

-I'll give it a go.

No worries, I identified the fault. I'll patch it tonight.

Updated the randomiser to 0.2.0; this should sort out the problems with enemies using AI references on animations along with a lot of other stability issues. Changelog section on the front has the details.

If it helps I think there were two right arms, and the 'center' enemy was a Motorball-type enemy (don't know which one if there are multiple).  I wound up just slowing the battle speed enough so I could run away from them

There's a bit of a problem with the filters, I'm going to re-do them and make it a bit stricter.

Ran into a battle softlock when Tifa uses the Fury Brand limit break. Was running a clean install of FF7 on Steam.

Battle stays focused on this angle and seems to continue indefinitely, with music and party member idle animations continuing as normal. I waited several minutes to see if it would end itself.

Yeah, Tifa was supposed to be excluded from getting different Limit IDs because it'll react unpredictably when used. I'll have sorted in the update.

Encountered a bug really early on, used Haste and it played the `Escape` spell animation and then broke the battle. Can select one additional attack and then the battle is softlocked. seed info here

Also would be nice if the randomiser remembered previous settings and potentially a spoiler log generated for things like this? would make some bug reporting easier.

Ah Exit, I think that spell has a special animation. I'll add that spell to an exclusion list so it doesn't get onto anything.

Can add some memory stuff and a log, but first I'll need to focus on stability.

Found a bug pretty early on when morphing fogger encountered an unexpected error and crashed the game.

You mean Smogger? It might be that certain models can't be morphed, so if the enemy had one of those models that might be why. Do you remember what the model looked like/or what enemy it was? Either that or it had an invalid item ID set as its Morph.

I randomly encountered Carry Armor's arms which tried to lift one of my characters, causing a softlock in the battle.

I was hoping the arms would be OK; I ran a test where they seemed to operate properly. Maybe one of the arms is safe and the other isn't, I think they link to each other through animation data. If they aren't safe then I'll need to shuffle them out.

[FF7 Randomiser & Game Tuner: Godo]


[Feature List]
Spoiler: show

~~Features Overview~~
Below is an overview of each feature offered by the mod, broken down into section.
More detail of the changes can be found on the respective feature's page.

Randomisation Options
   + Attack Data (Spells)
   + Item Data
   + Weapon/Armour/Accessory Data
        + Materia Data

        + Character Stat Growths
        + Limit IDs/Unlock/Gauge Divisor (Damage taken to fill)

        + Character IDs
        + Starting Stats
        + Character HP/MP
        + Equipped Weapon/Armour/Accessory
        + Equipped Materia
        + RNG Table

        + Battle Background
        + Camera

        + Enemy Models
        + Enemy Names/Attack Names
        + Enemy Stats/HP/MP/EXP/Gil/AP
        + Enemy Attack Data
        + Add Random Element to Attacks
        + Add Random Status to Attacks (Safe & Unsafe)
        + Elemental Affinity/Status Immunities
        + Held Items

-) Special Hacks:
   + Enemy Swarm: Fills each formation to 6 enemies (some exceptions).
   + Disable Escapes
   + Poverty Mode: All fight rewards limited, enemy items removed
        + Spellspring: All MP costs set to 0 for player/enemies

-) Balance Tuning:
   + Stronger Enemies
   + Weaker Enemies
   + Max Drop/Steal Rates

-) Restriction Rules:
   + No Physical Attacks
   + No Limit Breaks
   + No Spells
        + No Summons
        + No Items
        + No Materia
        + No Exp
        + No Gil
        + No AP
        + Initial Equipment Only

-) Random Seed:
   + Seed is generated when applying changes (always unique)
   + Seeds are collected in a time-stamped catalogue to be reused later

Spoiler: show

~~Installation Guide~~
For PC:
1) Contained within the download is the application and two output folders; battle and kernel.

