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I think the issue is that the old version had a var trigger problem (which is used to handle the event), which means this var will still be flipped even when updating to the newer versions.

Would i have your permission to use certain content (mostly new enemies) from your two mods for my own mod to make it what i think it should be? If so ....

There's been a misunderstanding here, I didn't make both mods. I made New Threat, Gjoerulv made Hardcore. You can use models from New Threat, but you'd need to ask Gjoerulv if you want to use Hardcore models.

As for Kimera, I posted the steps in your old thread; there's no way around it, dependency files need to be registered via the Command Line to get it to work on modern PCs:

As for making the kernel.bin work, open the game's scene.bin using proud clod tool (PrC) and when saving, it'll prompt to check the kernel. Click yes (direct it to the kernel location if it can't find it) and then confirm again if it finds the kernel's look-up tables require adjustment. It checks the 1998 PC location by default which is data/kernel, whereas the Steam version's kernel is in data/lang-en/kernel so keep that in mind.

I think it's better that the two mods stay separate; if the enemies appear in both, then it makes the experience of playing through one of them a little less unique. Mashing them together wouldn't be a good idea anyway; hardcore enemies would need downtuned to go into NT, and NT enemies would need tuned up to go into hardcore. Not just the stats, but the attacks and AI.

Only thing I'd change about hardcore mod is maybe lowering the number of pincer formations in random encounter lists. That one in Ancient Forest with the spectres is deadly.

Hey mate. Getting a very perplexing problem where the installer isn't recognising the files inside the data folder. It says there are no files there to be patched! I am 100% clicking on the data folder, running the installer as admin and have tried patching it on the desktop... still the getting the same error. Any help would be amazing as I want to try the newest version of the mod!


The installation destination was changed slightly; it's now the FinalFantasyVII folder directory that's 1 level above the Data folder (this is so the installer can patch the .exe as well). Sorry about the confusion, the videos, etc. still list Data folder as the destination.

It sounds crisp and faithful to originals; it's good that you're taking time to get all the sounds in there. The other two tracks on your channel are really good too.

Flevel patch? Like fixed level?

flevel is a file in the game that contains the fields used by the game (dialogue, backgrounds, action scripts, etc). I should call it field patch instead.

I meant the thing in the boss battle where it makes your character undead, and then you can't revive the character if they die.

Not sure how long ago you played, but the effect was made into single-target rather than party-wide. When the afflicted character dies, it's used on another character. There's no way to subvert it but can keep them going for longer using MBarrier and elemental healing if that's available.

Hey im not sure if this was covered already but after i got the mystile from the dead guy (dark cave sidequest) i went to the exit of the cave and it teleported me to the ancient forest map. Now i can´t access my chocobo or airship since i left them at the bone village so it seems that i´m stuck in the cosmo canyon area... its kinda sad since i wanted to finish the game, anyway i hope you can somehow help me.

Also sorry if this was already covered :|

Is this the 7H version? Older versions were missing the walkmesh chunk which was causing it to use the default exit data. Best bet for fix is to use save editor but watch out for the save-editing protection on Steam version; only make changes when launcher is open and then save game once you're playing game to make it secure.

If this happened on the latest 7H IRO that I uploaded a few days ago then let me know.

Got turned off from the mod a while back after constantly dying on the new Jenova fight at the end of disc 2, thinking of starting from that again.

- Is there a way other than looking at stat disparities to see what build supplements you've taken from the save point guy for each character?
- Can you subvert Jenova's disabling of character revival somehow?

No to the first one, but an option was added for the 2nd one. When approaching Aeris on the altar, there's a dialogue option that pops up during the scene; pick the top option.

Flevel patch for standard install, IRO for 7H users:

Fairly minor changes in this; holding off on major update for now:
-) Changed variables used for Mt. Corel (interference from Tent check on Save Point)
-) Supershot ST can now be obtained from the Gelnika, chest next to save point. Was erroneously set to hidden.
-) Debug NPC on Highwind no longer offers Rank Reset fix (this was to sort out an issue where character ranks were wrongly recorded after an older update; it didn't reset sources used, just ranks).

