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It was from a new game. Fresh download of FF7, too, if that matters.

Also, thanks for the info. :D

Cheers for letting me know, the script logic must be off somewhere.

No worries man! That sounds like a plan. And also good point about Valhalla... But more like a 'what'... exactly? Lol

I was gonna write an old folk's home; I think I stepped away and forgot to finish the sentence s:

Hi. First post here. Love the mod, really brings new life to the game.

I've come across a couple issues though, I'd like to bring them to your attention.

I'm using the June 23rd release, so I'm not playing with all the new patch fixes brought in the July 10th release, but I did download it and look through the patch notes to see if any of my issues were fixed. From what I could tell, they weren't.

So the first issue is sorta/kinda minor, really just a time-waster: In the intermediate hall, I completed each of the Junon Leagues in succession for the first time. Wondering if maybe that unlocks a special fourth league, I talked to the registration soldier again. Seeing only three league options, I chose "Never Mind" or whatever it is that cancels the registration process. When I did that, the game ended up hanging. No text boxes, no functional buttons...nothing works as far as I can tell. I didn't save, so that's a bummer, but now I have strategies for each of the fights and can probably get through them easier next time, so I'll survive.

The second issue is major: I'm having issues with ranking up, but they're...good issues. I like having these issues. For some reason, ranking up (in most situations) doesn't actually result in a rank-up, but I still get all the sources involved with ranking up. For instance, in the story, I'm currently headed to the Underwater Reactor in Junon. At this point, you would reasonably expect each character to be about rank 6-8, right? Well, I've probably ranked up with a few characters--namely Cloud and Tifa--7 to 10 times each, and each time I rank up, it says "Cloud - Rank 3/8" or "Tifa - Rank 3/8". It seems to happen with other characters, too, from what I can tell. It may be happening to Barret, Aeristh and Red XIII, it's definitely happening to Cait Sith, and I dunno about Vincent nor whoever the mystery-character-thing is (no spoilers please! :D), but one thing I do know is that only Cid progresses properly. He's at 8/8, but he just got there, so I don't know if he can go beyond that yet.

It might also be worth noting that when I first obtained each of Cait Sith, Vincent and Cid, they were all able to rank up multiple times immediately. I don't know if that's part of the bug or if that's normal, but considering that it seems like 255 is the max SP you can have at once and it costs 200 to rank up, something may be amiss.

If it matters, I'm playing on the Steam version. Thanks!

Cait, Vince, and Cid get their first 1-2 ranks for free; but it sounds like the new logic for incrementing ranks can be broken. Was your game from June 23rd started from a new game or was it patched midway?

I'll sort out the soft-lock in junon leagues menu.

Quick question: I just got Cid in my party, and I’m curious if I have missed the deathblow materia.  It’s always been one of my favorite skills in the game and I certainly want to throw it on cid, thanks!

Deathblow is found in the Great Glacier, where Added Cut used to be placed (I swapped their locations for the mod).

I just updated to the July 10th IRO and I just realized all of Aerith's weapons have no bonuses. She used to heal if she attacked with the Aurora Rod, now it's just a regular weapon that does damage. Was that on purpose? I also hit my first save point since the update and it's just a regular save point. None of the hotkeys are showing up. :/ I'm running the ff7_bc.exe

Not sure what happened but I uninstalled and reinstalled the mod and it's working fine again. So ignore me. Maybe some hiccup in 7H? Or maybe a classic PEBKAC.

Edit (again): And I'm back. Things appear to be working fine, but my "Next Level" bars look like this:
They even look like that on the battle success screen, too.

Sounds like the flevel + kernel weren't patched. As for the exp gauge thing, that's a visual glitch that should correct itself once the character in question levels up once.

Hey sorry for the late reply... life got in the way and such. So the Level Cap text is definitely removed from the Beginner's Hall section. I didn't see it until I went to the Intermediate Hall in Junon. I had changed from v1.4 to v1.5 since I first started playing and wanted to check and see if there was any new information available. I thought that the level cap was added in v1.5, but looks like maybe the text was just left in the Intermediate Training Hall section. But that is really good to know that there's actually no level cap.

