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Hi, I was talking about the PSX look-alike font that was linked a few posts earlier. The font that comes with seed works perfectly without artifacting, but when you swap it in for that psx hd font, then there are some slight artifacts in the menus.  I am using the english version of the game and I guess that psx font doesn't replace the damage numbers because it only contains the two sy folders whereas the battle numbers are somewhere in the IC folder.

Oh!  I see!  I understand now.  Yeah - any stray semi-transparent pixels will 'pop-out' of the background when you anti-alias, when they don't when you aren't using it.  If you like that font, you can take some notes on where those artifacts appear (they will always be in the same place) and the creator of that mod can fix those if you bring it to their attention.  Also, if you download SeeD Reborn you can just install those PSX style sy folders instead of the ones that come with it.

This looks perfect but sadly, it doesn't replace the damage/healing numbers that appear during battles. Also I've noticed that, this doesn't work quite well with GeDoSaTo. When using gedosato and that, the menus will have some small artifacts

What language version do you use?  The English version works just fine with healing/damage numbers.  If you're having issues seeing them, could you please pm me and we can go through a process to make that texture available to you and everyone else using your language pack! 

It depends on what text you use and what anti-aliasing settings you use when using GeDo.  My SeeD 3.2 and 3.5 text seems to work pretty dang well with Gedo, but this happens on many gedo apps, which is why there's normally a way to disable post processing effects on the UI - but there's no way to get the depth information in order to enable that feature.  Honestly, I just use Gedo for supersampling, and use reshade for anti-aliasing.  it works much better.

ver 0.2 with Italian version released.See first post.

Mcindus, I'm relieved it works good with any FF8_EN version ;D ;D! I think i will release all versions tomorrow.
I'm also working on another patch to be able to use L2/R2 and Dpad on the controller; with the matching icons of course ;D.

The mod still uses the texture coordinates of the B1, B2 etc. buttons - is there any way to get the spacing to use the spacing from the icon.tex file (the one you're directing to now), instead of the spacing of the sysfld file?

ver0.2 released, see first post. I released FF8_EN version. It only works with HextLaunch.

Works beautifully, and automatically works with SeeDReborn! :)  I also tested i alongside Maki's UV fix, and it works perfectly well alongside the English version of that mod, too!

You're awesome, Shunsq!  Now people won't need to download the Controller Mod if they aren't using a keymapper - they can still use my controller mod if they want custom buttons or use a keymapper, but this is so much better!!!!

Thank you!!

Hmm i cant find any tool namend SAO Extractor:
Where i can download it?

With TextureFinder2 i get the texture clean... But the Colors are totaly broken...
ideally i would need you with transparent background... i can keep the alpha channels of the textures with SAO Extractor?

And with DXT1 i need to set the Width on 16.384 to get any usefull result:
But it sill looks ultra broken :P

And you got any contact ID? (mail, icq, skype etc..) i want to show you my project, maybe you are interested in it. ;)
I am a Frontend Developer. Im building the Website and App but maybe you want to imrpoove the Project with your skills. ;)

With the common.phyre file, it's probably a .png - so 8888 works.  Try inverting the color spectrum (tick box in texturefinder)
But - SAO is a better extractor for these files.  Try this:

It doesn't work like that YagamiLight. But no problem, i saw that i could install multiple langage for FF8 for free. In fact you searched for the value"512" in the memory of the game.
I am adapting the code to FF8_EN right now. I will publish the EN version today i think

You're awesome!!  Sorry I wasn't able to get to this before you, and a HUGE thank you!!!

Is there Amy was to geht in Touch with you? Im Doing a Database for the HD Remake in 5 languages. Would bei cool when I geht some Textures to make the Interface more beautiful.

And i try now for the first time to extract with TextureFinder2 a Texture Pack: steamapps/common/Secret of Mana/Media/D3D11/UI/common.phyre

I tryed with alot params, the best results i got with:

Pixel Formats: 8888 = 24+8
Width: 4096
Shift: 0

But the Colors look wrong... And i cant find any tutorial about this tool. anyone have any idea about the correct params?

Each texture is different, but I think most of them are dds1, not 8888.  Also, you will have to offset the pixels by 408 pixels or so.  Now, if you want better results, you can use the SAO extractor. (sword art online) and it should give you the models and textures in a better format.  Texture finder is great to 'see' what you've got, but it picks up the rest of the file header as an image, and includes the mipmaps in the preview (which you don't want until you export)


Colab with Tsunamix to get the stages fully 3d. hes doing the modeling and im wrapping the uv and textures.

Would you like me to make those ground/brick textures seamless?  it would remove that obvious line every 10 meters.  Just send me that image and I can handle it.

You find any way to get the game data from the steam version of SoM? I Really need some Textures to! :D

I can grab the models and textures, but don't know how to re-insert them!

Yes I do have Net 4.0 Framework. Also, what do you mean by monitoring programs? Can you cite a few examples?

