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Bootleg Questions / Re: Skipping (mute) FMV
« on: 2014-04-29 10:53:23 »
I have another little problem to add. :)
I hear the music perfectly, but I do not hear the sound effects, the shots during a battle, the click while I scroll in the menus ...are all effects of the same problem? Thanks for the answers :)

Bootleg Questions / Skipping (mute) FMV
« on: 2014-04-28 17:09:54 »
First of all Thank you for the HUGE job behind this mod :) and....i'm sorry for my english :D

I've installed the Bootleg and all the necessary file, followed the guide (very nice) and patched the game.
I've just two simple questions:

1. when i launch the game, starts a cinematcs different from the one i remember when i played on PSX, with Cloud on top of a train. I like very much this new FMV but it's mute, without any kind of sound. it's normal or is my issues?

2. I've installed the patch to skip the FMV... but i can't found the necessary hotkeys.... :) How can i skip the FMV?

...I think it's all.... for now :) Thanks again.

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