I can't imagine how much you have to keep track of with all the changes between versions, and people constantly asking you questions. You are a stellar person and we really appreciate your hard work. May the gates of Valhalla open for you someday my friend!  8)

I forgot about that other beginner's hall; I'll transfer the text across to it. I think Valhalla is for folk who died in combat; the equivalent for folk like me will probably be more like a

Nice Mod, I'm playing and is really amazing!
But I have some problem here. Cloud is with 250 of Power and if I upgrade the SP level I cannot use the Power Upgrade that is automatic received in the itens and the Mr. Smile don't allow me to leave the screen until I use all the upgrades ( but I cannot because already are with the maximum power ) There's a way to contour this?
Also, how I update the patch? I only install the new version over the old one and it's okay?
Thank you! and sorry my bad english

It shouldn't be possible to reach stat caps with the 8 rank ups, unless the randomiser maybe makes it possible? I think it's about time I updated the script so that unused sources are discarded rather than locking the player in the rank-up screen so that this issue can be avoided in the future. For now, you might need to use a save editor to manually decrease the amount of source points Cloud has in Strength; the Black Chocobo tool should do the job for this but remember to make back-ups of your save files first.

You can install patches over any previous installation and it should work fine.

Edit 2: Currently at Mt. Corel and I feel the game is maybe... too easy. As mentioned above, the only "difficulty", if you wanna call it that, is to morph bosses - which is more arduous than anything else.
So I ask 2 questions: First, does the difficulty spike up significantly at certain points in the game? After all, you can spike the difficulty more and more as the player gains more options of play.
Secondly, can I switch to this mods "hardmode" and retain my safe? It is called "arrange mode", I believe. I heard that it is prone to bugs and glitches, though... Is this still the case?
As a sidenote: I think being able to change difficulty modes on the fly is a very good thing. Many people that do not look for a "hardcore"-mod, but still want a challenge, would be inclined to start with normal mode, yet oftentimes wanna go arrange mode at some point into the playthrough.

I could add a toggle for difficulty mode, but I'm not 100% sure where to place it. I could reinstate it on the Highwind and for pre-highwind place an NPC somewhere that's accessible like Gongaga or Gold Saucer maybe who can do the switch.

Oh, that explains it. Thanks. Btw...sorry to bring this up again, but...did you ever find out where Vincent's Supershot ST weapon was? Is it ACTUALLY in the Gelnika?

Did a text search of the flevel there, and I now know why it's missing. It's in the chest next to the Gelnika save point. Problem is, that chest was set to hidden and I didn't set it back to visible. Whoops.

Alpha was dropped for a new skill called Transfusion, which is learned via Manipulate from Death Dealers in the North Crater. Holy element on enemy skill was moved over to Magic Breath.

Troubleshooting / Re: Cid Broken Limit NEW THREAT MOD!
« on: 2018-07-11 18:42:39 »
Playing threw the game and about mid way threw the disk 2 portion of the game Cids second Level 3 limit brake "Big Brawl" stopped doing damage to enimies. At first i just thought Carry Armor was immune to it for some reason. Then i also tried it on Diamond weapon and it failed there as well. After the Diamond weapon fight i fought a few random encounters to build the limit back up and used it on a basic enemy group and it still does no damage. The enemies still flinch as if there are being hit but there health doesn't change. This is my first play threw in the mod were im actually using cid past the parts he is required to be in or i would have posted it sooner. Also Dragon Dive still works so its not his Level 3 limit brake all together just Big Brawl.

I have not done any Updates for the New threat mod since 1.5 came out so if there has been an issue and was fixed threw an update feel free to let me know but i Didn't find anything thus the topic.

Big Brawl is buggy on the PC version in general and is not related to the mod; as for the bug itself, the damage is being calculated and extracted from enemy HP correctly, but the visual hooks for each hit aren't shown. If enemies are killed by Big Brawl then they'll remain on the field (but inactive) as death animation processing won't be performed.

Hello again.

A little pain point of this mod: Morphing bosses is god damn annoying. Many morph-items you get from bosses(At least early~ish in, just at Junon)  are pretty good accessoires.
Personally, I do not like that. Boss fights are meant to be a test of skill and strategy, but when you really want to morph them, they become super anti-climactic - and that really takes away from gameplay. Having powerful steals is much less annoiyng(Especially if the chance to steal is not abysmally low), as steals are not nearly as limited as morphs.

Maybe this pain point will vanish as the game progresses, but I figured I should just give my thoughts on this regardless.

