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That's finally got it working again.  Thank you.

Done that and still nothing.  Wondering if I just mount an ISO of the second CD if it will finally just work.  This is honestly disheartening when I've done everything instructed and it still denies me.  Is there a spot in the config where I must manually direct it to find the multi.dll or AnyCD.dll files?

Thank you for the dll file, but something is still off.  I manually made a DLL_in folder in the directory to which I installed the Steam version of the game (not a system folder, it's on a different hard drive) and put the AnyCD dll in there, and the multi.dll in the main game directory and still the Disc 2 error persists. 

# Load Multiple DLLs
#load_library = Multi.dll  <--- this is the last entry in that .cfg file, so to my knowledge that's already there.  I'm still missing something, any idea what?

This mod pack seems destined to just deny me the things I want.  I have the Steam version this go round, and I just completed Disc 1, only to get the insurmountable block of needing to put in Disc 2.  Here are the instructions to sort this out:

 I've completed Disc 1, but it keeps asking me to insert Disc 2 to continue.

    Extract the "DLL_in" folder and "Mult.dll" to your game folder.
    Download FF7anyCDv2.dll.
    Place "FF7anyCDv2.dll" into the "DLL_in" folder.
    Add the line  load_library = Multi.dll  to ff7_opengl.cfg.

The problem comes when that hyperlink for leads me to a broken link.  Then, when I searched manually, the only download link I find is a big pack of tools which all seem to be nothing but hex editing stuff I don't have a clue how to use.  There is no "DLL_in" folder.  There is no "Mult.dll."  The FF7anyCDv2.dll won't do its job (apparently) if I haven't got the other things, so I'm out of luck until I do.

I'd really like to actually finish the game this time, and would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Thanks for the response.  Also, interesting; I did not know about that feature in Chocobo.  It makes me wonder if the Revival patch is necessary at all if I can simply add Aeris back in with the editor, but I understand Revival adds a couple extra dialogue boxes or similar, and apparently alters the acquisition process for her ultimate weapon.  While I would -like- to play these things, it probably isn't worth restarting a whole game or stressing over it should it give me problems.  Plus, I -think- to get the full Aeris Revival Patch experience, I must recompile it myself with those flevel tools, which is something I have no decent experience in doing.  Tried once, didn't even know if I'd changed anything.  Since all I really want is just to have Aeris in-game after her death, and I expect no additional text or anything, the BC editing should work, I hope.

Maybe I'm wrong and the Revival patch -does- do those few extra additions through Bootleg when it works.  I shall see.  In the meantime I'll go ahead and edit away in the interest of reaching the end of Disc 1 much faster.  Cheers.

I really hope someone comments whether or not Black Chocobo use potentially affects mods working/not working, I would like to just get to the end of the disc quickly and see if I'm in or out of luck here.  I don't know why this particular mod wouldn't work the first time I played, but the lack of New Spell Names and Save Anywhere activating in my game despite being ticked in the Bootleg menu doesn't fill me with confidence.  If nobody comments/advises me by then, I'll chime back in once I get past the Disc 1/Disc 2 transition to report what's happened.

I'm trying the game over again, hoping this time my experience will be different/better than several months ago.  Back then, I installed Bootleg on the 039 version, over my FF7 original disc install.  The mods all worked, but Aeris Revival didn't kick in once I got there.  I had no idea what to do as re-running Bootleg didn't work and putting her back in with Black Chocobo had less than desirable results (impossible to remove her from party.)

I've bought the Steam version now, and I'm giving it a go with Bootleg 040 this time.  Again, things are generally working, though I'm only quite early on in Disc 1 so I can't see if Revival will work this time.  I could use Black Chocobo to edit in max levels and stats and all the materia and items I typically spend hours getting, but part of me wonders if Black Chocobo abuse contributed to the Revival mod not working last time, so I have only used BC to give myself a lot of gil and to correct party member names which are somehow not entering correctly in-game (no matter what letters I select, the game automatically adds a lowercase 'c' to the end, for some reason.) I do realise that Chocobo -shouldn't- affect the mods at all, but that if it somehow does, I may have altered my chances having used it at -all.-

I understand the Revival patch has some incompatibilities with certain other mods, so for help's sake I will mention that I have selected the Scene Redux option in the interest of 'better steals from enemies,' though so far it has only affected the Striking Staff steal from Eligor (the monster now only carries Echo Screens) so if I'm directed to do so I will gladly re-run Bootleg without this.  I am also using Menu Overhaul, but this post will be even longer if I describe every option I have ticked so I will do so only upon request.

