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Hi, i want to report a critical bug in this mod. When i play the game aprox 5-6' and i cross some screens bettween zones and the displays turns black (or enter in a fight) the game it crashes (stop). The system shows me this message. I try to run this mod without the rest of other mods and continues happen. Help me please

Chances are that isn't caused by the mod itself. I would test the game without any mods first just to make sure it isn't the game. Because things like that can happen when something in the game files gets corrupted or missing and needs validation from Steam.

I can definitely help out with this.  I have several texturing programs, and if I could get my hands on a good obj of the characters, then I could easily retexture them... however - the obj's available out there all have UV's that are offset. (outside of the normal UVW range) - and if the UVs are off, then my texturing process is borderline useless.  That being said, I can always help whip up a 'mix'

That would be greatly appreciated. :)

I would love to see the original faces but with the updated textures for the clothes, I really like the original face look like you did with the "upscaled" version, but the clothes are not detailed like in the other versions. Any chance you could do that?

I could always give it a shot. My only fear is it not looking natural or it might clash. But who knows? Have to fix Selphie in the upscales anyway... So I'll look while doing that.

Does anyone know how to put these together? I like to keep an album of the static backgrounds and these look great but they're not in a format that I can save to a photo album. I've got the ones ripped from FFDream but they're LQ, look like garbage and I've noticed from my most recent playthrough that they're even missing some of the backgrounds from the game

The contents in this mod can't be pieced back together for viewing outside the game. At least, I don't think so. Could be wrong. You can extract the field files from your game and use PuPu to get the backgrounds in layers. Those can be put back together and upscaled the same way I did mine. Not to mention you can also get fields that aren't used in the game this way. Which is always neat to see.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all  :)

Aw. :) Hope you, Covarr, and the whole Qhimm community have/had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as well.


I have a problem with this mod, It's easier to see the problem than to explain it:

when I launch GeDoSaToTool before start game (resolution 2560x1440):

Screen_ff8_1" border="0

when i don't launch GeDoSaToTool before start game (same resolution as before):

Screen_ff8_2" border="0

I can see the problem even during the game and I haven't touched any mod settings of the default ones.

Thank you

It's the DoF. You can either lower the value or turn it off in GeDoSaTo. That should fix the issue you're having.

hello the link has been dead for some time. Is it possible to do something? I have been with you for a while and your work for ff8 is great. thanks you !


I've tested the links and it all checks out. Not sure why it isn't working for you... It's a big file and might say "whoops", but you should still be able to download it. And thank you. :)

Will you update your upres algorithm like we discussed? :)

I'd like to try. Have to relearn it again, though. Had to reinstall Windows since my last time trying it. Want to experiment with both Project Eden as a template and yours.

Should people also be using your files with project eden? does it fix many of the same issues?

I'd say so. It should fix a lot of issues with Eden as well as make more textures work/upscale. Of course, when my next update comes along I'll also disable any hashes that causes problems that can't be fixed by me. Those will have to be dealt with if/when a new hashing method comes along for Tonberry.

Hello Hello ^^

Thanks a lot for your mod it look amazing! I just have a question:

There is already 2 files 'collisions.csv' & 'has2map.csv' in the folder tonberry" .
Should I replace them by the same file in your rar? The original files are bigger in tonberry 2.04 that why idk if i should replace them or not :)


Thank you. :) All you really need to do is replace the "collisions" one with mine. I did go in and tweak that one. But for ease, I just tell people to replace both.

Hi all. Let me know if this post itself belongs. It's kind of an inactive thread, but I'll ask anyway.

I got all the mods running and working except for this one - there are a few random textures that don't seem to be working. Here's a screen:

Most of the textures work, but there seems to be a couple random ones that aren't working. Anyone know why?

I have the eden hashmap in the /tonberry/hashmap folder as well.