Acquire a scene.bin and kernel.bin (default preferred, but feel free to try modded ones) from your FF7 Installation:

   FF7/data/battle/scene.bin (1998/7th Heaven)
   FF7/data/battle/lang-en/battle/scene.bin (2012/Steam)
   FF7/data/kernel/kernel.bin (1998/7th Heaven)
   FF7/data/lang-en/kernel/kernel.bin (2012/Steam)

   Place the scene.bin into the battle folder, and the kernel.bin into the kernel folder.
2) Run the application and select the desired options (optionally input a seed).
Click 'Apply Changes'; if successful, a confirmation method with generated seed will be shown. If errors are encountered; the application will continue (if possible) and patch remaining data. Points of failure (sections or 'scenes') will be specified in most cases for troubleshooting.
3) After patching, close the application and move the scene + kernel back into the directories you got them from. Remember to retain backups of your original files in case you want to re-randomise or revert to default game.
   FF7/data/battle/scene.bin (1998/7th Heaven)
   FF7/data/battle/lang-en/battle/scene.bin (2012/Steam)
   FF7/data/kernel/kernel.bin (1998/7th Heaven)
   FF7/data/lang-en/kernel/kernel.bin (2012/Steam)

One thing to note; for Initialisation randomisation to take effect, a New Game is needed. All other options however will be in effect even if you start from a previously made Save Game. You can also start a Save using randomised data, revert the files back to default, and the Save File will still function.

NOTE: If the game crashes on start, try a different seed (or no seed and the tool will generate one using system.time). An unknown issue has certain seeds cause the game to reject the Kernel.bin.

For PSX:
1) Run the application as above, until Step 3; bear in mind certain options will likely cause issues on PSX such as Enemy Swarm.
2) Open the ISO/BIN/IMG using a tool such as CDMage and navigate to the BATTLE and KERNEL folder inside.
3) Import the scene.bin and kernel.bin to these folders inside the disc; if the files are smaller than the originals, confirm to pad the file with 00s when prompted. If the files are larger than the originals then extra steps will need to be taken.
*) If the file size is larger than the originals, then expansion is required. Certain utilities are capable of handling this but I'm unsure of the steps presently:

This application was built on .NET Framework 4.7.2 and uses DotNetZip as a dependency. It will not work on Windows XP or older. If the application fails as a result of the DotNetZip dependency being missing, then the latest version of .NET Framework should be installed.
The program should be run on non-protected drives/folders and cleared through anti-virus for best results; the .EXE for Godo should also be unblocked via Properties if this option appears.
Godo targets files within its folder structure. For stability, do not rename/delete either the folders or the files inside them as the application explicitly references them by name for directory paths. Folder/File structure is as follows (casing is ignored):
Both files are from the PC version of the game. While the scene.bin is identical between the PC and PSX versions, the Kernel is not.
Internal Error Messages
*) "Error: Valid directory required" - The directory that Godo resides in could not be found.
This is an unusual error as the application references its own location to find it.
Keep Godo and its other files/folders within the Godo folder when running the application.
*) "Error: Randomisation Failed - Check that valid files are in correct locations; if so, report the bug along with selected parameters."
This will appear if the scene or kernel weren't found in their folders, those folders themselves were not found, or if the randomiser hits an error outside of its section/scene error handlers. If the files/folders are confirmed to be in the correct places with the correct names, then report this as a bug along with your selected randomisation parameters and if unusual files were used (for instance, were the files randomised multiple times or are they from another mod, different language, etc.)
*) "Scene ID: # has failed to randomise; point of error: $"
There are 255 'scenes' in a scene.bin that contain all enemy data; these are iterated through sequentially by the application when applying changes. If it encounters an error during this, it reports the Scene's ID and the section it was randomising at the time of error. Make sure to include these two pieces of information in a bug report along with the files being used (if no information is given for either scene ID or section ID, then report this as well).
*) "Kernel Section: # has failed to randomise"
As above, the Kernel is organised into sections and if one of these sections fails during randomisation it will be reported by the tool. Include this in your bug report.

*) External/Windows Error Messages
This means that something has gone wrong with running the application itself, which could be due to a permissions issue, a .NET issue, or a missing dependency. Post the error text and its error number if shown.

In-Game Errors
*) Softlock - Game continues to run, but player input is disabled.
The most common cause of this will likely be an unreferenced animation index was used, or an animation was used that does not terminate properly. This will likely occur from Model Swap, as it changes the Models and therefore the animations being set for          attacks. Filters have been added to catch as many cases as possible where unreferenced animations may occur through the AI, but if you encounter one then you can help improve the randomiser by providing either the name or description of the enemy model that caused the lock, along with the scene.bin you were using.   