For the directX yes I've downloaded the Developer runtimes!

I have an official Steam version, so I'm sure that wouldn't be an issue. Tried reinstalling as well but it didn't seem to work.

My OS is also on C, so I haven't touched prefs.txt in /tonberry as well.

However, I've tried downgrading to Tonberry 1.6, and that seems to make everything work, albeit the world map being a bit laggy.
I'm running an NVidia Graphics card if that would help.

Honestly, with the issue you're describing - it seems like it's still the direct x issues - do NOT use the web installer - it does not install the d3d9, directdraw, or directsound fixes.... can you email me at [email protected] so we can keep working on this?

Monitoring programs include anything that can pop up an overlay or intercept .dll's, etc. like afterburner, certain anti-virus, etc.

Thank you for you help dlpb.
Finally i decided to write the code in a static code cave.
For french "FF8_FR.exe" it is located at 0x4002E8. This area might not be a code cave for other versions of FF8 ( FF8_EN, etc...).
Please find the hext file to use with hextlaunch in the first post.

Awesome! I'll test it on FF8_EN and let you know if it works...
EDIT**  Shpoopy.  doesn't work for FF8_EN

It looks like the nature of this mod will soon change!!!!

Very soon, Shunsq's PSX controller button fix will be -the- fix that people will want to use for FF VIII.  If you were to have any version of SeeDReborn, his mod would automatically give you the correct icons (since I've already replaced them, but had no way for the game to 'direct' to them until now) - and the only reason to have any version of -this- mod specifically would be if you wanted to have xbox360/ps3-4/snes buttons rather than the 'original' PSX buttons that come with SeeDReborn or the original game.  This version will also be good for anyone who uses a key-mapper for their controller.  Having said that, I can't wait!  WTG Shunsq!

Hello everyone,
After months of research i managed to modify the code so that the game shows PSX buttons instead of the ugly B1,B2,B3.
For the moment it is just a table in cheat engine but i want to build a dll that you put in the FF8 folder. Maybe i'll use one of dlpb tool.
Basically it waits for the commands to show "B1", "B2",etc... then instead of printing B1 it prints the icon. I replace the "print text" function by the "print icon" function.

YES!!!  Shunsq, can you make a hext file and a .dll since you used cheat engine??  We can insert it using hextlaunch - since we have to use hextlaunch for the UV patcher anyway.
SeeDReborn should use these icons by default since I've included versions of the buttons in the original mod - and we'll no longer have to use my controller-mod workaround unless people have different button layouts other than PSX.  This is great news!

Hello out there!  I know that FFX/X-2 have similar file types to SoM, but the Steam SoM seems to actually use the PS4/3/Vita .phyre engine files.  They released the game with Vita limitations, and it would be nice to be able to add some customization to the world/npcs/characters.

I'm looking at the textures currently (using TextureFinder 2); but am unsure if I can re-pack new textures into the game using it.  It would also be lovely if we could unpack/repack the .dae.phyre Collada files.

I'm posting this here because Secret of Mana is part of the Final Fantasy 'multiverse' and was created as Final Fantasy's 'action/rpg' with more focus on live combat and turn-based spellcasting - and was to be the first release on the Nintendo CD - which never materialized.  It also seems to share similar file types with other FF titles.

If only they would remake Seiken Densetsu 3.  Best snes/famicom rpg ever made.

Do you have Net 4.0 Framework installed at least?  Do you have any monitoring programs, etc. running?

Where did you get the direct x 9c install?  You need the June 2010 DirectX Developer Runtimes, not the web-installer 'fix'.
Your folders look good, your .dll's look ok.. etc.

If you have an unofficial version, I'm pretty sure Tonberry won't work (not sure why) and getting one has fixed a few people's issues.
Some others had to reinstall FF8 from Steam and then install Tonberry and -that- worked.

Your OS is on C?  if so, you won't need to change prefs.txt in /tonberry - let me know if any of this helped!


will this program also allow me to use xsplit on the controller Mod as well

and this error popus whenever i try to install this program

Not sure about the xsplit... but as far as the other issue, follow what Luteth said: "I followed ianbollinger's advice on GitHub, copied the pack folder and it works." - so give that a shot.  I'd suggest googling ianbollinger gedosato

Holy shnikies.  He posted the source?!  o.O  woohoo!!!  Maybe we'll be able to get the FF8 mods paths set up so we don't have to depend on Tonberry anymore!  (Tonberry's great and all... but it's a little 'hackish' and causes WAYY too much VRAM to be used.)

p.s.  - Thank you Aali!!

If you go through the posts, there are a bunch of alternative versions that users have made for themselves for making the buttons work with their setups - try page 3 or 4 and you should find what you're looking for.

Thanks for the advice, sadly putting D3DCompiler_47 into my FF8 folder didn't work, .NET Framework is up to date and my PC doesn't support secure boot, I'm still getting the same exact error using the installer. However, I followed ianbollinger's advice on GitHub, copied the pack folder and it works.

