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The thing is I really dont like the pc versions of Final Fantasy. I also like the idea of making it look better on the fly. Nothing wrong with the mods people make, they are awesome. But like I said, i prefer the ps1 versions.

Cant wait for real time neural network shaders (year 2040?). Probably the death of graphic upgrade mods.

And thanx Gunner. It is taken alot of experimenting to get this shader chain. It might be possible to get even closer to waifu2x, but I dont know if i can deal with more shader tinkering.

Just wanted to show a new preset I made. It tries to look as close as Waifu2x as possible. I doubt its gonna get closer to a real time waifu2x than this.


Thats correct of you. Not wanting to release a glitchy version.
Its a shame they did not save the original files back in the days. Such a shame.

Thank you. Well ... I have not seen FFVII ever look better than that thats for sure. I am hoping for a release soon :)

Is it possible to get just a few more gameplay screenshots?  :P

Downgraded steam version or the 98 release with Aali's driver.

Thank you.

This looks so good. Just wonder exactly what pc version of FFVII do I need to make this mod work?

Team Avalanche / Re: Jmp's Field Scenes
« on: 2018-09-27 18:10:39 »
Why is only jmp434 doing this? If this forum had 4 more guya like him the whole game would be done by now! It needs to be done, Squares remake is going to suck anyway when it arrives in the year 2045.

Added some fake crt effect to the shader- setup I previously shown.

I think next big step in emulation is gonna be with neural networks. It's gonna take a few more years but Nvidia, among others are doing alot of research and development to make these Ai's run in real time. Take this for instance

It creates (wierd looking) photorealistic cats out of drawings. With more data and faster GPU's, Iam certain this will create perfect looking cats. Imagine if this technology could run in real time, as a shader over a emulated game. In theory, it would create perfect hd versions of old games on the fly.
This is probably at least 10 years away from us, but I would be very surprised if this wouldn't happen.

Neural Networks are definitely the future for gaming. And.. bassicly everything else.

In case someone has not seen this, just to show the power of NN -

Thanx :)
That process is easily solved with ReShade. As long as you have the waifu2x filtered images ready, since our gpu's are way too weak to run that in real time. It's a real bummer.
The reason I prefer to make an emulator look good instead of modding a pc version is, of course, it's gonna effect all games. And ps1 has lot of great rpg's except Final Fantasy (SUIKODEN 2) :)
Here are some more images.

btw, checked with Afterburner, these shaders uses up to 70% of my 980Ti. For beeing ps1 emu, that sure is alot. Wonder what its gonna take to run srcnn shaders in a near future. GTX 4080Ti or something probably ...

I understand what you mean with the text. It looks different, sure. But I wouldn't call it distorted. These images dont make it look right tough. I don't know why, but it looks better in game (not by much) than on these images. I was very careful to not mess up text.
Like I said, this is a matter of taste. I prefer detail- loss over pixelation. Some people dont like Waifu2x's look at all while some other do. I myself have never understood the thing with crt shaders. I don't miss my old tv's at all. Here are some comparisions with crt- royale.

It is a matter of taste indeed. Since it is running thru a good emulator in native res you also get rid of every graphical glitches wich is good. It plays like its on a ps1 except it looks like this.

Managed to sharpen everything up. Runs in native 1x res hence why the 3d models looks so bad

The thing is, I play alot of other old ps1 games, escpecially rpgs so thats why I want it to look good thru emulation. Here are some images with the same shaders from other games -

Just wanted to show how it is possible to make old pre- rendered games look like with shaders only. No mods required, just play the game as it was meant to be played. This configuration is trying to look as close as possible to Waifu2x. Works with any ps1 game. Please look in at least 1440p.

Graphical / Re: FFVII in Retroarch + ReShade
« on: 2017-07-29 14:16:17 »
Further modifications on my xbr preset

Graphical / Re: FFVII in Retroarch + ReShade
« on: 2017-05-12 17:10:29 »
I have made some changes to my settings. A different Deband configuration and 4x internal instead of 2, resulting in more detailed backgrounds and higher res characters and other 3d elements :)

Graphical / Re: FFVII in Retroarch + ReShade
« on: 2017-05-07 11:55:54 »
Here are some more examples. And I dont know why, but it looks a bit better in game. I don't know why some of the quality is lost.

Here you can see that small text is still readable

Here is my custom preset for the Retroarch shader.

Something is wierd with my ReShade and I can not share any config. But I will tell you what to set.
First is effect ordering, this is important.

High Pass Sharpening -> Vibrance -> Deband

High Pass Sharpening values -



Vibrance values -



Deband values -



Remember that after this, you also have to make Retroarch run in fullscreen 4k resolution. And the internal resolution should be 2x to get the best out of the pre-rendered backgrounds.

Graphical / Re: FFVII in Retroarch + ReShade
« on: 2017-05-06 22:00:31 »
Thanx. Here's my second set up, I adjusted it a bit and got it a bit nicer looking.

How you do this.. well, first you must use ps1 emu with Retroarch. And then add  super-4xbr-3d-4p as a shader. However I have adjusted that preset a bit on my own. If you want to  I could upload presets. It is important that you run this in 2x internal and 4k external. That is, chose full screen in the config file and 3840 × 2160 as resolution.
It is then filtered by my own ReShade preset wich contains ALOOT of debanding and some sharpening and vibrance. I could also give you my preset.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98] Waifu release fulls packs
« on: 2017-04-10 19:18:51 »
You simply used noise filtering lv 2 instead of lv1, i used lv 1 because lv2 remove to much details and blur more.
For the single packs in mediafire i'll do it as soon as possible but my internet connexion is not realy stable now and i can't realy upload big files.

Just wondering if the mediafire files now uses noise reduction 2 or 3. Thanx

Graphical / FFVII in Retroarch + ReShade
« on: 2017-04-07 22:46:34 »

Graphical / Re: epsxe filtering + some reshade effects
« on: 2017-03-31 15:23:57 »
Thats alright. I have never seen any filter that makes these old games look good. But I think this is better thsn the originals.

Graphical / Re: epsxe filtering + some reshade effects
« on: 2017-03-31 13:08:50 »
Thanx. I think it was called 4xAA or something like that. Then it's reshade framework with several different effects on.

I remade the ReShade config together with another shader SimoneT at made. It is trying to look like Waifu2x, wich is probably impossible. But it is at least better than my previous settings. Just wanted to show it.

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