Spoiler: show

Bugs & Issues
*) Model Filters issue where risky models with multiple idles and hurt animations were being swapped out.
*) Model filters refined and a new option (Risky Swap) added to handle enemies with special requirements.
*) Issue where enemies could have FF assigned as their animation IDs in excluded scenes.
*) Issue where Limit Break ID wasn't skipping Tifa, Cait Sith, and Vincent for assignment.
*) Added some spell animation IDs which could cause softlocks without their special flags to the exception list.
*) No Spells/Summons/Items implementation changed; Menu Commands will now not open their respective Menus.
*) Some Kernel options were improved to reduce likelihood of hard-crash on game launch.

*) Fixed wrong placement for an enemy in one of the Swarm formations.

*) Added rules for the first Reactor and the early battles to reduce risk of unwinnable battles.
*) Refined the randomisation rules for reassigning stats, weapon formulae, enemy attacks, & Exp/Gil/AP.

Initial Release

Spoiler: show

Thanks to NFITC1 for helping me understand the compression format for both the scene.bin and the kernel.bin; the Wiki resource put together by the community was also enormously helpful.

Special thanks to Uprisen, Strife98, Death_Unites_Us, and iDerek759 for helping to test the mod prior to release; and to Tsuna for spreading the word. Also thanks to AntiqueChrono for running output files through his unit tests.



I've tried searching for this information on this thread but to no avail.

In a nutshell, what are going to be the major changes from the final release (estimated to be in spring?) compared to the current 1.5 version?

Cheers !

It's like a 2.0. I'm redoing all the files from scratch, using what I've learned over the years. NT's built on a lot of old stuff that I made when I was still finding my feet, and there's lot's of unused clutter that's built up over that time.

I want to add some alternate paths through the story, using Arrange Mode. I also want to bring back a lot of the enemy formations that NT cut and use AI scripts based on their original behaviour, but fixed up and customised.

There's a lot of gimmicks I want to cut out; there's too much bloat. I can't really say for sure what's going and what's not, or what gets added in the end. It's all a bit up in the air.

Bug for new side quest area near the end of the game *SPOILERS*

In the area added to the sleeping forest (quest from Dion in Gold Saucer). I used the save point at the bottom of the reactor and used the PHS. It asked me to make a party of 3 when I only had two characters, basically keeping me from continuing. Can't imagine others haven't tried this but I couldn't find a solution (wasn't sure what to search honestly).

Ah damn, my bad. There's a value that gets pushed into a variable that determines what menu options are available/visible. Avoid using PHS there for now, I need to change that value so it locks.

Hi there,

I couldn't find anything by searching in this thread so might as well report this bug : I got a random softlock on Protoroth, everyone was waiting, nothing was happening, and the boss acted like he was paralysed (no animation).
Almost no bugs otherwise so kudos to you though, *amazing* mod.

Edit - I'm on 1.5 (30th December patch)

Must be a flaw in the AI, I'll check into it.

After Cosmo Canyon, the Seraph Comb did not appear in my inventory. Are we not supposed to get it then?

I think that gets given on Disc 2/3 when you visit Bugenhagen for the last time. Instead of Limited Moon he gives you the Seraph Comb which has been adapted into an end-game triple AP weapon. You'll also get a key to unlock the Cave of the Gi again.

So I want to start off by saying I think this mode is really well done and super fun. So great job! Now so far I have made it to rock town, and I have to say the first part of disc one was fun had to think of what to do Only attack once to see what the boss/ monster was going to do to see if I need to heal or whatnot. Once you get out of Midgar. that kinda ends. You have one person attack one wait. and the other just heal. While the 3rd is waiting to see if they attack or heal. I Feel like a lot of the fights are just super inflated with Hp(not bosses). making them take a really long time to kill and not really doing much. Like I have seen a lot of monsters heal when they attack.  Which sucks but again makes the fight for so long. I feel if they did something else rather then just heal would be awesome. Kinda like the beginning of the game, you had to pick what you did each turn waiting to see what the enemy was going to do made it feel amazing. Boss Fighting I think are perfect they are hard but not super hard.  Also <Mr. Happy> is the preson that got me into buying ff on steam and playing this mode.

