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This is the situation with combining BC and NT:

Both affect event scripting and dialogue, and the automation tools we have aren't able to discern what is a critical script and what isn't. That means we have to take a field's script in its entirety when combining mods. So that would mean some fields would be using only BC scripts, and others would only be using NT scripts; besides the technical problems that could cause with mis-matched variables, etc. it would also be an incomplete experience of both mods.

Same goes with dialogue; even if we took all the BC text and ported it in, some of it would be mismatched due to NT's custom field scripting and a lot of the item pickups would likely display the wrong item (as these are unfortunately written as regular field text and not retrieved by the game based on the acquired item's ID).

However, all that only applies to automation. The process can be done manually and could probably be done so that both mods work seamlessly together given a tweak here and there. Best approach is to take the BC mod as a base then apply the NT scripts onto it; I'd likely be the best bet for that because I know where most of my scripts are and how they behave (plus it'd give me a chance to clean the older ones a bit and make them tidy).

So here's an idea; I was going to make a NT 2.0 after I was done with FF8 NT's Disc 1. What I could do instead is use a finished BC as a base for that and kill two birds with one stone. I'd also be able to set up the NT text in such a way that porting between BC and NT dialogue can be done without issues via touphscript to avoid issues with wrong text/out of context dialogue.

As for right now, you'll need to decide to either wait on that (could be months), or to play BC or NT. NT does have a text overhaul but it's not based on the Japanese or anything (though I referred to the translation whenever I hit a scene that I was struggling with).


If the top menu froze ATB, then you would be essentially forced to act with that character in order to get it moving again. When playing I'll sometimes delay on a turn to let an enemy act and see what he's going to do while letting the other character's gauges fill up.

There does seem to be inconsistency with certain cast animations though. I think it can happen with Limits that it keeps running under certain conditions but I'm not sure what the exact circumstances were; it might be different for each animation file if the game locks/unlocks ATB based on what animation frame its on.

I think the countdown timers go slower on slow speeds but faster on fast speeds so adjusting the ATB speed would probably work against you in that case. Gauge speed is a potential problem when paired with ATB behaviour because it can make status effects resolve too quickly; this is particularly problematic when Barriers are being taken into account with balancing.

Didn't really see the wait trick as too big a deal. Its benefit depends mostly on speed differences and it's mostly only used in speedruns or challenge runs where the mechanics need to be pushed and the fights tightly controlled.

FF7 could benefit more from such a patch than FF6 due to the longer attack animations, but it's not my preference. I found it made things restrictive and clunky when I was going through BNW's ATB patch; in my mind balance is fine so long as it doesn't impede the fun or the flow. I don't want to sit and wait on every single animation, I want things to be moving along.

If such a hack does come up though then it'll (probably) be compatible with NT out of the box as the game is split into separate files unlike a ROM. I'll ask people about it on discord and see if they know more about the inner workings of the ATB system.

Was sick for the last few days but on the mend now.

And thanks for the answer!

It's completely understandable that you missed one or two questions since my post was as long as a novel^^

So I'm gonna ask right again: What's the 3rd last enemy skill? The documentation says "Alpha" by Midgar zolom. But I never saw Alpha Zolom use "Alpha".

About the basketball game: when you see this, you'll definitely remember that you modded that game^^
Jokes aside, this is a big game, and you already are modding for years, so it's no wonder that the modding of non-important things, especially if they don't contribute to the story at all, are being forgotten. This happened to me too actually (but I'm just modding a SNES game - FFV)

But going to the Wonder Square for this very screenshot made me remember that I also wanted to mention that the things you can exchange your GP for are the same as in vanilla too. The non-mystery prizes were not stellar already, but the mystery ones are useless now too, as you get EXP+ and Gil+ earlier as well. And the carob nut for 500GP is still the biggest trap in the gold saucer haha

Also, a small suggestion/request: would it be possible to introduce a "toggle exp" option on save points? For the case you want to farm some items or fighting for fun/atmosphere without becoming overleveled.
If you like this idea, I think this can replace the "no encounters" option, because Enemy Away materia already exists. (Enemy away can also be programmed to reduce the encounter rate to 0%, can it?)

The Alpha enemy skill was dropped in favour of a new one called Transfusion, but that's currently unobtainable (and may be for the best, it seems to break when used). I'll sort this out soon.

So I seem to have messed with the basketball game after all. I'll revisit the area some time, I think it's been mostly untouched since the first build.

EXP = 0 could be arranged I think. I'll look into making Enemy Away 100% before doing it though.

