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W06 no longer works on Wine because Wine overrides ddraw.dll to its internal version and crashes if you force it to try and load a native dll. So if someone still has W05 or earlier link me up thanks

Q-Gears / Error message after compiling
« on: 2017-06-21 14:33:04 »
I managed to get q-gears built on my slackware box but now when I click install data this is the error I get in the terminal.
[ERROR] /home/jjholt/src/q-gears/QGearsMain/src/core/XmlFile.cpp 15: Can't open field_models_and_animation_metadata.xml. TinyXml Error: Failed to open file
Am I missing something?  I am using my original PC FF7 cd's fresh install

I am using the 2012 rerelease with bootleg 040 and I am having a slight problem with the FMV playback.
when using the regular ffmpeg plugin the sound drops in the movies. using the the compatibility ffmpeg
the FMV plays normally

computer specs are
Windows XP SP3
AMD Turion dual core 1.6GHz 
Nvidia Geforce Go 6150SE

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