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General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-06-11 13:08:16 »

At least it looks like Character Models have been improved greatly.

FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.2)
« on: 2018-03-25 00:23:20 »
Sorry for asking this im not sure how to find that address. In HXD I would just click CTR G or F and type the address but using Hynn those shortcuts dont pull up a search tab and im not very experienced with Hex editing. How would I go about finding that address?

I feel dumb because you gave very clear and easy instructions sorry im not very experienced with this!

EDIT: So I was able to find the address by opening up a hex editor and searching that address and it worked it says 100 for attitude now ty!

However I seem to have 1 more problem normally receiving 100 in each category results in a lv 10 seed rank. Due to my attitude score being 80 i would receive a lv 9 seed rank. After changing the address the screen that shows your score says 100 in attitude category (and the rest of the categories were 100 as well) however I still receive a lv 9 seed rank. Would you be able to help me one more time by helping me figure out what changes I need to make to secure the lv 10 seed rank?

EDIT 2: Nevermind I have to beat the Bonus for seed rank 10 I was remembering wrong. Thanks for helping me with the attitude score!

FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.2)
« on: 2018-03-24 23:59:17 »
For attitude, you can enable advanced mode of Hyne and go to HexaEdit > Field Tab then change the value at address 0x1D8 to 00.

Thank you so much for such a quick reply I really appreciate it. Im going to test it out now!

FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.2)
« on: 2018-03-24 22:17:05 »
Hi guys im wondering if I can use this save editor to help with my problem. I just finished the seed exam but for some reason my attitude score is 80. I am pretty ocd and dont want to start over I want that score to be 100. I have saves from before escaping dollet. I have no idea where the deductions came from (followed seifer instructions, talked to no one, saved dog, didnt go inside hotel, didnt jump off cliff, didnt make fun of zell) I must have accidentally talked to someone from balamb without realizing but my question is

Can this save editor adjust the score you recieve on your seed exam? thank you!

Yeah your right story line was its better not to implement something like that. Very excited to see what else you have in store tho!

Is it possible to implement a check too see if the player has elemental lightning equipped in the materia slot?

Would you be interested in playing around with that idea for this minigame?

Oh damn really! il make sure to use toughscript from now on.

Would you happen to have a link showcasing the bug created with wallmarket or more detail? I think I may have experienced a graphical bug with the text during my play through when you are getting the huge materia in coral.

Don't be discouraged from trying to use the tools yourself to make the small changes you would like. It is a lot easier than you think and can start you on the path to becoming a better modder. It is very easy to change item names or ability moves using the wall market tool.

I used this tool to change name of the enemy skill dragon force because I always forgot its function was to increase defense and mdef.

I like these changes because its fun to relearn things and I like taking a second figuring out the changes. No one forces me to use them I can either play without the changes or change the things I personally don't like for my play through.

The beauty of this community I have noticed compared to other modding communities is the tools are so extensive and easy to use while the community is so helpful that you really are able to do almost anything yourself if you try and put forth the time.

Are true 60 FPS battles in the current version of Reunion still working? Cause I've heard that they cause crashes and have therefore been removed.
And the option seems to be missing from r03... :/
Is it even possible to overwrite r03 which I downloaded and installed from 7th Heaven with the current one? If so, how do I do that?

From my personal experience I have used this version of reunions 60 fps mod to play through FF7 last month and I was fortunate enough to encounter 0 crashes or major bugs that I could notice. In fact the 60 fps has spoiled me so much that I couldnt see myself going back haha it was so smooth. I didnt rush through either I did everything to do in the game. The only small bug I noticed was sometimes damage numbers would not appear (enemy hits as well) but this was maybe under 10 percent of the time and totally ignorable so dont let it stop you. If you are impatient like me feel free to play, you should be able to get through. I am personally waiting for r06 and am very excited to play through the game again.

Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2017-09-20 19:46:49 »
Wow these look absolutely fantastic! Can we expect a release of any of these soon? or will you release only at the end once all are finished?

I dont use 7th heaven and have also encountered this error. So it is not exclusive to this program. I am interested in what causes this and what a solution might be.