I would prefer to remove boss morphs but when I started that process I got complaints from players who felt Morph wasn't much use as a result and/or they were attempting to morph bosses and ended up with no reward. What I could do is set Morph to deal standard damage (or something close to it) to take some of that annoyance out; and that would also double up as making Command Counter a bit more useful when it's obtained early.

Ah, the IRO needs an extra bit of script for the exits on that field. I'll add it now.

Edit: This IRO has the walkmesh chunks included for correct exits from final cave field.

Sega chief thank you for responding to my post and i have another question. is the masked man supposed to use white wind to heal back 30K after being attacked. i thought that i might be able to beat him if i spammed limits before he used transfusion and then cause the soft lock? thank you again.

He'll only use it in response to a Limit Break; other attacks shouldn't trigger White Wind.

Already posted on NG+, but maybe it gets seen here a little earlier.

So, the problem is concerning the Enemy Skill Quarry Fuse, buffing the enemy with invincibility, reflect, barrier and m-barrier. I read that it was fixed in the 30th June release, but it does not work with 7th heaven.
Additionally, I noticed the Limits not functioning as intended on the 7th Heaven Iro.

I tested the normal installer and everything works as intended there.

Some information here:
Installed via 7th heaven - already did a complete re-install. The mods I use with it are mainly graphical mods(Models, textures) and the menu overhaul+beacause.

Any information regarding this issue would be appreciated.

I'm going to be updating all the files tonight. Quarry Fuse had some flags missing which meant it was setting all statuses instead of none, I must have missed adding the updated scene.bin to the IRO. I also need to sort out Limits on the .exe files; I think it's missing from the ff7_bc.exe used for menu overhaul compatibility.

Edit: I've updated the installer + IRO link with latest fixes. There's a notepad inside both called patch notes July with the changes.

Awesome, thanks! 
Edit: Out of curiosity, what is the BC EXE missing right now? Anything major? That's the one I'm using (now that you helped me get that situated). Wondering if I should just wait until it's patched up.

It seems to have default Limit Breaks at the moment.

Hey Sega, just wanted to say I'm LOVING your mod! It made a classic even better! Having an issue though, I just got Cait at the Saucer and I'm ranking him up for the 1st time and he got to rank up 3 times. Is this normal?

Yeah, the characters that join later on get 1-2 ranks free so that they aren't behind the other characters.

Does 7H handle these updates automatically? Or do I need to download a new IRO manually?

It's not automatic, when in doubt use the one I've got on this thread.

Definitely sounds like something is wrong, even outside of the sources problem. You really shouldn't have to grind, I've mostly avoided doing more than the bare minimum. What sort of setups are you using?

Actually, that seemed to solve the issues. It made a big difference. Cloud had taken 3 SP upgrades only getting 1 point per Source. I went from +3 to all stats to +15 to all stats. Add that to the individual stat gains from the chosen specs and I go significant impact to dealing and taking damage.

It might have been the Materia as well; part of the exe changes was to alter the bonuses & penalties, but without those changes I think regular magic materia would be sitting with -5% HP on it because I shuffled the 'sets' around.

I could maybe use that in-game in some way to add a verification of some kind to let players know early if the .exe hasn't been patched properly or not. When the other files aren't patched properly it tends to make itself apparent really quickly, but an unpatched .exe can be 'invisible' for a long time.

Hello Sega chief, before i described my bug and wanted to say thank you for making such a incredible mod and reinvigorating my love for ff7.
now i'm doing the dark cave and i'm at the part when you fight the masked man in the church. after a turn or two he uses transfusion and then this camera stays stuck on him as he does nothing. i'm sorry to bother you but I've been stuck on this for two days.

please help.

That's a soft-lock caused by an animation not being set for an attack. I'll check it and update scene hotfix patch (and the IRO) tomorrow to sort it out.

Hmm can't wait to try this new version. I think I'm gonna try for arrange mode and hope for the best, all the cool surprises offset the possible frustrating difficulty. (to a mediocre player like me)
Btw, I noticed a small error in the read me, both Red XIII and Yuffie have the same listed initial stats.

I probably copy-pasted Red's stats to write Yuffies, got distracted, then forgot about it s:

Already posted in discord but also posting here to inform anyone else who notices until its fixed. If you are using the custom ff7_bc.exe that is included with the current june patch your limit breaks will function as if they were vanilla and not as intended in the mod.

