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Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-07-11 01:33:09 »
some progress on the chocobo farm. Playing with fur to make grass more realistic was fun xD. Ill try to add more props and finish by the weekend, then I´ll take holidays for 2 weeks xD.

You really are doing some awesome work here!
The scene has an almost identical feeling to the original area too, which is a difficult thing to replicate.

I have a little critique, if thats ok.

I don't want to deter you in any way at all, only give constructive criticism as I did before, please let me know if its not welcome or if I'm stepping on any toes.

The grass, looks good, I like it a lot, really helps stop the area feeling so 'flat'.

I think making the area inside the chocobo pen a little more 'worn' would make sense, as they're walking around on it all day.

Regarding the roof of the house, the texture is a bit too tiling, it might be worth modelling just a few tiles yourself and placing them around to help create a bit less of a pattern, and also to make it look a bit less 'object with a texture on it'.

The silo in the back is nice, but the texture tiles a lot, and especially on the sides, it can end up looking a bit flat.

Outside of those minor things, this scene looks good, i wanted to ask if the sky is still temporary, I didn't see if it was mentioned above.

weird how this is more interesting than the mod itself.

Looks like you accidentally made that snarky text in a smaller font. So I've fixed it for you. :)

I'm an artist, I find art interesting, thats my life. I don't have time to actually play games, so I just look at the pretty parts of them these days.
I don't have any plans to play the FFVII HD mods either, but I still checkout the threads and comment on the nice art.

Last one:

better match to a camera angle.

This one matches up really well.
How long did this background take?
Hell even just rendering it alone, what renderer did you use?


This is what I was afraid of with the 'by eye' method. Its easy for some scenes, but for many its far too difficult to do it by eye, especially scenes that're going into the distance and so on.

Thats a nice environment there! It doesn't quite matchup to the camera though, maybe angle it just a littlebit more.

I worked with someone to make a tool for FF8 that exported the camera and walkmesh correctly.

Currently trying to adapt that to work the same way for FF9, not much luck so far.

If/when I finish it, I'll share it with you.


Are you referring to the screenshot I took in game of ff9? (You mentioned camera angles) I suppose you’re referring to the background in the screenshot above?

Regarding the CG scene, in general (as of now)
Right now I’m finishing the CG scene from my own game, which is a bonus scene featured in this mod. I’ll return to ff9 scenes after this is done.

Yup, referring to the screenshot.

I don't mean to be rude, but this doesn't really answer my question.

In the above screenshot, I saw that you've added that background into FF9, I saw it on your youtube channel.

I don't know what the original background for that scene was, but it looks like you've replaced whatever it was with something you've made yourself.

I wanted to know how you're making sure that you have the same camera angle as the original game, because thats what that screenshot has.

Of course you could just be doing it by eye, thinking 'well its a 3/4 view, so I'll just try and match it by eye', but I'm wondering if you're using anything to make sure you have the same camera angle.

I've asked once or twice before, but the answers seem that I might be phrasing the question badly, so I apologize for that.

Replacing backgrounds in the game itself, I know how to do, thats simple enough, modelling, rendering, splitting into sections and so on.

But in this screenshot: your environment angle and the ingame camera angle for the player appears to be exactly the same, how did you manage this?

How're you doing the CG scenes? and having the cameras be correctly synced up?
Are you just replacing the environments in scenes where the camera is easy to mimick? Or do you have something helping you get the same camera angle?

Remaking things or making new things in Maya/Zbrush/Photoshop etc is easy enough, just time consuming, but making sure you have the same camera angle, thats the real difficulty.

No the original mod is still ff9, still be there as whole.

With this though is remaking it all 3D.

Just to make sure I'm understanding this right.

The IX-XII Engine was a modified FF9 Engine crossworking with FF12’s PhyreEngine. All of FINAL FANTASY IX’s pre rendered fields have been remastered in 3D environments. I am fortunate enough to have my old colleagues assist me in this project. I could never achieve such a goal without them.

You've remade **all** the ff9 pre-rendered scenes into fully navigable 3D Scenes within the FF12 engine, is that correct or am I misunderstanding?

If so, thats really cool, I'd love to see the ones you've remastered already.
this is a pretty big mod, and you seem to be going at it full force, best of luck, this is a really interesting project.

The cameras of the fields are a bit weirdly stored and, last time I tried, I couldn't have them properly readed.

Would it be possible for you to share what unity asset file the camera data for fields is stored in at all? Along with the file extension.
I've searched high and low but I can't seem to find anything relating to the camera data.

