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how do you get the Dragon Force enemy skill? I manipulate the north crater dragon, if I target my party with the spell, he uses it on himself (?). I tried hitting him with Reflect and Confu to no avail.

The update I put yesterday out should allow for Dragon Force to be targeted on the party now via Manipulate; is it still not working?

Hey, I posted this on the reunion thread but I'm not sure where I should be asking for support.

Love the mod, I can't see myself playing without it, however using in conjuction with The Reunion (latest ver) is making the random encounters in shinra HQ bug out, is there anything I can do to fix this other than installing NT after Reunion?

any random encounter on floor 68 will result in a crash and on floor 67 any random encounter will bring up the turks who will take no action, forcing me to alt f4 out of it, this only happens when using both mods at the same time (with Reunion being installed last)

Sounds like wrong encounters, which'll be either a scene/kernel lookup problem or it'll be the default encounter tables being used by Reunion overriding the NT ones.

Scene/kernel is relatively easy to fix, you open the scene.bin with the Proud Clod tool and click File/Save (or may be File/Create on older versions, but it's effectively the same function). A prompt asking to check the kernel will appear and picking yes will have the tool check; if it isn't synched, it'll then offer to sort it out (which you'd click yes again).

If you're playing the steam version, bear in mind that there are two kernels; one in data/kernel, and the other in data/lang-en/kernel. Steam uses that second one but I think PrC will check for the first one by default so after synching, just copy-paste the corrected data/kernel over the data/lang-en/kernel. Definitely try this step before checking the flevel.

If the problem is in flevel then this'll take more time. If you've hard-patched these with installers, and not used 7H, then a manual fix is probably the only option at the moment. That would involve getting the makou reactor tool and opening two instances of it; one on NT's base flevel, and the other on your reunion + NT patched flevel.

You'd then go through each field and check the encounter tables against each other, correcting the NT-Reunion encounter table to use the base NT one. That'll fix the encounters at least.

To get a copy of the base NT flevel, make a copy of your data folder and run the NT installer over it.

Updated the installer + IRO:
-) Ending behaviour was bugged, I removed the check causing it. Ending will play if on normal mode, church scene will play if on Arrange mode.

-) Dragon Force couldn't be learned due to its targeting behaviour.

I like to thank you for this MOD, I was just wondering is there a ETA of 2.0 version of this MOD. Thank you you in advanced.

I'm not sure, I'd like it to be done by the end of next month but that's probably optimistic. I've got FF8 NT on the go as well.

What if you made all the NT quests become active as soon as you obtain the Highwind? It'd make more sense from a story point of you.

It'll need scaled back a bit if doing that, which might not be a terrible thing actually. Stops the game being too top-heavy when you hit Disc 3.

I'm playing on arrange yeah. Anyways, I stole one from Demons Gate  ;D

Ah that's right, it was added there as well. I clean forgot.

There’s nothing in the main installer folder at all

I downloaded the installer folder and the .exe for the installer is in there. I'm not sure why it's not making it to your machine, so I've uploaded the installer on its own with none of the sub folders, maybe it's getting picked up and deleted by something when you've downloaded/unzipped it?!y58lnQxC!aU3BDtO8XTIP1wKosT1WpEQGQX_gRCs9RLczQpT0bV8

Finished my playthrough of the latest version posted on the front page.  Some post play thoughts/feedback.

Dex still feels kind of useless.  Post casting Haste/all, Cloud with 60 dex gets the same amount of turns as Tifa with 120.  Admittedly she can use deathblow effectively while he can't, but that's moot after getting multi cut.  Haste feels much more impactful than 40 dex worth of items, does it buff "natural" dexterity?

All the extra content and bosses are appreciated, though their quality varies widely, I won't complain about that.  Except the "dark cave", which seems a bit out of place.  In general i think the "new threat" content should unlock at the beginning of disk 3 instead of the bottom of the crater.  It's a little immersion breaking to be like... "this is it guys" only to climb out to do quests.