Project Eden's hashmap is missing a few hashes. You're welcome to use Project AngelWing's hashmaps which should fix a majority of the missing hashes for Eden's. But that's up to you.

how i to patch backgrounds for spanish ver. ?

Hello. I assume you mean to just install the mod? It should be the same for spanish as all the others. Not sure if the hashcodes will differ at all since I don't use that version.

That is very interesting. I know this is off topic here, but could it be possible to see these files in the backgrounds thread?
If the backgraunds are all that well defined (or at least some of them) i wouldn't mind get my hands on them :)

The plan is to release them at some point since they retain more detail than the ones I made for the initial release. Just need to sort out some black outlines on things and it should be good to go. :)

Thank you so much for the upscaled models! thats exactly what I was looking for!

You're welcome. :) Some people like to still have that "vanilla" feel. So this update was for them.

Uh, this is weird.

If we compare the 2 pictures: your background is way more detailed than mine, but my boss is more "sharp" than yours.
What's going on here?

To be clear: i don't have GeDoSaTo, and I have ProjectWing installed. Not sure if that has something to do with it.

I believe the image of mine is the "before" image and not the "after". Plus, I use Linear Filtering. As for the backgrounds... In my screenshot, I was using an earlier, unreleased version of the battlefield pack. All upscaled by me. And I have slightly better upscales sitting on my computer than in that picture. In yours, you're using the latest version of the pack. Mcindus and mine are mixed together in the latest version. He picked which ones he thought looked best depending on the field.

Let's say I want to improve/customize a background..(bgsecr2 in particular)

Could anyone explain me how the bg is composed from an HD version of the image?
I see the png in this mod folder are splitted in many stripes/fragment but I can't get what's the logic behind it to try make my own HD BG :(

Apologies for not responding sooner. Been away on a road trip.

You need PuPu and the proper files to get the fields/backgrounds. I just combine the layers that seams match (you do this for every file), upscale those images (or however you plan to do it), use upscaled alpha channels of the same files (before you combined them) to cut out the excess and run it back through PuPu (import). I suck at explaining things. But I hope this is what you wanted to know. :P

Thank you very much for the update. :)

By the way, has the problem with models turning into original PSX versions when afflicted by zombie or petrification status been fixed?

You're welcome. :)

Sadly not... I tried, but I ran into collision problems. Some codes with Petrify, Zombie, and just the normal textures are duplicated. Meaning some petrified textures will show on Zombie and vice versa. So I had to abandon it for now. :( If Tonberry ever gets updated again, I might be able to pull it off.

Now updated to v1.3. This update includes upscaled characters and weapons for those who don't want the new textures. (Might try and touch up the upscales some more later.) But know that using the upscaled textures will show some UV errors that even non-upscaled characters have. You can see what I mean with the pictures I've added to the download page.

I've also split up the textures into different downloads rather than one big one. Just to lessen the file size to download. I've also touched up some other textures. And...that should be it, I think.

Setting it to true fixed that issue, Thank you.
Although i'm still not sure if it's working correctly, i remember last time i used gedosato it used to tell you it was downsampling when u first launched the game
Now it's not doing that, it's also in windowed screen and the resolution doesn't look so great.


After changing the in game settings so that full screen is disabled
(keep aspect ratio doesn't seem to make a difference)
it launches to a windowed full screen, and the resolution looks better. I use MSI After burner overlay to monitor temps/etc for other games
with gedosato resolution set it makes the writing super small on msi afterburner overlay, which makes me think the resolution has been set right
but there is definately no confirmation of the downsampling by gedosato
quote mcindus from pg1 "You will see text in the top left of the screen confirming your downsampling rate if you did everything right"

Looking at the configs everything seems to be right, i've changed the presentwidth/height to 0 & hz to 144
theres no more errors in the logs.
Just no confirmation from Gedosato on the upper left makes me feel it's not working, plus being in full screen windowed annoys me
borderless windowed would be fine (i also edited the ini so that it forces borderless windowed but that didn't work

i also use RaW v06 i don't know if this would cause any issues seeing it doesn't use a seperate launcher anymore

And this is where GeDoSaTo does weird things depending on the user. Even I have issues going past the default resolution Mcindus has set. And it only appears to do it with FF8. No worries on RaW affecting anything. It doesn't. But, sadly, I haven't figured out a solution for why it doesn't work properly with certain resolutions.