I've been working on a new set of overhaul files on and off for the last few months while working on FF8 NT. The plan with this mod is to go further with .EXE assembly modification to adjust damage formulas, mitigation effects, and introduce some menu changes.

This means that the enemies, etc. all need to be rebalanced to account for the changes and I'm taking the opportunity to rescript NT as a whole and put out a 2.0 rebuild. The 1.5 build will be kept available as a legacy version of sorts as some content will be cut from the 2.0 mod and other things will be set up differently.

So the next major update for the mod will likely be a round-up of fixes for 1.5, then a 2.0 release at some point in the future after FF8 NT's first 1.0 build is out.

There's a dialogue option before the fight that determines whether this happens or not. Pick the 2nd option.

Sorry to ask but is there any way of obtaining the wiser staff (I may have got the name wrong but Aeris’ weapon found on Mt Corel any other way e.g. steal/morph. P.S- I have very woolly internet access atm, so using Proud Clod is temporally a no go. Cheers.
PS 2- Any timeline on a fix for the mt Corel issue (I know your probably busy with life, this brilliant mod and working on FF8 New Threat) Please keep up the good work.

I'll get one done tonight.

So after more than a 1 year break, I decided to finally complete my playthrough. Went well so far, I beat Omega and the Weapons, and Jenova as well. Now I am stuck at Bizarro. I did not have a Game Over per se, but before I will be caught in a X-hours-long battle loop for nothing, I want to ask inbefore:

So normally after killing the Magics (arms), you can hurt the core. I fought Bizarro in Gjoerulv's mod three times so far - and whenever I killed the arms, the core was still immune to damage. I tried both orders (first killing the left, and the next time first killing the right), but everytime I was only able to attack the stomach or the head (whenever it revived). I tried physical damage, and magical (even Pandora's Box) So - was the order changed? Or did I do something wrong? I have found a youtube video of Sega Chief fighting Bizarro on Gjoerulv's mod- on his battle, I saw that after he killed the arms, he was able to deal damage to the core. It was uploaded 2013, so idk, maybe Gjoerulv actually changed this one again.

Can someone please tell me what to do / if I missed something? I really do not want to continue a tedious battle for hours only to find out that I either missed something, or if I just did it for nothing if it's a bug. Thank you.

It depends if you get a 1, 2, or 3 party battle. If you get a 1-party fight then you can just kill the parts and expose the core, but if multiple parties are involved then you instead have to swap teams to destroy their side of the Core before Team A's core becomes exposed.

2-Party Fight
-) Kill a body part (head is fastest, but arms will stay dead when killed and need to die anyway). Swap teams when prompted.
-) Team 2 needs to kill all their body parts to make their side of the Core damageable; kill the Core here, and then swap back to Party A
-) Party A now needs to kill the arms (and possibly the head if it revives) to get damage down on the Core. Once the Core is down, you're free to damage the torso but beware; the less limbs Bizarro has, the more he'll start to spam-cast his physical attack which ignores defence, hits the party, is non-elemental, and has a high chance to crit due to Bizz's luck stat.

3-Party Fight
-) The most complex, you need to kill 3 Cores and one of your teams has only 2 people on it. This team will need to be reasonably equipped in order to deal with their side.
-) For Team B and C, you're only dealing with one arm but this arm has 2 parts to it so watch out for that. Also, if the head revives then it makes the core immune again; I can't remember exactly but I think the arm itself for these two teams may also revive so timing may be needed. Try to save your big burst for when that core-side is exposed; if you need to reset summon uses, swap teams and re-attempt.
-) When you've killed the Core sides for B and C, it's back to team A to do what you'd usually do; kill the arms, the core, then torso. The 3-party fight can last a long time if you get locked into attrition with parts reviving before you can get decent damage down on the core-side so be prepared.

