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sry for the bump but how can i change the battle formations camera angles cuz when i even open window i get array index out of bounds error

heres the error log

dont wanna sound like a d*ck but, whats point of this. when i use the editors and save they revert back to default sizes.

this is newb to ask this but how do u add a party member lol, im trying to re-add aeirth after cloud says LETS GO but its not working when adding/creating her.

this thread is prob old but has anyone been able to ever open ff7 or shop file itself on windows 10?

few issues ive found:

*cant change drop rate of items
*when modding monsters stats some battle formations get bugged out happens to random battles
-for example i modded icicles on cliffs in disc 2 and now battle seems to spawn random monsters

when i mod the kernel.bin from PSX bin files the tool saves the files in different sizes and when i re import it game doesnt load

FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Field editor - Deling (0.9.1b)
« on: 2017-11-03 20:46:35 »
can this tool actually edit anything? cuz i cant find any field bin files on pc ff8 and psx iso are read-only. if someone has a CLEAN field bin that loads with this can someone pm me a link pls

btw i was looking around and old ff8 cannot be obtainable anymore. soo any updates to these tools or place dl each file aka field.fs or field.bin?

ive looked around and there is no guide on how to use this tool or obtain the files needed....


Tirlititi u need to fix the psx limition u set it too low for item helps, if u dump clean items table and reimport it its flagged for not enough room to apply item texts

so now i went thru and deleted ALL item/key item text from patch and it loads up empty but in game all the key items still have random bits of text.

i think the editor might be bugged out really bad.... wish there was an ezer way to talk to you

i used a timer to tell how many counters i used per 50k hp

heres an example of what i did:

under INIT where all variables are assgined i added these at the end
    set VAR_LocUInt8_80 = 5
    ChangeTimerTime(VAR_LocUInt8_60 * 60) 1 counter per 1 min since we can use upto 99 counters
    ShowTimer( 1 )

under loop or counter i did this

    if ( #( SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] <=$ 10000 ) ) {
        if ( VAR_LocUInt8_80 > 0 ) {
            set VAR_LocUInt8_80--
            ChangeTimerTime(VAR_LocUInt8_60 * 60) 1 counter per 1 min since we can use upto 99 counters
            set SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] =$ FirstOf(SV_FunctionEnemy[MAX_HP])
        } else {
             if ( #( SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] ==$ 0 ) ) {
                  ShowTimer( 0 ) 1=true:0=false

i use a substract system so u know when timer is at 0:00 u know hes on his last life
with it ending every battle at 0 u dont have to reset it back to 0 every battle u can simply re-use it. dont use VAR_LocUInt8_60 cuz this controls number of frogs in game

only thing i wanna learn is how to ID attacks so i can add special attacks when a life is consumed

ok i found out dont use var int8_60 its being used for frog counts use int8_80 its not used at all in game

heres a video of a nasty script bug i found in your editor causing my bosses to have infinite HP

quick sum up:
when i put this in:
    if ( #( SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] <=$ 10000 ) && ( VAR_LocUInt8_60 <= 5 ) ) {
        set VAR_LocUInt8_60++
        set SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] =$ FirstOf(SV_FunctionEnemy[MAX_HP])

it reverts to this bugged version:
    if ( #( ( SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] <=$ 10000 ) && ( VAR_LocUInt8_60 <= 5 ) ) ) {
        set VAR_LocUInt8_60++
        set SV_FunctionEnemy[HP] =$ FirstOf(SV_FunctionEnemy[MAX_HP])

its not changing stats its changing the scripts adding few lines for hp system. and its on the psx version not on steam one

Tirlititi found a bug with the editor for psx version. u have no limits on scripts so when u add too many lines in ff9 it breaks other scripts. like i made some mobs unkillable cuz of this.

EDIT: learned everything i needed to know

also im really stuck on this bug. ozma works perfectly fine on disc 4 but same battle and scripts on disc 3 cause ozma not to appear in battle at all....

hey Tirlititi i saw a video of someone showing off ultima doing multiple rounds of 9999s im wandering how can i do this LOL

hey Tirlititi whats max value of a variable in a script like ur HP life counter. how many "lives" can a boss have lol

u sir thanks soo dam much for that script. i did some tweaks of my own and my god its amazing lol

i have found that it cant be applied to all bosses tho sadly but ones i needed were able to do so

is there a way to make a global variable that can be called upon on every battle. i wanna use a life system where certain bosses have x amount of lives when it hits 0 then battle is won.

pretty much like this: var life = 10: if (HP == 0 && life == 0) {end battle} else {if (HP == 0 ) {Restore HP to full: life =-1}}

its fine im sticking to the psx version for now, im not able to port the mod to steam it breaks the game if u load an auto save

Tirlititi is there any word on being able to modify the auto abilities like changing auto haste to auto trance? or changing them into auto protect/shell? and change stuff like 20% hp to like 80%? stuff like that. we can mod spells and all that. just asking

hey Tirlititi is there a way to make a psx patch to expand number of auto abilties on chars so i can use all of them on every char?


Tirlititi  is there any way to enable use of stones/abilities on off chars on psx side of the tool? if u have the patch for it?

Graphical Mods / [FF9 PC]scaling down the in battle menus?
« on: 2017-04-19 21:13:57 »
is there any possible way to make UI in battles like 50% smaller?

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