Awesome!  Thanks for the information on how to fix that issue! :)

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2018-02-28 18:13:52 »
Honestly, I think we should do this port in Unreal.  As an artist, it's just so much better looking and more optimized than unity.  We can start a design in Unity in the meantime, but I do think we should ultimately use UE.

It came from here :
(Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86)
We can run FF8 with Tonberry on Windows 32 bit without any errors but, on Windows 64 bit, we have to put msvcp120.dll and msvcr120.dll (x86 ones) into your FF8 directory to run FF8 with Tonberry. If u dont play FF8 with Tonberry, then u dont have to put those dlls into your FF8, the game would run everything fine without any errors.

These are microsoft VC+ redist files - in which i mention that you need to update if you run into that specific issue on my MCINDUS Mods Guide via Steam, and it also states this is the original Tonberry thread.  It is good to know however, that you need a newer version if you're using a 64 bit OS.

General discussion / Re: Who's excited to mod FFXV?
« on: 2018-02-28 01:51:19 »
I'm not sure if i agree.

Reverse engineering all the formats required will take some time.

And sure the engine had visual scripting and node based properties, but so does unreal and unity, and whilst various mods are available, the scripting and node based stuff still just gets compiled into solid code in the end, its only node based and visual in the editor, that isn't shipped with the game.

I don't doubt its possible,, but other engines have had visual scripting for years and thats still not been hacked at any point, unreal being the perfect example of this.

They expressly state that the game will be designed to be moddable - and the Cactuar demo was released by the studio itself... so I think certain elements will be easily moddable, others not so much.

Graphical Mods / Re: FF8 some questions about Deling
« on: 2018-02-28 00:52:34 »
What I might suggest is this:  upscale the original low res .tex file to double it's pixel size, re-pack it as a.tex with the same palettes/CLUT, and then save over the hi-res file and repack the .fs - if the hires folder has 4 different .tex files for the 'quadrants' you will need to upscale the low res .tex file to double it's pixel size, cut it into quadrants (keeping the palettes and clut in-tact) and then ripping each one to .tex files with the same names and memory amounts and saving over the ones in the 'hires' folder and THEN repacking the .fs -- sounds WAY too arduous just to get different icons...  what I think we need is the following: 

If we found the assembly pointers to the directxinput codes, you could use Hext tools to redirect the assembly pointers to the ones you've found in Deling.  This -might- even be possible using assembly pointers to the low-res icon.tex folder, but might not work since the scale isn't set properly... however, if it's dependent upon a set of UV quadrants, it might work out-of-the-box.
Unfortunately, the only 'for sure' way to get the look you want, you will have to either follow the above technique with packing .fs files or use tonberry (super easy) to direct to the SeeDReborn hashmaps - and instead of using the seedreborn textures, you take the palettes from the icon.tex file, upscale them to 2048x2048 and then cut them into quadrants, renaming them in accordance with the color palette layout of seed reborn.  You -could- technically only need to do this for iconfl03_17.png (the rainbow texture) You can do this with your own sysfld file as well, if you find the one from the PSX version (it will give you your original font).

So - tonberry rundown: 
1.  extract the icon.tex file's 'rainbow' palette and convert it to a 2048x2048 png
2.  cut the bottom quadrant out of the 'new' 2048x2048 image and save it as a 1024x1024px named 'iconfl03_17.png'
3.  install tonberry enhanced (move 3 dll's and 2 folders into your FINAL FANTASY VIII parent folder)
4.  put the seedreborn hashmap into FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/hashmap
5.  in FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures, create a folder named 'ic' and then a folder within that named 'iconfl03', and place your 'iconfl03_17.png' texture in the folder.

You might be able to do this with tonberry at 1x resolution, but i don't think so?  you could always try to go to FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/prefs.txt and change it to 1x, but 2x might be the lowest you can go.  In that case, instead of upscaling the low res .tex palette to 2048, increase it's size to 1024 and then follow the above process using a 512x512 iconfl03_17.png texture.  Even if you get it to do 1x, you will have to still upscale your image from 128x128 to 256x256 and then cut it into quadrants and use the bottom right quadrant because of the game referencing the 'hires' folder in the backend.

The 'old' PC version and the old launcher let you use low res fonts, I believe (Launcher 1.31 - ancient news here) so if you could find the assembly pointers between the two versions using Deling, you might be able to accomplish your original task of using the low-res folder and then you don't have to worry about any of this lol

Hello Mcindus,

Thanks for your answer ! I’m playing with the french version ! I will see on my side to delete the master png and erase only the appropriate icons to see if there are some improvments !

Don't just delete the icons - make the page 50% transparent.  if that doesn't work, then you have to delete the whole page and not just the icons or the icons will be blank.

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2018-02-27 21:45:55 »
I need to start texturing this....

It will be a slow process as I'm very busy, but now that I know what I'm doing I think we'll make some good progress.

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