For random encounters, they should drop really fast with the right elements being used. Fire, Ice, and Earth typically are the ones to carry and you can quickly ascertain weakness using Sense. If certain mobs have a drain HP attack, then Barrier can halve the damage they inflict and by extension reduce what they're healing back.

Most cases you should be able to have all 3 party members attacking in random encounters; if it feels too risky then Barrier+All should provide enough of a buffer to attack more safely. Having a tanked-up character using Cover would also help if you go that route, especially if you load them up with any Counter Materia you've acquired so far.

I’ve gots some new questions:

1) What does the Hero Medal do?

2) What’s the Dark Cave sidequest exactly? Is it like an extra dungeon?

3) Is multiple parties required for the Bizzaro Sephiroth fight? And are all 9 characters used when fighting the different parts?

The Hero Medal used to unlock the alternate final battle but now it doesn't serve any purpose.

Dark Cave was a sidequest scripted to take place in Midgar. It's a bit rough around the edges.

The type of Bizarro fight is usually determined by Game Mode; on Original, it's a 1-party fight. In Arrange it's a 3-party fight. But there's been a scripting bug pop up with the Arrange version so that's been temporarily disabled and both modes are currently using the 1-party fight.

Sega Chief, first off I just want to say thank you for this mod, it's amazing, I'd loved every bit of it, especially the trolls haha. I've been playing Normal with my mate over the past year, and I've just started Arranged, so the little changes are amazing. I cannot wait till your FFVIII mod is done, especially the triple triad version.

I'm messaging to ask for your help. I've had no problems with the mod in my entire playthrough, apart from a few crashes. Until today, where I've tried to go on the Dark Cave sidequest and upon the talk with Barret at the start of it, after a few lines, the dialogue stops and it doesn't continue and I can't progress. Cloud and Barret just staring deep into each other's eyes for all eternity.

Do you have any idea how to get passed this?

It's to do with other mods; disable them until you reach the next save point then reactivate them. I think it's to do with field animations or similar but that particular screen seems to be a bit erratic.

While on the subject of Morphing, would you consider changing the Armored Golem's Morph Item to the Max Ray? Its current one, the Pile Bunker, is also its Steal Item, which kinda makes morphing it redundant (especially when most of the other characters' Endgame Weapons can both be obtained from their respective monsters in a single battle by stealing & morphing the monster (e.g. King Behemoth having Spring Gun Clip as its steal item and Behemoth Horn as its morph item)). Not to mention finding Armored Golems can be a pain, especially when the RNG decides it doesn't like you (made even worse when it's not a 100% drop item).

If it makes it consistent then sure.

Actually What can be done is to Change his attack scripts by weapon
1) Make his attack at start to be a regular one
2) Make his regular attack non missable
3) Implent triggering for His ultimate weapon.

This Way his weapons Will be more unique and gives more reasons to upgrade.

It can be done on a weapon per weapon basis? That's great news.

So I’ve finished a no-refine rundown of the NT8 demo. First of all, thank you for allowing us to demo your mod. I specifically bought the steam version just to play it.
I wish to share my opinions about the good things and things that I believe could be improved. First, I’ve read all the posts on this thread so I’ll try not to repeat known issues as I wish that this feedback can actually be useful.
Overall: I enjoyed it! Made me wish for more, for sure. The choices made are definitely improving the game in the right direction.

1- Found a graphical glitch: After fighting the Anacoundaur in Dollet there is a random encounter with a couple of soldiers that always make a really crazy graphical glitch where colored lines are all over the place. It has actually crashed my game once. It's either only related to this mod or the original game since I was playing with no other mods. Happened every single time at the start of the battle.

2- Regarding Gil, I found it easy to get as well, and the only thing they were worth for in my no-refine playthrough was phoenix downs and hi-potions. Maybe remove the tests and add a new mechanic increase your seed level? I find the tests mechanic rather tedious because one can just search the answers. It’s not really rewarding to be rich because one replied all the questions correctly :p. Another idea would be to lock seed test levels by game stages?