If any of your teams are struggling then you can use the Hades summon to apply the dual-drain status (or Flare spell); this'll greatly speed up the battle. If you want to get the most straightforward battle of 1-party, then you'll need to let Jenova Synthesis get 13 turns before Countdown is initiated (unless the AI here was changed). You can also make Bizarro + Safer weaker in terms of HP if you avoid using KOTR in the Jenova Synthesis battle.

Hi, I’m getting a problem at Mt Corel, where at the collapsing track sections (e.g. the track collapses, then you press left or right to get either of the item bags). When I’m falling down, I can’t move either left or right at all. The version of the game is the Steam version (most recent version of the mod from the forum, no hoc fixes, if this helps) and I have followed the correct installation, but still won’t work in the mid. I have tried removing the mod and going back to that section in the original game and there is no problem. Any help please? Otherwise love the mod! Thanks

Checked through it, I think it's a temp variable used by the save point that's interfering with it. I'll sort this out with some other issues soon.

Oddity, in the Nibelheim flashback, in arrange mode, when Cloud and Sephiroth fight the dragon, you can lose that fight. I just kept hitting 'attack,' and the dragon eventually killed Sephiroth, who froze in place as he has no death animation, I got 'Defeated...' and the normal party death music played. The battle ended, and I was back in Kalm, and the cutscene continued with Cloud talking about how Sephiroths strength is unreal despite just telling how he got jobbed out by a random dragon in the road.

I'll add a dialogue handler for if the fight is lost; 'jobbed out' made me laugh.

Hi there sorry for disturbing this important developement discussion.
I want to play NT again after some time but i wanted to find an item drop/steal/morph list first to spare me some gray hair.
I could not find something up to date like this and the discussions i found are outdated by years too except for this here.
So my question is if you could please put me a link for some lists if there is something up to date.
If not then i am thinking about doing the list myself.
Thank you for your time. ;D

Your best bet is to get the Proud Clod (PrC) tool from this board and then open the game's scene.bin; then you can check enemies directly and see what they've got along with other info.

Hey segachief. I just finished watching death play through your mod. looks fantastic. I'm trying to install it but the installer is giving me some trouble. I've tried searching for the answer but I'm having a really hard time. I watched your video on the install process. I'm putting it to the steam version to the data folder. My file path is C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/FINALFANTASYVII/data. The files named in the readme already had the proper names. When I try to select the data folder I get a message that says <The destination directory doesn't contain any files to update>
I tried moving it to the desktop and same message. I made sure it was unblocked and ran as admin. I made sure nothing was running except for the installer. I've read throuh the documentation attached to the post and the FAQ. Also I'm using windows 10. If you or someone else could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I'm going to keep searching in the meantime and will update if I get it. I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Thanks in advance.

Those videos are out of date, the install target is now one level up to modify the .exe; point it at C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/FINALFANTASYVII instead.

so another question. I read the readme and there was something there about morphing bosses to get nice things if I have the time and ability to try. So far I have morphed all the bosses I can since Jenova on the boat and none have turned into anything. do you have a list of who can be morphed so I dont waste my time trying to morph every single boss? I dont want to know what they turn into, just a yes or no list would be great. its really slowing me down setting up before every encounter.

Hundred Gunner
Dark Nation (not possible on Arrange Mode)
Rubicante GT
Jenova Node A
Jenova Node B
Red Dragon
Demon's Gate

Human bosses (turks, Dyne, etc.)
Gi Nattak
Lost Number
Materia Keeper
Carry Armour
Diamond Weapon
Proud Clod

There's a long stretch after the jenova1 encounter in which all bosses encountered cannot morph into anything (this includes the extra encounters I've not listed). Remember that random enemies can also be morphed and the larger/dangerous ones tend to have good stuff as well.

He was moved elsewhere, it was a bit cumbersome having a solo fight to prep for right after that one.

Cool beans!

Other minor thing, in the Dark Cave, when I spoke to the Don, Aries was just standing inside his desk, saying something about how he seems ok now. She was still there after I got Aries out of the church and went back to check since it seemed so out of place.

