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Even if you use the concept of my scene, I know that is a lot of work, for that reason I did not want to reject you.

To finish I have to say, although I did not like the result, you did not do things wrong as Kugen, that is the truth.

Forget what happened, I feel sincere your mod is excellent, with my scene or without it, but you've also been in this for years, you will understand me when I tell you ... finish it now, man!

Accept the apologies, regards.

I understand, and for what it's worth I'm sorry about how things worked out. Good luck with your mod as well.

I know it is written in another language, but whatever you use, the logical thing is to credit even if the code used is offset.

Turboss deserved some mention, surely you saved time for its program, but I repeat, sorry if it has bothered you, I have deleted the message ..

With my scene you know that I prefer that they wait for me to finish it and that they take the code, but you plagiarized it without prior notice, I cannot ask you to remove it because it is rewritten by you, what am I going to say?

I have seen enough people play and people clapping for a scene that is really mine, without knowing the real author, but that is no longer important.

Forget this, sorry for what happened and good luck with your project.

The offset for materia values? I didn't get that from Turboss, that's been community knowledge for years. If he originally found that offset and wants to be credited then I guess that can be done but I've no idea who actually reversed that information originally. The PC offset I was given by someone years ago and I used the default values from a PC exe to do a hextstring search in a NTSC English ISO to get the PSX offset (though this likely won't apply to non-NTSC English discs; it doesn't match the japanese original version's offset for instance; it's something I need to cover in the tool at some point).

When I did the video showing my version of that scene it wasn't in a public NT build yet; I'd incorrectly assumed at the time that your OVA project was abandoned but then I found out from you that it was actually still underway. So we had a conversation and you said it would be okay for me to go ahead and implement my version into NT on the understanding that I don't do it with any of your other stuff, which I agreed to; I would have absolutely removed it if you'd asked me to, as it is your concept.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-27 14:32:06 »
Hello! It's been a while. I've been trying out the latest version (2.0) and just had to point out one thing. I opened the extended save menu in Yamski's house and it soft locked the game for me; the cursor didn't appear and I couldn%u2019t do anything.

One other thing, it's not game changing so I never bothered to mention it but for some reason the field theme won't play for me when in battles even when I set it that way. I started a fresh new game with the new version and have no other mods in use so I'm not quite sure what the issue could be?

Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to cut Dark Cave and a bunch of the Turks battles in Type B? Balancing issues?

Edit: I apologise if my formatting is coming across strange...for some reason my apostrophes are replaced with %u201C%u2019%u201D when I view my post...

I edited your post a bit for apostrophes; very strange they're coming out as what I'm assuming are ascii/unicode or whatever it is. Maybe an incompatibility with a language or keyboard setting?

Anyways, The Yamski save point I wasn't able to replicate at the time when another user reported it. I'll check it again and see if I can add some sort of failsafe to it.

The field theme playing for battles I think will be due to the variable handling it. Other users reported having the same issue and I'll get to the bottom of it.

Dark Cave was removed to make space for Type B, and also because I wasn't particularly happy with it. The lack of Turk fights in Type B was maybe an oversight; the Gongaga one uses the reactor battle instead for that mode which leaves a long gap until the Turks feature again, and I think the Gelnika encounter was deactivated for Type B as well (can't recall why). Will address that in the update.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] New Threat Mod (v0.3)
« on: 2020-10-26 19:02:40 »
Heyo! Since your work on FF7 New Threat was absolutely superb, and hearing you'd start focusing on this project after the next FF7NT Update, I figured I'd give this a try and help out with feedback!

I LOVE the changes to junctioning, with 1 stock =100 stocks for stat boosts. It makes playing Magic characters as Mages feel actually viable without shooting yourself in the foot.

I've made it to Timber where Rinoa officially joins the party, and I've intentionally avoided abusing Triple Triad, Card, and Card Mod (mostly because I really hate Triple Triad). GFs also have not been used in Combat.

Character related notes:
Spoiler: show
-If Selphie is intended to be a hybrid glass cannon, maybe buff her base stats so she hits harder than/as hard as Squall? At least for the early game, especially where her lower bulk gets her killed super fast.

-Rapture Description typo: "Float,Regen,Hass te to all."
 -(Also, all of Selphie's Limits are "unlocked" from the start, but so far only DemiCure has shown up in her Slots.)
 -(I think DemiCure should have some status healing to make up for no longer healing the party to full HP.)

-Some of Zell's "paths" in his Duel Limit wind up at dead ends

-Rinoa's Strength and Magic are both naturally higher than Selphie's (while also being at a lower level), which undermines Selphie's Role as a Hybrid Glass Cannon.

Gameplay related notes:
Spoiler: show
-Ifrit nearly wiped me cuz I decided to play risky with Squall at low HP to spam limits (had less than 5 minutes to beat the fight). Very good, really enjoyed the difficult fight.

-With Enemies hitting harder, it may be a good idea to lower their speed during the early game. Too many close calls & game overs from enemies attacking non-stop despite being in Wait Mode

-Elvoret wiped the party after using Siren Song (which did absolutely nothing) and started throwing out Thundaras, doing roughly 650 damage to whoever got hit. Rematch went rougher against Biggs+Wedge due to how fast they are and Biggs' Confusion on his Attack, but smoother on Elvoret due to being better prepared.
 -(Siren Song still did 0 Damage on the rematch, but succeeded in inflicting Silence)

-X-ATM092 nearly wiped my team in the first forced fight with it since I spent a couple turns Drawing Protects and Shells. Opted against abusing the AP Trick with it to avoid the risk of a Game Over.

-Granaldo Fight was fairly tame. Protects on the Aldos left me having to spam Quistis' Ultra Sonic Wave to take them out before Granaldo could wipe me with its hard hitting combo attacks.

-Maybe change Ability Description to include Base Power, like in recent FF7NT updates? Would help a lot for getting the most out of Quistis' Damaging Blue Magic Limits.

-Diablos' Party-Wide Doom is pretty unneccesary and kinda overkill for Disc 1, especially since he can apply Aura, Double(?), and Haste(?) to himself
 -(Already mentioned, but camera doesn't work right when Diablos summons Cerberus)
 -(Diablos having Nether Blast to circumvent Blind cheesing him also makes his Party Wide Doom very overkill for Disc 1)
 -(Beating Diablos gave no EXP, and Diablos joined at Lv.9)

-GeruGeru was a complete pushover, though I did spam Squall's and Zell's limits. Maybe boost its Vitality and HP? Auto-Protect too? The team is very physical oriented at this point, so making GeruGeru physically resistant could make it more of a challenge?

Glitch & Crashes related notes:
Spoiler: show
-Draw Point in Library (Sleep/Silence) crashes the game when choosing to Draw Silence. Choosing to Draw Sleep produces no game crashes.
 -(Have been avoiding choosing the second draw point option since then, due to not having saved recently upon approaching new draw points in the event choosing the 2nd Draw Option is what made the game crash)
 -(Chose Draw Aero from the Water/Aero Draw Point in Dollet Tower; no crash. Seems the one in the Balamb Library might be bugged?)

-Already mentioned, I think, but Items used in Field are different from when used in Battle. Would probably just be better to cut down Status Healing Items to just Remedies?
 -(Potions say they heal 400HP, but only healed 200 in field and 250 in battle)
 -(Note for others: Luna Tonics heal Blind in the Field)

-Battle Formation Bug Bite x2 and Caterchipillar had Caterchipillar invisible until both Bug Bites were dead.
 -(Same battle, the Now-Visible Caterchipillar proceeded to repeatedly attack despite being in-menu on Wait Mode, resulting in a Game Over as I tried to heal)

-Weird animation glitch: When leaving the training area after talking with Quistis in the Secret Area, the event for the Granaldo Fight triggered as normal, but Squall ran in a circle before exiting the screen.

