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Sorry my lack of knowledge, but these codes going... inside "Settings.ini" in HL_Files?

Well I don't see the need of dealing 99.999+ damage in one single shot, since its easier to deal with multi-hits skills like Renzokuken, Shot from Irvine and Wishing Star.
But if there is a Super Hyper Mega Ultra Hard Mode, with some other editing in magics (since its the most useless command until now) it would be good to deal 70k+ in an Ultima+Meltdown+Mag255(or maybe with a stat cap break, lets say Mag412 por example)

I've been away for a long time, so I may be wrong at some values xD

Hey guys, was looking around the forum for mods to play FFVIII, such as Hardcore Mode, HP 9999+ and Dmg 9999.
The HP and DMG are still cap to 32k but I saw an image from Maki in this thread:
Squall dealed 98765 dmg, is this mod working? Or still in process?
Another thing, is there a mod to draw 100 magic at once?

After reading my really old topic:
I've got some other questions...
How does this stat editor for weapons work? I'm not used to programing (more a designer/storytelling myself).
If I could put my hands on weapon stats editor, I could make some main roles for each character, for example:
Squall has more STR (hes the main attacker ofc)
Rinoa has more MAG (she could be the main black mage)
Zell has more VIT and slight amount of STR (he can be the physical tank of the team)
Irvine has more STR and slight more SPD (hes the fast attacker)
Selphie has more MAG and slight more SPD (shes like a white mage)
Quistis has more SPR and slight more HP (shes a blue mage and a magic tank)
Is it possible?
What about the Junction rebalance? (Mcindus said something about cutting 1/2 or 1/4 of the junction bonus amount, I think thats a good idea since players who dont know about Junctions think the game is hard and the players who know how the system works can still have a hard mode feeling with less bonus amount)

The past topics were too old, so I didnt want to bring it all back

Gameplay Modding / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Magic Strengthen
« on: 2016-02-15 02:28:39 »
I still believe, however, that the junction system needs a rebalance. The stat boosts you get even from some of the more powerful magics is just insane when compared to other FFs. For comparison, in FF5 or FF9, abilities allowed you to boost your HP by 20% or 30% at max, and even in FF7 a maxed out HP Plus materia only increased HP by 50%.

Here, on the other hand, spells like Regen, Quake or Tornado boost your HP by 2500-3000, and all of them are available in late disc 2 even without card refinement. And those aren't even the strongest, as Triple and Full-Life both become available as soon as you reach the Centra Ruins (and Full-Life boosts HP by 4800!). By that time, my average party usually has around 1500 HP as a base, so that boost would equal a 150-300% increase!

The same goes for the other stats. If you have a base strength of about 50, and a spell like Triple boosts it by 70, then that's an increase of 130%. No other FF game has abilities which boost your stats by such a huge amount.

Unless something is done about that, it will be nigh impossible to create a stable difficulty level for the game, as it can be both easy-cheasy or ultra-hard, depending on what junctions you decide to use. I often find myself avoiding the best spells for junctions and choosing mediocre junctions on purpose, just to have a little bit of challenge left in the game.

I've been reading all those posts and I couldn't agree more with you Kefka. I was playing FF8 some hours ago and noticed what you just said:
I was farming some items to upgrade everyone's weapons, then my Bahamut just learned STR+60%... Guys, its FREE STR+60!! I know, I know, I had to win Bahamut, learn his abilities and stuff to get this STR bonus but c'mon! It's too much to swallow! It would be fine if a player had done a build like "STR+20%, STR+30%, HP+20%, Counter" for example, but HP+80%??

If someone is doing a dll to rebalance some of those bonuses it might (with some proper testing of course) rebalance the game in a large way.

Hey guys! I know that the folder "st" on textures I can edit the "title screen" image but I was wondering if anyone knows the folder name to edit intro/overture images that shows on opening, whats the size and cuts and so on.

Might be a good idea, someone who bought the game recently can get this crash too, I'll go get the fix and try, if something bad happens I'll reply here.

Hey guys!
I'm having this annoying problem and I wanted to know if I've done something wrong or theres something missing.
Everytime I gain an achievement o Final Fantasy VIII Steam Version, the game shows buggy images and then crash, going back to the game's Launcher.

Gameplay Modding / [FF8PC-Steam] Magic Strengthen
« on: 2015-02-12 01:15:34 »
Hello guys! This is my first topic on this forum (amazing forum btw) and I've read some topics of SeeD Rebirth, Project Eden and some Mods for Final Fantasy VIII.
I've saw a member called Mcindus who shared some dlls about HP max cap 9.999 to 32k, damage cap and hard enemies:

Reading the topic came an idea on my head that I wanted to share with you guys and, if lucky, some programer can make a dll about this change!
Heres the idea:

In Final Fantasy 9, when you cast a 2nd or 3rd rank spell (like Fira or Firaga) the damage is huge compared to the 1st rank.
Fire = 100~300 damage
Fira = 600~1500 damage
Firaga = 2000~3000+ damage
Thats not "exactly" the damage those spells cause, but its around this much.
My point is... In Final Fantasy VIII those spells cause a frustrating amount of damage! I've fought against Sorceress Edea at the end of disc 1 in FF8 Steam Version, she casts Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga causing 300~400 damage..... I was like: "Really?"
If you put STR around 200~255 you forget about casting Magics to attack, you use just to Junction Status and period. What about Rinoa's Limit Break "Angel Wings"? What about Selphie's Limit Break to cast Magics? What about casting triple Thundagas that causes just 2000 damage with MAG around 200?

So, why the damage calc can't cause "more damage"? Of course, even if magics causes more damage than usual, Squall's Renzokuken + Finishers, Zell's Duel and Irvine's Shot will be used as always, causing high physical damage. But with this Mod, we can do a Black Mage Rinoa, a White Mage Selphie and a Blue Mage Quistis if we want, because right now it seens pointless to equip MAG+40% and others in the end of the game.

What you guys say? It would be good to have the spells to cause more damage and be more valuable?


A friend of mine said: "But in disc1 dealing 400 damage is too much!"
Son, if this is possible to do in Hext, it would be a hardcore magic dll of course, good for players that knows well how to use Junction System and put HP-J up to 3000+ in disc1. However the enemies gotta have a little more HP too so the game won't be so broken I guess...

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