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7thHeaven / Re: I Will Fix The Issues Soon(ish)
« on: 2019-02-18 19:03:53 »
Someone recommended to me that I release the new 1.56 version of 7H, but unfortunately it wasn't ready without the mod and game converter updates to come alongside it. There's a lot of minor issues happening that can be resolved after the catalog and game converter updates are released. I have most of them ready, so please wait on your play throughs while I organize everything and upload them to the download providers.

Thanks for the hard work Alyza!  :-*

this is REALLY good news.. i hope this ends well and completed.. MORE POWER TO MODDERS AND TESTERS!  :)

7thHeaven / Re: VINCENT's anatomy messed up
« on: 2018-09-14 00:11:07 »
This is not caused by any mods in 7thHeaven. This bug is in the game itself.

ohhh.. okay sir covarr, thanks! is this happening on Vincent only or anyone on the party on that scene?

7thHeaven / VINCENT's anatomy messed up
« on: 2018-09-11 22:35:51 »
this is occurring only at the scene where aerith's gonna be killed

i have tried all, but for me i prefer the pack from satsuki.. it looks a bit over exposed, but i like it that the other 2 that look like too much contrast for me..

7thHeaven / Re: Screen Resolution Issues With 7th Heaven
« on: 2018-08-27 18:10:56 »
Yeah the issu is from the DPI scaling in Windows 10 setting it to 100% will fix the issue or you can right click on 7th heaven and go to properties and go to the compatability tab and click on the button that says Change high DPI settings and then change it to System Enhanced instead of application.

thanks for this, but mine is different, because when i set it to system enhanced, it doesnt do anything, but when i set it to application, it cancels the scaling.. though thanks for this because if i didnt saw this, i dont have a chance to try this option out..  :)

7thHeaven / Re: FF VII (Original) Controller Problem [DS4]
« on: 2018-08-27 16:12:00 »
No FF7 Only support up to 10 button and two axes. if you have more then that it just ignores them.

In order to make it work you would need to some thing use a joypad to keyboard program  and then you would just map your controller buttons to keyboard buttons..

ohhh, so that's how it works, thanks for the info sir sithlord!

Maybe XinputPlus could change it. Though I only used it for my 360 controller. Never tested it with my PS4 controller.

for a DS4 use the program DS4windows. It allows you to map your bottons to key inputs. Just map the controller buttons as you want, and make the buttons correspond with the default keyboard scheme of the game.

also make sure there are no other programs running that automatically use the controller, like steam. If you play around enough youll see that the controller acts like a 360 aftermarket controller in your window settings. So for it to read properlly in ds4 windows you have to have ds4windows be the only program addressing the controller.

so the only ways to map this are using 3rd Party Programs..  :cry: thanks for the input sir Kaldarasha and sir UpRisen.. so i may just go and play using analog sticks then :(

7thHeaven / FF VII (Original) Controller Problem [DS4]
« on: 2018-08-25 07:38:42 »
is there a way to use the D-PAD of my ds4 controller here in ff7? it's hard to make commands in battle using analog stick  :'( even mapping in the config, the dpad doesnt work.. is there a way to use d pad without 3rd party programs?

thanks in advance!

7thHeaven / Re: Unable to Download The Larger Mods
« on: 2017-12-21 00:47:59 »
i got problems downloading large mods too (field textures, movie, spell) for 2 days, my net connectivity is stable.. yet i can't download, so i tried running the 7th heaven in Administrator Mode.. after that i have downloaded the mods without problem.. i don;t know if running as admin makes it work, or it just worked that time (even i didnt fiddle with admin rights)

trying will not harm, i think..  ;)

I'm back to playing FFVII, thanks again to 7th heaven for the easy modding  ;)

but i kinda don't like the menu overhaul because it doesnt show the (current hp / full hp) numbers when in battle.. and i like the old menu more. but when using old menu, the letters are kind of pixelated.. and big.. is there a chance where we can use old menu with crispier letters/graphics?

We've got the current image loaded at the backdrop for a new UI build of 7H. I'll PM you a screenshot.

okay okay Ma'am.. I'll be waiting  ;)

12 see you back. Well, we need to redo the eyes again, they should be most likely as the original but of course high res. What would be much more important to me would be a high res version of Barret's tattoo, ATM I have only a placeholder, which doesn't look that good.

I'll try to recreate the tattoo.. Is a simple flat .png of the tattoo is ok?