-Game froze during a battle against a red Galbadian Solder after GeruGeru battle, when Squall dealt a critical hit to him.

Really enjoying the mod so far, and will continue to keep taking notes as I go!  ;D

I think I've got a number of the glitches mentioned here sorted but will check the enemies as the AI bug can be quite subtle sometimes and not crash in certain formations.

Zell's thing with Duel was I think an experiment to see if I could set him up so that the goal becomes to get to the finisher rather than repeating the same few moves for maximum damage, with a dead-end reached if the path to one of the finishers wasn't met (or the finisher wasn't unlocked though I think they can be used anyway if you know the inputs; plan with that was to change the inputs for the book-locked finishers so the first playthrough at least can't use them early). I recall there being a problem with Zell or similar where an enemy would start to attack infinitely or behave strangely after Duel, but I think that was resolved after 0.3 went up so it won't be in the final build.

It would be fair that you recognize, your program is based on the Turboss code (this already worked for me previously), you should not only show him, but also put the first one in the credits, he undoubtedly deserves it, and you know it, but everyone should know .

You did the same with my Yuffie scene, in this case you didn't use my code, but if you plagiarized practically the entire scene, you should have mentioned me since no one knows that the original scene is mine.

In any case right now it does not matter, but Turboss deserves it, greetings.

So first of all, the MateriaKeeper tool wasn't plagiarised from anyone. It was coded from scratch in C# and wasn't based on anyone else's code; Turboss' tool is also in Python which is a different programming language. I'd be very curious to learn what you're basing that accusation on but for all intents and purposes it's incorrect.

As for your Yuffie scene, before NT was released I uploaded a video of it ( and I asked you if it was all right to proceed; you said it was, so I included it. I'll check through the credits of the forum thread and the documentation; if it's missing I'll add it. But I don't appreciate you giving me a green light to use the concept and then turning around and lashing out at me about it 5 years later without warning, especially after I tried to help you out with that Vincent thing.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-24 15:20:15 »
So I can effectively play the game as normal and not worry about morphing/stealing anything from enemies. Then in the end-game I can go around and morph/steal enemies to get all of those items I didn't morph/steal earlier? This is excellent thanks for clarifying.

And thanks for the explanation on modifying the enemies morph/steal/drop mechanics, I'll go and play around with the tools you mentioned.

Is NT v2 game type A basically the same as NT v1.5? I'm trying to decide if I should play through again on NT v2.

2.0 Type A is similar to 1.5 but has the following differences:
1) Full rebalance based on new formula adjustments
2) All bosses returned to default names/colours, AI & Attacks modified
3) New item placements
4) Some new event scripts, refined some pre-existing ones

But there's some stuff that was cut from 1.5 to 2.0; some characters don't have sidequests anymore for their Lv.4 Limit and sidequests like Dark Cave were also cut.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-23 13:46:29 »
First of all, well done on NT v1.5 I'm in the end-game and its been very good so far.

Feature request for v2: Allow players to collect all miss-able items in the end-game, and move any weapon/armor/important item from morph/steals to drops. I hate using morph/steal because I always forget or am concentrating on not dying so much :D.

One thing I really don't like about the OG is that you can miss items forever. And it seems in NT v1.5 you could forget to morph/steal an item you need for later that is really important. I'd love to be able to play the game without worrying about miss-able items, and then in the end-game be able to go around and collect everything I need to get the best weapons and armor in the game.

Also is the source code for v1.5 available? I'd have a go at doing this myself If I could learn how to do with some documentation and access to the source code.

1.5 shouldn't have anything missable, though it does rely on Morph/Steal for some of the end-game weapons in the Crater. The files for NT 1.5 can be acquired either by:

A) Using the Regular Installer and then going into the Data folder to get the patched files.

B) Downloading the IRO via 7th Heaven and then using its unpack IRO function to get the files that way.

The file in this case is the scene.bin which contains the enemy data (Data/Battle for 1998/7th Heaven IRO or Data/Lang-En/Battle for Steam/2012). It's modified using the Proud Clod tool (PrC):
When open, select Enemy Management > Enemy Stats:

The chance is from 1-63, with 63 being guaranteed. If setting a Steal, then Level factors into the success rate so a base chance of 63 may still result in failed steal attempts.

One thing to note with FF7 enemies is that they can only drop one item at a time, and it checks its four item slots consecutively. So if you had, say, 2 drops it'll check the chance on the first drop before checking the 2nd drop and so on. The 1st drop check needs to fail for the 2nd drop check to be evaluated.

Also just to clarify, the mod doesn't have source code as it's altering compiled files through hex edits (mostly done via tools).

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-17 20:10:38 »
Excellent thanks for the information! Yeah I will just overlook it and play with both, really looking forward to playing through this mod, but I also can't ignore the enhanced 'kaldarasha' models, they just look so much better.

A suggestion, if there are only a few new field models, maybe an option to disable them would be nice to have and allow consistency with other mods (if none of them are critical for your reimagined scenarios that is). Or perhaps ideally, there could be 'kaldarasha' versions of your new field models.

Thanks again.

That's not really an option.

softlock with any other party leader at gold saucer hotel (tried disabling all other mods)
maybe at north crater have it force cloud as party leader, result with tifa as party leader u warp directly to the choco stable room on the highwind, need to nip to the lelft can't interact with anything on that screen.

The 2nd thing sounds like some temporary measure that didn't get a proper solution. I'll add both to my list.

Does this mean your main priority at the moment is FF8 NT? I'd absolutely love that. I played the demo and only wished the whole game was like this. You can fix this broken game that's FF8 and make it fun again.

Also, regarding the Hard Mode, in my opinion, i'd rather have the same game as the original, but with harder enemies and less gil. Something like 50% stronger enemies (with some specific tweaks to some), 33% less gil and 33% less exp. Any more than that and it feels like a punishment. Should feel like a challenge that makes you have to use all the tools and alternative tactics. I think a little less hard than the 1.5 Arranged is the perfect spot, for me, but I cannot speak for everyone.

Priority is FF8 NT, but I want to put a 2.1 patch out for FF7 NT in the meantime as unsure how long the former will take. I want to try and get FF8 NT finished for the end of the year though.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-10 15:01:22 »
Apologies I assume this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any info - does this mod require sticking to the chibi field models?

I noticed if it is above the 'Field Models - Qhimm Catalog' in 7H load order, it forces the chibis. If I reverse that order, is it going to lead to large inconsistencies?

You don't need to use the chibis it comes with; any field model mod should be compatible. However, there are a few new entries used in NT that won't be affected by those mods so you may see the occasional chibi field model (for instance, the red shinra trooper will stay as a chibi because it's a new field model). But 99% of the field models will be replaced so if you can overlook that, have at it. As for order, NT should be lower in order than graphical mods. Higher in load order = higher priority.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-10 02:00:26 »
Hi Sega Chief,
yes it's the wrong item added for 1/35 Soldier, and there is a little error too in junonl1 with the crew2 at script 33 in talk: Si Var[5][11] == 2 (aller au label 3 sinon), it should be Si Var[5][11] == 3 (aller au label 3 sinon). Maybe i m the only one that use heliport  :-D
I don't know how attach a picture, it would be easyer for you maybe.

Oh, is that still off? I thought I'd dealt with it. Should be a quick fix.

I am very excited for FF8 New Threat!

Also, I'm happy to know that you are well, Chief. COVID cases are on the rise. Stay safe!

I don't have a good track record with anything cold or flu related, so I've been pretty careful so far.

Ive talked to them and donated money but every time i try to start the battle he says we need another 4K gil.

