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Matter of opinion and experience on this one. You will run into an FF7 not working after updating, trust me. But you can always run the GC again and choose the Overwrite option. That's specifically why it has that option.

I have updates installed on my Windows 7 PC... but i didn't think that would be an issue...
but it STILL doesn't give me any overwrite option cos it has no permissions :/

yeah, none of that worked for me, so i'm sticking to the Reunion mod, Anxious heart and Oucho. for now, untill a fix is ready. or 7thHeaven will work with the steam version of ff7 somehow.

Ok, i have uninstalled,
deleted the data in appdata
deleted teh registrys for valve
and also the square enix folder in documents.

run fff reg cleaner.
run CCleaner

now i've installed Steam again.
installing FF7 now.
Then i'm going to run the converter and see what happens.

Didin't work...
It there a way i can make regkeys or do the converters job manually (i see a nice sprinkles folder within the exe... and i have ahex editor and Notepad++)

Or can i alter the .bat somehow? (i know how to edit it, just not what to edit it to)

still got no fun...
i managed to find an installer for the new threat and it works... i found some HD gfx and also music too. only problem is. i cant use the updated hd gfx with the new threat unless i use 7thHeaven (and for that, i need the converted game)

this is really a big issue... i've spend 7 hours of the game so far, and i'm STILL at the beginning :/
Please! Help me :/

i have :( that's all i've been doing... i'm really good at following instructions.. (Hence the hacked 3DS)

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Mod manager - 7thHeaven (v1.53)
« on: 2016-10-02 17:14:15 »
I'm still having issues with the converter not finding files...

Or Steam not installing FF7 Registry Keys..

I don't know the issue, i have posted about it, and EQ2Alyza has been trying to help me... although i'm getting nowhere fast.

I'm betting it's a simple overlooked issue to :/ (Like Registry Permissions... which i have set all of them to "Full Access", but it didn't change a thing.)

Here's my thread..
Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

I get Registry & Permission errors with both converter and the newest version of 7H.

Yeah, the Steam installation directory (not the ff7 installation directory)

yeah, i don't have that regkey.
i have two, (Both for steam)

i think that's the error... it's not installing any registry keys when i install FF7 through steam.
However, i can still play the game normally, with or without some certain mods.

How can i aquire the keys myself?

Yeah, tried that just now with a clean install. Still no luck with the converter...
I Wish this thing would just work..

I't not finding anything (Reg Keys Or Mounted ISO's.)

u guys are all lucky... i can't even get the damn converter to work :/
(And yes, i've posted a thread about it... EQ2Alyza is already trying to help me.)

Seriously... it's so damn baisic.... i do more complicated things with my 3DS :D (I'm not even kidding, take a look at if u have a 3DS, or if u have a Wii.)
Handheld hacking Forums, with tutorials and resources (Just like this site)
I Use my 3DS as a Wireless Gamepad to Play Final Fantasy 7 on my PC.. .. :P

I have the cheats,
I have the mods,
now i just need to conversion :D

i've been trying with all three versions (10, 11 and 7H.. 7H mostly... and i've tried it uncompressed too.)

I have been able to get some mods working... but all that involve a 1.2 ff7.exe i can't get to work, because there is no registry keys.
The converter won't find the installation path, nor recognize 3 mounted Iso's (FF7DISC1.ISO, FF7DISC2.ISO & FF7DISC3.ISO... as recommended by another site (i have no idea if it's supposed to work or not, but i did manage to come across a registry key that allowed me to run ff7config.exe) ... however, the 1.2 ff7.exe didn't recognize any of the mounted drives, so wouldn't work (and any other copy of those ff7.exe files (like from the converter sprinkles folder) still wouldn't run due to lack of Reg Key.

I've got the hang of adding mods to the game folders, and have built up my own personal collection of mods, ready to apply to the game.... including your Anxious Heart Audio mod (VERY nice btw :) Thank-you :)
except for the Menu Overhaul... as i need the 1.2 exe working. and for that, i need to convert the game.

If the program isn't working, please could you try to explain how it works?
Or maybe if you know how to convert the steam version of ff7 to the 1998 PC version manually, i would really appreciate it.
i see so many people with their mods working, and i feel like a jackass for not being able to do a simple procedure :/

I have had some success modding manually... (Pasting the mods into the right data folder)
however, this is time-consuming and horribly tedious, i need the 7thHeaven app to simplify thing for me.

I Need to get this working today, it's my Son's Birthday and i havn't seen him in 6 years. :/ (I Bought the game to mod for him)

:/ Really getting Stuck here :/

I know you don't want people posting here.... but a LOT of the links on this page are dead (Need replacing/updating)
Not being nasty about it, just informing.
me want's access to them too ya know? ;P

FAQs and Tutorials / Re: issue with game converter
« on: 2016-10-01 15:29:48 »

I installed Final Fantasy to: G:\FF7 and pasted it in the convert as "G:\FF7" and G:\FF7 but i'm STILL getting the same error either way.

Why God do you hate me so :(

Will have another go tomorrow. it's too late now and i'm tired... Roll on Day 4 of Failure :(

Ok, will try that (last attempt for tonight)
This is what it says.
Going to try and install ff7 again, this way. (when i manually typed the G:\Ff7 folder it STILL installed to the steam library.)

when i try to install FF7 (From steam) it gives me the choice of either installing it to the current Steam installation directory (EG: G:\Steam... Giving me G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII
creating a NEW steam directory on another Drive (STILL Giving me Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII)
How to i install to just "G:\Games\FF7" instead of steam creating a whole new directory? (*:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY)

Steam doesn't acctuall give me the installer.exe .... it installs through steam.

Just gives me the option to either install to the current steam library (on G;\) or create a new library on another drive.