Yeah, actually there are a lot less glitches like this using the UV patcher and linear filtering turned off.  If you play the game without the UV patcher, things look... bad.  This 'flash' may be the game loading the new texture/fixing UV?  not sure... you should try putting the /textures folder on a SSD and directing tonberry to that folder using the prefs.txt file in /tonberry

Awesome I already have my game on an ssd so it looks like what im experiencing is normal, I noticed the same thing on other modders games on youtube after posting so I am relieved knowing that its normal and not some mistake I made. Before turning off the filtering it was really bad but since turning it off the small flashes every now and then as the new textures are loaded are not a problem.

Thanks again for all your hard work on these mods and thank you for helping me out with my questions!

Hey guys I seem to have a problem with my World Map Textures. - This is what all the forests in my world map look like. I have used the uv patcher.

Is there a fix for this? What might have I done wrong during the modding process?

EDIT: So in the launcher turning off linear filtering fixes this issue. There is a slight flash that lasts a millisecond of a white line in the forests and sometimes the ground. This flash is in the same spots the huge white line in my picture was im assuming this is normal but just want to ask here and make sure.

You can use 'db 90 90' in place of 'nop nop', etc.

What hex addresses would need to be changed? If you are able to post them here then Mcindus would be able to improve the magic.dll and a lot more people would really be able to enjoy ff8.
I know that the main complaint I hear for FF8 is drawing magic and if you can help by posting the address(s) and the changes then this could easily become a staple in most peoples play through for ff8!

EDIT: Mcindus you were right it seems I had the collisions.csv and the hash2maps both inside the tonbery folder and inside the tonberry hashmap folder so when I checked originally I thought my issue was due to something else but upon looking inside the hashmap folder and seeing that those files were also in there I removed them and was able to solve my problem.

Thank you for the help! and all your amazing work!


The intro starts off normal however once it gets to the point where the Square soft logo shows up part of the screen stays black like that. From there as the sequence continues that area of the screen stays black. Whats weirder is the rest of the game looks like its working. When clicking New Game the cutscenes play properly its just the before menu sequence.

I just modded my ff8 using tonberry and all the mods listed here manually not using the installer

Can anyone help me determine the cause of this glitch and is anyone else experiancing a similar glitch?

If this is a known bug I apologize for posting :p

You don't need that information.  It's simply the machine code translated into human readable operations.

dec cl (decrease cl by 1. cl is part of ecx.  It's the lower 8 bit of the 32 bit ecx register)
nop (no operation. This has code 90, which you've obviously missed above).

On its own that tells you nothing.  But like I say you don't need to know it.  You only need the address and the hex values.  I can certainly look into sorting some hext files from the info already sent.

Haha yes I definitely missed the mark on that one, im not very experienced with stuff like this but I like to try and figure stuff out as I go along.

If you can get some hext files ready it would be absolutely amazing! I look at this thread like everyday waiting to use limitless magic aha.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Add-on DLLs (2014-07-11)
« on: 2017-09-10 14:42:24 »
I am the author of the dll files. The reason something might not work is due to version discrepancies and because it was poorly coded. These were put together before the Steam release and I stopped playing FF8 shortly after to work on other projects. I no longer have the source files, but I can show you how they work.

Spoiler: show
Code: [Select]
510620C8 | 81 C1 FF FF 00 00        | add ecx,FFFF                            |
Hard.dll (pseudocode):
Code: [Select]
ReturnType CallingConvention FunctionHook(VariableType VariableName, ...)
    VariableName *= Multiplier;
    return OriginalFunction(VariableName);

Code: [Select]
510620C8 | 81 FA FF 7F 00 00        | cmp edx,7FFF                            |
510620CE | 7E 05                    | jle hp.510620D5                         |
510620D0 | BA FF 7F 00 00           | mov edx,7FFF                            |

Code: [Select]
0F7120C8 | 32 C9                    | xor cl,cl                               |

I will modify the post with updated patches for Steam BuildID: 296320 as I rediscover them.