You are the one that needs to have 4k gils. The money they have (around 15k) is for when you dont fight yourself I think. I had this issue today ^^

To confirm what Money Lisa has said, you need a minimum amount of gil to participate in the minigame; 4000gil. The money stored with them is for when a battle is missed by progressing the story so they can cover it for you.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-09 15:42:30 »
Throwlette and Mug counter works, but the innate says that one enemy should give double the gils if Yuffie participate in the fight. That is the part that doesnt work for me

I'll remove the bit about gil from the documentation + in-game text if it still reports it there.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-10-09 15:29:26 »
Hi all, been less active recently. I was taking a small break and was transferring to a new PC, which is still ongoing to get all the tools, files, etc. across and set up. Thanks to wdx and others for answering questions in the meantime.

Having an issue with 1/35 soldier collecting. When I pick up the one during the Midgar raid, the one on the scaffolding listed as #9 in the documentation, the item doesn't transfer into my inventory. I'm in Hard mode, type B. Anyone else?

Hi, there is an error in flevel.lgp md8_b1 at the script: Add 1 item(s) No19 to the inventory, should be No95

So it's the wrong item being added? I'll add that to my notes for the next patch.

I started an run B, it is very nice but unfortunately my Cloud cannot level up. It goes beyond the level limit bar


That's likely due to a menu mod that changes gauges and the like. It is fortunately a purely visual bug though, and EXP is still being tallied as intended. When you next level up, the gauge overflow should correct itself but if not it doesn't impact Cloud's levelling and the like; it's just a visual meter for the player.

Hello ! I'm in 2.0.94 and it seems that the innate ability of Yuffie partially doesn't work. I dont get more gils when she is in a fight.
I tried with a Zemzelett that always give 165 gils and 2 Nerosuferoth that gives 292 gils.

I thought maybe it triggers only when she counters with Mug but it didn't change anything

I play to NT through the FF7SYW launcher if that can help

I think I changed it; she has something called Throwlette now which is triggered by using the Defend command when it charges (a message should be displayed). She also has the Mug counter still.

So the plan going forward is as follows:

I've got FF8 NT to get to its first 1.0 release which I won't go into details of here. But in addition to that I also want to address some issues in the current 2.0 build.

The 2.1 update will be a content patch, so some things will be getting added like Extra Battle in Gold Saucer which will be used to add optional high-end encounters. A common complain as well was that there was little to do for players who were in the advanced stages of maxing out their parties, so I'll be drafting up some plans to tackle that. Some expansion work will also be made to Type B to extend the alternative scenario more past Midgar, as I think people were disappointed with the lack of major changes moving past there.

Another aim is to fix the Hard Mode and No Exp toggles which were sharing addresses with some of the game's other functions. But I'll also be adjusting the parameters of Hard Mode itself as I think feedback about it has been lukewarm overall, so a revamp is needed there.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-15 16:42:03 »
Disk 3 spoilers:
Spoiler: show
I farmed up a set of mastered Elemental and Added-Effect materia to go Weapon hunting, but it turns out that was unnecessary as long as I could open with Great Gospel and then mime KotR a bunch. I wasn't quite able to beat them without taking any damage, but close enough.

Then I stumbled upon Ozma blindly, and that was quite a surprise. I attempted it a couple of times without Aerith's limit ready and got wrecked pretty hard (being at level 72, 75, and 76 didn't help  :)), but I think the same idea should work, especially if I farm to level 77 to dodge all the level-based stuff.

Anyway, I unlocked Ozma trying to get Tifa'4 level 4 limit break. I got 1 gil from playing the main theme as Cloud at her home piano and then got Ozma at the Shinra mansion piano. Does she need to be party leader or am I doing something else wrong?

Odd, I'll check the trigger for both.

Hello little help please how do I get Tifa's Final Heaven please I played the tune on the piano but it not appearing.  :?

Also were do you find Ribbon please.

I think Tifa needs to be party leader for it; if you return from the bottom of the North Crater where the 3 paths rejoin then a swap feature is unlocked on the Highwind in the Operations Room (NPC on the right). If she plays the tune then it should trigger.

There's only one Ribbon in the game and it's acquired at the end of Disc 1
Spoiler: show
but only if Aeris doesn't make it.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-13 05:13:14 »
Just had a issue happen to me with my save, I have been playing game b normal and I have just finished the temple of the ancients. After the cut scene ended I have seem to ended up in the Ancient City at the start of disk 2, and not in Gongaga and the tiny bronco is still besides the temple area so I have no means of getting back. Not only that I have missed either 1 or 2 fort condor battles, no digging for the lunar harp and the Jenova life boss fight. HELP PLEASE  :o :?

I can fix that save file if you send it across but it sounds very unusual. I'll check to see if there's any debug scripts sitting in there but I can't recall having a reason to jump from the temple to forgotten city.

started 2.0 last night and just got to Cosmo Canyon...I'm really liking the new balances to combat compared to 1.5 but Field Battle Music (honestly my #1 favorite part of New Threat)  doesn't appear work on all screens  :( hope this gets patched later

I'll do a sweep for it.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-11 14:30:24 »

So i was just playing through the game (currently at rocket town) and i noticed some stuff that i´m not entirely sure if they are meant to be.
Firstly in the SP menu, Aerith is the only character that can only upgrade twice, every other character can upgrade up to 4 times;
Secondly, i´m not sure why but when i went to the reactor in Gongaga, the Lich GT fight didnt trigger... im not sure if there has to be a requirement for that fight to happen;
Finally, i read in the documents that Materia Keeper should drop an Edincoat and i didnt get it. I stole from him an earth mallet, could that have been the problem? like can you not get drops if you steal.
Other than that, im loving the new version so far Great work!

If you're on Type B the Reactor fight is intended to trigger instead of the Turks, if you were on Type B (and assuming you went to Gongaga before Cosmo Canyon) then there must be some way to make it not appear that I'll need to track down.

great mod just having a problem with the screen turning black during battle. Anyway to fix this? thanks

Not seen that before, I want to say it's related to the graphical mods in some way as NT shouldn't really affect the lighting. I suspect that the 'flash' made by a critical attack is perhaps causing it (or rather, the lack of a flash).

Playing final fantasy  vII and this mod again and love it. Everyones inate abilites, revised limit moves,  and specialized weapons is a lot more interesting the the class system (white mage, black mage,etc ) of other games.  Yet each character plays different.  Here are some comments:
- Clouds innate is interesting and a lot of fun. But it seems too lead him towards a cover/vitality build, and he is supposed to some one who is versatile in both attack and magic.  It is a fun ability, just not sure if it is on the correct character.
- I like how caa vastly change character stats by what items and materia they have on them. 
- Type B story was a lot of fun, especially the long stretch with cloud and Aeris. And i found the Aeris dialog hilarious.  "Yes Don Corneo is a bit shady. But don't worry , if he tries anything we can just beat him up."  She is the best. 
-  I haven't really got much past Midgar yet, but here is some miner story errors that felt a bit odd. When they all in those jail cells, Barret talks about reforming avalanche when all the members are still arround. And Tifa and Aeris were acting like friends, when they barely had even met yet,  and Tifa would have had no idea who this girl actually is. And outside of Midgar, Barett  still seemed to think it was Aeris mother who hid Marlene.
- If you are going to be making more changes to the story, a couple things I would like to see is a more integrated way for Yuffie, and Cait Sith to join the party, instead of them just deciding to tag along and the others are okay with it despite them not seeming trustworthy.  It was just hard for me to get attached to them, because they didn't seem like they belong.  I don't know if you changed anything in the gold saucer but,  with Yuffie it would be fun if they run into her a few times (such as with a mini quest where they have to find her after she steals the chocobo Lure from the farm) before they finally let her join after she has proven herself in some way.  But that is just a fun idea. Do what inspires you.
- With hard mode I didn't like the idea at first of no Gil. But after playing it , the fact you have to work for everything seems more rewarding.
- The tournament that cloud and aeris competes in was a lot of fun. It took me a number of tries to figure out a way to beat it. It was more fun then just bosses.  Bosses with minions, or just regular enmies presented in harder ways, is a good alternative from just over powered boses.   Such as  a battle where you fight wave after wave of some animal type enemy, or battles where minions can keep summing each other and you have to find some way to kill them all at once. Just again for ideas. You can have difficult 'boss fights' without a boss to add variety.
- Oh and Aeris is awesome.