If I had to guess I'd say it could be the MCF files inside of p0data7.
I'm unsure what MCF stands for, and its just a guess honestly, since p0data11 contain the walkmeshes themselves.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-04-16 01:21:48 »
I'll start by saying I think its great work, and its so awesome you're doing this!
My only gripe with it is as mentioned above, outside of that its just minor artistic stuff and 3D issues.
I've put together a quick imgur album here:
I've noted what the issues are in particular scenes, and most of these are easy to fix honestly.

I'd like to ask if you're using bump maps or normal maps, and it seems you aren't using displacement mapping really, except in perhaps 1 scene.

1 final thing, Texture resolution, it looks asthough your texture resolution is inconsistent, some objects have stretched textures across large areas, whilst smaller objects have a lot of detail packed into small areas. You could help alleviate this by using texel density.

Texel Density may be a bit more specific to games, but for achieving a cohesive image, it still works well.
Here's a really good breakdown of Texel Density:

I hope I haven't offended you, I really think you're doing awesome work.
I can't wait to see this project completed.

Yeah, and recreate texture sets to match the environments from the prerendered backgrounds. Proper UV's.
I was forced to recreate in the environments in 3D anyways for ffix: tza the fmvs, considering it has different characters; look at the CGI, those as close to visual 3D of the environments in FF9 as one would get, without always seeing static positions. So, best start is to observe those, get a ball rolling and build off that.

It seems like it might be worth setting up a new topic then, instead of filling this one with our discussion.

I've had a look around, but I can't find any 3D or art related things for ffix: tza, do you happen to have anything online I can view at all? I'm curious how close you got to the FF9 environments, as I'm doing things myself recently, and thinking about eventually trying to get a few other people onboard if possible.

I'm not sure what you mean by proper UV's, do you that the originals are just renders so there is no UV data?
Creating textures to match the visuals shouldn't be difficult, most of the time, but its a given that anything we make is probably going to differ a little bit.

oh, but a real goal it is; determine is key. Minus the static camera; I always saw me eventually making ffix:tza with 3d & environments gambits (not a fan of backgrounds + fixed cameras; seems like an old method) with this engine still. T pointed where UI handled, it was extra work, but was determined to get gambits working here; at least I got somewhere! The button. I don't see it as completely impossible, more doable with determination. If Tirlititi confirms it's 100% impossible to do 3d environments; well, there's always back to walkmeshes for new backgrounds.

Hmm, I'm quite happy to just remake backgrounds and pre-render them honestly. Then I can paint over to get smaller details, this is a bit easier than doing standard 3D, and its a nice change of pace from the usual day job.

I'm curious to see what Tirlititi thinks about the possibility of fully 3D Environments, as that'd require a huge amount of work, replacing the environments is one thing, but then if you have a 3D Camera the game would have to become quite different in order to work, so instead of having single scenes like now, it'd have a whole accessible map, which means NPC's walking between scenes, things looking good from every angle. Even modelling wise it'd add so much extra time.

Theres a point where you'd be doing so much work, and so many edits, and wrestling against the engine so much, that it'd be easier to simply rebuild most of the engine to support all the changes instead of trying to endlessly bend it to your will.

I honestly think a lot of the charm of the game is due to the framing of the scenes, having a fully 3D scene would require things that're off camera usually to have new animations, effectively you'd have to redo all the 3D Art again from scratch, but if its possible, it'd be a very interesting thing to witness.

Oh it's possible; being a Unity game after all.

Ah, I mean more as in, 'I don't think its a realistic goal', its possible, but the amount of extra things that'd need writing and editing is a bit much, plus actual 3D environments, if its still a static camera, would end up looking worse due to aliasing I'd imagine.

I could see new walkmeshes would provide possibility to import new backgrounds in assets; but whole 3D . In that case, the backgrounds would be kicked, and instead add 3D environments (maps) in the assets. No need for a walkmesh then, in such case. You see?

(Still dunno about the Vivi Cure bug).

I don't think its really possible to just switch everything out with 3d meshes, what I'll do, and I'm guessing what jmp434 intends to do is simply remodel and replace the backgrounds like what people did with the FF7 backgrounds (admittedly, to a much higher quality).

Lining these up with Cameras is going to take quite a while, but I'll do what I can.

Ah yeah, this project is... going to take a long time, but I want to have some things to show before I see if anyone else is interested, see if I can get myself a good workflow and the like first.

Thankyou for those, I really appreciate it, if you by chance also happen to know how to export the cameras too, as FBX files, that'll speed things up even more.
I have a tool that exports the FF8 walkmeshes and camera all in the correct positions, which was super handy for running tests, though ironicly enough, I find that FF8 doesn't really have any good camera angles, or makes nearly as much use of its pre-render medium as ffix does.

Awesome progress as always.
Would it be possible to add an exporter thats just OBJ for now, for the walkmeshes, I understand the cameras are a bit of a pain, so if those aren't a priority then I can just guesstimate the rest easily enough.
Having the walkmesh will save a lot of time with recreating some of the environments in HD.

