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I have finally at least seen Precious watches as prizes now, about 6 times and of course never won one. Betting on races has to be one of the most tedious and awful mini games ever. been at it over 5 hours straight now and haven't gotten a single watch QQ.

Alright thanks. I just got to the sunken gelnika and I found the triple materia growth weapons for several characters, except red XIII, cait sith, and vincent. Am i missing them, are they in a different place, or do they not have one?

Edit: Forgot about the Seraph Comb for Red, but cait sith and vincent still appear to not have one.

Awesome, thanks a bunch for the help.

Edit: Is that for sure where the watch is? I have bet on over 50 S rank races now and I have yet to even see the watch as a prize. Also the demons gate (Devil's gate rather as it refers to in where is the thing) says it has a morph to get the amulet. Is that true on arrange as well, and if so, is it obtainable elsewhere?

So the NPC has many spawns, and when he spawns at one, he spawns at ALL of them? I have misunderstood if that's the case, I was under the impression he spawned in the one point where you were at the time. I also believe I've misunderstood the FC battles for many years, I thought there was much less time in between when one becomes available and when it skips one. Thanks for the info. Anything about barrets innate? Always wondered about the numbers there. Also I haven't seen the Precious Watch from the chocobo square yet, i seem to recall betting on races to get them in a previous playthrough, have they moved? Or maybe can't get them on disc 1? Is the powersoul in arrange yet?

Hey Sega, starting a playthrough again after a few months, and I don't know if it was changed and I didn't see it in the notes, but the fort condor teleport NPC isn't showing up hardly at all. I just did the 5th FC battle and he only showed up for 2 and 3 in Junon, then I backtracked for the 5th and found the NPC still in Junon. For the 6th he was not in Cosmo Canyon, or Junon so I had to fully backtrack. Also, I don't think I ever got the answer, but how much stat points do Barrets innate stacks give per stack?

Edit: *Sigh* Ok well I completely forgot about the NPC popping out of the sealed door, too bad it was after I already backtracked hehe. Remembering when battles become available in vanilla is causing me grief it seems, however the issue with the 4th battle NPC being in junon when the team is near gold saucer still stands.

Where have you gone Sega, we miss you.

I think I mentioned this a while back but I don't think it ever got an answer. I just beat Barbariccia with morph and got nothing, now the documentation shows Rubicante which is the normal version of the fight and not arrange if I recall correctly. It dropped a bird wing which isn't the drop from Rubicante, so is it safe to assume that since they are COMPLETELY different enemies, that they don't have the same loot tables? If I'm right, can you tell me if I missed any steals or anything valuable from it seeing as it wouldn't morph into the fire ring? Also maybe consider putting Barbariccia in the documentation as well to avoid confusion.

Edit: I think it's the same situation with Illuyankas now that I think about it, anything of note that drops/steals/morphs from him?

Ah of course that makes sense. Thanks.

Hey Sega, just started another run since my issue last time resulting in having to redo a bunch (my own fault though) made me salty on the current save. Everything has been going great so far, the only issue that remains for me is that light nation is immune to damage even though he is still listed to have the morph of a peace ring. Is the documentation incorrect, the fight incorrect, or is it just to taunt you with a morph that you can never get?
Edit: Or the final secret option, I'm doing something wrong and it is totally obtainable.
Edit 2: Also I don't think it's listed anywhere but have been very curious. Cloud's Innate gives a max of +30, Red XIII's gives a max of +50, how much stats do Barret's innate stacks give?

