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Hey, so noob question. When I open HW.. what file am I opening in steam? I went to the steam folder of FFIX but cannot find anything to open  :/
woops kept opening the old im just figuring out how to change Blanks skills again

Hey any updates on HW for steam? I have been trying to work with Alberos on his thing, but I love your layout much better haha.

All of what you said is possible, even making their movesets completely customizable, except marcus bugs at treno with garnet. Problem is, as far as I know on HW I cannot get the equip for beatrix or the other 3 to be available and all skills are automatically learned..That is what I have ran into and I have no fix to it.

Tirlititi have you given up on the mod too...? You haven't been on in a while...

Also, I am working on the epsxe ver again, For the Evil Forest, I am setting Blank in, how do I set the pluto Blank again? Another question, For the first boss fight, how can I code them into there? it keeps "hard coding" steiner into the battle and no one else. Any ideas? I know it can be done cuz ive seen on youtube but idk how :/

I am definitely interested in coding, but as you know through our emails, i am no pro...but I also can donate to you if you actually need money for this project, unless its absolutely free, just time consuming. I of course want to be able to do at least these 2 things as soon as things get working: Add and remove people to the party, as you know my Blank, and also be able to allow them to hold whatever they want, I would allow Zidane to hold spears and swords. So those things are the major things I would love to get working personally. Other than that idk what you would want me to help with or how to start. You also know my email, I have been checking constantly everyday these forums and my email for updates about HW, this is all I want, I love FFIX.

What do you mean bud? Also how is the hades workshop coming along?
EDIT: Also if I was to configure everything on the old Hades and you get the new one up and running, will I be able to transfer the modded on onto that?
And to add onto that, any key new features that may appear in the new one for steam because it will open a lot more than the psx ver.

Okay so what things are we able to really do right now? I can't alter the scripts in the Field menu of enviornments cuz Hades will just shut down on me. Can I change skills still? Sorry if you said this before, but I am reading and confused haha.

HadesWorkshop 33B version where is that at??? Sorry if I am being blind.

Awesome thank you for the feed back bud, I wish there was something I could do to help you with this...Also when I tried opening HW just now i got this error.
"This program can't start because wxmsw30u_core_gcc471TDM.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling to fix this problem."
What is that? Can't even google it.

Hey so how is the Steam compatibility coming along? I can't wait to dig into it so I can Change party members :D

Hey, I have emailed you because I got back on the project of making my Script work and I got everything working perfectly fine..even found out how to switch party members out that are supposed to be mandatory..except for ones like zidane evil forest and vivi Waltz no.3 cuz they have to do their beginning trance, but I switched the other remaining members. I have two problems left..exclusing the support abilities on Blank and Marcus because I just gave up on that, but Beatrix's support abilities work...with a price seeing how she has zidanes ability set even thought I didnt put a party_battle_data on her...which wasn't much of a problem, until I noticed at lindublum she has a trance bar...I was like sweet...but when she tranced it stayed in that mid trance that also means I cannot flee from battles. I can't get rid of her trance bar...also I forgot that when you overwrite as a binary you cannot re-open it again in Hades...Feedback?

So I did tweaking and everything around the tool and notice some things with the skills and weapons. I can get everything working, but again like I said...Blank...also trying to add marcus now too. its confusing, but I really am trying..I tried looking at scenes in the fields when marcus or blank is actually in the party...but I dont see anything that is them. Like when you click on some numbers it says an item ex: 1 is dagger 21 is I think gladius..and so on. I was trying to figure out what will actually get them in my party permanently or what this Initializing thing you were talking bout before. Party_Reserve(2303) won't work until It actually gives me the option to swap party members right? I am getting the hang of some things, but would really like you input. I also looked at your post on qhimm, but I could not figure out where you were talking bout adding models except one part, but you don't go into how to do it, or how to add or remove certain models(party members) like beatrix, cinna,blank, marcus. What I am actually trying to do, is do these 4 people: Zidane,Blank,Marcus, and Beatrix(its okay if not her because complications like fighting her as a boss or just too many different code inputs.
Sorry just posting this if you did not get my Email :/
Or if we can use some type of IM so it can go by quicker..heh
Edit: oh I just noticed you said something about adding him in at a certain time? or removing someone beforehand. So lets say in Evil forest the first area its just Zidane, is it possible to have him there? and when I go to fight the prison cage boss he will be that 4th character? Or should I use this code after I finish evil forest cuz he comes in the last battle of it. So whatever number Steiner is at ice cavern i would remove him from party and then add blank? Can I just load from a save game or have to start over each time to test this?

Hey I sent you a pm last night but I guess you didn't see it, but I actually understand how to apply patches and stuff to the game, but I do not know how to add Blank to the party. I tried asking Leroche when emailing him, but his description was also confusing :/ I do not see an add party function in Hades, but I really am trying to learn how this all works...I just really want blank in my party. whether its adding him in or switching him out with someone else like steiner. sorry for the long post, just really eager to know how.

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