I recently started a new playthrough using the New Threat mod via the "Gameplay - Difficulty and Story" mod in the 7th Heaven mod loader. Upon reaching where Red XIII join the party I realized there was no Enemy Skill materia left on the ground. I looked at the "Where is the Thing" text file and noticed it says that Red XIII is supposed to come with the Enemy Skill materia equipped, and that if he doesn't then the New Threat mod wasn't installed correctly.

I tried downloading the version that's separate from the "Gameplay - Difficlty and Story" and manually importing it to the 7h loader (I didn't try the stand alone version). I also replaced the ff7.exe with the ff7_bc.exe that comes with the download because I'm also using "The Reunion - Because and Menu Overhaul". Once I loaded the game up it was broken, mobs hp's were unchanged and EXP bar was shooting off the side of the screen into eternity. So I decided to revert back to the "Gameplay - Difficulty and Story" NT version, and reverted back to the standard ff7_bc.exe that comes with the 7h mod loader.

I decided to use a save game editor to add the Enemy Skill materia that I missed, and loaded it with Matra Magic and Laser which I would have learned from the Sample:G0624 boss fight. But my question is this:

Will there be any other bugs in the game if I continue using this version of the New Threat mod?

It sounds like your kernel wasn't patched and if playing through 7H this means that the setup process for that has been messed up somewhere. Make sure to follow all the steps as closely as you can, and be careful during the game converter step:


Thanks for the feedback, I'll go through it just now:

-) The level cap was only present in earlier builds, but is perhaps still referred to in the materials somewhere. Level handling in damage formulas was passed over to a character AI chunk which caused its own problems but eliminated the need for the level cap.

-) The north crater boss + that chest probably share a variable trigger or something.

-) The disappearing chests in ancient forest are prob cause they used to be item bags lying on the ground, which are intended to vanish after being examined. The line of script was probably left in by mistake.

-) I don't remember modifying the basketball game but there is every chance that I have and forgotten about it. Will investigate.

-) Materia drops toward the end of the game have been shuffled around a lot, and there's this problem of duplicates popping up.

-) The world map party leader thing is a limitation with how the world map script decides which character to show. Priority is Cloud > Tifa > Cid with no check to see who is actually party leader. Those characters getting locked in PHS if they're not party leader is actually to do with this, because a serious glitch can occur if you're on world map with access to characters who have higher priority.

Basically, if you have Tifa or Cid as party leader, PHS someone in with a higher priority and then save your game without closing the menu, the game will still have the higher priority character model's coordinates at x00,y00 in the savemap. So even though you close the menu and are in the right place, when that save is loaded you'll appear in the middle of the ocean with no way to get back.

The game uses 00,00 as a storage location for models not currently in use, like vehicles and other party leaders.

-) I'll check the prizes, not looked at them for a long time.

-) Dialogue-wise for Aeris, I tried to find a way to set it up so that it wouldn't hijack the story. I think when she leaves your party for the last time to head for the forgotten city, she mentions during Cloud's dream that she's not sure what she's doing, just that she has a feeling there's something there. So I ran with that to keep the logic of later scenes on Disc 2 intact.

I've seen Shademp's videos and I reactivated some scenes (or rebuilt completely) using them as a point of reference. The Mt. Corel scenes, the alternate helicopter landing at Costa del Sol, etc.

Balance-wise, we'll see about the elemental materia. I think one extra was added for Red coming along, mostly because the one in shinra hq can be missed.

Thanks for the donation, bud; glad you enjoyed the mod. There'll be a 2.0 rebuild someday.

The chest carrying it next to gelnika's save point was set to invisible by accident, making it unobtainable. Best bet is a save editor for the time being.

@soku : Lots of good points, thanks mate! Sorry about that limit break thing, can't believe I forgot about that! Silly me!

Aside from that I recently got Barret's ultimate, I reckon it lacks a bit of oomph and utility (4 materia max!).

I also noticed a bug : the atb resets when reaching max instead of allowing your character to act. This only happens during the first battle turn, only for one character at a time (the one who seems to start with the biggest atb)  and only for fast characters (200 dex+). My slow af Barret never has any issues but my lightning fast Cloud and Red XIII get 1 out of 3 turns canceled:-/
Might be a vanilla thing though, I can vaguely remember something like that..

It's a vanilla bug, but I can't remember if it's to do with a specific materia (sneak attack maybe?) or high dex as you said.

Iron Giant is now a random encounter (met one after going to the left, then the lower path).