I'll apply the Limits to the BC.exe and update the installers, etc.

I think that's just a visual bug; Luck was picked twice making for 25 total on that first option and when the sources are used they'll make for 25. I need to double-check the menus though so I'll sort that out as I go.

Originally posted asking if there was a way to skip a boss because I was literally stuck. Then I realized I was playing modded FF7 and could just turn invincibility on. That said, this leads me to a feature request. I would love a way (maybe at save points?) to strip non-party members of their materia. The main reason I got stuck was because I left all my damage materia on Yuffie and had no way of getting it back for a boss fight (Gi Kattan). Tried about a dozen times and couldn't for the life of me beat it. If only I had access to my crucial damage materia! 
So yeah, any chance of maybe a new Save Point option to get all my materias back?

There used to be an option on save points to unequip all party members, but this proved to be a dangerous thing to do later in the game because it has no check for remaining Materia space which led to a few people at end-game losing unique Materia when unequipping.

As for getting Materia from other party members, there's an Exchange option in the Materia screen that allows you to move/unequip Materia across party members manually.

Hi , "FYI" if u want to use the Spa version of ff7 you can download the FF7 NT version in Spanish. This version dont have the last changes that Sega made in June(Im on it)

Thanks Markul; if you need a hand/have questions then let me know and I'll do my best.

I seem to be getting behind the curve and feel like I have to grind even though the mod claims that's not necessary. I'm about 25 hours into the game and I'm at a point where enemies can nearly 1-shot anyone in my party. I feel like either I'm missing something, am forgetting to do something, or grinding is necessary at times.

I did notice that Sources only give 1 of each stat, not 5. So I think there's something buggy there. I am using the provided .exe. I assume at level 35-40, with 3 SP rank ups under my belt, the extra stats would have made a large difference. My guess is, since I'm progressing through the game without grinding, but have lost at least 12 points in each stat, I'm probably way under geared for the fights.

UPDATE: So I used Black Chocobo to inspect my save file. I can see how many sources I've used on each character. Does New Threat update how much each source gives? Or does it cause the Source items to give 5x? I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to use Black Chocobo to correct any issues I had with the sources giving 1 stat instead of 5.

Sources should be giving +5 to a stat per use; your .EXE isn't patched or has been reverted to default somehow. You can fix this temporarily by x5ing the Source boost each character has in the save editor but it'd be a good idea to have a look at why the .EXE might be getting overriden. If you used the ones from the folder, then it might be that you have to right-click them, select Properties, then click 'Unblock' or similar as Windows can be iffy with executable files distributed from relatively unknown sources; try dropping it in and replacing the old .EXE after doing that.

I'll check the .EXE files used in the installer as well just to be sure.

When it comes to save editing however, be careful if you're playing the Steam version; modified saves can be deleted by the FF7 Launcher when it's started (they added some weird save file verification check). Instead, make the changes while the FF7 Launcher is open, start the game, and then load the altered save file and save the game to make that entire set of files 'safe' for future use. It'd be a good idea to make a back-up of your save files as well, just to be safe.

It could also be to do with the constant array of files embedded in the exe:

I'll have a root around in there and try adding a new one; thanks for the info.

An unfortunate side-effect of our recent anti-spam measures, which require all new members' first five posts to be approved by a moderator. This can cause posts to be missed quite easily in high-traffic threads, and this is probably the highest-traffic thread on the site.

So that's what's going on; I thought I was losing my mind.

Apologies if you saw my earlier questions and didn't have an answer (or just didn't feel like responding, which I respect), but how hard of a time will I have in Arrange mode if I skip the rank ups or only use them when I'm struggling? Or even, how much harder of a time will I have if I don't update and stick to this version where each power source only gives +1? Because I just checked and that's what happens in my version.

I try to answer all questions on this thread but sometimes I miss them. A no-rank run can be tricky but it's definitely doable, approach it like a challenge run with proper preparation for certain bosses and you'll definitely be able to get through.

For the latest versions, the .executable file isn't being patched by the installer for some users. If you check the Main Installer folder, there should be a folder inside that contains .exe files; use those to replace your FF7 .exe if the installer has failed to patch it. The IRO version also contains .EXEs.

We just finished our latest episode, but if you have a twitter, I can reach out to you through that, or by email maybe?