Spoiler: show
Break Damage Limit:
Code: [Select]
FF8_EN.exe+91137 | 81 C1 0F 27 00 00        | add ecx,270F                            | add ecx, 0xffff
Break HP Limit:
Code: [Select]

FF8_EN.exe+95E6D | 81 FA 0F 27 00 00        | cmp edx,270F                            | cmp edx, 0xffff
FF8_EN.exe+95E75 | BA 0F 27 00 00           | mov edx,270F                            | mov edx, 0xffff


FF8_EN.exe+95A1A | 81 FA 0F 27 00 00        | cmp edx,270F                            | cmp edx, 0xffff
FF8_EN.exe+95A22 | BA 0F 27 00 00           | mov edx,270F                            | mov edx, 0xffff

Limitless Magic (does not break Double/Triple and works in Battle/Field):
Code: [Select]

FF8_EN.exe+86B0C | FE C9                    | dec cl                                  | nop


FF8_EN.exe+F3027 | FE CB                    | dec bl                                  | nop

Save Anywhere - Address (set value to 1 and freeze):
Code: [Select]
Save Anywhere - Patch:
Code: [Select]
Save Point

FF8_EN.exe+1221CF | 8A 88 D1 00 00 00        | mov cl,byte ptr ds:[eax+D1]             | mov cl, 1
FF8_EN.exe+1221D7 | 80 C9 01                 | or cl,1                                 | nop
FF8_EN.exe+1221E6 | 80 E1 FE                 | and cl,FE                               | nop

Loading Zone

FF8_EN.exe+12BE1D | 8A 90 D1 00 00 00        | mov dl,byte ptr ds:[eax+D1]             | mov dl, 1
FF8_EN.exe+12BE2D | 80 E2 FC                 | and dl,FC                               | nop

I have hex edited before when modding Pokemon games back in the day the instructions were pretty simple it would be like go to this address and change like 1D 2D 3D to 4D 4D 4D for example but I am not familiar enough with it to understand what this means

FF8_EN.exe+86B0C | FE C9                    | dec cl                                  | nop

I open up the FF8_EN.exe go to 86B0C location and it highlights over FE C9 from there the instructions I am usually given would be change the numbers "1D 2D 3D to 4D 4D 4D example" which is easy as hell however I am totally clue less as to this part here " | dec cl                                  | nop"

If anyone is willing to explain what exactly I am supposed to do with that information I would be very grateful! This is the last thing I need to set up for my FF8! playthrough.

The only thing that has kept me from playing ff8 again is waiting for an explanation on how to use gastlys updated limitless magic changes without the other "Hacks". I have been lurking this thread like a hawk haha.

I'll have the fix for you within 24hr :)


Code: [Select]
6DC963 = C7 45 F8 FF FF 00 00 90 90
That's the "fix".  It forces a value of $FFFF to the Ultima Weapon, which is the maximum colour. Usually, what happens is the value changes depending on (HP/MaxHP) * $FFFF

In order to add this fix to FF7, you have 3 choices:

1. Use a regular hex editor to edit the executable (if so, the address becomes 2DBD63 instead of 6DC963)

2. Use HextEdit to edit the executable. Same as above.  (See Tools section for Hext Tools).

3. The best option imho... add the above instruction to a plain text file and use HextLaunch (again from Hext Tools).

When my new dll arrives, you won't need to use Hext Tools, as the dll will add the function of it automatically.  For now, HextLaunch is the best option. If you have any issues with HextLaunch or HextEdit, then let me know.

Thank you so much this worked like a charm! I really appreciate the help not only with this but also the other times you have helped out when I have had a question. I decided to use hext edit. I look forward to the release of your new tool and R06!

Awesome :) Looking forward to it!

Wow that is amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to do that! I have sent over a small donation as a thanks for this and for your continued hard work on the reunion and all your other awesome mods.

Damn I was hoping there would be an easier solution. Normally I am up for learning and I would ask how or what to do however I know that would be a total waste of your time for such a small cosmetic issue having you try and explain assembly to me isn't worth the effort for a cosmetic issue like this. I am ocd but messing with the game code is a little extreme for a color I dont like lol.

Thanks for letting me know DLPB.

I think an alternative solution I am going to swap the weapon names and attributes completly using wallmarket with ragnarock or some other weapon as a work around that is good enough.

All i am interested is removing the color shift as Clouds hp gets lower, when you say executable based what do you mean? What would I have to do to essentially disable that animation or texture change or whatever you would call it.

I attempted to change the formula for Cloud's Ultima weapon to use Vincent's formula which wall market is able to do but sadly it only changed the damage formula and not the blue color when hp gets lower.

Thanks DLPB you are always the one helping me on here when I have a question aha

Would it be possible to use this program to remove the effect on the ultima weapon that changes the aura of the weapon to blue as your hp gets lower? I have replaced the Ultima weapon with the starting buster sword however as my hp gets lower the weapon turns blue.

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