I liked the design changes for materia and weapons/armor, except planet and contain basically replace everything at endgame.  Particularly pearl, which is all you use in the crater.  The strength/weakness systems feels pretty good, I like how earth > big opponents, Lightning/water > machines, poison > humans, demi > flyers, etc.  Though it still feels like physical based characters get the shaft since they can't requip mid battle for elemental materia, at least in the crater they can just use elemental/holy to be competitive, and fire is a pretty good bet for the great glacier enemies.

Also when I beat Sephiroth I got kicked back to the Nibelheim reactor, was that supposed to happen?  I watched the final FMV on youtube and called it a day, lol.

I'm having a bit of a spring clean as far as bosses go, there's too many of them and I stretched myself a bit thin. As for the conditional trigger, I tried setting it to the Disc 3 start but it was causing some problems. The 1998 game moment trigger is a safe bet for that stuff, but I'll have another shot at making it unlock right as Disc 3 starts.

For physicals, I'm looking to close the gap a bit by making elemental bonus damage 1.5x rather than 2x, boosting them a bit for early game, and adjusting the level modification that was holding them back later in the game.

Sounds like the ending is still bugged, I'll just rip out the script routine that's causing it for now.

In the installer folder, there should be a sub-folder called Main Installer; that's the .exe to run (make sure it's unblocked, admin permissions, etc.) and to have it target the Final Fantasy VII folder.

I think the arrange version (armour keeper) doesn't drop it, and it's instead available from the chests in Shinra HQ's 2nd floor shop on Disc 2. If you're on normal mode though, then Powersoul Keeper should have dropped it in the battle results screen.

Gameplay Modding / Re: My thoughts on "A NEW THREAT"
« on: 2019-06-23 00:33:07 »
Yo bud, thanks for the feedback; sorry things went south later on, I'll address some of your points.

Wildly unfair battles and unnecessary trolling. Confusing changes and no real documentation for all the changes. For example, where is ultima? What are all these items that never actually go into your inventory? Every time you're expecting a good treasure or a good drop, the game trolls you. It would be one thing if it was a brand new game, but when you're expecting something and you get snubbed over and over and over again it just becomes annoying.

So guilty as charged on the documentation. Position-wise, a lot of stuff was shuffled about and for certain things they were either moved further into the game or they were put behind some sort of boss (W-Item, W-Magic, and W-Summon for instance are used as rewards in the three Extra Battle encounters in Gold Saucer). Materia like Planet, Contain, and Shield are picked up along the routes of the game's areas (Crater for those three, but I think Planet aka Ultima Materia can be obtained earlier from the Corel Train section if it's completed within the time limit).

Weapons seem to all universally suck in their own way. Always seems like you're choosing between what sucks the least. Also is hit chance bugged? I'll have 99 attack%, and then miss every swing on a 4x cut over and over again. And steal seems completely busted. I get that you wanted to avoid a completely linear progression in gear... but like... I've been using the same gear for 2 discs because the alternatives are just terrible. Every single "new drop" I get is an objective downgrade to the one before it. It just doesn't make a good progression. It's like when I picked up the pilebunker in the northern cave. Oh great! A new weapon for Barret! I'd been using the AM launcher for like... 10 hours of gameplay. Oh... wait.... the pilebunker has an attack% of 75. Which may as well be 0%, since you miss nonstop at 95%! And low and behold, Barret cannot land a single attack with it. 4x cut misses 75% of the time, and even if it does hit, since it's not a long range item and barret is backlined as a tank... it does 100 damage/hit.... at lvl 99. Like... what??? Why is the end game gear objectively worse than gear from disc 1?!?!?!

The current approach with the weapons was the stat buffs on them rather than the attack damage they offered. But for the earlier parts of the game, it could feel that the weapons were underwhelming when they were acquired like Mythril Saber being a base power downgrade over Buster Sword for a small Magic boost.