Thank god none of that was intended, I feel like several materia might be off due to that. So you're right I did apply both of the previously listed hotfixes and I was trying to figure out why I did that, and unless im crazy, the current build of the mod lists september 12 2017. I hope what I did was saw that and saw the patches which I think were from a week after that and so I downloaded them without looking at the dates again until I noticed a problem in the game. Either I'm crazy or just unobservant but either way I appreciate the help. Are the item related anomalies because of this as well? I saved pretty intensely so I can go back a select distance to be before the huge stat gains as well as redo anything I may have missed out on. For example, I think the first time I was confused was with Thousand, Airhawk, and Thunder gunner, Thunder being the one with a morph of bolt ring, which I did kill with morph to no avail. Light Nation as well has a peace ring morph though he seemed to be impervious to all damage making that null, and Barbariccia GT (granted the documents listed Rubicante GT which is why I assumed it was an arrange related issue) that has a fire ring morph that also didn't happen. Illuyankas gave no morph item or drop despite them listed as typhoon ring and howl comb, and lastly jenova vector who didn't morph into a diamond bangle, didn't summon minions that it says are morphable, but did drop the listed white cape. Sorry for listing so many different fights, I just hate missing things. Thanks again for the help and any more you can give.

Edit: I went back to the gunners fight and thunder did in fact morph into a bolt ring, not sure if I should start there or start over completely.

Edit 2: Light Nation still seems immune to all damage, so I'm not sure what to take away from that.

Edit 3: Just noticed clouds innate was changed from what I saw before which was still second wind, something I was confused about seeing as it was in the documentation but I was still seeing second wind, so I assume second wind is now Cids as listed? Also I have been looking for ultimate weapon damage formulas that I thought used to be in the documentation but I can no longer find, could you list any that aren't the same as the base game?

Hey Sega, it's been a long time since I've played this wonderful mod, but just as I was reaching Costa Del Sol I realized that my stats were ridiculous. Cloud is rank 2 at this point and it was only after I chose the second ranks sources that I realized they were giving 5 stats per source leading to cloud, with no stat boosting armor or materia, having a massive 193 strength 128 vitality, and 114 luck. I'm playing the March 10th 2018 version of the mod with all the current fixes and everything, on arrange mode. It was a big surprise as well that summon materia seems to give +50 strength, vitality, magic and magic defense, but I assumed that was normal. What about the sources? These stats seem super broken, against Jenova Vector cloud was attacking for almost 2000 damage at level 24. Apart from the seemingly super stats, some of the documentation is throwing me for a loop. Several bosses seem to have morph items in the enemy items document, all of which I have reluctantly tried to no avail, some bosses haven't even dropped an item when they have one in the list. Jenova vector didn't even summon any minions at the start of the fight like I had seen in MoCheese's 1.5 arrange video on it. I assumed most of the items being off in the list were due to playing arrange and the documentation was made with normal in mind, but the vector fight was what really confused me. Any help you can provide is much apprieciated.

Fight #1) When you first visit Fort Condor
Fight #2) When you beat Illuyu and Cloud is alone
Fight #3) When Cloud goes into the water; you must leave the water again and head for Condor again

If he turned up before the fight then I don't know, I'll need to check the trigger.
I was hyper vigilant about going back to FC to check just in case the NPC didn't show. So I checked back as soon as I left FC the first time, no battle. I got to Junon, went back to check manually, no battle. Tried doing everything I could before Illuyankas, manually going back, no battle. Fought Illu, ran back with just Cloud, no battle. I got Shiva, teleport NPC appeared, I used him to port there, and STILL no battle. I teleported back after not doing a battle, ran there just in case that changed anything, and no battle. So it seems that my second battle is refusing to trigger for some reason. I haven't tried getting in the water, but I dont want to skip battle 2 which seems to be what would happen.

I remember seeing Fort Condor related issues in a post a little while back but I can't recall what it was exactly so this may be a repeat. After the Illuyankas fight in the lower part of Junon, and the following events with Priscilla, including getting Shiva, is when the first Fort Condor battle message pops up and upon briefly leaving that screen, the teleport NPC shows up as well. First I thought there was a battle set BEFORE the Illuyankas fight, but regardless, I teleported when I saw the NPC but no fight was available. Am I missing something or is there a problem with the FC battles?

EDIT: I first tried this on updates from over a week ago, tried installing new ones and nothing changed.

I don't think Powersoul is, no.
The devastates me deep in my heart QQ

Well, I could add a fifth set to each Rank if need be; stat-wise, what did you have in mind?

