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I'll be sure to contribute if you create a GitHub project for hw :)

Excellent job for the MIPS editor, I'll be sure to use it someday :P

Is there a way for an enemy to check if a specific character is in your current party? Because I've been playing with the thought of making Trance-Kuja use Reflect only if either Eiko or Vivi (or both) are in the current party, since they are the only two characters that have reflectable spells. Reflect doesn't bother any of the other six party members, so if Kuja uses it if neither of the two is in your party, he is essentially just wasting a turn.
The AI also uses it to circumvent auto-Reflect, by casting offensive spells on its own Reflect.
There is a quirk with this subroutine: if the reflected spell doesn't find any valid target, it will reflect the spell on the caster.

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Tetra Masters RNG manipulation
« on: 2015-10-25 22:28:11 »
I added it to the main download, thank you !

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Tetra Masters RNG manipulation
« on: 2015-10-25 20:03:19 »
Welcome to qhimm forums, btw.

Is this for real?! That's awesome if it works the way you describe. It can accurately predict not only the next set of cards you encounter, but the board you'll play on too? That's amazing that you figured that out!! Unless someone else figured it out in which case it's just amazing you were able to make a program to simulate these results (which is still amazing :) ).

Why does Memoria play with the Tetra Masters RNG? Is it used for other things too?
I've disassembled most of the Tetra Masters mechanics using PSXfin debugger :P

The PRNG used for Tetra Masters is different from the one used for random encounters and battles. It is not exclusively used by Tetra Masters, though.
For example, the sparks displayed on Memoria entrance on the World Map are pseudo-random and use the same PRNG as Tetra Masters.
The seed is located at 0x80009010. The operation to generate the next number is: seed × 0x41C64E6D + 0x3039
I'm currently looking at other things that might make use of this PRNG !

Hey ! Nice work here.
Unfortunatly, I can't launch your program on my computer. It keeps telling me "Could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows"". I tried to get few .dlls to solve it but it didn't work. Using 'Dependency Walker', it didn't seem to me that there was any compulsory .dll missing though :/

I hope I don't have to install the whole Qt dev things ^^"
Which Windows OS are you using ? Can you try this download ? I used windeployqt for this one, it contains probably a lot of unneeded dlls but at least I'll know if that's the issue, if this works on your computer.

FF9 Tools / [PSX] Tetra Masters RNG manipulation
« on: 2015-10-25 03:27:16 »
Hi everyone,

Always wanted to reach the max score in Tetra Masters, unable to get a specific set of arrows, or trying to get X cards directly ? This tool might help you !

RNG Masters displays the next cards you will obtain (including the ones given out by Doctor Tot in Disc 3), with their stats and arrows. It also displays the board on which you will play your next game of Tetra Masters, in case that helps.

Download RNG Masters 0.1 (Windows only atm)
Source code (saying I'm not the best programmer in the world is an understatement :roll: )
Coded in C++ with Qt.

There are two requirements to use this tool:
  • You didn't play a game of Tetra Master since you last powered on your console
  • Avoid Memoria on the World Map and the falls in front of Alexandria, it re-rolls the Tetra Masters PRNG
Simply enter how many cards you obtained since your last reset, and how many times you loaded the World Map, in order.
For example, if you bought two cards at Treno, went on the World Map, then re-entered Treno and bought four cards, you would enter 2 / 1 / 4, like this:

Now, if you talk to Doctor Tot with less than 5 cards in your inventory, he will give you the cards on the first row in "Tot cards". You can throw cards from your inventory, it doesn't re-roll the PRNG.
If you prefer the cards on the second row for example, simply find or buy a card before talking to Doctor Tot.

The column on the right lists the stats of the next card you'll buy / find / drop from a random encounter. Once again, if you prefer the cards in the next rows, find or buy one card per row.

The board on which you will play your next game of Tetra Masters is on the bottom left. As usual, if you prefer another one, buy or find a card to go from one board to another.

Q. I really have to travel though the Memoria area, despite the fact it can re-roll the PRNG, thus thwarting the RNG manipulation. Is there a solution ?
A. Do not have Memoria in the line of sight of your ship in the red area on this map, even if you cannot see Memoria from where you are:

Q. I get a "Could not find or load the Qt platform plugin windows" error when I try to open this progam.
A. Please try this download. It has several dlls that should not be required in theory, but you might need these.

Q. What's next ?
A. Making a better GUI, adding global hotkeys, adding a frame counter to manipulate coin flip / cards played by opponent / evolution of own cards from PM to X or X to A.

/!\ I only tested this on PSXfin 1.13. I need people who can test this on real hardware to confirm it works there as well. /!\

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