The accuracy problem and the damage is tied to the way Level is being modified by the character AI; it was a hack I put in before I learned how to modify assembly to try and rein in physical damage scaling because it uses Level twice in its damage calculation. But it's caused a slew of problems like affecting Steal/Manipulate chance on Disc 2/3 (Sneak Glove/Hypno Crown is needed to have a chance of stealing or manipulating anything in the North Crater and is currently one of the biggest issues in the mod).

Then before I can even get a single turn off, the mob goes: grand sword, adrenaline, grand sword. Game Over. His regular attacks one shot my tank, even though my tank has max hp, max defense, backlined, sadness applied, barrier applied and his defending. 9,999 dmg attack that occurs basically every second. HOW FUN!

I'm not sure about this, it seemed like a huge amount of damage to take with all that mitigation on considering his stats so I quickly jumped in on the current files to make sure and his incoming damage isn't anywhere near that high on Grand Sword:
Stats are shown on the party at the end of the video. If you're getting wildly different incoming damage than that, then there's maybe something else afoot.

The point is, you get thrown into wildly unfair battles that are pretty much a guaranteed 30 minute waste of time, as the enemy's trump card that absolutely must be taken into account (that you also had no idea existed) wipes you out. The mod claims status effects are very important... only that it seems as though enemies are completely immune to every status effect, and you are completely crippled by them. I've lost battles because I ran out of softs after using 30 of them in a single battle. Does Slow do anything? Stop? I've had time materia equipped the entire game, and it seems like the enemies get more attacks off than you no matter what. Doesn't matter if your party is hasted with maxxed out dex, and the enemy is slowed over and over again, they are going to get more attacks than you. Like in the sunken airplace Gelnika or whatever... there is an enemy that can needle your guy and just take them out. He killed a guy, and then before I could even revive him, both my other guys had been needled. Game over! Feels like something equally broken/frustrating happens in every stage of the game. 

Most status ailments work on most random enemies, it's typically the bosses that have more immunities because a lot of those statuses would outright bust the boss (paralysis for instance) but I tried to leave at least 1 or 2 on most of them. The FFX Nemesis superboss in Extra Battle for instance can be Frogged which knackers his Claw attack.

Lost Number can be Stopped which is a pretty big one because it prevents him changing (but means you lose a shot at the equipment his other forms carry)

The Turks in Midgar Raid can be hit with the following: Elena: Sleep, Reno: Paralysis, Rude: Confusion. Along with Poison for all three.

Jenova LIFE can also be put to Sleep, but has some special AI behaviour that can trigger while she is.

As for randoms, I think they mostly can be hit with anything except for the bigger solo ones. And I think commonly Slow always works as well, if it lands. It's maybe the case that the level modification is making the status ailment spells less accurate than they should be as I think it uses the spell's accuracy as well as the status infliction base chance.

Some bosses like Carry Armour can't have statuses on them due to their multi-part nature. Or at least, they can have statuses but it can disrupt their animation cycle because they're technically three separate actors. There are times when statuses don't work but there are plenty of bosses throughout that can be hit with statuses.

IMO, buffing the enemies needs to come with a buff to your characters. It's just not enjoyable when your attacks do 1/10 of what you're used to them doing at a similar point in the unmodded game, and the enemies have 10x the hp and 10x the damage. Again, my guys are level 99, and I'm hitting enemies in the northern cave for ~300 damage/attack on my strength characters. When I try to take them out with my casters, it's the same! Comet2 hits for ~800/comet. Meanwhile the enemies normal attack one shots your tank. Also, the enemies have counter attacks, also the enemies have hidden triggers for other counterattacks. Oh you casted Cure3 five minutes ago? Too bad! The enemy gets three turns in a row!  >:( >:( >:( >:(

The characters are fairly heavily buffed from vanilla. They each have their defence stats doubled so a stat of 50 defence will be 100 in-battle (enemies actually do this in vanilla). They also have innates to work with and are getting much higher stat buffs on equipment (though weapon base damage works within a range of 50 instead of 100).