3- After playing through this mod I don’t think a MP system like I mentioned would be worth it. It’s perfectly fine right now regarding magic ;)

4- Characters:
+ I love the new limit break way of proc’ing. They are a nice risk to reward. Feels great to pull them off.
Zell, Quistis and Irvines LBs seem a bit underpowered. Zell could do a slight damage increase on the base moves, maybe 20%. Irvine could do with a small increase too in normal and shotgun ammo damage. No idea what to do with Quistis here.  Selphie LB is surprisingly fun to use
+ I love the super-fast Selfie and the tanky mage Quistis. Overall I still wished for Quistis to be a bit more tanky.
- Squall’s physical attack is ridiculously overpowered with the hit at 255%. Because of this, Zell and Irvine’s auto attacks are very underpowered.

5- Enemies:
+ Ifrit fight is great. I was surprised when he used his summon attack on my team
- Elvoret was a little too easy and could use some surprise moves.
+ X-ATM092, the robot fight in dollet is nice, perfect difficulty. I would like it if it surprised the party like the Scorpion Bot did on NT7 hehe.
- Granaldo was a little hard at first but super easy using siren to kill the 3 rock dudes. Killing the Armadodo’s makes the fight boring. It’s not that Siren’s op, it’s the armadoldos extreme water weakness. Probably can’t be fixed because they are random encounters.
+- I liked Diablos fight, but in my fight he didn't capitalize on my low hp and kept using gravity attacks instead. Only attacked phisically once or twice.
- Gerogero is just a little too tough offensively
- Minotaur and Sacred fight in my humble opinion could use some tweaks. They have too much HP or the characters don't have enough wind damage at that point. Maybe it’s because I had no Aero at this point? Ps: they can be slowed and if you use protect the fight is super easy, long and tedious. I like the float thing you did though ;)
- Seifer and Edea are tough as balls. I had to use everything I had, haste, shell, protect, dispel, everything. Then again, remember: I did not use any refines. I struggled most with the poison

6- Mecanics:
+ Junctioning is great. Cannot think of a better Junctioning system. Major thumbs up here.
- Hi-Potions with the med-data abilty, is basically a full-heal (1500hp). Intentional? Maybe reduce med-data to 50% instead of double?
- What’s your stance on Cure/Esuna/etc being able to assign to be used as a elemental attack for holy? Would that be boss breaking?
+ Draw system is actually interesting this time
- If you choose Water over aero in the first draw point with that choice, you never get to draw aero again. I would suggest changing the Timber bar entrance draw point to Aero/Water.
- Leveling up is too easy. Is there anyway to make level or EXP be gradual? Instead of being 1000p each level?
- Shell, Protect and Haste seem to last forever. Is this intencional?

7- Dialogues and story:
+ I enjoyed the few lines you added to some characters. It clarifies the story and makes the person feel more engaged. I would really love to see more of these lines on certain parts of the story. I do know it's a WIP.
-I wish there were more reminders to equip the Gfs and junctions in the game. Specifically, before the Iguion’s fight with Rinoa.
- I think players would benefit from a reminder after fighting the iguions, as squall enters the hallway, to search for the hatch.
+- Quality of life improvements are great and I hope you include more if possible. I would've liked be able to skip the sequence in which Rinoas farther explains the whole plan to attack the sorceress, for example.

Overall, I really enjoyed your mod. This is your mod, your decisions. If the feedback provided was useful in any way I would be really happy. I’ve got to admit I’m pretty excited to play the full version.

Cheers ;)

First thing is an AI glitch that causes the file to run on into its textures; one of the enemies in that formation must have not had the fix applied to it, causing the error.

Gil I think was going to be balanced up once I got notes on how SeeD rank wages are calculated, it's more or less how it was in vanilla at the moment.

Squall's physical attacks seem hard-wired for 255% accuracy; I think I read in SmallDirt's reverse-engineering thread of the animation data that the flags for that are stored in there. Couple of approaches could be:

a) adjusting the crit-rate for trigger down from 1.5x damage to something lower like 1.25 or 1.33 and splitting his weapons into two categories, one with high base power and one with less base power but a high crit% modifier. Squall can actually land normal critical hits that deal 2x damage but only if the trigger isn't used; this even applies to Renzokuken so at high Luck you might be better off not using the trigger at all and hoping for natural crits to land. His weapons also split naturally into two categories as he has a revolver and pistol variant for each tier so that might be a way to go. This would mean he still has 255% accuracy though.

b) Altering the animation data so that trigger is no longer used and Squall's physicals are the same as the others. This would hopefully get rid of the 255% accuracy thing but it would also mean getting rid of a fairly unique battle mechanic (Renzokuken should be unaffected).