I'll toss out what I can come up with. Spoiler tag for text wall and potential future (slight?) spoilers. I didn't include rank names because I feel like that would be better left up to you unless you want some names, and of course the weights might be imbalanced, they're just some ideas.
Spoiler: show

Cloud: Any set that has 1 offence stat and both vitality and spirit. Examples: +10 vit +5 strength/spirit OR +10 magic +5 vit/spirit

Barret: I actually really like his options namely Marauder and Heavy Metal but for the sake of adding 1 to everyone, maybe a crazy set like high Dex and Luck since those are far from his strong suits. Example: +10 or 15 dex/luck

Tifa: Was shocked to see nothing that was high dex for her, so maybe a high dex low strength option, or dex/strength/luck. Examples: +15 dex +5 strength OR +10 dex/strength OR +10 dex +5 strength/luck

Aeris: Also pretty happy with them overall but again just for adding something maybe balanced magic/dex or magic/spirit for either potent spells and safety from magic or just to throw out spells as fast as possible. Examples: +10 magic/spirit OR +10 magic/dex

Red XIII: I ran balanced in the older version with him, would love to see an all stats choice again for him, he just seems perfect for it between his innate, his ultimate weapon formula, his offenses already balanced and defenses balanced with decent speed to compliment it all. If the overall stat gains was too high with that then maybe not adding luck since it is the only stat that is kind of the odd one out. Example: +5 Strength/magic/spirit/vit/dex/luck (maybe not luck or even dex if its too imbalanced)

Yuffie: Gil Bandit is the only choice for me right now, I think a high strength low dex rank would be good, or high magic low dex as the ones that currently offer high strength or magic also raise one of her meager defenses that I don't have much intention of raising. Examples: +10 strength +5 dex OR +10 Magic +5 Dex

Cait Sith: My experience with Cait Sith is limited so I'm not too sure about him, but I know what sounds good to me is either  high vit/spirit with low luck or if too imbalanced then high luck with low vit/spirit. I want to run him super tanky and with HP shout wouldn't be too bad at physical damage endgame if its damage formula is still Damage = Max HP-Current HP(is that still correct?) Examples: +10 vit/spirit +5 luck OR +10 luck +5 vit/spirit

Vincent: Also pretty good as is, would enjoy a high magic low spirit set or even a pure magic set. Examples: +10 magic +5 spirit OR +15 Magic

Cid: Probably my favorite in terms of the current choices Shinra Ace is basically exactly what I'm looking for to keep him physically tanky, physically strong, and getting some good crits. Harder to come up with one for him as I don't think I would choose anything different if I had any set I wanted. So maybe something along the lines of high strength low luck, or even pure strength? Examples: +10 Strength +5 luck OR +15 strength

Also can confirm that Zieg is not working as intended.

Unrelated to my last post, just forgot to mention it when I came across it on arrange. Should be noted that this was done on the 1.5 release a few days ago before any rounds of patching.

Spoiler: show
 The Reno fight on the pillar in Midgar. This was an odd fight for me, I poisoned him early with one of the items you can have at that point (cant remember which one), so he was taking a hefty chunk every turn. I wasn't sure how to get rid of the pyramids as physical attacks did nothing, and the character it was on seemed to reflect any spells cast on them. Tifa was hit with it very early, and stayed that way for the whole fight. Barret got hit maybe half way or so, and cloud got it a few turns before the fight was over. The fight became an auto fight, i just sat waiting, never getting a turn while Reno took poison damage every turn and whatever he tried to hit anybody on my team with, either did nothing in the case of physical attacks, or hit himself in the case of magic attacks. Not sure if that is all intended, but the fight was more or less free for me as he couldn't hit me at all for about a quarter of the fight. 

I'd just make up for the other defensive stat with equipment, materia load out, and status. Cloud's Rank Up options are definitely playing up the Hybrid designation, but NT offers a lot of tools to make up for it.