I think the issue is that the mod is creating too wide of a gulf in damage output because of all the high stat buffs available from equipment + the rank-up/sources system. I've seen players hitting anywhere between 300 damage to 5k+ with physicals based on their set-up. Ideally, the lower threshold would be close to the max threshold (so 1500 unoptimised, 2500 optimised as an example).

Enemies that are weak against poison will dodge Bio over and over again, even sometimes there is 'green miss' text, as if to suggest that the enemy who is supposedly weak against poison would be healed by it if it actually hit.

That's my bad on that one, the mod had new .exes made recently and the 7h IROs were given hext functionality instead of using .exes and the assembly edit to make poison elemental damage hit despite poison status immunity was missing. It made the Tseng fight a lot harder than it was supposed to be.

Dazers don't seem to do anything. Added effect also pretty much does nothing. I had it equipped the entire game with various status effects, they were actually inflicted on maybe 1/100 attacks.

Added Effect wasn't altered, so I think this might have just been a bit of bad luck.

It just feels like the enemies have all the broken mechanics and you just have to take the shaft over and over and over again. Then on top of that, when you think that next sweet piece of gear/materia will be your reprieve, you instead get trolled. For all these reasons I have given up. It's just an exercise in sadism at this point.

I do want to thank Sega for all the work put into the mod, and it's certainly not all bad, and some people genuinely enjoy being tortured by a game, but I am not one of them. I just can't handle the unfairness and the trolling anymore. Sorry guys, but I'm getting off this train, gonna live a nice quiet life in Kalm until the Meteor hits. Good luck.

The important thing though when all's said and done is that you didn't enjoy playing it, and what made it worse was that you started off enjoying it and then it took a turn for the worst. The things like W-Item's old location being replaced with a Sense and whatnot was just intended to be a bit of fun poking, but if the mod is feeling like a slog then those probably came across more like a kick in the teeth; so I'm sorry about that and the frustration caused.

Right now I'm working on a final update to rework all the files from scratch; I've thrown out my old level hack and am working more off the assembly modifications I've made. The goal is to try and close the gap in potential damage a bit because the base damage on a physical should never be as low as 300 on a lv.99 character regardless of what they've equipped.

The complaints you've raised are very much legitimate and I've seen a lot of players running into this problem with how steep the balancing can see-saw from one player to the next. Some players encounter it, others don't, depends on how their characters have been set up, even sometimes just the ATB setting. But ideally, what should be happening is everyone's having a consistent experience so that's what my last patch is going to try and achieve.

Really have to commend you on this modpack.
I remember the game being really hard back in the day, mostly because I was barely 11 at the time and didn't really have a grasp of the English language.
This modpack lives up to that memory, with a few twists and turns. It rewards planning ahead, requires you to reload a few times and is just all around engaging to play.

I'm also curious, is there a way to add different controller icons instead of Switch, Command, OK and all those? Bit rough to manage the marching and stuff with no real prompts.

Yo bud,

I think it should be possible, other mods have done it. I'll look into it because the PC prompts drive me up the wall.

Hey me again, ran into another problem and this time it seems like a bug problem.
I'm currently getting the final mega materia from Cids rocket, but every time I hit the grunts with Tifas added Effect Hades attack, they turn into frogs,sleep,etc but the combat just stops, my turn doesn't come
Think you could look into this? In the meantime I guess I could just deathblow them instead

I think this is related to using ff7_bc.exe or it might have been ff7_mo.exe which are used for reunion/menu overhaul, I don't know what the underlying causes were but certain enemies seem to break when Frogged when using these .exes (which doesn't make sense to me why that would be the case, but this is what I've been told is the source of the bug).

So I got myself super hyped for the FF7 remake and find myself back here to tide myself over until it's release.  I just wanted to compliment the author of this mod, it's very good, after finishing vanilla the game doesn't have much to offer in terms of replayability, but this remedies that very well.