But I also have a question on an ultimate weapon: Where on earth is the Moon Crystal? You don't get this one in Red XIII's sidequest.
Appearentely you should get one from an enemy in the north crater called "Abyss" - but I already have been everywhere there, and haven't found such an enemy.

So where to get the Moon Crystal?

As of the latest versions, each of the three Crater paths has a miniboss on it. If you're playing an older version, then I think the old man in Kalm has it but an Earth Harp needs to be traded in first which triggers a battle that drops it.

If it's latest version and the minibosses are nowhere to be seen, check the last field of the Right path (the giant skeleton field); there should be a figure in a black cloak on there.

Great thanks !

Btw is it possible to save edit ? I've been silly enough to miss the leviathan's scales.... ^^"

You can save-edit without issues, changing EXP/level may cause a harmless visual glitch with the exp gauge until the character levels up in-game though.

Was just reading the forum to catch up a bit, when I´d read this about the Shinra Mansion safe beast. Maybe you remember that I did start over because I used an old NT mod from 7h, and I assumed it was the newest version this time. But when I fought the beast from the safe, after beating the first version, I had to fight both the fysical as the magical version at the same time. Does that mean I have an old version again?... thanks in advance. (Or is it because I play the Arranged mode)

That's an arrange mode thing.

Hi again,

thank you for answering, Sega Chief. If you are interested, I noticed more things and / or some I forgot to mention on my last post:

Dialogue again:
In Wutai, in front of the Pagoda, there is a man who looks like Gorkii - he explains the pagoda to Cloud. He mentions that the guardians are "Power, Speed, Magic, War and Omni". However, when climbing the Pagoda, Power is actually "Defense", and War is "Weapons".

I also wanted to report inconsistencies in Gorkii's name - but after beating Godo, more names, even wackier ones were used for him, so now I'm pretty sure that it's an intended joke.

Yeah the Gorki thing was a joke, I couldn't keep track of it so I just made them all different. I missed the dialogue where it uses the old names for the attributes so I'll change that.

I would kind of agree that every dialogue-related thing I brought up so far was nitpicking. But this one line during Yuffie's Gold Saucer date is the first one which I really think ruined character developement (kind of). Now we all know Yuffie is not the most honorable person. I can kind of understand the "Who the hell is Marlene" thing, maybe that naver came up so she really might not know about her. But her line after Cait Sith handed over the Keystone really is out of character, if you ask me:
"So you sold us out to Shinra - There goes my exit plan"
And I'm gonna tell you why I think so:
Yuffie is after the party's materia. She needs it to avenge her hometown ergo fighing Shinra. Eventually she also learns that the main party is doing "the right thing" (at least the fighting Shinra part) - this is revealed when she and Godo are arguing in Godo's mansion. Then at the date she kisses Cloud, and actually feels well doing so, after the gondola ride.
Given that information, how can she still think of selling out the party? Especially to Shinra!

I disagree about Yuffie having character development; she's one of those characters that pokes fun at the concept. During the pagoda's last scene, it's played fairly straight right up until the end until Godo suggests that she make off with the party's materia anyway, once all the fighting is done, and she says something like 'heh heh, you bet' implying that nothing has changed after all.

By the end of the game, going by default game dialogue, she's more or less the same; moaning about having to fight Sephiroth, trying to con Cloud into signing a contract to give away the party's stuff, things like that. In the extended universe, there is character development (I think? been a while since I played them) but I'm sticking to original game's characterisation.

Suggestions: If you are looking for some extra dialogue / text to put in some dungeons, I have some suggestions:
1) Tifa in the party when climbing Mt. Nibel: She can have a talk with Cloud on the bridge about that incident ("testing" Cloud again how much he knows about the bridge tearing 5 years ago, and maybe also some comments about falling over the bridge together about 10(?) years ago. Maybe also on that place where they landed 5 years ago (where the 2nd Shinra grunt was lost / died).
Also, returning to the place where Tifa's father got murdered with her in the party would be a possibility.

2) Tifa and/or Aeris in the party during the 2nd half (Corneo part) of the Wutai story. This is kind of self-explanatory.

Could do, I guess; Mt. Nibel doesn't have a lot going on scene-wise but need to be careful about having too many scenes or it'll start to feel obstructive.

Another one which was already flawed in vanilla: the Limit Breaks "Blood Fang" and "Dragon". They deal damage and suppose to drain the enemy's HP and MP. But the HP draining only works if the enemy has MP. And also, you can never drain/heal more HP than MP.
You hit a Spencer with Blood Fang, dealing over 1,000 damage. Spencers only have 30 MP. Red XIII will heal for 30 MP, but also only for 30 HP, which is a joke. As I said, on enemies with 0 MP, those limit breaks won't even heal for a single HP.
It would be great if you would be able to fix this.