There will be some oversights in the dialogue; I correct them as people find them.

And here is my opinion on making a hard mode.   It is difficult to balance while the character can just use an unlimited number of items. In particular ether and healing take away from strategy. The moment you don't have ether potions, you need to be more strategic in your use of magic. And healing potions just feel like cheating.

I had the most fun, and the most challenge when I played with restrictions on the number of items characters use in battle.I treated it instead of having access to this dimensional space that allows for unlimted items, they could only carry a few items on their belt.  It work best when I said the party could only use each type of item once in a battle. So they could use at most one potion, one ether, one grenade etc .  It really forced me to be more strategic with magic, and items. Barriers in particular I had to limit as they use a lot of mp.And I was using items which I had  never used much before such as spider web etc, to help get me through battles. It made me more reliant on items, while also limiting their use.

I know the above is immposible to implement. But I don't think you can make a hard mode,  without limiting item use. But the following should be more doable:
- potions and ether are only usable on save points, forcing carefull conservation of resources as you try to make it from save point to save point.This can also encourage use of different items such as grenades you wouldn't use otherwise.
- If this is possible have it so that each character can only use the item command once  per battle. After they use an item, it dissapears as an action command in their menu. You could also have some special  materia that gives more uses of the item command per battle. (an extra use to begin with, and more as it levels up.) But potions have to be removed as battle items for this to work, or else that one item will always be potions.
- and phoneix downs should count as a potion too. So they only can be used at save points.

I think I can set items to be non-usable in battle (or non-usable in field menu) but it would require a separate kernel to make it work.

How about reducing the effect of items in combat? Lets say potions heal 300hp in field and only 100hp in combat, ether heals 50mp in field and 25 in combat... Something like that. Just make it less profitable/exploitable early game. I second the idea of pheonix feathers being removed as field/battle item to make revive magic more valuable. Or make them a rarer item to counter the spam.

I dunno about the idea of restricting item command to single use tho... I feel like a big part of the strategical possibilities would be erased this way. Item usage doesnt consist of healing items alone. Just remove the w-item bug and tweak some of the items in general for hardmode imo

Funnily enough, this is how potions and the other items worked in the older builds. The field menu effect is hard-coded to the .EXE so without that being patched it meant that Potions healed 300 in-battle and 100 out of battle. Could return to that maybe.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-09 22:46:20 »
Bug report for 2.0.94. When I talked to Barret in Kalm to pick up Catastrophe, his model got stuck in the walking animation and the game soft-locked.

I think I fixed it for Cloud, but not for Tifa or Cid; when talking to him as either of those two, try to be away from the desk. I'll catch this on the next patch.

Here is the right link:

And here is another Docu created by a user called wdx:

My bad, I overwrote the wrong link; have corrected.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-09 01:03:47 »
I'm playing on the latest 2.0 release and I'm having an issue where in dungeons, (i.e Materia Cave, Cave of the Gi, Mt. Nibel, and the Shinra Mansion) I am not getting ANY random encounters. I've tried using enemy lure or enemy away materia and the result is the same, no encounters whatsoever. Bosses still work so I can progress the story still, but I am slowly getting underleveled and feel like the dungeons are far too easy because of this. I tried searching for a fix but with 416 different pages of replies its a little difficult to pin anything down.

What it may be is that the random encounter toggle switch from 1.5 has been unintentionally reactivated. If I get a copy of your save file I'll be able to ascertain if this is the case and turn it off again if it is.

Which boss was that in the Shinra Mansion, is it the one on disk one when you open the safe for the Odin materia. Just because I just done that boss and wondering if I should go back to save I have that is just before the opening the safe.

The hidden one on Disc 3.

Finished yesterday 2.0 Type B Hard. And here are my thought about the content and balance. In short well done, but why so many content is removed from 1.5 (without replacing it) and Hard Mode Late Game Content is to easy.

Spoilers, dont read further, when you are not done with all content.

The more important ones are bold.

- The alternative story in Midgar was awesome, post Midgar sadly only minor story changes, but i understand its hard to change things (technicaly and time spending), because the plate didnt felt down, i hoped there would be a way to visit Sector 7 again with maybe a sidequest or something. e.g. Getting Barrets Lvl4 Limit there instead of kalm.
- Liked the Idea of Aeris Body in Jenova Battle
- The changed Cloud/Aerith Sidequest with Zack was a great idea. I wish there would any benefit if you win the battle. Like Zack lives and you can get him in a other sidequests which only triggers when you win the battle.
- The Cid Sidequest in 1.5 was my favorited character sidequest, so i am a bit sad about the remove.
- The Tifa Sidequest was not my favorited, but every remove of content hurts^^
- The transport of the Silver Chocobo from the Kalm to Glacier was a good idea and the feeding stuff, too. But the high defense mechanic when not eating is gone. It was a funny idea in 1.5. Since there are so many ignores defense attack in 2.0 maybe every attack should to 0 dmg when he's not eating.
- The missing Junon League was a big lose
- The missing Extra Battles in Battle Square was a lose, too but it was not so important as Junon League.
- I liked the idea in the Creater in 1.5 after each Segment there is a boss. In 2.0 its removed.
- The new 12x 1/35 soldier sidequest and the gift are awesome, well done.
- The weapon smith should can craft missable items like Ziedrich  or some Mistile copies, etc. in addition to the Masamune (which is in my opionion by far the best weapon)
- Dark Cave was a fantastic idea in 1.5. i am sad, that its removed, but i understand that many content of Dark Cave is now in Type B.

- The changes to Barrier 50%->33%, Sad 30%->5% and back row 50%->10%was good, Barrier, Sad and Back Row was to strong.
- The remove of the Soft Level Caps was good
- The remove of SP and change to after certain event was good.
- In 1.5 your defence was doubled in calculation. In terms of Balance the change to vanilla was good but in term of funny builds it was bad. hard to say which it better
- Osmose is useless maybe its later better, but later you dont need it anymore.
- The fact that you can Morph items which you normaly get far later, is cool. Maybe it was in 1.5 i dont know
- Every character should have a weapon which ignores morph penalty. It should be aviable early so you can make use of it.
- Hard Mode: The fact, that you have to grind (steal/morph) for gil makes you automaticlly do more battles and this negate the 1/2 exp malus and in addition gives you many AP, so you will unluck spells and abilities faster. And makes the game easier.
- After a certain point the game become very easy, i think it was when you got the lvl3 limit or the Magic Spells lvl 2 and lvl3. Most bosses were death with 2 Limit or 3 spells or so.
- The W-Item duplication bug removed the sense of healing spells. From the moment you get it, you can spam mega exlixiers and dont need any Healing Spells. I know you can play without it, but when its in the game why dont use it^^
- The damage of the high end elemental spells like tornado and break etc. are to low compared to ultima. The high end Spells have Base damage 70-80 if i remmebr right. Even when you use them on a weakness they have 105-120 base commpared to ultima which you can alwasy use with 100. and ultima hits aoe and the high end elemental spells do only single target. When you increase the damage of them, they would become more useful. In late game the only spell you need is ultima. The status effects on the elemental spells are not enough to pick them over ultima. especially when you want to build a good materia combo and you need many slots. With ultima you have in worst case slighty lower damage but can use it vs all kind of enemies.
- The fight for the wutai secret cave vs the zack soldier was to easy it was a joke compared to the other secret cave fights.
- The fight vs guard of Knight of Rounds was epic. This is like a fight should be. Zombie breath from the dragon and the one hit ko's from the robot are a deadly combo, liked it very much.
- Although the fight was really hard, the gift (Knights of Rounds) is completly overpowered. Here some dmg examples. character level 66 with 255 attack and 255 magic all damage numbers come from Iron Giant in Crater (No Adrenaline). dmg: 2x summon knight of round 96k (single) and 63k (aoe) 2x magic mp turbo quadra ultima 25k without quadra 16,6k. 2x summon bahamut Zero mp turbo quadra 20,4k without quadra 13,6k. 4x cut with masamune 25k. so you see the most good stuff is about 20-25k. And Knight of Round is 4x higher dmg. It mostly one shots every boss in the game in Hard Mode.
- Altough i like the idea to go with the life down till you can sense them, the fights are to quick to end. Almost everything is death with 2x summon materia knight of round. And if not, Mime and done. even if Knight of Round is nerfed. And you only use Ultima or 4x Cut with 25k dmg. After 3-4 Attacks the fight is over. Its to quick. I think the boses should at least life after 10 strong attacks. So they need at least 250k life
- The life of regular enemies is good.
- The damage dealt by the enemies (regular/bosses) is good too.
- I like the fact that you can increase/controll stats (str/mag/dex) with your materia you wear