The last thing I will mention is that I have 'New Spell Names' ticked and it is not affecting my game, at least in the materia menus; Fire, for example, still lists Fire2 and Fire3 as future levels.  The new-names mod -did- work properly for me back on Bootleg 039, so it's possible I've done something differently this time and it's bumping up against some other selection it doesn't like.

Anyway, here's hoping Revival works this time, or that someone can direct me to a series of mod selections where it -definitely- works.  And again, I really hope I haven't posted this in the wrong section again.

Thank you for the download, I'll check Troubleshooting before posting anywhere else, and thanks for not being nasty about my making the same mistake again.  Starting the game over is probably the best thing to try, but at least I've got Black Chocobo to give me all the stuff I normally have to grind for.

I have tried in Bootleg 040 numerous times to get the Aeris Revival patch to work and it simply refuses.  I don't know if it's conflicting with any of my other selected mods, but the only one I've read about that it ever did conflict with was the Remix mod and I don't use that.  The Bootleg configurator always says it installed correctly but she's never in my PHS after her death scenes, and adding her via Black Chocobo does put her in the party, but I can't remove her in-game after that.  I was directed by someone on the forum to try Bootleg 039 rather than 040 but now I can't seem to find 039 anywhere.  Failing that, he said to try just the Revival patch and nothing else, but I'm not sure -when- the patch should be applied.  I've finished Disc 1, which Ultima Espio has explicitly stated is too late, but in that older thread he said we could just add her manually with Black Chocobo and the Revival patch would go on as intended.  Doesn't work for me at all, so I've messed something up and I'd like to try again with 039.  If that doesn't work then I'm out of ideas again.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Sorry about putting this in the wrong section, I was too hasty and didn't read the board properly.   I'll post it in the proper section and try the things you suggested, thank you.

No matter what I try, I can't seem to get Aeris Revival to actually work.  Any other Bootleg mods I choose work just fine, apart from some confusion modding in 30,000 HP/MP for all my people, it always works for Cloud and usually Tifa but the others usually don't get the settings I make in Black Chocobo.

Anyway, I haven't done any manual packing/unpacking of char.lgp or flevel.lgp, I just selected Revival in Bootleg .40 and went with it.  The only thing I can imagine is making it not work is that I did this after I'd achieved the save immediately after her death, like I realised I had mistakenly not ticked the Revival option in Bootleg.  When I went back and tried it, completely running Bootleg again, she was predictably not in the party or the PHS upon loading the Forgotten Capital save.  Inserting her via Black Chocobo puts her in my party, but the game won't let me take her out or replace her with anyone, so that can't be how the patch is meant to work.  I've tried rolling my progress back to just before her death/Jenova battle, that doesn't work either.  I think I'm confused as to the exact procedure to get Revival to work, and I could really use some assistance.  If I absolutely ruined my chances this go-round and -have- to restart the game from scratch, okay, but I'd rather know that before I continue and waste more time hoping for something that isn't going to happen.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I actually got it working.  ^.^  I discovered that what I thought were my old disc ISOs were actually the 'Ultima Edition' of FF7, which expressly does not work with Bootleg.  I still had a couple messages complaining of missing files which I think I actually have, but unless there are problems later I'm absolutely thrilled with this and can't wait to experience this game again with such a beautiful new coat of paint.

Good afternoon.  I just discovered these incredible mods for my favourite game of all time, but after putting in the lengthy effort to secure all the mod files I selected, the launcher still returns to the desktop after a couple black screens.  I'm at a loss for what to do, and I feel like it's something small and simple holding me back.  The original game is installed from the actual CDs of the original release, not the 2012 remake or a torrent download, if that makes a difference.  During the Bootleg install period, I managed to record the following short list of errors, though I know there were a couple .lgp-related ones I didn't catch.

path not found - C:\program files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\cd

path not found - C:\program files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\cd

path not found - C:\program files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\minigame\sub.lgp

path not found - C:\program files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\minigame\snowboard-us.lgp

cannot open file "C:\program files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\djpb-mods\coaster\xbin.bin." The system cannot find the file specified.

If anyone could assist me on this, I'd be quite grateful.  Cheers.~

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