It's a script issue; there are two sets of models for cloud, tifa, and aeris on that field and one isn't being hidden correctly when it's not in use.

Got it. I thought it was a way to re-spec those choices.

As I'm near the end I had some minor questions; at the end of the check SP character list, there's some question marks. Is this for a hidden character? What do I need to do to unlock it, if so?

Second, is there a plan or a way to get control of Vincent back after he limits? I seriously hesitate to use him sometimes for longer fights as he basically loses his attack option and, in some fights that require more tactics/items/magic, functionally can't afford to use his limits. I'm sure there's no way to make him controllable in that state, but what if he transformed, ran through a few form-attacks, then 'died' and re-spawned with full health, clearing all status/buff/debuffs in the process? It might seem a bit hacky, but would work thematically with his passive healing him over time, and actually make using his limits not a liability in long fights.

Third, any way to pick what 'pearl' hits when quadra-all'd? I don't get to select a single target so it just picks one randomly and only hits that thing until it dies, meaning if it kills it in one hit it just stops.

Fourth; Is arrange mode good to go? Should I do that if I enjoyed the base mod? Is the content sufficiently different from the base mod?

Thank you for your time and work on all this, it's a great mod!

The SP list has a debug string in it that was copy-pasted along with the rest of them to all the save points in the game.

I've some notes for Vincent's limits and what I go with depends on what I can get to work; one plan was to do as you said, which is revert him after a certain number of attacks.

Quadra sets a random target when used with single-hit spells; I could look into changing the targeting but I'm not a fan of quadra on the whole and might be trying to do something different with it in the future.

Arrange Mode is ready to play, it's a bit wonky in places balance-wise but hopefully it does the trick.

Getting a soft-lock with carry armor.

Happens a few turns into the fight, I quadra-magic ultima, he does this, and that's it. Animations play carry armor is just frozen.

EDIT; Just found out this is a core game bug. Disregard!

Fantastic mod by the way. I've not played in literally 20 years and this is a very enjoyable experience.

It's an annoying bug, seems to happen with some multi-part enemies but not others.

Bug Report. I just noticed in Junon Town, the little fishing village area before you bribe the guard to get in, still has Barret, Yuffie, Red XIII, Aries, and Tifa sitting around talking shop. I'm on Disc 2, well after the Weapon attack and the cannon is gone, but every time I visit that area the gangs just outside.

Edit; Every time I talk to Mr Smile to reset everyone to 1, he just gives Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid more sources, but doesn't seem to be removing any levels or letting me re-spec the other characters. So Cid now has insane stats as I've re-specced a few times, and so does Vincent/CS.

I'm level 75 ish, what should my stats look like? Any way to 'fix' it? (In the meantime I just added up everyones 'source' points in Black Chocobo, cid was at over 900, where as Tifa and Cloud who were legit 8/8 were each at 400, so I just set everyone to have 400 total 'source' points, seems fine enough.)

I think they're supposed to be there, the dialogue changes as you advance through the game. It was originally intended to have characters visible to be talked to in most towns like in Costa Del Sol but it's only been done for Kalm and Junon.

The reset should only be for the rank itself rather than the sources; it was a debug routine to sort out an issue with ranks being messed up by a scripting change. If you started a game recently then it's best to not use the reset as it was just to sort out a technical issue with players who were midway through the game.

Stat-wise, every character gets +5 to every stat for each rank (so +30 per rank, 240 over all 8 ranks). And then a further +20 to the chosen stats on each rank for +140 for all 8 ranks. So in total it should be +380 for each character.

I'll probably remove the debug routine to reset ranks in the next patch. In the future though, there will be an actual reset feature where you can properly reallocate ranks + eliminate the need for sources themselves to make it a bit more streamlined.

It turns out I actually saved after I finished the first two leagues, so I was able to use Black Chocobo to add in the items I lost for the final league. Thanks for the offer though!