I've never really looked into it, the Drain HP/MP effect is a bit busted though (or at least feels that way).

I also like the new Items which were introduced, but the order is kind of messed up. What I mean: when sorting your Items, only one option makes sense (Type). In vanilla, it was pretty good, only the playe of the Eye Drops was messed up (it ended up somewhere in the middle of status infliction items). But most of the new items end up at the bottom (still above Equipment items, but underneath Tent, Greens, Nuts, Battery etc.), far away from other items with similar effects. I know what is causing this (those items were either dummies, or the useless items like Super Sweeper etc.) - but is there a way to change the order of "Type"?
I admit that this one is a rather minor issue though.

So the Cursed Ring grants more stats, but has a more devestating curse. As far as I noticed, restorative is neutralized, and if you look in the status menu, you'll see that you are also now immune to regen. But when using Aeris's "Planet Protector", it just said "Miss" on the cursed character, although it didn't say in the status that it also grants "immunity" to Barriers and Shield.

Another Wutai thing: according to your excel file (and proud clod as well), you can morph Chekhov into a Wizard Bracelet. But you can't, actually. Well at least I have not found a way to make Chekhov receive damage from Morph, as she is immune to physical damage. I tried to drain all her 999 MP away, that didn't break any sort of "protection", as well as casting Dispel. So you are just mocking us with that Wizard Bracelet, aren't you? ;)

And last but not least: Can you please tell me what the Arrange mod does?

EDIT: Forgot another thing which I wanted to report in my first post, fml.
Howl Comb appearantely does not inflict Berserk at all, although the description says so.

I think the only item sort that 'works' is the Type one, which actually just sorts them based on their item ID (that's why Eye Drops was dislocated from the other status healing items; it had a much higher ID than the others). The new items were also added to the end of the list as you can't 'insert' items with the tool, you have to manually recode every item back in (also, other tools except makou don't track changed items so it can get a bit confusing to keep track of when modding).

With an immunity to an element (restore in this case), any statuses associated with the attack will also miss. Planet Protector has restore element so it'll miss when used on someone with Curse Ring equipped.

The Pagoda bosses having a morph item was an oversight that crept in as these enemies were changed in later builds.

Arrange Mode ups enemy level, unlocks new attacks for them, and changes some boss encounters for different ones.

And Howl Comb I think should have same chance to inflict status ailments as a Added Effect combo.

Thanks to F. L. F and A. G. for the donations, I really appreciate it.

Can i change language like italian if i have the patch? Or is impossible without breack the mod?

A direct patch will likely kill NT's field scripts and break the mod. But a tool called Touphscript can dump all the mod's text and then the italian script could be placed in that way.

If this is a no-go, send me the italian patch and I'll see what I can do.


Make sure that Sources are giving +5 per use and not +1; if it's not +5 then the .EXE isn't in use.

So I've done every sidequest in the game and beaten every boss, but I haven't been able to find "King Bub" and "Royal Guard" said to be in Kalm in the Enemy Items spreadsheet. I've tried talking to every NPC in Kalm but I didn't see anything hinting at a boss fight. How do I encounter this?

That encounter was removed from later versions; there's actually quite a few cut encounters in the files now that I think about it.

Hi guys, quite struggling here with the Lambda Calcule boss in the Shinra Masion. It appears to be almost invincible to me, especially the second form (both physical and magical versions) which, I understand, appears randomly after the initial version.

It's specifically unclear how to avoid/minimize the "R = (x ,y, z, ict)" move, which remove all negative statuses from the boss, restores approx 3000 hp (my strongest attack with quake 2 is 800) and activates shell (for the physical version) which makes everything damn ineffective. I tried to use debarr, but it looks that this increases the frequency with which the boss uses "R = (x ,y, z, ict)".

I feel I am on a standstill.

My party is approx lvl 33 (Cloud is 35) and I'm using Barret and Cait Sith.

I also noticed that the mod (I'm using 7H) is behaving differently from what is showed in here:

It rather seems more like it behaves like v 1.4 (here being

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it was a few versions ago then this info may be out of date, but:

The split mechanic is the same as vanilla; at 50% HP, a physical attack will leave you with the magic side and a magic attack will give you the physical side. All 3 forms can be hit with Stop status (and Slow, which extends the duration of Stop) so an Hourglass item, Aeris' Seal Evil Limit, or Added Effect + Time in a weapon can help you pin him down a lot easier.