There are many other small things which are now better than in 1.5 but to write them all down would cost to many time and i would probably forget many of them. So i just focused mostly on the "negatives" and the suggestions i have.

Thank you for the mod. Ingame Timer was 90+ hours. Was a great experience, well done.

Edit: - I like that some limits are now magic basic
- The enemy away materia is probably the best quality of life feature, the save point toogle was good, too, but the materia is even better.

Thanks for the feedback; the emerging consensus seems to be that:

1) In Type B, Post-Midgar is disappointing compared to the amount of event rewriting in Midgar.

2) Hard Mode doesn't deliver.

3) Some content cut from 1.5 should be replaced or reinstated.

4) There aren't many encounters able to challenge a fully grinded party

5) W-Item glitch is pulling people off the straight and narrow.

The plan for 2.1 was to start adding Extra Battle encounters but I think in addition to that there should be some more event rescripting for Type B to affect other areas and maybe try to do something more radical to the story as a whole like changing up the whole Huge Materia segment for something else maybe.

Hard Mode needs to be fixed as it uses a variable that's being used by the G-Bike minigame so I'll take that opportunity to change the parameters of how it works.

In addition to Extra Battle adding some challenging optional fights, I may try to re-add Junon Leagues (all respecced for Disc 3) and/or some sidequests for the characters who are now missing one. It depends if inspiration strikes or not.

I can look into implementing a fix for the W-Item glitch though I suspect it'll result in players losing an item if they cancel out of the 2nd item, need to see.

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« on: 2020-09-07 17:08:50 »
Was the Drain change added in this new patch? Just tried it on low lvl save. Red did 24 dmg and drained 3 hp.

Added them just there, 2.0.94.

Spoiler: show

*) Shinra Mansion: A boss wasn't dropping its item.
*) North Crater: A script trigger was fixed.
*) Updated Drain adjustment in Installer EXEs.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.92)
« on: 2020-09-06 20:51:20 »
After upgrading to 2.0, I did exactly just that and started a new game.  But as I explained, changing the battle music to Field doesn't do anything.

OK, I'll check it out.

I took a short break after starting a B-mode game and accidentally saving over my latest A-mode save (not a lot of hours lost but a crushing blow to momentum), but I pressed on and made it to the bottom of the Northern Crater. I thought I read something about being able to fast travel back to the Highwind, am I misremembering?

Seems like a good time to do the rest of the LV4 Limit Break sidequests and hunt down the Weapons. Funnily enough, but not entirely surprisingly with my support-tank build, Cloud still hasn't hit the kill threshold for LV2, and the way things are going will never get there naturally, but it's probably worth farming that up as well.

Still having a lot of fun. The most annoying enemy in the Crater for me was Pollensalta with her counter-attack of applying Confusion + Resist (which means you stay confused even after getting hit by a physical attack). I spent a while trying to manipulate for Angel Whisper, but even with HypnoCrown it didn't seem in the cards. Are you supposed to learn it with a well-timed Confusion, or another method?

After you trigger the scene at the bottom, the Save Point should appear close by. This has a teleport option in its extended options menu.

Angel Whisper was replaced with a skill called Mustard Bomb; while Pollensalta still uses a skill called Angel Whisper it's just an enemy attack rather than an enemy skill. Mustard Bomb can be picked up from the Red Materia cave. The Death Dealer enemy in the Crater on that same path as Pollensalta have a new skill called Chronocure you can grab though.

Ok Sega, I just tested if the switch hard mode bug by playing a new game (hard mode ofc) until Kalm town.
YES, it happens after yuffie fight to get her on party.
I did a fight before entering kalm town, 0 gil gained.
The first fight after getting her was without her in the party, to be sure her innate wasn't doing something wrong, and I got gils.
Now I need a save point to toggle hard and see if it actually turns it on instead of off.
Hope this can help you

Yeah it does; it narrows down where it occurs which will help a lot.


I just downloaded the new NT 2.0 going from 1.5. I noticed that when I start the game. Tifa is included in the opening bombing mission and she will go with Cloud but when a random battle starts, Jessie's battle model appears instead but the name still displays as Tifa. Can someone help me with this?

Type B in NT 2.0 differs in places from the regular story events of the game, so some things occur differently like having Tifa along for the first bombing mission. What's likely happened regarding Jessie is that the Jessie mod is installed (or has been hard-installed at some point) and is replacing her battle model with that one. I'd recommend not having Jessie Mod enabled when doing a Type B run.

Started work on figuring out the var issue that's affecting the toggles for Hard Mode and No EXP, think I've got a good lead on it. I've also added a save point to Kalm which was to ease testing + meet a request that's been made a couple of times as there is no save point between the Midgar escape and Fort Condor which is a bit of time.

Current stuff that's been implemented in the 2.0.93 patch (not uploaded yet):
Spoiler: show

*) Temple of the Ancients: A chest would be flagged as opened during Type B scenario.
*) Ruby uses homing ray counter on Self instead of Self.PreviousAttacker
*) Shin Godo invalid attack ID set to a var under certain conditions
*) Lich GT: Drop, Steal, and Morph added.
*) Boss: Cure3 & L4 Holy Targeting issue + ???? Absorption for Doomsday added.
*) Hyper Jump and Dragon swapped back to original listings as anim for former wouldn't play correctly. Be aware that on the base unmodded Steam version of the game, Hyper Jump can cause crashes when used.
*) Type B Shinra Mansion Boss: MP Increased
*) Cargo Ship: Type B boss battle was using Type A boss instead
*) Shinra HQ F59: One of the fight triggers gives a Type A encounter instead of Type B
*) Highwind: NPC added close to other crewmen on the bridge, with information on locations for sidecontent
*) Wonder Square: Multiple Speed Plus could be bought.
*) Junon: Softlock on E-Junction when returning as Cloud after Weapon Raid; access to backrooms has been locked.
*) Midgar Raid: Save Point line was firing in wrong place in tunnels.
*) North Crater: Shield and EXP Plus Materia locations swapped for visiblity.
*) Zack Flashback: When completing this event, Cait Sith would be re-initialised resulting in a loss of sources and equipment.
*) Reactor 5: Type B boss has had a magic stat reduction made.
*) Pollensalta: Incorrect attack ID set for one of the counter-attacks.