For now just a couple of comments, though maybe after I finish playing through I'll add more.

Dex.  I feel like there's an early soft cap on the usefulness of this stat.  Mainly there are a lot of animations that don't stop the ATB from charging, so once you get haste, dex barely ever gets you an extra turn because everyone's ATB will fully charge while you wait for animations to finish.  I noticed when playing FF8 last year that that game fixes this fundamental problem of ATB, by stopping the ATB charge during all animations.  I was kind of wondering if that were possible in this game?  Assuming one had the motivation to do so.  Alternatively, maybe nerf haste?  I haven't got it yet in this playthrough, so if it's been changed since early last year then just disregard this comment.

Another, call it fundamental incompatibility between NT and the base game, as I see it, is the inability to reequip materia during battle.  I feel like this is especially the case for physical characters, without elemental they have a hard time competing in terms of damage, but you can only have one element equipped at a time.  As long as reequipping costs a turn, and you could only change one thing per turn, it probably wouldn't unbalance NT to much, but I'm assuming it's not possible to implement?  As it is, the basic strategy is to go into a boss fight, use sense, then reload the game and properly equip your characters.

P.S.  It took me 3 hours to figure out the were13 field model for red13 is incompatible with this mod, lol.  Kind of sad, because it's really cool, I need to find a werecat field model for red that doesn't change the game stats.  Also, for me at least, this was also the cause of innate abilities not working.  Throwing this out there because there are several posts in the last couple of pages mentioning them.

I think Wait ATB stops gauges whenever an animation or menu is open, but they continue when certain attacks are going out. Recommended might be a bit better for that, but I don't think any of the ATB settings are 100% consistent with pausing during attacks.

As far as Haste goes, I think it's the equivalent to about 40 or so Dexterity. The Dex stat is also used in evasion, and by extension, accuracy so it can be handy to have it high if you're relying on low accuracy weapons or attacks like Deathblow.

I can't recall exactly how Total Dex and Natural Dex affect the speed of gauges but a rough breakdown of it is that the game tallies up the group's natural dexterity stats and averages it to determine the enemy's base gauge speed compared to your own, then it applies the actual Dex they have to determine their own personal gauge speeds. It was something weird like that, technically there are two dexterity stats.

That natural dexterity average is of the reasons I was looking to bring back natural stat growth to replace the +5 blanket buff everyone gets to their stats from sources as that acts as 'buffed dexterity' rather than natural dexterity. I think it means that some characters will always be 'faster' than others in the sense that they will produce a lower gauge speed for the enemies because they started with a high base dex stat.

The kernel thing was due to a bizarre error that came up with the kernel; all the character AI save for the pre-battle was lost. I've since updated the files again (17th) with a backup kernel to restore the missing innates. The werewolf mod I think requires a lot of edits in field and other places which makes it difficult to make compatible without having lots of derivative files to handle other mods together and stuff.

Hey Sega, just to report possible bug on innate abilities of 1.5

This streamer: has issues with innate abilities being not triggered (Tifa does not revive, Cloud doesn't get buff etc.)

He mentions that multiple times during his streams, maybe worth having a look at it?

(installed NT 1.5 with 7H)

Your streamer likely has the files where the character AI was deleted. The latest files should have it restored (save files, etc. won't be affected).

Damn. Felt harsh killing that bird mama for just some Remedies.

Is there a way to have the last selected Rank Up highlighted? I wanted to do a 'single job' run, but it turns out my memory sucks and after having a day away I'd forgotten which I'd selected for some of the characters.

I think it might be possible, could be a heavy hit on variable space, but I'll see what I can do.

Hey, I can't seem to get Tifa's limit break 4 quest to trigger.  I play the piano and get the 1 gil message but no note or anything after that.  I have the most up to date version as of this post.  I am able to get other character's lvl 4 quests and battles and have been to the bottom of northern crater.  Nothing seems to be triggering it.  is there a special song different from the normal one you play?