Did actually somebody uses the Profiles? And didn't somebody made a neat logo?

thanks sir kaldarasha! how's our Project 8 EYE? :)

I'll look into the logo for the final release. It's certainly neat and worthy.

I'll have to recreate that if you're going to use it.. because the PSD file of that is on my old laptop harddrive that failed. Still trying for ways to recover the data in that hard drive.. I'm always ready to help your team Alyza! :)

« on: 2017-01-24 02:07:46 »
ok I'm such a noob.. ever since I installed the game and the 7th heaven, I didn't restart my PC.. now, I restarted my PC and everthing worked.. HAHA  ;D

i'm such a noob. sorry guys!  :-*

« on: 2017-01-24 01:58:01 »
i got no problem last year when i last used 7th heaven.. i dont know if i did something wrong  ;D

i have downloaded movie mod, but even I activate or deactivate it, movie is not apearing, even from starting the game when the chocobos are running to square logo.. :D

here is my settings
Code: [Select]
Miscellaneous - Dynamic Cloud Weapons
ID: 5d6a46f7-b0b0-43b1-88cb-f54de763c5b1
Version: 2.33
CloudSword = 0
Sword = 4
Dynamic = 1
Miscellaneous - Team Avalanche Fields
ID: 72152e09-7b5c-4942-8465-afa154e20b08
Version: 2.0
field_ta = 1
Battle Models - Weapons
ID: fe92e17c-f60d-4cf5-9c79-889f93d1edcb
Version: 2.1
weapons_aerith = 3
weapons_caitsith = 1
weapons_cloud = 1
weapons_sephiroth = 1
weapons_yuffie = 1
Field Models - Objects
ID: 7f1274cf-3bf8-4ae6-a722-d2f374c902fc
Version: 2.1
huge_materia = 1
materia = 2
potions = 2
save_point = 2
ID: 653bb2b6-3999-4bb0-bc21-2ae299bb7b87
Version: 2.1
f_animation = 1
w_animation = 1
60fps = 1
fba = 0
fbn = 1
fed = 1
fs = 0
Battle Models - Characters
ID: 1917178d-5ef1-42e2-9c5c-58045588b3f4
Version: 2.1
models_aerith = 1
models_barret = 4
models_caitsith = 1
models_cid = 2
models_cloud = 7
models_redxiii = 3
models_sephiroth = 1
models_tifa = 3
models_vincent = 2
models_yuffie = 2
Battle Models - Enemies
ID: 267ef1d2-599c-4f4d-860c-b838f402c587
Version: 2.1
models_diamond = 1
models_frogs = 1
models_scorpion = 1
models_jenova = 1
models_joker = 1
models_life_form = 1
models_motorball = 1
models_ruby = 2
models_soldiers = 1
models_sweeper = 1
Field Models - Main Characters
ID: efe1b0ec-6ce3-43f7-9659-f1bc9d36f60c
Version: 2.2
models_aerith = 6
models_barret = 10
models_caitsith = 2
models_cid = 4
models_cloud = 12
models_redxiii = 1
models_sephiroth = 4
models_tifa = 7
models_vincent = 2
models_yuffie = 3
Field Models - Non-Player Characters
ID: d329bc05-3dc0-4f35-94aa-632986f47194
Version: 2.34
models_base = 1
models_biggs = 1
models_jessie = 1
models_wedge = 1
Field Textures - yarLson
ID: 339ca282-645f-4053-83d1-de8777f8b1bc
Version: 2.3
field_bg = 1
Gameplay - Tweaks and Cheats
ID: 3dbdfa3b-d97f-4cfc-9db8-223dbe0152bc
Version: 2.2
ar = 1
cf = 1
dm = 0
isl = 1
i = 0
li = 0
lcs = 0
lt = 0
nrb = 0
spa = 1
sc = 0
sbo = 1
Media - Movies
ID: 4f61f4cf-6733-4503-93f4-ed7fdfee21a6
Version: 2.1
movie = 2
Media - Music and Sound
ID: 2bdd4a94-4b06-46ca-af0a-37b9dfef25aa
Version: 2.1
music = 2
sound = 2
Menu - Avatars and Backdrops
ID: aec06415-0f12-410b-ac43-f4e89e363729
Version: 2.1
avatars_aerith = 1
avatars_barret = 1
avatars_cait_sith = 1
avatars_chocobo = 1
avatars_cid = 1
avatars_cloud = 1
avatars_cloud_young = 1
avatars_red_xiii = 1
avatars_sephiroth = 1
avatars_tifa = 1
avatars_vincent = 1
avatars_yuffie = 1
game_over = 0
prelude = 2
start_menu = 5
Minigames Collection
ID: ee718ab3-0aa5-43b2-b7bc-82c69fcd19d0
Version: 2.31
chocobo_models = 1
condor_models = 1
motorbike_models = 3
chocobo_textures = 1
coaster_textures = 1
condor_textures = 1
motorbike_textures = 1
snowboard_textures = 1
wonder_square = 1
World Models - Characters
ID: a5b9a2f3-c9e3-4cbb-947a-1489ebeeb921
Version: 2.1
cid_world = 2
cloud_world = 12
tifa_world = 4
World Models - Vehicles
ID: 0e056cf4-7b37-49e1-aa9e-c57bc73db954
Version: 2.0
buggy = 1
chocobo = 1
highwind = 1
submarine = 1
tiny_bronco = 1
World Models - Enemies
ID: 0d0cc481-4cc3-4e7e-9529-fa7077b38615
Version: 2.0
diamond = 1
emerald = 1
ruby = 1
ultima = 1
World Textures
ID: 35e0906d-7da4-4da2-b10d-87149d291a38
Version: 2.0
world_bg = 3