EDIT: On a totally separate note, I found what appears to be a bug. Aeris is using the Wizard Staff, which restores HP on hit. I decided to give her Slash-All to try and apply that effect to my entire team. However, when I hit my team or the enemy team with her staff, she restores 999MP to every member. This is obviously a wonderful and potent effect but unless I'm missing something it doesn't seem like it's intended.

Good to hear it's sorted. The Wizard Rod I think is restoring MP instead of HP, and perhaps a bit more than intended, but it's fine for now.

Hi, I encountered a soft lock. I'm using the latest release version. After completing all Junon Leagues and talking to the guard and selecting "cancel" I can no longer move my character, open my menus, or anything. Is there a fix for this? It was very difficult to get all of those victories and I'm not keen to do it over again.

Sorry about that. I can modify your save file to get the stuff back that you've lost; as for the soft-lock, I'm not sure of the cause. I'll have another shot at fixing it.

Your save file is located in D:\YourUserName\Documents\Square Enix\FINAL FANTASY VII Steam\user_##### if it's the steam version, or just in the FF7/Save folder if it's 1998/Game Converted version. If you send that across, I can add the rewards into the inventory.

Checked the links, but the main installer link looks fine; it directs to a 174MB file.

Most of the changes from september/january will be bug fixes, innate tweaks, and other small changes.

Alright, last question for the minute. I noticed that the Goblins no longer morph into Oversoul Shards and, instead, are purchased at the Battle Square. In similar changes, does the Yoshiyuki no longer drop from M-Class soldiers on the way to the underwater reactor? I've been grinding those suckers for a while. Also, can you check on their AI? Sometimes, while fighting them, they do an attack that just... never happens. The game just stays that way forever. Effectively a crash. It doesn't display an attack, the screen just zooms out and nothing ever happens again.

Yoshiyukis still drop from M-Class; I'll figure out which attack is causing a lock.

Jeez man you are right im such an idiot, since i had battles in over world I did'nt notice jeez thank you, anyways Sega if you still read this I would still like to know the difference between the versions from september 2017 to the current one, thank you for your time

There are notepad files called patch notes in the download folder (for June and July 2018); they might not cover every single change made between the September and March versions but they should give you more of an idea of what was changed/fixed.

Yeah some of the unnamed (well, a lot) are attached to either physical attacks, speech animations, or other non-combat actions during battle. There are a lot of redundant actions though that can be shrunk down and repurposed if you take notes as you go.

Hello Guys ! :) My first post here :)

Im Playing New Threat Mod 1.5 for a 13hours
I have big problem with aersi Death - game crushing when i Reviving her.
So I instaled few patches / files. and everything go OK.
But after this changes Stats of materia changes.

And Now i don't know wchich stats is correct for NT Mod
Barrier - VIt +3      Magic Def  + 3 ,      Maxhp +3
Magic counter Mag +10      , Magic Def -26
Lighting VIt -03 ,       MagD - 3       MaxMp +3
ALL -     Mag - 5  , maxMP +3
Kjata - MAG/MAGD + 10 ,      MAXHP/MP -15
Its correct ? or no ?

Sorry for English, still learning -  Im from Poland :)

The Materia stats you posted seem correct. The latest versions of the mod changed them.

Yeah, I wound up figuring out that you can't dodge a summon and items. I'm more just complimenting the puzzle, really. That was tough.

I do have one, BIG question for you now though. I've been wondering around in the Great Glacier area for about an hour now, scouring every nook and cranny I can find for that dang Deathblow. The only mountain area I can think of is the one around the Alexander cave. Am I just an idiot? I guess I'll move on to the Gaea Cliffs for now and just... idk... check to make sure you didn't mean Gaea Cliffs when you said Mountain Area.

Edit: Oh my god. I found it in a random path immediately after asking. I guess it just blends in so well. Sigh. Fern me.

That path can be a pain to find as a specific route needs to be taken to get onto the correct screens (and even with a change of colour from cyan to yellow, it is still tough to spot). I could try changing it to a treasure chest or something for better visibility.

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