Poison will work on the first form but the other forms absorb it so use an Antidote to remove Poison once he changes. Earth deals 2x damage against all 3 forms so that's the element to stick with attack-wise.

The Magic form will attack with Ruin spells which upgrade over time. These are non-elemental but can be reflected back at the boss. You can also Silence this form to prevent him casting these spells. The Physical form has a self-heal he'll use at the end of his attack cycle which is based on the in-game timer.

So to summarise; set up to use Earth element, at the 50% mark use physical/magic attack to spawn your favoured side, and make use of Slow + Stop from Hourglass, Seal Evil, Added Effect, or the spell (but it's unlikely you'll have Stop unlocked by this point).


Hovering NPC is an issue I've not sorted yet; all field models are present on a field, but when not in use are usually placed in a location and set to invisible; this one is in the default location but hasn't been set invisible.

Mini against Cait and Mog is intended. Death Dealer not being vulnerable to Manip wasn't though. I think there was an issue with transfusion itself. I'll sort that out when I put a patch together.

Na don't worry I'll start from sractch, I am not too happy about some sp choice. Thanks !

OK; just mind that the .exe changes have altered sources so that 1 use = +5 to a stat (so you'll get 3 sources instead of 15, for instance; cuts down button mashing). Make sure to drop the .exes into the FF7 folder and check that the sources give +5 instead of +1 per use when you reach mythril mines again.

How do you get Crystal Glove after you've done the huge materia quest, since it's needed for Tifa's ultimate weapon? After heading back to Junon the dog's still blocking the way and the door to the underwater reactor's locked, and in the spreadsheet I can't find any other enemy to get Crystal Glove from.

You can buy them from the manic shopper in ruined Mideel; if you head left after entering the town, there's an incline you can scale that leads to a platform with her on it. You can also buy them from the merchant in black on the Highwind (near the Operations Room).

Yes I had to KO both of them.
Speaking about Gongaga I can't seem to be able find the Added Cut Materia. I get Deathblow instead, I read that both were swapped in a previous ver or something, so I wonder if I am actually playing the latest NT ver (I dl the latest 7th heaven ).

Thanks for the repply mate.

Sounds like an early version; the 7H version supplied in the catalog is fairly old now. There's an IRO on the first page of this thread that can be imported into 7H for the most recent build of the mod.

Just be aware that the new builds of the mod use their own modified .EXEs which are supplied in the download and should be dropped into the FF7 folder. ff7.exe is for 1998 (primarily used by 7H converted games as well), ff7_en.exe is for Steam, and the ff7_bc.exe is for compatibility with the 'Beacause' mod. If unsure, drop all 3 into the FF7 folder; and remember to keep a copy of your original .EXEs as backups so you can revert to vanilla.

Porting over to the newest version should be OK except for one thing; rank up handling was changed so this may get messed up. I can fix your save file(s) so that this doesn't cause issues however.

If you decide to stick to the version you're currently playing, it should be OK but be aware that some bugs/balancing problems may be around. I'm not exactly sure how old that version is, just that it hasn't been updated in a long while; if Deathblow is still in Gongaga then it must be fairly old.


I'll clean up the inconsistencies in text.

As far as Defence goes, it seems to scale up and hits a tipping point of some kind. A character with 200+ defence becomes very tough to kill. The character AI currently doubles the held defence value so your defence stats are actually 2x what they would be in default (enemy defence actually does the same in default game).

When skipping the Nibelheim flashback, all the flags needed to obtain Elemental materia later on are flipped. He'll mention playing the piano during the whirlwind maze illusion.

Music has a few inconsistencies; I implemented it in a fairly sloppy way that breaks in scenes where multiple music tracks are used. I've tried to patch this up as best I can for the time being but will be sorting it out properly at some point in the future.


For physical attacks, Elemental materia is quite important as it'll double your damage. You can gain access to mostly all the elements early on as some were added to support materia; restore/life has Holy on it, Heal has Water element, etc. One thing to remember is that anything to do with Jenova will always be weak to Holy, large/heavy enemies will be weak to Earth, flying enemies will be weak to Wind, stuff like that. For randoms, Fire/Ice tends to work.

Buffing the stat up with armour/accessories can help as well. Physical builds can be really effective if you invest in them, so stick at it. At Gongaga you'll find Added Cut materia which can be great with a physical-built character as they'll be able to hit with Magic and follow up with a physical attack for potentially huge damage.

The Turks fight in Mythril Mines I think was altered so that only one of them had to be beaten to end the battle. Did you have to KO both of them?