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-01-22 19:16:34 »
what's up Alyza! i'm in the middle of downloading mods using 7th heaven.. i miss FF7 again  ;D

more power!

7thHeaven / Re: The Next Catalog Update...
« on: 2016-03-05 08:48:22 »
Just a quick update for everyone. I will begin working on the next Catalog updates towards the end of March. I hope to have them finished and released by the 2nd week of April.

That's all :)

Goodluck EQ2Alyza! More power!  ;D ;D ;D

7thHeaven / Re: [FF7] Update Reports and Mod Requests
« on: 2016-03-03 14:20:14 »
The Reunion -Beacause and Menu Overhaul
Is it possible to get this compatible with the steam version? Only the 'No battle boxes" works. Anytime I enable the Beacause and Menu Overhaul, the game crashes when dialogue boxes pop up or I try to load specific menus ie: config. I feel like it's related to it not being able to load the font? Not sure.
(I apologize if this is not a proper request and belongs in the troubleshooting section)

i think you're not using the ff7_bc.exe when using beacause mod.. or the ff7_mo.exe if only the menuoverhaul is the mod you're using.. (beacause if you have break limit)

7thHeaven / Re: Resolution/Window problems
« on: 2016-02-27 11:40:33 »
i'm using this settings.. and it's on full screen :D

and if you want to get it to 16:9,

i hope this will fix your issue..  ;D

Most likely the models you're using for weapons aren't tested with cmh175 - Team Avalanche Edits Cloud, causing errors like this.
This happened to me, too, but with Ultima Weapon.
I'd recommend just using default TA Cloud, though it's up to you.

ultima weapon have problem with me also.. it's like a sword with plastic casing in rectangular shape LOL  ;D

that is when i use mike+millenia.. i was on battle square on that point, i farm BP, but after a few rounds, i got frustrated at the view, so i tried switching to millenia only, and it render the ultima sword nicely..  ;D

7thHeaven / Re: Switching Sound Devices
« on: 2016-02-20 14:10:03 »
i have the same (or not) issue.. but i don't report that here because i have another option :D

my situation is, if i play here on the laptop, the sound plays on the speaker

when i plug the headset to the headset port, the sound plays on the headset

the problem is when i plug my gaming headphones, it has usb cord, not the green plug like headset, so when i use t, other application switch the audio to the headphones but ff7 plays the sound on the laptop speakers.. haha  ;D

so when i play ff7, i use my headset, not the headphone :D

removed the gray-ish part on the makeup hehe  ;D

7thHeaven / Re: Correct load order.
« on: 2016-02-11 05:03:14 »
So, can someone who succeed having all mods activated can post his 'load order' ?
It would be very helpfull :)

1st part

2nd part

3rd part

im playing smoothly using that mods.. i disabled field textures part 1, just using part 2..
i started playing using these mods.. im now at northern crater, haven't encounter any model error except this:

look at vincent LOL

I really like the make up touch :)

thanks sir!

I think you are free with the choice of the makeup. I probably need a childish version of Cloud's eyes for his children models. I guess the next model will be Barrett.

ok sir.. so what should be the difference beween adult cloud's eyes and childish cloud eyes?
i'm excited to do the barret one :D

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