Ah, I missed the boat. But yeah I've got a twitter if a spot comes up:

Qhimm Forum also has a PM function but I think it only becomes available after a certain number of posts/account verification.

This is more of a wish than a legit suggestion:I kind of wish that gravity wasn't such a common elemental weakness. It's a key component to my morphing strategy, and it also feels a little broken that Demi2 essentially can one-shot anything with a gravity weakness.

Gravity maybe does render Wind a bit obsolete as a weakness, especially with most bosses having Earth as a weakness (and therefore Wind as a resistance). I could make it so that's no longer the case and Gravity just deals its %-based damage (except for when immunity is present).

Hello Sega Chief.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I followed your recommendations exactly as you indicated.
I forgot to mention that I use the SPANISH version (I always change first the name of the sflevel and lang_en files as you indicated, it always works out well, there's no problem with that. As I mentioned before, I already played version 1.4 and it seemed very good and I had no problems.).

This time I also changed the name of ff7_en to ff7_en to be able to replace it (You did not indicate it in the changelog, but I assumed that it had to be done for obvious reasons).

So far so good.

The problem is that Final Fantasy VII does not work now. Try to turn on, the screen darkens a moment, but then go back to the desktop. I already tried it even re-installing the FF7.
Is it because the EMERGENCY EXE version only applies to the English version?
Will there be a change that maybe you should make to be applicable to the Spanish version beyond just changing the name?

Yeah, there's offset differences between the two versions. I'm going to need to create .EXEs for the other language versions.

Also.... you are a GAWD for adding the NPC for Ft. Condor teleporting. Like seriously, the mod would be worth it for that alone. And I seriously LOL'd for like 2 minutes straight when Barret smacked Cloud after he gave the Materia explanation at the Bar. That was priceless;D

Not sure how I feel about the Level Cap at 70 though. I'll have to play further into the game to see if that will really be an issue for me. I'm mostly concerned that it will make the Break 9999 mod obsolete, since you can only get to level 70 and can only Rank Up 8 times (and there's no way to actually Morph Farm for Sources in this mod to Max Out). But we'll see... I'm always down for a challenge.  ;)

The Level Cap was removed back in v1.35 or so; I thought I'd removed that from the documentation/Beginner's Hall text.

hey sega chief

is there anyway you can add your Mod to the ff7 ps4 version 1 day please

I don't own a PS4 and modding a console game isn't something I know how to do.

I think I've missed some posts here:

Hello Sega Chief!

First of all I want to congratulate you for this incredible game.

Last year I finished version 1.4 on STEAM and a little over a month ago I started playing version 1.5

I really like this... but i have a problem and reading other people I see that I am not the only one with it.

I am currently in GONGAGA, just after beating RENO and RUDE. But I have noticed something that did not happen in version 1.4 and is that with the SP system the SOURCES are no longer giving +5, +10 or +15 to the STAT. Now they only give + 1, + 2, + 3.

At first I thought it was a change to the game and I re - read all the documents in the DOCUMENTATION section, but nowhere do you mention this or in the changelog.

For this reason I entered this forum to see if there was an answer and I was surprised that there was a new version 1.5 of June 23 in addition to a new patch.

What I have done so far:

1. I downloaded version 1.5. of June 23 and I installed it. I think the installation was correct. I could verify it because the SUICIDE L5 changed to QUARRY FUSE.
The QUARRY FUSE initially applied barrier, mbarrier and reflect on the enemies.
2. I downloaded the NT 1.5 Enemy / Kernel Hotfix [23rd June 2018] and applied it.
I checked that everything was fine because the QUARRY FUSE no longer applies the benefits to the enemies.
Up there do you think I'm fine? Have I done the right thing?

Unfortunately, the SP system problem persists and the SOURCES only apply + 1, + 2, + 3.
I do not know what to do and you do not indicate it in any changelog or version 1.5 of June 23 nor in the NT.15 Enemy / Kernel Hotfix (23rd june 2018).

For this reason I wanted to ask you please to tell me what to do.

What should I do?

Should I re-uninstall everything and reinstall it?

Do I still need to download a patch? Which? How will I check that it is correct without having to start the game again?

Please your help as I do not know how to fix the SOURCES problem.

The newest versions use executable modifications now, one of which was to set sources to give +5 per use rather than +1 (to reduce button mashing). The latest version of the main installer should have a folder inside called Emergency EXE files, take the one for your version (likely ff7_en if it's steam) and replace your current .EXE with it. Sometimes the installer isn't able to patch the .exe for some reason.