Edit: weirdly enough I figured it out, I'm playing on steam and performing the melody with a controller doesn't work, but using the original pc controls on the keyboard works.  Both give "Is that material" prompt, but only keyboard triggers quest note...odd.

It might be something to do with the shoulder buttons? I think those map wrong on controllers or something.

Hiya Sega Chief, just wanted to let you know about a random bug I came across last night:

Have Cid as party leader, went to Gelnika for the first time, went into the room above the save point, and could not open the two green chests on the upper level.  All the rest of the chests and items throughout the Gelnika opened fine.  I changed party leader back to Cloud and revisited, the chests opened fine  :)

Still loving this mod to bits, 60 logged hours of gametime ( add another 40 on failed boss attempts :D ) and so much left to explore

Weird one that, usually chests run on their own talk script but maybe these use a line + script call to the party leader.

FF7 Gameplay Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Remade Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2019-06-18 21:35:10 »

How did you manage this sorcery?

Ruby(viridian) weapon isn't spawning correctly for me. I have a save right before I enter Midgar and Ultima weapon is the only one that popped up. After I beat Ultima, Ruby spawned. And now that I cleared Midgar and right at the Crater Ruby(viridian) weapon has despawned. Any fix?

I haven't heard of him despawning before, have you tried fighting some battles and then entering/exiting a town? There's an RNG 'cooldown' check based around random battles that gets applied to various things like Ruby Weapon, Vincent's scenes in the cave, and Chocobo Breeding.

I checked about and found a couple of people who had similar circumstances where they beat Ultimate Weapon, left things for a while to grind up, and then couldn't find Ruby but having him appear later on again:

So what I would do is, try fighting about 5 random battles either on the world map or on a field screen and then checking in on that desert. From what I can see on various boards, he's not 100% consistent with showing up.

Hey, I just finished the mod and I noticed a few things :

- When you refine Cottage into Curaga, it says that it'll give you 20 but it actually give you 50
- You use the wrong item to cure blind (or my english is really bad at this point when I was looking for an item to cure it)

Is it normal to have to steal Carbuncle but not Undine ?

You should nerf a lot the cards, because before going to Deiling city, I managed to get all the really good cards and transform them in good magic like tornado and curaga and have all my char to have 3.5k hp, >100 str and just spammed Mad Rush (to get haste + protect + berserk) to get my way to all the bosses until the end of disc 1 so I think you should really nerf the cards or Mad Rush.

And we shouldn't be able to use magic that have under 10 uses in junction because otherwise we just have to put 1 magic on each character to make the early game a bit more hard

Spoiler: show
I wasn't ready to fight Omega Weapon when I pressed cancel

For the refines, Cottage isn't supposed to refine into curaga at all but I think I've missed it in my refine list; there's an area I'm not sure of in my hex list that doesn't quite fit with the structure. For the items, the plan was to have items cure two statuses instead of 1 so that one of the items could then be used for berserk/confusion but I think the status heal is hard-coded for the field screens which I didn't realise.

Carbuncle has a thing going on where the monsters are under Reflect until he is stolen from them via Draw. I was planning to add a check to add him to the player's GF list if he wasn't drawn but didn't get around to it at the time.

The cards were the biggest flaw when releasing the Disc 1 demo as the placement of cards by and large was unchanged on NPCs and the refine results were supposed to use a byte that I thought was a level-lock on the refine. It was too much to patch quickly at the time so it's been left for the full release.

Is there a guide as to what different items are handed out during the parade in junon and while doing rufus's mood gauge? are the percentages the same as the vanilla version just different items?

%s are the same but I think 120+ is now the best reward.

i didnt use the iro i used the installer for nt mod, would it just be in the ff7 folder now?

Yeah just target the FF7 folder with it.