Where do I get the enemy skill that used to be Alpha since Alpha Zolom doesn't use that any more? The "where is the thing" file seems a bit outdated, e.g. still listing L5 suicide when that's been replaced with Quarry Fuse.

I tried looking around kernel.bin and it seems like "Alpha" was replaced with "Transfusion" but I can't find any enemies that actually have that skill in scenes.bin

I think it's on Death Joker in the Crater, but the scene still lists it as Alpha. What the game does is, it checks the attack ID and if it's lower than a certain value it'll grab the info for the attack from the kernel instead of the enemy attack list. That means attacks can be changed in the kernel and left as-is in the scene. Usually I keep the two consistent for sanity's sake but I haven't done it this time.

The reset was to fix the ranks in the savemap, but the sources themselves are retained. In the overhaul build I'm going to implement a proper reset so players can respec characters.

Did some searching and it might be the operating system, some users say that the game crashes intermittently on Windows 10. Others said it might be due to issues running the game on multi-core systems (but don't think it's this; I've never had the base game bomb out on me), or a memory problem that can be exacerbated by other mods like texture overhauls, etc.
'Now i run it as administrator, in Windows 7 compatibility mode, with only CPU 1 in affinity and with Steam Overlay disabled. Literally every solution of every problem i have read on this forum.'

Seems a bit much, but he purportedly got through game without a crash after all this so maybe it could help.

Hi, I would like to say that I like the addition of updated models in this mod. Barrett, Cloud, Tifa and Aerith's field models have some nice new features. However one thing that bothered me is the NPC's models, as said in the notes, you got rid of the gaping "O" mouths that they all have, which I am pleased about because they just looked out right creepy and stupid with those mouths. However, you also removed the mouths from the main characters, which I understand that maybe you're trying to give them the original retro Playstation look by simply giving them a blank mouth texture, but I honestly think you should just give them their mouths back since they had regular ones in comparison to the NPCs.

Also, while I was looking through the forums on the case of the NPC's mouths, I came across this thread: which contained a post from you back in 2013. You posted three different links, one that simply removes all NPCs mouths, one that removes all mouths from all characters including the main ones (which gives out the same look the models have in this mod), and one that simply gives the NPCs the same kind of mouths that all the main characters have.
This might just be personal preference, but I think you should have gone with the option of just giving the NPCs the same kind of mouths as the main character's field models have.
I know you may have other projects in the works, but if you ever plan to update this, do you think in the future you could provide an optional file that will give the main characters their mouths back and will also give the NPCs the same kind of mouths as them? Like I said, I understand that your maybe trying to recreate the original retro look of the PS1 release, but personally I think the models would look better if they just had the same kind of mouths as the main characters in a vanilla game. It'll make them look more unique if you ask me, instead of just having straight out blank mouths.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Those were my first mods. I went with the psx-style because I felt it was a better fit for the scenes, as the models, animations, etc. rely a lot on impressionism (as in, your brain fills in the missing details based on context).

I could add a 7H option where it restores the texture, and a mini-installer that patches an NT char.lgp with the textures. I think I still have the files here.

hi guys, I just have a question.
I ended the v1.54, but I found no Enemy skill materia.
Is that normal? Did I miss it or it doesn't exist?

There are two potential causes, and both are pretty bad:
1. Did you start from a new game or from the Reactor 1 save point? Some players start from that save to skip the opening FMV but this means the intended initial state for all the characters, etc. isn't set so you end up with Red XIII joining without Enemy Skill equipped.

2. If playing through 7H version, it hasn't been set up properly and so the kernel isn't getting patched by the program. This means something was missed during installation, like the Game Conversion.

Thanks for the inconvenience of answering  :lol:, The truth is that at the beginning Cloud was strong because I started climbing levels, but now that I'm on the 65th floor of Shinra HQ (First time) I have noticed that its damage is minor despite it has 2 levels more than the others, including magic attack, a doubt, in which turn is the skill activated? and what is the best weapon for normal attacks in early game for Cloud?

I think in the current build, whenever a Limit Break is used Cloud gets a boost to Strength and Magic; this wears off after a while and can then be triggered again by another Limit Break.

When you leave Midgar, you'll start to pick up additional weapons. The idea was to balance the early-game weapons against each other, and then phase them out with direct upgrades as you progress further into the game.

These weapons are also designed to compliment the stats you decide to boost for the characters, a feature that is unlocked after clearing the Mythril Mines.
Buster Sword: high base attack, less materia slots
Mythril Saber: lower attack, but boosts Magic
Hardedge: Boosts defence
Force Stealer: Drains HP as damage

When you reach Cosmo Canyon, the Buster Sword becomes redundant as Butterfly Edge gives slightly higher attack while also giving a Dexterity boost and more materia slots.

