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i am ok with removing boss morphs from the equation. im also ok with bosses having rare steals. However, I would prefer these things be listed beforehand. It may be less fun to know beforehand what each boss gives but holy strawberries am i tired of killing a boss 3x just to settle on the chosen item i want from that fight.

i would prefer your former solution to sp. just have your "chosen 8" fights that get you sp ranks and roll with that. unlock the first one after the mythril mines, one after first jenova, etc. symbolic fights would have a greater appeal imo.

i dont think morph needs a damage change. there are very few enemies that are unmorphable that i can think of offhand. one being the bombs at the bridge (which you can come back to after you get work glove or any of the zero growth full morph damage weapons), and the goblin who requires poisoning and patience. it just needs to be worth the hassle.

Well, seems like a good place to start discussion. Tell me about the things you don't like in the mod so I can avoid making the same mistakes. Same with everyone else reading this, be as honest as you can.

As for 1.5, I'm compiling a list of current issues and I'll post a list of them once I'm ready to make the new patches/installer. I've also got some updated documentation to put up like an FAQ and some fixes to the databases, etc.

my biggest problem is physical scaling being awful. poor damage early, overpowered as hell late. tifa eventually completes her holy trinity and everything dies in 2 rounds. I had originally intended to just remove all the strength boosting sources and increase weapon str amounts so that early game damage would be better and scale by itself with level. the quadratic increase from base str, level, weapons and limit multipliers just ends up invalidating magic. (except for comet)

i dislike the sp system in its current iteration. only bosses should yield sp and everyone should gain it at the same rate. stick these "limit breaks" behind strong bosses so you get a proper reward for winning a hard fight.

mug not being a command materia that replaces the attack command.

the materia placements also irk me. early exp plus does little due to how you did the exp scaling. deathblow before you get any high accuracy weapons. early counter with nothing useful to pair it with. i dont remember when we get added cut but it's not soon enough.

enemy damage values are all over the place. some encounters absolutely ferning destroy you in seconds whereas others are so easy as to wonder why they even attacked you. tons of enemies without morphs and most morphs are not worth the time to do it. when i would first encounter a new enemy i would be excited. ooh new steals and morphs.............. and then it's ferning junk.

i have no problems with gimmicky bosses. just saying.

and before i forget: if you're doing .exe modifications......please make it compatible with menu overhaul. it is so much more pleasing to play ff7 with that mod.



honestly, i was thinking about asking you if you were done making changes yet. there's assorted things i dislike about the mod that i was just gonna cheat my way around and call it a day, but if you're making a 2.0 i can wait. i've waited this long already.

punishment doesnt work on the undub iso

did you ever test my save

It's processed after every action taken by any actor.

I'll be at work, but when I get back I'll go through the most recent posts and add any additional fixes to the patch files I've made before uploading them tonight.

did you try my save file yet to see if it was something on my end causing the huge damage output

So that Goblin in Gongaga just used a move that ejected my party, causing the game to crash.

"An unknown exception has occured."

if you poison him to death he will never use it. you should morph that goblin if you are using tifa. it gives you her work glove which is super duper op for the stage of the game you get it

You know, I'm probably the only person disapointed by the '1 gil' bribe.


Hey so i just started to play this mod and it seems that there is some issue with the overhaul mod and the NT 1.5(using the 7th heaven).
Basically when i turn the overhaul and the NT mod on(meaning that the "exe" i use is "ff7_mo.exe") the materia stats seems to change i get like -8 atk and magic and +10 dex using the cover materia i believe and it changes for every other materia i think. Although when i turn off the overhaul mod and chose the "ff7.exe" the materia stats seem to change back to normal, now im kinda confused because im not sure which one is correct, but im sure there is some kinda problem with the overhaul and the NT mod?
BTW using the beacause mod along with the overhaul(turning both on) changes the materia back to normal again, so i guess il use that :)
Also im sorry for my bad english

use ff7_bc.exe

so i fought powersoul keeper without the trine patch on. tifa rendered it a joke as is becoming usual.

am i just too overleveled at this point? what level were people fighting this at?

Cloud 39
Tifa 41
Aeris 38

she had level 3 limits by the time i was done with midgar lol

that's what happens when you use one character to kill everything (morph)

also noticing some enemies dont have morphs.

hegs in cave of gi and nibel wolfs outside of nibelheim dont have morphs

welcome to Beatdown City. Population: 0


- Where is the Morph materia? I read that with this mod it's supposed to be in Aerith's garden, but I couldn't find it. It wasn't where it usually is in the Ancient Temple, either. There's a good chance I'm blind and just missed it, but can you confirm where I'm supposed to find it so I can make sure I don't miss it?

you've already missed it. it's in the garden. in the exact same spot the cover materia always was in. it's yellow. hard to see.

well... fern.

ah well. i can make do without the earrings for a while anyway.

i disagree on the relative damage thing, though. she trivialized the last 2 bosses by taking over half their health in one limit string. With how easy it is to fill her limit bar it's not uncommon for her to do it 3 times a boss fight. only now she doesnt make it to the 3rd fill :D

Honestly, I think Tifa is at a good spot with that kind of power considering if she gets smacked twice she dies anyway. If you use Tifa for her damage you basically have to have someone support her (via a healer/Tank) to get good use out of her.  Also, just to point it out you could have had a power wrist already if you morphed one of Jenova's adds that she spawns (I forget which one sadly)

they are not morphable. i spent over a half hour trying. no matter what morph always misses.

iirc in 1.4 it was the earliest you could get earrings too

i was under the impression you were gonna nerf tifa.

giving work glove 2 linked slots pretty much removed all need for any other weapons.

1200-1600 damage limit hits. lmao

and i just found a power wrist morph. heavy tank in gongaga reactor, so add another couple hundred damage to limit hits probably.


is the hero drink 2 the best parade prize?

also there's another fort condor battle just after the rufus send off but it doesnt give the message for it

It'll be due to the hundred gunner arrange fight not triggering properly; that drops a Protect Vest. As for the others like Power Wrist I think they're acquired later; Yin/Yang might have one (and an Earring).

but im playing on normal. and i still didnt get a protect vest.

gunner fight loots

am i not being vigilant enough or did midgar not have much of loots?

realizing i dont have any protect vests or any of the status preventing accessories i could swear you had in previous versions by the time you left midgar

also if anybody knows where you can first obtain a power wrist let me know so i dont miss it.

my first game over to rubicante gt

aeris cannot steal while equipped with a healing staff

Hey is the new threat 1.5 available on the 7th heaven and is it possilbe to play it with the menu overhaul and all of the other mods? or does it mess with the mod?

download the iro. library > import > select iro

and im playin with menu overhaul just fine so far. i had to do a complete clean install and use the ff7_bc.exe. make sure you follow the 7h suggested load order

how many actions does it take to activate cloud's second wind?

i dont think it's procced yet?

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