So the source of the problem seems to have been identified; the G-Bike Minigame records the high score into a 2-byte value, in which the var used for hard mode toggle is stored. This would explain also why a user mentioned that they seemed to lose Hard Mode after making their way through the Gold Saucer in an earlier post. As for Kalm, seems there's a mysterious byte operation that's also in the scripts for this area that appeared to be interfering with it.

Because it's coming from the minigame, it means that the Hard Mode toggle flag itself will need to be changed which means implementing that across 250 or so scenes with 1, 2, or 3 enemies each. I'm guessing it'll be around 750 or so entries.

But it's not all bad news; through this, it seems that any of the addresses in the field var banks can be written to (or read from) which opens up a lot of possibilities for the future. If a 2.1 build swings around, I'll definitely be making use of this knowledge to have certain enemies change their behaviour depending on what you've done during the story. But for now, I'll focus on getting these battle toggle vars migrated into safe empty ones.

Another bit of good news, seems that the exp toggle wasn't breaking in temple of the ancients; just that the Type B variant had an enemy in it that wasn't set up with the AI for it.

Patches are up:
Spoiler: show

*) Temple of the Ancients: A chest would be flagged as opened during Type B scenario.
*) Ruby uses homing ray counter on Self instead of Self.PreviousAttacker
*) Shin Godo invalid attack ID set to a var under certain conditions
*) Lich GT: Drop, Steal, and Morph added.
*) Boss: Cure3 & L4 Holy Targeting issue + ???? Absorption added.
*) Hyper Jump and Dragon swapped back to original placements as anim for former wouldn't play.
*) Type B Shinra Mansion Boss: MP Increased
*) Cargo Ship: Type B boss battle was using Type A boss instead
*) Shinra HQ F59: One of the fight triggers gives a Type A encounter instead of Type B
*) Highwind: NPC added close to other crewmen on the bridge, with information on locations for sidecontent (appears on Disc 3)
*) Wonder Square: Multiple Speed Plus could be bought.
*) Junon: Softlock on E-Junction when returning as Cloud after Weapon Raid + blocking access to back rooms.
*) Midgar Raid: Save Point line was firing in wrong place in tunnels.
*) North Crater: Shield and EXP Plus Materia locations swapped for visiblity.
*) Zack Flashback: When completing this event, Cait Sith would be re-initialised resulting in a loss of sources and equipment.
*) Reactor 5: Type B boss has small magic reduction.
*) Type B: Boss didn't have AI set for 0 EXP.
*) Added patched .EXEs for the Installer version.

The migration for battle vars for hard mode will take a bit of time. In the meantime, I'd avoid the G-Bike minigame in the Gold Saucer if playing on hard mode. Type B players may need to re-toggle hard mode on after clearing Midgar though as I think it uses the non-Motorball version for that.

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« on: 2020-09-05 00:05:02 »
okey so it was the mistake that I got red XIII later via phs mod.
now i think have i all done but i can't find a solution to defeat
Spoiler: show
. is there a trick? all are max lvl and
Spoiler: show
flarstar as well as doomsday
give me max dmg despite shields.

Flare Star deals damage based on the attacker's level vs the target level, so being max level actually works against you in this case. It's a magic-based formula with 100% accuracy though so you could try stacking as much magic defence and magic evasion as possible to lift your odds of survival. 255 Magic Defence will reduce damage by 50% roughly, but you can up this more by using Hero Drinks for a total of 510 magic defence which is something like 99% reduction. Hero Drink IIs lift stats by 25%, while Hero Drink Classics lift it by 30%. It caps at +100% and is cumulative. If a character is KO'd, their stats revert to normal.

Doomsday is Hidden/? ? ? ? element, so you can block this with certain pieces of armour/accessories or with Elemental + a non-elemental Materia (the latter will null/absorb it with a lv2 or lv3 elemental). Guard Ring and Minerva Band are some examples. A Relic Ring will also absorb it but bear in mind it also blocks Restorative so you'll need to heal this character using either Poison, Gravity, or Hidden/? ? ? ? element attacks.

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« on: 2020-09-04 14:38:45 »
Is there some kind of "special achievment" related on playing all the game hard mode?
If so, this kind of bug compromises it?

Way it works is, a separate var gets set when hard mode is enabled from the beginning. If the save point toggle is used, and the field screen reports 'hard mode off', then this other var gets turned off as well.

Spoiler: show

there is one for type b hard mode no sp.  hoping also one for type b hard hard no exp will find out soon enough :)

i patched the temple of ancients area for my hard mode type b no sp no exp run :) surprised that found battlesquare much harder than temple of ancients bosses and jenova there after
Spoiler: show
 might want to buff up flowergirl or make her immune to beserk or something only took a couple of tries

I won't be doing that; the reason Berserk can be used there (and other statuses) is for the player to take different approaches to getting the fight done.

Sega, I don't know if this can help you to figure out the bug of hard mode toggle, but I just remembered that until the end of disc 1, bosses were actually very strong, especially the one at the end of disc 1.
After disc 1, bosses started to seem a lot easier. For example, the boss fought on gaea cliff and the next one were almost too easy for me.
So probably it could even be the disc change perhaps?
Spoiler: show

For the achievment, should I restart the entire game?

The disc change shouldn't affect it, but I won't rule it out. I'll need to set some time aside to match the battle var addresses to their field var addresses; there's a document outlining the savemap that I can check but I think it listed offsets rather than how they're listed in the tool.

Yep, that I know WDX.
The problem is that I'm at cd 2 right now, with hard mode that got disabled by itself because of a bug and I didn't realize it.
So I've fought some bosses as normal mode
Spoiler: show

and I don't know if switching modes changes something to get the achievment, just that

If you use a save point to toggle it, then check the in-battle message and the field screen message that follows it. If the battle message says 'ON' then it means hard mode was disabled. If the field screen then reports 'hard mode off' it means the var handling the achievement has also been turned off.

hey everyone, i have 1 bug in nt 2.0,

on CD3 if i go back to bugenhagen he gives me the key from the "cave of the gi" and if i follow the pafh to the end ,where the stoned seto is, a cutszene from CD1 start and crashed after few dialogs

and exist a list of all enemytechs and materia? i missed 3 enemytechs and same blue materia for the master one.

I'll look into that; who was your party leader at the time?

There should be a list of the enemy skills in the documentation download on the first page of this thread, in the Item & Materia placements doc just after the Materia locations. The blue huge materia is only needed to generate Bahamut-ZERO; if it is missed, then you can dig up Bahamut-ZERO from Bone Village:

The chances were raised to 100% in NT, so don't worry about that 3.9% chance that image lists.

Edit: About the Cave of the Gi thing, I reckon what's happened is that Red XIII wasn't in the party as a var gets toggled once the boss is beaten but this boss only appears (and only disables the way forward) if Red XIII is also in the active party so if you went down there without him, it'd let you advance to the last screen and trigger the Disc 1 cutscene. If you add Red XIII to the party and then go down there, a boss fight should occur where you fought Gi Nattak.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.92)
« on: 2020-09-02 18:05:55 »
Been playing the mod for a while, noticed a weird bug, right after Cloud returns in the B storyline.

Spoiler: show
After fighting as Zach in the flashback and dying to the 6 SOLDIERS, Cloud and Aeris found Omnislash and Great Gospel. Yay! But... right after the scene, I was prompted to give Cloud a name, and then Cait Sith a name, like they were joining the party. Cait Sith had no materia equipped, but after that scene, he had his starting Manipulate and Transform materia.

I take it that shouldn't have happened, and I may have lucked out of getting some materia deleted.