Wanted to say I made another update a couple days ago. Reupscaled and tried to produce more detail/depth to the bosses. I also redid the field models using neutral textures for consistency. (Meaning they aren't tampered by lighting.) And if you aren't satisfied with them, I left v1.1 up. :) Enjoy.

Nice FC! Well done mate.

Missed your post, but wanted to say thanks. :)

Thanks for taking interest in my request! i actually, after a few more attempts managed to download it using jdownloader, the issue was that with my crappy connection sometimes just dying out of nowhere, google drive wouldn't keep the progress of the download but jdownloader would.

The mod is great! the game looks great thanks to all the enhancements i've applied with all the mods and i'm ready for a replay of one of my favorite game of all time, thanks a lot for the effort you put into modding the game, this game means a lot to me and with these graphics refresh it feels new and shiny :D

No problem. I'll try and set one up once I know how. :) It'll be a good alternative for people. I'm glad you got it all sorted out, though. You're welcome. I'm sure all of us here who worked on these mods appreciate it. :D Enjoy the game!

Does it still do this even after setting "interceptOnlySystemDlls" to "true" in the "Edit Settings"?

I would just love to say a big thank you for crediting me in this project and I would very much love to continue to be a part of it. Let's keep up the good work!

Would love to have more helping hands on these projects. It can get tiring between just Mcindus and I. So if you ever want to jump in and help out, be our guest. :D

hi, what the progress on the npc hashing so far? I start up on finding them so far up to Timber, lmk if I can help with some city, just some zone have same npc but differ hash code, repeatly zone in and out

I believe Mcindus and I have only gotten hashes in Balamb Garden. Mcindus might've gotten more from other areas, but I can't remember. :P Getting every hash has proven to be a big challenge. So we'd appreciate the help. :) We might go with an objmap and hashmap combination, but that remains to be seen.

Thanks for the great work :D, i've been downloading a few mods for my FFVIII replay and you seem to have participated in a lot of them, thanks for the effort :D. I wanted to ask if its was possible that you or someone else create a torrent, since my internet is not fast enough or  stable enough to download a 1.3gb file :D The battlefield pack which was only 400mb~ took a while to download after many connection errors, any help would be appreciated :D.

Haha. Yeah... I kinda have my hand in a lot of things on here. :D And you're welcome. :) As for a torrent... I've never actually done any of that before. But I should probably look into it and learn. Especially for people with not so great internet. (My internet is questionable at times, too. :P) Because what's the point of going through all this work if not everyone can use it. So... I'll see what I can do.

If we already have Project Eden installed will angelwing overwrite everything? Or should I look into deleting all the project eden stuff? Looks great, been waiting awhile for this. Thank you for all your hard work FatedCourage.

You are correct. :) If you already have Eden, then AngelWing will overwrite it. I did tweak the hashmaps, though. So those matter as well. You're welcome. And thank you. I appreciate it. :)

I also need to go through the hashmaps and disable codes that cause glitches that can't be fixed and add more missing ones. So that'll be the next update.

Hey guys, I've got one problem with this mod. Every other mod I installed works but this one doesn't seem to work as intented. I saw other screenshots and my in game characters don't look like them. Or they do? I'm confused. How can I fix it? (newest versions of tonberry/rebirth flame + every file is in right place checked 100 times).

Everything looks right to me... Unless I'm missing something. The game switches between low poly and high poly models is all. So models change depending on the areas you're in.

I believe you can make it all high poly, but no guarantee there aren't glitches and I never tested or made a hashmap for it.

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