Hey Sega Chief,

first of all, thanks for your work so far and the NT mod for FF7. I had a blast with all the tweaks/fixes and new bosses.

irlite already brought up most points that I have noticed during my run so far and I agree with pretty much all of them, so I just wanted to add a few things:

- Draw point choice is missing for Deling City sewer and the tomb
- Diablos is affected by Demi the first two times of usage. Not sure if that is intentional or just a bug on my end. Also he is still easily beaten when blinding him. Maybe you can make him cast silence or (that spell which disables limits)
- The Raldos (Granaldo fight) take almost no damage until Granaldo is dead. However, I hit them for around 100 once, but I'm not sure if that was a bug or has to do with the mechanic. First I though it had to do with the position of Granaldo (either making them have high or low defence), but that doesn't seem the case.
- Magic is finally usable with this mod, which opens up to new strategies and playstyles, but I think they are still too weak (or physical damage is too high). Comparing character damage with similar stats in Str and Mag, even when exploiting their elemental weakness, there is almost no difference in damage. In my opinion magic users should be more of a glass cannon, especially because you need resources (spell number/MP) for them.
- Some of the draw points feel unrewarding because you already encountered enemies with both options before getting to it. Maybe you can make spells of draw points exclusive to them (until you get the flying garden or so) and add spells that are very useful but not essential and can't be drawn from any other mob (like Life, Esuna, Dispel, Regen, Double, etc)
- Encounter rate seems higher than normal, especially in the training center I was getting into almost 10 fights until I got to the "hidden area"

That's it for now. I will probably do another playthrough and pay more attention to detail.

Hopefully the code of FF8 allows you to make a mod similar to FF7 NT. Though I don't wanna know how many hours went into that ;D

Let us/me know if you need any specific, time consuming testing. Cheers

Cheers for the feedback, bud.

My intention was to have the draw point give new magic earlier than they're available from enemies (not all do this, some just offer a top-up on some essentials or what might be useful for upcoming fights). I'll review them against finalised enemy Draw lists.

Encounter rate was unchanged, but will look into it. I think enc-none is going to be an early GF ability just so it can be a random battle toggle like FF7 NT has.

This issue happened using the 7th heaven loader ( other mods worked fine separately ).  I resolved the issue by just applying the mod to the ff7.exe rather than using 7th heaven and it seemingly works fine.  I did try the normal (not arranged mode) and i had the exact same issue and same app.log.  Im not sure exactly what you mea nby default .exes, the only thing i did was run the game convertor, and mount the ff7.iso (if you still even need to do that).
I mean it works now as a standalone mod which is fine for what I want, but I could try continuing to fix it if it's not an isolated case and other people experience similar problems?
thanks either way bud

edit - also is there a tool i can use to see enemy loot table/steal/morph etc, like black chocobo sort of thing?

I'm not sure, we all had a similar issue when I first put the maintenance patch up and the .exe part was causing crashes for some reason. Then I uploaded a fresh set and it seemed to be OK after that. I'll check back through the thread to see if I can find out what it was again.


Checked the kernel after another user reported having no innates but all other kernel-based changes were intact. Somehow all the character-based AI except for a specific group were deleted; I keep backups though so I've checked through that and uploading replacements for the current files.

Edit: New installer + iro are up; kernel was missing character AI (which meant no innates) from the 1998 PC files and IRO.

Edit2: Had to update the links again, some issues crept in from the backup.

any ideas why my game is crashing during the swirl of the first battle only using nt mod 1.5 (other mods run fine separately).
only this - [00004516] Entering FRAME_INITIALIZE SWIRL
[00004516] Exitting FRAME_INITIALIZE SWIRL
[00004519] Swirl sound_effect1
[00004519] stop_sound
[00004519] End of Swirl sound_effect1
[00004598] Entering FRAME_QUIT SWIRL
[00004598] Exitting FRAME_QUIT SWIRL
[00004598] Entering MAIN
[00004600] Exiting MAIN
[00004600] [BATTLE] Entering FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00004600] [BATTLE] Scene# 993
[00004600] ERROR: unhandled exception

shows in the app.log and this only seems to be happening with the nt mod :( (also the mod offers if i want to play normal or arranged mode before opening scene so i assume it's loading)
sorry if this is the wrong place 