I suppose that is probably the intent. I definitely love this mod and 1.5 has impressed me completely thus far, the rank up options are the ONLY thing that I haven't loved about it. I looked through the rest and most characters don't have a set that I REALLY like which is unfortunate. The previous versions rank ups had sets I really liked and was excited to try, it seems less so now but I guess it gives me a new way to adapt and change up my play style. Pretty small grievance in the end, and I may be surprised, just thinking about what sets to choose is way harder for me this time around which could be both good and bad.

I guess I understand the stat weights being different to some extent. I guess just looking at clouds brings me down a bit, none of the ranks really grab me as the play style I want for him. I'm about to look through the rest, hopeful that cloud is the only one who's ranks seem lackluster to me. May just be me but looking at total amount of stat points and knowing that I choose a path that doesn't net the most possible is hard for me to do, but the one that gives the most may not be the style I want to play. I suppose that may be the point of them being weighed differently?

Edit: Suppose I could have been more specific about why I find Clouds lackluster, the most notable thing is there is no rank up option that offers either Strength, Vitality and Spirit OR Magic, Vitality and Spirit. Those are the ways I tend to build Cloud, tanky with a single offensive proficiency. 

I just got to Mr. Smile for the first time this build, and if I'm not misunderstanding am I to gather that the amount of sources for each different build is now much different? My last play through everyone got 5 of each source and then specialized in 2 stats getting an extra 10 to each and a secondary specialty in 1 stat getting an extra 5 netting a total of 55 sources per rank up (with 1 of clouds and 1 of reds rank choices going for a balanced build resulting in a flat 10 of each source netting a total of 60 sources per rank). Now looking at clouds rank choices it states 5 of each source no matter what with specific specializations just like before, but if my math serves correct then "Ex-SOLDIER +5 Str/Mag/Spr" would only net a total of 45 sources, "Mercenary" and "Makonoid" with 50 sources, and "Shinra Trooper" with 55. Is this all correct? If so, why the dramatic shift to that from mostly balanced, I read a post from before 1.5 where someone thought ALL choices should net the same number of sources, just a bit of a shock to see the big change. Maybe its arrange only?

My questions about drops/steals/morphs are all answered apart from one, looking through that WHOLE workbook, the hardedge is still nowhere to be seen. Was it removed?

Damn you beat me to it, I literally JUST saw that like 60 seconds ago, guess I showed my excel nubness pretty hard XD thanks SC and Webbhead08.

In the NT 1.5 Build mk2 folder > Documentation > NT Item list (excel file) should have all the item info you are looking for.
The excel file doesn't seem to have much in the early game stuff, namely the hardedge is not listed anywhere on it. Theres only 37 lines of entry in that excel file, and some are blank unless I have the wrong copy of it? Battle/recovery items don't interest me much unless it's one of the very high tier items, but any armor/weapon/accessory/missables that i can't buy at a shop at that moment in the game are the things I care about, and the file doesn't seem to have all of them (though it is kind of a big ask).

Is there any place that shows valuable items that you can get much earlier by stealing? I have been stealing from almost every enemy I find but it seems vanilla steals are changed at least some so I'm not sure where I can get certain things. Right now I'm in the shinra building just after getting Red, and thats normally when you can steal the Hardedge, but all i can find from the soldiers are mythril sabers. Is the Hardedge rare/moved/removed? If anyone has a list of the more useful steals above whats in the documentation, if you could point me to it that would be awesome.

I went back and found yuffie before cid and it worked fine, and I finished the game! I can honestly say that my favorite game in history has gotten even more incredible with this mod. I just wanted to point out, when you go down the final part of northern cave, maybe because I did the dark cave sidequest right before, but the background for that whole area was midgar and more specifically the reactor exploding and cloud jumping on the train. The whole thing was rather comical and even added to my enjoyment although im still pretty sure was a bug XD hehe. Best video game experience I have ever had in my 23 years, thank you for creating this work of art. I still plan on playing it again and again throughout time and the coming updates, can't wait. Keep it up!!

awesome thanks!

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