To confirm that .exe is patched, source use should give +5 to stat. You don't need to start the game again.

Can anyone write down where can I find those enemy skills (or how to get them)? Coz i think description of the newest version is messed up or im just noob and cant find out, how to trigger enemy :P

Anyway, those enemy skills are mistery for me:

Thx ;)

Trine should be on Keeper as of the latest patch, or on Thundercracker enemy up on Mt. Nibel's first screen (manipulate may be needed).

Magnitude8 was changed in latest version to Time Flare, and should be available from Dragon enemies (like Nibel Dragon, Gaea Dragon, Crater Dragon etc.) Try using a Limit Break on them to activate it as a counter-attack.

Deathcharge is on a new enemy called Tsarcat in North Crater; Manipulate one to get it (you will need to be equipped with a Hypnocrown to succeed due to a level quirk).

Hey Sega Chief, thanks for the hard work on the mod. I've been enjoying it so far, but I think I may have run into an issue, or I'm not understanding something properly.

I'm level 21 and just unlocked the Rank Up system and it seems like I am not getting the proper amount of Sources. It's like I am only getting 1 Source for every 5 Points that I should increase; so if I choose something that gives +10 to Str/Vit along with the basic +5 to all stats, I'll end up with 3 Power and 3 Guard (+10 From Upgrade => 2 Source, +5 All Stats => 1 Source), then 1 of each other source... So instead of Cloud going from 37 Str to 52 Str, he went to 40 Str :(. I got the same results for ranking up all other chars - only getting 1 Source for every 5 Points I was suppose to increase.

I'm new to this mod, so maybe this is intentional, but if I can only Rank Up 8 times then Cloud would gain a Maximum of 24 Str throughout the course of the game, if I chose to give him a +10 Str Upgrade each time. This doesn't seem right, and now I'm hesitant to play anymore if the Rank Up system is doing this. I'll never be powerful enough if this is the case.

I'm using the v1.5 that was linked in the first post and updated on 6/23/2018, and I'm not using Arrange or the Randomiser. I'm also using a Steam version that was successfully patched/converted to the 1998 version for 7th Heaven. Everything else seems to be working properly - besides Yuffie's Clear Tranquil Limit Break, which says it Restores MP, but actually Restores HP. And the alternate descriptions for Potions/Ethers which indicate how much is healed in the field versus in battle seem to be missing now.

The .exe hasn't been patched; the Installer needs to be pointed at the FF7 folder now rather than the Data folder (sorry if the installer itself states Data folder; I'd better check the text). If the .exe isn't patching, then look inside the main installer folder and there should be another folder inside called emergency exe files; drop the one your game uses into your FF7 folder and overwrite it (should be FF7.exe if you converted the game and are not using Steam Launcher for it).

So I'm wondering, can you miss rank ups by not using them? Or do I just keep accruing sp and I can choose whenever I rank up? I'm at Cosmo Canyon, playing Arrange mode and so far the difficulty is good. Could be slightly harder at times, but it's just enough for some boss battles to keep me on my toes, for random encounters to be relatively swift and to put me at a place where I want to have the best equipment and good materia, etc. I am a little worried about the rank ups making the game too easy though. Will I end up too weak if I forego all the 7 rank ups I haven't used?


\Innate Ability: MP Regen & Overcharge//
Cait Sith will slowly regenerate MP throughout a battle, and will regain MP
even faster while Defending. MP gained can go past his MaxMP amount.

If you go in the New Threat file you downloaded, under the documentation folder there should be a readme.txt file that gives you general information and you can find all of the info about the characters there.

You can't miss out on Rank Ups; you can waste SP though if it reaches 255 so it's best to use them as soon as you get to 200. If you decide to hold off then it doesn't matter, you can still get all 8 ranks out by gathering SP from fighting enemies (late game enemies give a lot more than early ones).

Does the 7th Heaven launcher automatically update the mods, or is there something I have to do before my next start up?

Also, I'm a content creator and team member of We run a monthly podcast. I was wondering if you'd like to guest on our podcast to talk about and promote your mod?

It doesn't, but I maintain an IRO on the first page that uses up to date files that can be imported into 7H for use.

