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Gameplay / FF8 Hard Mode differences?
« on: 2018-03-29 22:44:46 »
What is the difference between the 3 modes realistically? Like what does each mode change... I know the game is waaay too easy Vanilla and I have one Hard mode mod installed but i read that this one ( can be installed along side it to make it more fun... anyone know what the differences are before I install one? I want it to be hard but not so much that I want to put my fist through my monitor lol... I still want Magic to have some effect just not quite as much as it does in vanilla...

ok so back in the day when i first got into FF8 on my pc I figured out how to hex edit the EXE to be able to save anywhere, switch anywhere, crisis level 4 all the time, and draw 100 magic from any enemy at any time! I will need to refresh myself on how i did it but now the only thing missing from my gameshark days of FF8 is the 100 from draw points and have inifite magic and items in battle only! Can anyone help me out with this so I can play like theres no tomorrow? on a side not if anyone is interested in my EXE file I can provide it just tell me where you want me to upload it

it worked ty very much!!!

what do you mean you updated the offsets... oh geeze... now im all confused again lol

idk lol i went to enter the fire cavern first area and it wouldnt let me do anything ill give that one a try and i am using DLPBs tools... seemed to make it easier on me lol
yeah and that still didnt work either... i cant switch party memebers and cant save except in the normal world map and save points lol its all good thanks anyway man for the help with the crisis levels and everything i really do appreciate it!

ok thanks man i will but it seems those numbers werent accurate... ill just try to live without them... thanks anyway man!

ah ok thanks ill keep a clean copy of my exe saved on my desktop than just in case so i can reload an older save and such!

ok thanks lol! and what do you mean the game not liking me doing that kind of stuff?

ok now that i have figured out to use hex editing a little... does anyone know the hex codes for the saving anywhere and the ability to switch out party members at anytime no matter what? like i want to edit the EXE file to be able to do it... i just need to know what values to change and ill be good! thanks in advance for your time!

Gameplay / Re: FF8 (Steam) Limit Breaks always active
« on: 2016-06-06 18:47:55 »
nvm i figured out how to do it with DLPBs Hexediting tools! my first experience with Hex editing and I made my game draw 100 of magics everytime and give myself Limit Breaks everytime with Crisis Level 4!!! thanks for the help all!!!

Gameplay / Re: FF8 (Steam) Limit Breaks always active
« on: 2016-06-06 04:04:43 »
if anyone can help i will give you whatever i can via karma or a little cash your way if you guys have that option to support your mods like on nexus and such... if you cant walk me through it i could like email you a copy of my exe and then you could email it back or something once you edit it...

Gameplay / Re: FF8 (Steam) Limit Breaks always active
« on: 2016-06-06 02:28:52 »
i have the steam version of the game but I have no clue on how to edit the file... Is there a guide I could look for or something that could give me a walkthrough on how to do this? thanks so much for your help and time! i currently have Hynes save editor and have been using that well... and i have the English Steam version sorry... i basically want it to give me the option to use limit break anytime i want... like crisis level 4 all the time! btw i also have RaW installed for the music portion of the game to sound better... idk if that helps. Im pretty sure thats a DLL injector i think but idk im kind of new to this stuff... the extent of my game modding is around using NMM with Fallout 4 lol... so its pretty click and go lol

Gameplay / FF8 (Steam) Limit Breaks always active
« on: 2016-06-05 04:37:50 »
Hello, first time posting... new to this whole modding thing... I managed to complete all the graphical mods but have no clue on how to do any kind of modding myself or messing with files... I know there is a cheat thing installed with Steams version of the game but I don't want all the other stuff that comes with it... I just want the Limit Breaks. Can anyone explain how to make it so my Limit Breaks are always active. I have beat this game so many times and kind of just want to be able to smack the bosses around a little... please any help would be appreciated! thanks!

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