There's no way to beat the 6 SOLDIERS without a lot of grinding or late game, right? I did this right before Underwater Reactor with about 4000 hp and a very counter heavy setup with regen. Kinda cruised through everything else with the right setup, then died to the onslaught.

I've been enjoying the way the B path streamlines the game.

It was discovered recently that renaming Cloud and then Cait Sith has an unexpected effect of resetting Cait Sith, presumably due to how the overwrite happens with Young Cloud. It means I need to remove the rename part of it as it's not safe to use it.

The fight can be won, but it's an optional thing; Megalixirs are the reward.


I recently startet to play the New Threat mod (1.5), from the beginning i saw that the save points diden't show me what key to press for quick use of a tent and so on, but i dident care to mutch about that, it was easy to find the right one anyway.

But now i reached Juno and its time for the parade, and i cant se what buttons to press the only thing that i see is a: " , " instead of the button i should press.

This may be due to something overwriting the texture file where the button icons are stored. If you're using ESUI from the Qhimm User Interface IRO then I recommend turning that off and swapping to the stand-alone Enhanced Stock UI-rel2 IRO instead as this has NT support. It should be in the list of Browse Catalog.

Quick note, Ruby Weapon uses Homing Lasers on itself when used as a Counter.

And good luck for your interview. :D

Spoiler: show
I can't quite figure out if there's something to do in the room with the 4 red save points. I don't think there's anything else left to do, but I'm probably missing something? The documentation mentioned a black caped guy in the Highwind whom you gotta give the 1/35 Soldiers, but I got Omni Plus in the Mythril caves and nothing else.

I've corrected the counter target, I implemented most of the list for the patch today.

I wouldn't worry about the red save points. Forget you saw the red save points.

if the interviewer is a ff7 fan segachief is automatically hired  :)
good luck! hope you get the job

That (almost) happened at my previous job, but the guy interviewing was an FF8 fan instead. He was more for playing the base game with everything grinded out though, than for mods unfortunately.

Hello to the venerable Mr SegaChief, first of all thank you very much for the release of your New Threat mod 2.0. I am currently playing game B of your mod and I was just wondering is there any sort of penalty later on in the game if I choose to steal the 5000 gil savings from the boy in the sector 5 slums. Thank you in advance for any help.

P.S good luck with your interview hope it goes well for you.  :) ;D

P.P.S Is there documentation on new threat 2.0 Game B, items obtained from enemies through stealing and morphing and thank you.

There is no penalty, you just essentially choose between 5000gil or an S-Mine (which is a very strong item at this point).

Hey Sega, first of all good job for the mod, it's insanely cool.
I'm playing tybe B, hard mode and found an issue.
Basically I got always 0 gil on random fights (as intended), but after getting yuffie I started to gain gil, probably because of her innate.
I used her on party permanently for this thing, but on disc 2 I realized I got money even without her on the party.
For this reason I tried to use the switch to toggle hard mode and it gave me the message "hard mode on".
The point is, did I just play normal mode until now? Seems strange because when I started the game I selected hard mode immediatly.
Let me know when you can, thanks :)

So it's after getting Yuffie? I'm beginning to suspect that the battle AI vars that have been used are being interfered with by field variables, which would explain why they suddenly stop working. Seems this happens with the Temple of the Ancients somewhere too regarding 0 EXP. For now, the only real solution is to go to a save point and activate the toggle. I'll likely need a bit of time to go through and track down what those battle vars correspond to in the field vars.

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« on: 2020-08-31 23:11:47 »
Is it possible to respec source points?

Not at present, and this functionality may be restricted to the Reunion version as I was unaware that save map editing was restricted to that framework (as far as I know).

i did not do the earlier pagoda since i thought there won't be a difference if i do it early or late, i thought the CD 3 pagoda is just normal now until i saw the normal one on someones stream

All right, there may be more needing done in the script then to get it to handle that.

So i have been trying with the no lvl ups + hard mode run and i am at Seph/Jenova DEATH atm. Looks like a new roadblock for me with Jenova. I can beat Seph with Dazers and zerg him down with Gravity dmg (T/S Grenades) but cant fight him prop since he deals to much AoE dmg in a sustained fight.

Problem is I only have 2 Dazers left and cant seem to do dmg to Jenova in 2nd phase. Tifa with Holy + Element deals about 250 dmg no crit on Seph but only deal 30 dmg on Jenova, same with spells. Combine that with Iron Summon that 1-shots all members and can be used 3 times in a row makes it feels like this is the end of my run since i cant go back to farm Dazers (at this rate i would need like 60+ Dazers counting all misses and the dmg needed to do anything).

Any tips Sega or is this the end of my run?

More over i can update on the other bosses and challenges up to this point. Schizo took 1 hour to beat (not joking) with Aerith being MVP with Geostance. Low lvl run can not be done without Aerith since you take way to much dmg if you are not absorbing some of the attacks + the final attack killed my whole team apart from Aerith in Geostance.

Further back i had trouble with Icicles and the annoying bats, but figured out if i stack all MP UPs i can find, makes it possible to get Caiths MP to be over 70 for a Odin summon. From there you just pray that he KOs most bats. Rest i mini:ed or Manip.

Nothing else gave me trouble, and i have not even considered going to Wutai since i think its just gonna be a slaughter tbh.

Lastly, how is the latest update coming along?

Jenova DEATH starts with maxed defences which decrease slightly whenever she takes a hit (defence vs physical hits, magic defence vs magic hits). What you want to do is start with low-cost spells like Fire (which has the added bonus of applying a 1% defence decrease on top of the natural decrease the boss takes when hit).

Multi-hit attacks count as 1 hit, but things like Added Cut count as a separate action and can be used to drop physical defence twice in one turn if paired with something like Deathblow or Morph.

Comet is intended to be useful in this fight as it ignores Magic Defence and makes for a good option during the early stages of the fight before swapping it out with something less costly once defences have deteriorated enough but it might be too costly for a low level party; MP Absorb might help with it, or a character that can regen MP like Aeris or Cait Sith.

But I think the bigger problem is likely the incoming damage from the boss herself as she can attack each party member individually in a turn. Her attacks are:

Code: [Select]
Red Light is non-elemental so not much can be done for that aside high Magic Defence and MBarrier.

Nuclear Pores are Fire + ???? element, so protection against either will block this attack. It also reduces the target's defence stats by 20% cumulatively.

Silence which may be problematic if it blocks a cast at a key moment, like Revive.

Gas is ???? element and inflicts Death Sentence.

Death has a reasonable chance of insta-KOing the target.

[Counter] Meteorain: Shoot element and multi-hit; a Protect Vest will reduce the damage this causes.

[Counter] Nemain: Lifts Jenova's defences by 25% and grants Wall. Debarrier should be used when this comes out.

Iron Summon: Physical, shoot + blunt element. The Protect Vest or Escort Bangle will reduce this a bit. Long Range.
Iron W-Summon: Same as above, but more powerful and less accurate.

[Counter] Everyone's Grudge: Deals damage based on the target's total kills thus far.

So a Fire Armlet should figure into the equation somewhere, and Elemental could be used defensively to block ? ? ? ? by pairing it with any non-elemental Materia (I think Command Materia cover this). Protect Vest or Escort Bangle for your character with the least physical defence could be a good shout as well. Added Effect can be used to cover either KO or Silence.

The trick is going to be statuses; off the bat you want Slow on her. Paralysis is the big thing here as it prevents the boss from acting; besides Dazers, you can use the Cross Slash limit to inflict it 100% and Yuffie's Boomerang weapon has a chance equivalent to Added Effect to inflict the status on hit; if you use Yuffie, then try to give her a 2-hit combo of Deathblow + Added Cut or similar for two chances of inflicting it. Counter Attack on Yuffie (and Command Counter) may also yield more chances at it, if she survives the hit.