Granaldo is a difficult fight to make interesting; neither he or the Raldos have a magic-capable animation (that I'm aware of) so it's mostly restricted to physical attacks and you only have 2 party members vs. 4 enemies which restricts how aggressive you can make them without it getting annoying.

I was told that the Edea fight is one of those fights that, if you lose, it just proceeds to the FMV but it doesn't seem to be the case. I might try and make that be the case so that winning is a bonus of some sort.

I'll take a second look at the healing items. I think I wanted med-data available early so you can have one character act as a 'chemist' of sorts with an advantage when using items. Hi-Potion is probably too potent because I was wanting to future-proof it a bit.

Could set Cure/Esuna for Holy element attack junction, assuming the spells that can be equipped aren't hard-coded somewhere.

I wanted to try and make the Draw Points offer a choice that has impact. Aero is handy for Elvoret and Granaldo, while Water is good for X-ATM (and I think Gerogero, not sure). I'll see about adding Aero to one of the Timber draw points though I think Thrustaevis in the Galbadia area world map has it by that point.

EXP is too high, I've since adjusted it a lot. I overestimated the adjustment that's made for characters being lower/higher level than the enemies.

I did set protect/shell/haste to have the max possible duration time, which isn't infinite but will last a super long time on wait ATB. I'm not sure whether to keep that or not, I personally never liked Protect/Shell being finite in this game because there's no visual cue for when it happens. If they had gauges or a visible cue like Haste then it'd be better.

I'll add a Junction reminder + menu call before Iguion and maybe set an event line so that if you go past the hatch, Squall will turn around to look at it. Will also add an option to have a short version of the briefing instead of the full guided tour version.

Thanks for the feedback, gave me some things to think about.

Hi, currently playing the mod and ecountered a problem.
I just killed the boss in Yuffies Village and she was supposed to give me my materia back.
I only got the one Materia you find in the shop and she wears the materia she held before she left the party.
Evrything else is gone. is there any way to fix this ? Not too familiar with other mods, maybe there is something that lets me spawn/hack materia ?

I've never heard of that happening before; it definitely isn't in the inventory? The stolen Materia is held in the savemap and is around 48 Materia overall assuming the player had that many or more. It's returned to the party through an opcode in the field script. Assuming nothing has happened to the save file, the stolen Materia should still be stored on the save file and will be retrievable so it hopefully isn't lost. I think best bet is for you to send me the save file so I can have a look at it; then I can set up a field script to get the stolen Materia released back to the inventory. If it is gone, then I'll restore it based on an older save (hoping you have one). I'll need to look into how the opcode in the default script could fail in the first place though.

There is a NPC before Golden Saucer that lets you change your game to Arrange Mode. Is there an NPC to change it back?

There isn't, no. If you send me the save file then I can try doing it through a script or something; I need to set up a battle to toggle one of the variables.

Gotcha. Any tips or items I can use to make morphing easier?

The 'Ancient' weapons (nail bat, work glove, rocket punch, etc.) ignore the Morph penalty I'm told, so those will make it easier. Sense should also be used to track its HP. But you should try to do it quickly, because Ghost Ship has an ability called Goanni that will eject the target from the battle. It's weak to Holy so have your Morpher come in with a Holy-element Materia + Elemental for 2x damage on Morph hits. I don't know what statuses are available, but Slow will probably work to buy you some more time.

1) Is there still a stronger version of Safer Sephiroth that you can unlock? If so, how do you fight him?

2) In disc 3, is the Dark Cave side quest unlocked by visiting the bottom of the northern crater?

3) I’d like to visit the materia caves. Is there a way to obtain the golden chocobo without breeding?



Guidebook, Morph a Ghost Ship in the Underwater Reactor tunnels (the ones where fish are visible).

Thanks, that would be great. That scene is one of my favorite moments in the game and the music is a big part of why.

On another note, I just fought with the Turks at the Gelinka ship. After Reno died, his death sentence triggered on two of my party members. However, they didn’t die for some reason even though the animation played out. Not sure why.

If they're immune to death, either by death-force or Resist status, then death sentence won't kill them when it ticks off.