Try normal mode and see if the first battle crashes there as well (it has a different ID, #300 instead of arrange's #993). If that bombs as well then it might be that issue that came up when I initially updated the mod for maintenance; the .exes were wrong or something. If #300 loads then it might be that scene + kernel isn't synched so some encounters are being loaded in place of other ones which might be why #993 crashed (could have tried to load an empty formation instead).

Is this IRO or installer? If it's IRO, make sure your .exe files are default because the IRO now auto-patches them instead of needing a manual exe swap. If it's installer, then we'll go from there but I think the .exe files will likely need changed out if it's installer causing the crash.

If you do not find anything strange, you could fix those dialog boxes by creating a new text label and changing the previous text label with the new one in the script.

Yeah that could work. I'll give it a go next time there's an update needing done.

Aeris had the first 4 materia and also an all-materia, if they will be missing i will add them manually, thanks for the info.

If she had those materia then all is well.

Im having issues with the mod, it randomly goes CTD, haven't found what causes it, anyone else has the same issue?

The mod is generally stable so it's likely an underlying issue. Are you using any other mods or have done so in the past? Is this 7h you're playing through or Steam? Is this regular NT or that vanilla version I made?

One thing to note is that Steam has this issue where losing focus/clicking out of the game window can intermittently cause the game to crash.

I solved my problem by installing the second newest 1.5 Version. In the newest the innate abilitys did not work for me, i am not sure if thats just for me but after like a whole day thinking about it I came to the conclusion that it was the newest updates fault. So the 1.5 from June23 works which is weird, but i am happy with it   ::)

Did you get the extra materia from Aeris, Red XIII, and Yuffie when they joined? Kernel contains initial starting state which is where the equipment and materia a character has equipped when they join is set. It's intended that you have Barrier, Earth, Heal, Revive, Enemy Skill, Gravity, Elemental, Destruct, Time, Throw, and Added Effect from them joining. If you don't have these materia, I'd consider adding them with a save editor.

I have discovered an incompatibility with Menu Overhaul and your mod in one specific sequence when you encounter Sephiroth in the basement of Shinra Mansion during Cloud's flashback scene.  Menu Overhaul requires use of FF7_bc.exe or FF7_mo.exe in order to get the new high def menu's.  If you use either of those .exe files to launch your mod from 7H, when you get to Sephiroth in that scene his dialog boxes don't show up.  If you hit "A" they flash on the screen for a sec and disappear again.  This is the same whether I use the FF7_bc.exe or FF7_mo.exe you provide, or the one's generated automatically by the FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe.

The problem does not occur if I use the FF7.exe to run your mod, but that is incompatible with the menu overhaul in 7H.

The version of menu overhaul I am using in 7H is the R03E that comes prepackaged 7H from the iros://Url/http$ subscription.

Yeah it's been reported a few times, I thought it was a field script clash of some sort but turns out it was those .exes. I'm not sure what specifically is being altered on those scenes by those executable files though, I'll try asking Dan later.

Is it possible to get a second Mythril for the Weapon Smith near the Gold Saurcer?

Afraid not, but the two items in the chests aren't missable; I think they're icicle inn grade weapons or something.

If you click 'disassemble' when viewing AI it'll interpret the AI script into something more readable (if statements, etc.) but I think you need a file sitting in PrC's folder to interpret the opcodes:

If you're missing the .dat file from the prc folder, then put that in there and it'll interpret most of the opcodes in the disassembled view.

Hi everyone !!

I am looking forward to try the full version of this mod but, does anyone know when will be available ?

I enjoyed A LOT the ff7 new threat mod and i´m really really interested in this version.


It'll still be a little while I'm afraid.

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