Hello !
About Tifa, is there any way to get only "hit"on her limit ? I know there is a cheat mod for getting only "yeah!" but this make her over mega uber powered lol
With only "hit" we could get a really balanced and not stressfully limit break with her, just a question, as every one said this mod is perfect no doubt on it ^^

I don't know where to post the next question so i will do there, i see that you're working on a ff8 nt mod, do you know when you will launch it? I'm so hype to play at it, you've got nice ideas for this (i particulary enjoy the junctions and the full draw option you input in), hope we will have a challenge and balanced game such as ff7 nt :D

Adjusted FF7 NT files with no miss reels:

FF8 NT is coming along, still no real idea when it'll be finished though; can run into issues at any time with it, like the new spells not being part of the sort for instance (which means they get lost s:)

Thanks for the donation, I appreciate that.


Thanks again for your hard work. Recommended it to a couple of my friends too.

Is Tifa more buxom in the mod than the original or is it my imagination?

The mod adds a fair few things but that isn't one of them lol

Yeah I have all mods bar the ones that change the look of the bookcases in Shinra HQ ... It is the only part that causes the issue as well, everything else is fine.

Alright well for now I will wait till I get to the Crater to lvl up abit quicker lol.

Also did you put those bug things back to 0 exp in the mideel area ??

Some Mideel enemies were given a script to set exp to 0 for early parts of the game cause it was possible to power-level super fast off them, except I then changed the way character level is factored in damage formulas (through their AI, so this activates in battle) which sets off the exp 0 script.

Sega Chief,

I thanked you last night on Death's stream. Just wanted to give you a full run down now that I've completed the game.

It's brilliant - I managed to kill Nemesis, Omega, Ruby, Emerald, that chocobo who gives you Pandora's box. A lot of the time I had to play smart as brute forcing doesn't work.

I wish I could put this on my phone on my PS emulator (I'd never play the original again if that happened).

The Dark Cave was a fantastic addition.

Is there anywhere I can donate since I've enjoyed your hard work so much it seems only fair that I give you something for your amazing project.

Sorry for gushing.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's things in the mod I'm not happy with, dark cave being one, but I'm going to do a full overhaul of the mod at some point to iron out the problems. Donations can be made through a link on the first page of this thread but if you change your mind, no worries.

Loving your work with this mod @sega_chief.

I ran into a problem though. When tifa is trying to bring back cloud's memories back, I skip the whole thing so I dont have to watch the memories but when I do that for some reason the game crashes on me but when I actually went through the dream sequence it worked.

Also is there a list anywhere that tells me what gives the best gil, ap and xp anywhere.

Can't wait for FF8 NT :D

I've not had any other reports about a crash with that skip; do you have any other mods on like character models/field backgrounds? I'll double-check the script just in case.

As far as exp, gil, ap goes the further you move into the game the better it gets. The best spot for AP hands-down though is the Left-Up path in the Crater; Magic Pots now ask for Ethers instead of Elixirs and both they and Mover enemies give vastly increased AP. For EXP, any path should do the trick as enemies give a lot of it in Crater area. Each path also has its own Save Point now, just be wary of overwriting your save file on the first trip down though as there are some new obstacles on each path now. If encounters get too much while you're grabbing everything, remember there's a toggle function on save points to turn random encounters off.

Bug Reporting/Small request.

While im using the previous Build, i don't than these bugs have been Addressed just yet.
-Cid's Limit Break: Big Brawl suddenly does 0 damage to bosses (I'm unsure if this is a feature of it, and deals no damage for X factor?)
-After fighting Aeris' Mimic, if Tifa is the leader, and she tries to go back to the pedestal where Aeris was praying, the game will auto-lock and Tifa cannot move, this can happen right after the Boss battle, making it so the player has to re-do the whole thing.
-Game Currently Freezes/Crashes when Black Chocobo in Pandora's Box Fight when it uses it 'desperation' attack.
-The NT Debug guy in the center run of the Highwing is still squatting when Tifa and Cloud return to the Highwing in the end-game scene where they also mention than they are also alone, this honestly breaks the inmersion a bit to much.

My Request: May you increase Aeris dialogs? Currently, for example, when You switch Leaders in the Highwind,  she resets her text to the first text when she first gets into the ship, may i ask for her to have unique text for Tifa and Cid? Like Asking him how is his relationship with Shera is going? and for Tifa, implying than if her relationship with could grew a bit after they traveled through the Life-Stream? also add a bit more text in Nibelheim Scene in the North Crater for her aswell.