Apart from Copying and renaming the "FINAL FANTASY VII" Folder, what other way do i have to change the path to G:\Games\FF7?

nvm, turns out i can just type it in.... i dont like the steam UI... too dark to see anything :/ ok... final attempt... let's hope this is it :)

the Convert is now running... though, it's just given me the same issue...
it's just telling me the same
Code: [Select]
FIND `/I`: no medium
FIND `."`: no such file or directory
FIND `/I` no medium
FIND `\\./Documents and Settings': Permission Denied


What's going on here? :( So darn confusing.

1. I install Steam to "G:\Steam"
2. I Download & Install Final Fantasy VII to the same directory (creating G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII)
3. i Compress(ZIP) the "FINAL FANTASY 7 Folder as a backup. then rename the folder to "FF7" and move to G:\Games (Creating G:\Games\FF7)
3 i Run the converter (located in G:\Games) as Admin. (went into properties and under compatibility, i ticked Compatibility for Win 7. and Run as Admin.)

Still can't find the files... even when i type "G:\Games\FF7" or G:\Games\FF7

so i should copy the "FINAL FANTASY VII" folder from
G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII
and rename the Folder to "FF7"
Giving me the path "G:\Games\FF7"  (Skipping the steam directory alltogether)

I think i've tried this... i Zipped my FINAL FANTASY VII folder as a backup (When i did the copy and paste tutoriaal from youtube as i mentioned earlier.
Will it work if i just unzip it to G:\Games and rename it to FF7 then launch the converter from the games folder as admin?

The Blank ISO has been Mounted, using Daemon Tools since my first attempt at converting.
I have moved the iso to G;\Games along with 7thHeaven (+MOST of the mods already downloaded),  FF7 FINAL FANTASY and GameConverter_7H.exe.
The ISO is mounted, i'm just waiting for everything to copy over and i'll run the converter. Will let you know the results.

I've tried both, at the moment, it's on
G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII

I saw a video onn youtube that showed me that i can just drag and replace movie, texture music etc files into the folders, and that worked, but with no configurable options.  (i want the reunion mod and Advent Children GFX)

This thing has given me so many issues, i tried bootleg, but it didnt work, i tryed 7thHeaven (it does what it's supposed to, but doesn't lauch the game with the patches (just normal)
and i'm betting that's cos i havn't been able to convert it properly.

If you can't help me, is there a way to do this process manually?
Or can i edit to bat to fix the error?

Here's what the Log say's (it's not the current path i'm using now, but there should still be no issues with the path i specified, right?
Code: [Select]
FF7 GameConverter, Version 0.11
Creator: Kompass63
Editor: EQ2Alyza

Start running at    Date: 30/09/2016    Time: 17:15:15.89
Active code page: 850
ActualPath G:\Final Fantasy 7\Modding Files\FF7_GameConverter_0.11

You are running "Windows 7 Ultimate" on a 64 Bit Operating System (AMD64)
Real Management 64Bit NATIV

This patch is not yet applied.

Installation path found at...


If an installation path IS found, press ENTER.
If an installation path IN NOT found, TYPE IT IN and press ENTER.

FINAL FANTASY VII installation could not be found...

Ending here.

called with ""G:\Final Fantasy 7\Modding Files\FF7_GameConverter_0.11\FF7_GameConverter_0.11.bat""
Arguments: "G:\Final Fantasy 7\Modding Files\FF7_GameConverter_0.11\FF7_GameConverter_0.11.bat"

Actual Path:                     G:\Final Fantasy 7\Modding Files\FF7_GameConverter_0.11
Product Name:                    Windows 7 Ultimate
Architecture:                    AMD64
Running in Modus                 64Bit NATIV
OS Bit Version                   64
Reg-Keyname Steam                HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 39140
Reg-Keyname Re-Release           HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{141B8BA9-BFFD-4635-AF64-078E31010EC3}_is1
Reg-Keyname 1                    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Square Soft, Inc.
Reg-Keyname 2                    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\FF7app.exe
Reg-Keyname 3                    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Square Soft, Inc.
Steam Release is present:         
Steam Release Path:               "G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII"
Re-Release is present:           
Re-Release Path:                 
Original Release is present:     
Original Release Path:           
Destination Path:                 
Source Path:                     
Videos Path:                     
Original Videos Path:             
Original Language                 
Converted Language               
Original Drive Letter:           
Converted Drive Letter:           
and now clear up Variables...
Ending at           Date: 30/09/2016    Time: 17:15:20.70

as the title says, it cannot find the installation...
I have the Steam Version of FF7. (Though i bought the game from the squaresoft site, it gave my a code to download the game from steam.)
I have tried uninstalling FF7 and Steam, reinstalling to "C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII"
I ran the converter after ff7 install.
it looks for the installation path, but can't find it, so asks me to type one in (Parentheses included)
so i type in
"C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII"
and press enter.
it comes up with a few "FIND" lines saying it cannot find the missing directory etc.
then it waits... after a while, it says something about documents and setting permission denied.
it cycles through folder after folder saying permission denied. after a long while it says it cannot find FF7DISC1 (even though i have download the empty iso and mounted it with the recommended program.)

i have tried uninstalling, Using the Reg Key cleaner tool from this site (Though, when i use it, it says there are no reg keys... and when i check my regedit and i can't find ANY registry keys that correspond to steam or Squaresoft.

there's not much for me to get wrong (installed FF7 to external usb hdd (G:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII)
Run the converter from the tutorial page (Tifa's 7thHeaven Tutorial Page)

Why can't the converter do what it needs to? I've run it as admin... there's not much i can get wrong really, is there?

Please help! I've been trying to get this working for days now, I've scanned these forums, and i haven't seen my issue solved yet.

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