By the way, does Synthesis Cell work through Ribbon?  Also, does Hero drink II do anything but negative effects?

Yes; it has the ignore status flag. Status resistance in this game is actually more of a 'can toggle' flag. Resistance prevents toggle, so if a status is forced on it means it can't be removed through normal means, especially if the resistance was applied via equipment.

Hero Drink II gives nothing but negative statuses.
Spoiler: show
Unrelated Master Fist damage formula: Damage = Damage * (1 + 1 each for Near-death, Poison, Sadness, Silence, Slow and Darkness Statuses, + 2 each for Death-sentence and Slow-numb Statuses)

Pressing L or R will cause 4x-Cut to "focus" the attack to single target (similar to changing Materia paired with All Materia from Multi-Target to Single Target). The same does NOT apply to Quadra-Cast, sadly.
MP Turbo is in the Great Glacier area. You replaced the All Materia found in the cave in the "Snow Field" area (where you use the Markers) with MP Turbo. Deathblow is also found in the Great Glacier area where Added Cut used to be.

I forgot I'd done those.

Anyone else tried speedrunning this in Arrange mode?

A while back I started a segmented run to see if it's even possible, and it's brutal, but might actually be doable even in a single segment. Some bosses are insane though, and might require resets for better rng or strategic grinding for more levels and rank-ups. I've managed to make it to the very end in 13:30sh time, but the very final fight seems problematic.

Now, I actually never finished my first playthrough after growing bored of the endgame content and my randomized character builds, so I'm not sure how it is supposed to play out, and I can't find any mention of this fight online.

Spoiler: show
Cloud vs. Sephiroth and Jenova. At first I thought the goal was just to survive and the fight would end if I get my Omnislash off. But I was surprised that's not the case. They seem to do % based damage, and I'm forced to Full-Cure every turn and then Elixir up when out of MP. They seem too tanky to kill, Omnislash hitting Sephiroth for alot of 0s and Jenova for about 300 per hit.(Cloud is built as tanky magic support) Pearl damages Jenova for a good 6,5k, so I tried using my only Gospel Spark on my first turn to gain Peerless in hope to finish off Jenova, but it wasn't enough(no Quadra magic), and they murder me before I can heal.

Am I missing something? Under-leveled(lvl.75, rank 3 or 4, not quite sure) and geared? How's this fight supposed to be won?

13 hours is a long run; that's Legend of Dragoon territory.

Spoiler: show

The alternate final fight on arrange used to be a 2v2 but it was changed to a 1v2 which proved to be a poor decision given the debilitating statuses floating about. Sephiroth should be ignored until Jenova is brought down, as he'll die in 1 hit but is immune to damage until the other enemy is killed. While his attacks are %-based damage, Jenova's aren't; but there's a few things you can do to give yourself an edge.
1) Hidden element protection should negate some of the attacks
2) If being hit by Sequence/Combo, you can use Defend during it to reduce damage from the next hit(s); this can be handy if you're in trouble.
3) Avoid random-target attacks like Quadra/4x-Cut as Sephiroth will 'soak' some of the hits and reduce its overall effectiveness.

Speaking of Combo, Counter Materia is very effective against it because each hit is registered as a single action. You can quickly master Materia on the left-up path if you have some Ethers for the Magic Pots (probably faster if you can kill Movers too) while running/teleporting from anything else that appears. Magic Counter + Restore would greatly up durability. The other thing is the status ailments; a Vaccine or Ribbon would block anything coming in, but also prevent the use of Barrier/MBarrier/Regen if you plan to use those.

HP-Wise this boss doesn't have a lot compared to others; around 70k or so. I think MP Turbo isn't too far off the beaten path (might still be dropped by Jenova Death actually), which would likely be a better contender than Quadra Magic due to its random-target nature. If physicals aren't doing much, then materia like restore/revive + elemental in the weapon will buff it a bit; Limits won't see the benefit of it unfortunately. I'd also maybe swap Omnislash for Lv.1/Lv.2 to use Braver/Climhazzard as roughly half those hits on Omnislash/Meteor Rain are going to be wasted + the gauge will charge much faster.

Not sure if its a known bug or not but the Speed Square in Gold Saucer has the battle type music, not the gold saucer music. Even after escaping from Corel Prison.