Talking about Zack, is there in plants to create an scene where  Cloud/Aeris/Tifa give his parents the bad news?
Cloud Ultimate Weapons has been altered, it seems? I know it deals more base off Cloud's Max HP vs Current? If so, there is anyway for Cloud to reach 9999 HP to maximize its damage output? (Not like it was before the Nerf, but the weapon bararly does 2500 damage) Or what is the correct Formula behind it?

Good work with the Mod so far, needs a bit polish here and there, but its coming along beautifully!

Big Brawl is a PC-specific glitch, I'm not sure of the cause but I think DLPB has a fix for it (among other things). The attack is causing damage, it's just that it isn't showing visually; this also means that enemies killed with this Limit Break won't 'vanish' from the field despite being dead; battles should still end as normal though.

I'll check in on the pedestal Tifa thing and the chokh's pandora box; the former I remember being an issue (don't know off the top of my head if it was fixed in latest release) and the latter shouldn't be crashing if it's just using an enemy skill. I'll investigate.

Debug guy will be set to hidden during that scene, should be a simple flag.

I'll add party-leader specific dialogue handlers for Aeris on the Highwind; I'll leave whirlwind maze + corel alone for now though.

Cloud's Ultimate weapon currently uses the same modifier as it did in vanilla, and deals more damage based on how full his HP is. He'll still need strength bonuses and elemental 2x to push toward the damage cap (depends on Defence of the enemy). Try setting him up with a Warrior Bangle, Power Wrist/Champ Belt, and Elemental + element in the weapon; if you're in the Crater, most enemies are weak to Holy for instance (check restorative/life materia, these now confer Holy element).


Currently, each character gets a flat +5 to all stats per rank, with 8 ranks, so the overall bonus is +40. Then the chosen upgrade goes onto that which I've printed from the flevel below:

Spoiler: show

[{CLOUD}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR/DEX
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{BARRET}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Marauder: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Vigilante: +10 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}Heavy Metal: +15 VIT{, }+5 MAG
{CHOICE}Techno-Freak: +10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Bomberman: +10 STR/DEX
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{TIFA}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Monk: +10 STR{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Pugilist: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Brawler: +10 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}Oracle: +10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Punchbag: +10 VIT/DEX
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{AERIS}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Flowergirl: +10 MAG{, }+5 DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}White Mage: +10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Geomancer: +10 VIT{, }+5 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Slum Drunk: +10 STR/VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Slum Drunk II Electric Boogaloo: +20 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{RED XIII}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Cosmo Warrior: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/DEX
{CHOICE}Guard Hound: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Red Mage: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Sample #13: +10 MAG/DEX
{CHOICE}Cosmo Protector: +10 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{YUFFIE}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Materia Hunter: +10 DEX{, }+5 STR/MAG
{CHOICE}Gil Bandit: +10 LCK{, }+5 STR/DEX
{CHOICE}Wutai Shinobi: +10 MAG{, }+5 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Goddamn Punk: +10 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Queen of Wutai: +5 STR/MAG/DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{CAIT SITH}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Fortune-Teller: +10 LCK{, }+5 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Yeti Pal: +15 STR{, }+5 VIT
{CHOICE}Materia Tank: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/LCK
{CHOICE}Top Cat: +10 DEX{, }+5 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}Tabby Tank: +10 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{VINCENT}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Horror Agent: +10 MAG{, }+5 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Beastmaster: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/LCK
{CHOICE}Berserker: +10 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Quickdraw: +10 STR/DEX
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

[{CID}] - Rank Up
+5 All Stats & Choose Upgrade:
{CHOICE}Shinra Ace: +10 LCK{, }+5 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Engineer: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Wingman: +10 MAG{, }+5 DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}Airman Dragoon: +10 STR/DEX
{CHOICE}Top Gun: +15 STR{, }+5 MAG
{CHOICE}{PURPLE}[Check Character Stats]{WHITE}

Generally, most options buff strength and/or magic so that characters don't get left behind offensively but a couple were added that focus exclusively on defence (Cloud & Red now have pure defence options). Most of the options also tally to about +20 overall, but some go past that if the build runs against what's ideal for the character; Aeris' strength builds for instance.

Elemental/Added Effect protects and element/status ailments but at the cost of a reduction to defence/magic defence. Support magic like Debarrier, etc. I want people to have on more often instead of skipping over so their buffs are mostly positive.

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