As far as the podcast goes, yeah could do; what day/time are you planning to record on?

Ok, I'm almost giving up on learning chocobuckle lol, Fed all kinds of greens, looked for lvl 16 chocobos, lvl 20 etc, yet it will never use chocobuckle after I use
Quarry fuse, all chocobos will just deal a big physical  damage on all targets (including enemies) and quit battle :(

I checked the files and may owe you an apology; apparently it's not checking for the command index like I thought it was but instead looking for HP being at critical levels. I'll update the scene patch to fix this.

Edit: I updated the scene patch, Chocobuckle should now proc from any command so long as the bird has been fed Mimett Greens first.

Hi all,

I recently returned to working on an FF8 gameplay mod, and way back one of the things I tried doing was adding a new enemy with its own unique ID. Unfortunately it crashed the game when a formation containing it was loaded.

My only guess is that each enemy has its own unique Scan text entry (and maybe other data that is loaded with specific IDs) and the game couldn't find one for the new ID, causing the crash. Does anyone know how scan stuff is loaded up when a battle starts or is the issue(s) maybe elsewhere?

I added some patches and updated the installers to fix a few issues, one being menu navigation for rank up.

Hahha, I wish I had of known that, I didn't use any as I was purposely trying to keep him alive. Now that I think about it, it was right after I used bloodfang on red xiii to restore MP, that I learned it.

Something I've noticed over time, some attacks are more identifiable as counter-attacks than others. I've a plan to sort this though.

I'm having trouble finding out what Cait Sith's Innate ability is for 1.5. The game didn't verify it the way it has for other characters.

There should have been text appear during his recruitment. I'll double-check just in case.

As for the innate:
{YELLOW}\\{CAIT SITH} Innate Ability//{WHITE}
During battle{, }Cait Sith will slowly regenerate
MP but when Defending the rate will be greatly
increased and can exceed MaxMP.

Should mention that the regen can exceed MaxMP whether he's defending or not, phrasing is a bit poor.

I have some bugs to report, not sure if its the exactly place, I'll delete later if it is.

The rank-up option on caith sith is bugged, the option we choose isnt the right one, we get different sources, its working like ''if I choose this one, I'll the get the sources that the option above offers'' seems like a graphical bug, not sure (only on caith sith, not sure about cid or vincent since i didnt get them yet).

Also on rank up system, randomly the thing that give us the powers starts to explain what the randomizer is (usually after I make a deal), and I cannot choose the option ''leave'' to leave the menu, so I gotta choose ''make a deal'' and he will say I gotta fight more, then it quits to the save menu as it should.

And about chocobuckle, which I asked later, i've been bombarding Quarry fuse skill on chocobos and they're not using chocobuckle skill :c Do i need to feed them the right greens or they need to be lvl 16, I think i'm doing something wrong (my question mark is broke, sorry).

The menus need an flevel patch because the boxes weren't set with the new max number of choices (and I think there was a logic issue with the selections as well that I've sorted out). I'll have the patch up tomorrow.

For chocobuckle, I think they need Mimmet Greens fed to them first; this sets an AI flag that lets them react to L4 Suicide (aka Quarry Fuse).

I posted about this in the discord, but getting time flare from Gaea dragon was absolute hell due to no manipulate, single target skill, and used extremely rarely. I spent nearly an hour trying to get it, had to revert back to the old patch to get him to use the earth aoe instead, and it still took forever, seems hes got too many skills and that it's usage is very low priority?

I think he uses it as a counter-attack whenever he's struck by a Limit Break.

hey sega chief

I have a neat idea, is there anyway you could put in a skip chocboo races option after someone beat dyne on coel prison, if thats poissable

When the Chocobo Race is lost, a better Chocobo is given to the player. I upped the stats on all Chocobos given if I remember right.

so, since the L5 was changed into Quarry ability, how do we learn chocobuckle? Been searching about it and didnt find anything ;-;

It still works, Chocobos are set to react to the Index ID of the attack; if it hits them, they'll use Chocobuckle. Just remember that the other condition is that they must be eating specific Greens (Mimmet Greens I think) when the E. Skill is used although I may have removed that condition as well so that all Greens work.

one thing: did you remove the choco mog matera summon boss fith?= i remember in earlier version there was one and now i simply spoke to the chocobo and it gave me materia in vanilla like game.