I think I set different music for each square to try and break up the Gold Saucer theme a little bit.

Hey Sega, I cannot find where you put the logchanges of the latest 30th December release. Would you point that out for me? Thanks

Suggestion time: I'd use some sort of sem-versioning for the new releases, so it's easier to refer back to different versions - something like 1.5.1 for example would make clear a new version has been released and that it's just tweaking some aspects of the previous release, not a major rework.

Oh, it's log changes you're after? I thought it was a list of where things were. In any case, here's the list I meant:

As for log changes, I did originally have versioning on 1.0 through to 1.0.5 and should have carried on with that. But I stopped doing it when I lost track of changes and decided to just use the date of each iteration's release instead. I'll try and get in the habit again for any patches made to the final version.

Awesome I just found him too! Are we only able to encounter him once or multiple times? Also do you have a list of other secret monsters found like this? I would hate to miss an encounter just because I was not aware. Thank you!!

It's a one-off encounter. Don't think there's any other missable secret enemies.

So the Steam version has a music error during the sequence where Cloud regains his memories at Mideel. Right when Cloud throws Sephiroth into the Lifestream, it’s supposed to continue the world map theme. But it starts playing the standard reactor theme instead. Is there any way to fix this using mods or something?

Yeah could probably do that.

I think I read somewhere that there are hidden monsters in some areas? Name was Ziegfried? Just asking if those monsters are still implemented and if there is a section that tells us where they are? Thank you!

Instead of a mystery ninja encounter, you'll run into ziggy in the world map forests. If you find him/beat him you get a Materia; if you don't, then you can find this Materia in the rolling rock room of the Temple of the Ancients.

Hello, just repeating my question so it does not get missed.

In the past NT Versions, there was a change log document that went into details of Area changes of the game (changes in Midgar, Kalm, Junon, etc.) however it dont see it on the 1.5 patch. Is it possible to link that readme file again? Thank you for your time!

I think it's in the download folder itself; but a quick and dirty readme with more up to date information was put together on the front page of this thread as a pastebin.

Also is Ark Dragon no longer in Mythril Mines? I been here for an hour and it does not spawn :(

I think he only spawns in certain fields in Mythril Mines; try the screen where Long Range is found in default game. It definitely appears there.

Thanks for the response.

I imported it then activated it, while the regular mod is deactivated. I had vanilla combat version activated, but no changes were applied. I ended up using the installer instead, and now I think it's working the way it's supposed to, but I'm confused about a couple of things. I still get tutorials for innate abilities, even though it seems like they don't apply anymore, enemies and bosses are back to their original tactics, but are still visually redesigned, there's still a ??? on the save point for later when you get access to Mr. Smiley, so I'm assuming that is still in the game, and character stats are different, in a way that doesn't line up with either vanilla or NT. For example, Cloud starts with 0 spirit and luck, and has much higher vitality than Barret. I have no other gameplay altering mods activated.

Are these things normal for the vanilla combat variant? If so, is there any way I can just have the revised script, extra scenes (such as Cloud saying 'my job?' in the back of the train after the first bombing mission), the party members hanging around in the towns, and the improved character sprites, with no edits to anything combat or stat related?

The vanilla version was done fast, so it's still got references to some NT features that aren't active with a default scene/kernel like the innates. It'll make reference to them, but like you say they aren't active. I also forgot to put the default model colours in but the enemies should all be behaving

The SP system can be used as this is an flevel thing, but characters have their own stat growths so the system can be safely ignored if you only want to use those (and Sources can be acquired from the vanilla enemies). It was left active because it'd be a pain to deactivate it across all save points.

The stats themselves being different is likely being caused by Materia. If an installer has been used in the past, then it's maybe applied the .exe changes that go with NT. If you can, replace them with default .exes and this should also return Materia modifications back to normal.

Can someone help me please?
I've used New Threat before and it's worked perfectly. This time I want to use the vanilla combat version, as I want the revised script and events, but with the vanilla gameplay. I downloaded the IRO and imported it using 7th heaven, but it doesn't work. It doesn't even do anything when I click on 'open readme'.
Is there something I've done wrong?

It should just be a case of importing it then activating it, while making sure that the regular NT IRO is deactivated; when you say it doesn't work, do you mean it breaks in 7h or it isn't applying changes once activated?

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