General discussion / Re: Who's excited to mod FFXV?
« on: 2018-02-28 01:39:36 »
Yeah, XV is going to be extremely easy to mod due to the fact on how's it built. It has visual scripting, node based properties and you can freely edit the levels as they are just as in every other game engine. Cameras, actions are also not hardcoded, so everything is grabbed directly from files. That means a dedicated modder may be able to easily total convert the game to completely different genre. Unfortunately, file structures are ZLIB'bed + custom structure based on nodes, so we would need official modding tools for that.

I'm not sure if i agree.

Reverse engineering all the formats required will take some time.

I don't doubt its possible,, but other engines have had visual scripting for years and thats still not been hacked at any point, unreal being the perfect example of this.

Tirlititi, I'm really looking forward to the model importer, again you're doing great work here.

I've followed Sweden for a long time, and visiting the place - speaking to my ex gf and her friends for 9 years... yes... I'm afraid it is true.  I can find you 100 articles or more of sheer batshit craziness. And the UK isn't too far behind. But it isn't up to Swedish level of dysfunction.  We haven't had "mansplaining" helplines yet.

And we also generally add a description of an attacker... rather than "man".... simply because Sweden want to avoid the truth that this was likely a refugee, immigrant, Muslim:

This happened today.

I don't doubt it happened, just the dailymail isn't really where you should get your information from.

Have you ever lived in Sweden or stayed there for an extended period of time (at least 6 months)?

Nice update, great work as always.

Tirlititi, I wanted to ask, have you come across the cameras for the environments at all? They don't appear to be located in the same place as the walkmeshes, which is a bit of a surprise.

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XV
« on: 2017-07-11 02:11:02 »
Well, I'd say that the writing is on the wall for any project that lasts this amount of time and money - and had numerous revisions.  It's absurd. If this was any ordinary business, the people to blame for that bad design and management would be fired. There's something seriously wrong with the management right from the top. 

I don't know about bad management, I think its just a huge game.

There is a walkmesh editor included and it is very full featured, but even after learning it can be tricky. The game requires defining what triangle edge leads into what triangle. so for example line 2-3 of triangle 53 leads into triangle 54, and to get back line 1-2 of 54 leads into 53. So not only does each point of the triangle have an x,y,z but also the edges have to be set. I'm fairly certain that an obj wouldn't have this information when you imported it back into the field file and you would still have to define all those edges. But if it could be worked out that would be a nice feature to have.

Ah, my apologies, i didn't explain myself well, I'm interested in exporting the walkmesh and camera so that I have the perfect positioning to create 3D models of the areas but in much higher quality.
Its true that the data the game would use would be lost in an obj or FBX export, though it was only the camera position and walkmesh that I was interested in as a base to start creating 3D models from.

To export all the background layers export the files using the tool Palmer, then edit the png files with an image editor. After making your changes you use palmer to generate the modpath texture to get the changes in game. The palmer links seem to be dead, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere or someone can re-upload it.

I'll have a look for Palmer then, thankyou.

As mentioned above, I'm interested in remodelling things, but more for my own interests, I don't intend to create HD versions of the backgrounds for importing into the game at a later point in time.
I was interested in using the animated layers to create animated gifs like the album I did for FF9 (which recently got featured on Kotaku surprisingly enough), one exists for 7 but its still missing quite a lot of areas, and nothing exists for 8 or Chrono Cross, so I intend to go and do those like I did with IX.

This is a want-to-do feature, here is the issue:

I see, that tickets been open for a while it seems. Thankyou for letting me know. I'm aware its probably lower on the list than many other features though, as less people are probably interested in it.

Love the tool, I searched around inside to see if its possible to export the walkmeshes as obj or fbx files, but I couldn't find anything.
I also couldn't find a way to export the backgrounds complete with their animated parts.
Deiling for FF8 also had the same things, so it might just be something you aren't personally interested in doing, or maybe its an planned feature.
Or (and this could be quite likely...) I'm just completely missing a really simple option somewhere.

Walkmesh contains a few informations about "how the objects behave" on each triangles. For instance, there is a data about which kind of step sound should be used when walking on it, or whether it is in the shade or not.

Also, each triangle has specified neighborood to let the characters moving from one triangle to another. Most of the time, that can be computed automatically from the mesh (if there is a common edge or not), but you may want to not make some connections, or on the contrary add connection between distant triangles to make kind of teleporters (though that could be better done by script).

Thats interesting, most modern games do that based on the material assigned, I'd never considered that they might do it based on the polygons themselves, but I suppose Ps1 was better at handling polygons than multiple materials, or so I've heard.

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