And btw i wish to add another suggestion: Steal materia. basic steral FF VII formula is like this:



now i my modest opinion basing steal ONLY on level element is quite silly.... i would make steal materia based on 3 elements for the calculation whch are, level difference (like in the first formula) and then LUCK and DEXTRETY which are known thief attributes! :D this would make also tifa or yuffie good "thieves" style classes because they got usually highest dex in the game what ya think about it? :D

There is no Choco/Mog boss in NT; you might be thinking of Gjoerulv's Hardcore mod.

Using Level for Steal is a bit problematic as most players, including myself, play under the assumption that Dexterity (and sometimes Luck) factored into the Steal chance. I'm going to review some of the formulas for the overhaul patch at some point in the future. I could use Dex for Steal, and Luck for manipulate maybe.

hey sega chief

is there anyway you could add in a 3x faster option on the save points, so if someone wants the game to go by 3x faster they can turn that option on and or off

I can't access that from the flevel; there are tools that manually adjust the speed that the game runs at though, like the Ochu tool.

an apopointment i would make: Concerning SP and characters i have some suggestions (just my 2 penny ideas!!) :D

[Elemental Consistency]

NOTE: here i found many isses especially on low level areas (the wolves near kalm town for example i tossed em fire2 and they received life instead of getting damaged...)

I suggest also IF POSSIBLE (i am ignorant in coding totally so dont get mad) to add Wind materia to give aeor aeor 2 and aero 3 (on northern cave the mobs first time you arrive use AERO 3 so i guess you could "steal " that animation and adapt it :D)

on this i would give my 2 cent idea to rework steal mechanic as follows:


sorry for disturb and btw great mod!! I LOVE IT!! :D

The Rank-Up options were updated in the latest patch; there are now 5 options and some were tweaked.

There may be something wrong with your Scene.bin; I checked the files and Kalm Fangs are all set to take double damage from Fire. Fire2 also has the correct flags set in the Kernel.

While it would be possible to add another Materia, the issue is that the spell-list is mostly up to capacity and I want to keep Osmose, Hydro, and Pearl. I think the first time Wind can be useful as an element is against Ark Dragons in Mythril Mines and then against Formula enemies in the Junon area, by which time Chocobuckle (now a wind-element attack skill) and Choco/Mog are available (either for cast or Elemental combo in weapon).

I'd like more info on this Kalm Fang absorbing fire though; they don't absorb that in the base game which has me worried some sort of corruption has taken place. Could you test it again just to be sure?

So with the new hotfix, is Cloud supposed to get the Limit Boost every time someone in the party uses a limit break or just when he does? Because right now it's the former and he gets a buff every time someone else uses a limit break in addition to when he does. Just confirming.

Wondering if (and others can answer this one for sure) you get to choose your upgrade path each time you rank up using SP? Like you can choose a different one each time and you're not locked into the first one you chose correct? Also how gimped would I be in arrange mode if I never use the rank up system except for the first time?

Do you unlock limit breaks (except for Level 4) the same way as in vanilla? And when I use the Elemental materia, what stat governs the amount of damage I do and what element am I attacking with each time? A little unsure how that materia works in general. Thanks!

It should trigger whenever a Limit Break is used by someone, but only once and not again until the buff has worn off.

You can choose different options each time for Rank Up, yeah.

LV.4 Limits are obtained from a optional boss for each character, and can be used when Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 limits are learned.

Elemental just attaches an element to your physical attack, meaning that all the damage is still coming from Strength + Weapon + Level, but damage output will be doubled or halved depending on the enemy's elemental resistances.

By the way and I tried the new installer and can't choose the "Check Character Status " option, just the last upgrade option. I re installed the patch even the game itself and still, the sources only add an +1 instead of +5 I'm using the steam edition and tried that new patch there, everything else is right, just the sources rly just add +1 not +5 ._.

The menu problem is likely due to the field script changes in place which I'll need to sort. The .exe not being patched is prob down to a permissions issue of some sort. If you download the 7H IRO from the front page and unzip it, you'll find some executable files inside that you can try dropping into your FF7 folder directly.

i already commenced a new game if i apply this patch now io have to restart or my save file will not get any problem ? I am at he very beginning just met aeris now.

Savemap should be fine so don't worry about applying the patch or future patches; it only tends to be big overhaul patches (when the version number changes) that the savemap gets messed with.

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