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General Discussion / Re: I think we need a mod manager.
« on: 2013-07-06 03:39:40 »
it is technically possible, it's also possible SE release the source code (but like a 0.000001% chance of happening in reality).

except, it's a lot of work because of how the the games files work. The amount of work it would take would be extensive for essentially letting you do what the bootlegger does except not having to uninstall then reinstall... you can do it! :P


Getting this with Aali's driver installed. Fresh install of the game, replaced the files with 1.02, re-downloaded the driver and copied it to the folder and selected the driver in ff7config.exe. Haven't changed anything in the .cfg file yet. Running on Windows 7 64bit if that matters.

Do you have a radeon. I got it with catylyst 13.6 drivers. I think 13.4 is bad too. 13.5 worked.

ishiki: this happens because the program detect the black color like a transparency. So in photoshop you must ajust the black (use selective color tool) for transform the black in a grey very very obscure, so the program will show the textures normal.
anyway I try upload my files this weekend :p

awesome! I'm going to try to figure it out because I want to do some things with this game. But I'll take screenshots when you release it.


I'm getting closer to following directions. I did something wrong with transparency I think :(. But, I will be successful soon!

We already can do that. The problem is putting ones in that are larger than the original. We can already replace textures and such that are the same or lesser size.

How replace textures that are the same or lesser size? I've searched (and obviously failed), and I couldn't find how to do that.

I know we can replace .tex files using .png with aali's driver. I've tried messing with .tim converting them to bmp, editing then converting them back into .tim and replacing the existing .tim using deling. In the data\battle.fs rinoa's battle texture is d4c009.dat and I can extract it, but I don't know how to make a .dat to replace it. Or use something that does what aali's driver does to replace it.


Releases / Re: [REL/FF8] Project SeeD (FF8 GUI overhaul)
« on: 2013-06-29 02:40:35 »
aali's go's directly into the mods folder, it specifies you have to create another folder within that.

your modpath is

modpath = mods

You have your folders in  and thats wrong
C:\Games\Final Fantasy VIII\mods\data

You need to create another folder within mods, and put the data folder in that.
C:\Games\Final Fantasy VIII\mods\mods\data

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