You could also try inflicting Fury if you use a trick where you cast Confuse on a character then have that targeted character prepare to use a Hyper on themselves as the Confu cast is being made; this results in them throwing it at the boss instead, inflicting Fury for a 30% loss in accuracy. Problem with that is it's risky as the boss will be attacking you during this and you may not be able to afford having a character confused. May be safest to do this while she is Paralysed so you can recover the confused character afterwards. Fury infliction would help a lot against Red Light, Iron Summon, and W-Iron Summon as they have 100%, 100%, 90% accuracy respectively (compared to the 255% accuracy of Nuclear Pores and Gas).

One possible option is to invest heavily in Cait Sith's set-up and then use his Transform Limit Break. The boss' AI checks for how many party members are alive and attacks them once each, so a giant Cait would be at an advantage having the combined/averaged HP of his allies and more likely to survive incoming attacks (so long as he resists KO; Death Force may be a good fit for that). I'm unsure if the game will treat the other characters as 'dead' or not, so there is a chance she will attack a giant solo Cait Sith 3 times but it's definitely worth checking into.

The local enemies have some potent items as well. If you can Morph a Gremlin you'll get a Hero Drink II which can be used to raise a character's strength, magic, defence, and magic defence by 25% per use (stacks to a +100% boost). Combine that with a solo giant Cait Sith from Transform and you may have something that can contend with it toe to toe.

As for the progress of the latest update, it may be delayed for a few days as I have to fill out some things for a test before an interview for a new job.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.92)
« on: 2020-08-29 01:09:27 »
A certain round guy casts Cure3 as a counter on the entire party instead of himself, although I think it only happens when it's used as a counter, because he cast it properly once. Not sure it's intentional.

I also don't think he dropped anything after dying, although I'm probably gonna reload and fight him again later because I cheesed him by accident with Great Gospel and plenty of Counter Attacks while he killed himself with Doomsday.

His targeting for Cure3 and Lv Holy are messed up as he swaps the attacks out and these two are paired in that regard. I think Doomsday I was on the fence about making him either absorb it or take damage from it as you can influence this in the game he appears in, but I opted for it to damage him in the end.

Hey love the mod but i have a problem
Everytime i beat godo the game softlocks for me on yuffies dialoge after the battle
I tried turning all other mods except new threat off but it still happens
Also i'd really appreciate it if you'd add an NPC again that points you towards the new bosses and such

I'll add an NPC that does just that.

As for Godo, seems to be some issues there lately. When going through the scene, try to let each text box run its course; might be that when going through them, the two that appear together can perhaps break (although this occurs before the fight rather than after, so might not be that after all).

Sorry for asking here, but I don't really know where to find this info. After CD3 starts, I couldn't find any shop selling the Osmose Materia, I didn't buy one yet because I didn't really needed it, but I figured I'd get one so I can make a Master Magic at some point.

It isn't needed for Master Magic; I think the Costa salesman changes though on Disc 2/3 so I'll need to make sure it stays available.

IDK if this is the right place to ask but... things started to get really hard at around when ultimate weapon arrives at mideel. I focused my stats mainly on strength, magic, dex, and my defense/mag def is ok but far from strong. Do you guys recommend I focus on growing vitality and spirit for these last rank up? I have only 2 or 3 left for each character. What I'm concerned about is that if I focus on defense my attack will be "weak" in the end game.

I could beat all the bosses so far including three of the materia caves. But those two in the summon materia cave are so unfair (or I'm weak anyway). Ultimate weapon swept the floor with me too.

I thought about source farming but I think there's no such thing as that in this mod. Well, if you have any ideas tell me please.

Ultimate Weapon is more like a Disc 3 boss than anything else, with its fight in Mideel being like a survival thing (as he flies off after delivering a set rotation of attacks). Having defence against Earth and Shoot; so long as you can survive the Ultima Beam at the end then the fight is over.

The Materia Caves are also Disc 3 specced, but can be tackled earlier. The red cave in particular needs some set-up to deal with, like statuses and the like, but it'll be easier to deal with once Disc 3 and the stuff available in the Crater has been acquired. It is possible to beat it on Disc 2, but it'll be ahead of the curve of where a player would ordinarily be.

My advice though is to progress the story, get onto Disc 3, clear out the Crater, and then pick up on the Caves + Ultimate Weapon at that time.

I'm currently on v1.5 which I installed back in June; the 1.5 documentation details different names/throttled effects for many of the game's enemy skills (eg. 'Magic Hammer' is now 'Vital Hammer' and drains HP as opposed to MP). After browsing the 2.0 documentation this evening I noticed the names listed are instead as per vanilla FFVII - have the enemy skill effects all been returned to normal as well?

If so, I'd maybe like to upgrade to 2.0. Will my save file be compatible/glitch-free if I do a fresh install and simply copy said save over?

Am I right in the assumption this new version is somewhat easier/closer to vanilla FFVII in terms of mechanics and the like? From what I'd read above I got the impression certain things have been reverted back to normal. :( I'm enjoying 1.5 so far (as well as it's difficulty) but the chronic fear of missing out has me worried 2.0 might be the superior experience of the two! :D

You can't jump between the two, the savemap (switches I use for events, item pickups, tracking source upgrades, etc.) was revamped so you'll encounter a lot of issues like sidequests being flagged as complete or important items disappearing ahead of you.

Enemy Skills in 2.0 aren't radically different from the 1.5 skills. Magic Hammer drains HP like it did in 1.5, I just opted to go back to the original name. Skills like Roulette and Angel Whisper are also gone like in 1.5, replaced with Chronocure and Mustard Bomb respectively.

The new version is closer to vanilla in some respects; bosses are back to their original names + palette, albeit with revised AI, attacks, and stats. Random enemies are using the much more varied default formations rather than a condensed set that 1.5 used to make space for new enemies (some of which became unused and now just occupy space).

sorry i meant to say my problems occured with shin godo, i did not know that the pagoda changes later ^^

Just a question; did you do the pagoda earlier in the game or are you just doing the Disc 3 one? If so, that might be why the bug is occurring, I'll need to check.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.92)
« on: 2020-08-25 22:44:17 »
Just started this Mod and loving it.

One question:

Spoiler: show
I'm playing Type B and at the Corel Prison. The Item Placement File says that there is a Magic Counter Materia in this zone - am I just not looking in the right spots because I have had no luck at all!

It should be in the car junkyard, the screen prior to Dyne. But I remember toggling some of it on/off depending on the mode, that I think was one of them. It can be acquired from Chocobo Racing as well.

Does it matter if I have NT at the bottom of my load order? I found I was having problems with my world map models  when I had it in the recommended slot. It would show the NT models instead of the ones I wanted to use.

Nah, it should be fine. Never really knew why world map went bottom, assumed it was in case there's script alterations but I don't make any to the world map.

Completing the Nibelheim flashback and renaming the characters basically "resets" Cait Sith, as in his equipment is overwritten with the equipment he got when he first joins in the vanilla game (deleting whatever he had equipped in the process) and with a Transform and Manipulate Materia.

The bigger problem is it also destroys his SP upgrades, with no way to restore them because Mr. Smile considers him as fully upgraded. I can restore it somewhat with a save editor, but I think it's still an important issue.

That's quite serious; I guess it's tied to this business with Young Cloud being overwritten by Cait when you recruit him. I'll need to ditch the rename thing in that case.

Yeah it solved somehow by itself. So the crash occured after the midgar raid and before entering the north cave. After completing the north cave (not killed Sephiroth yet) the game didn´t crashed when i tried it again and his hp reached 0. Weird :S

Maybe it's if he's in a certain stance or something else.

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