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Yeah not always the best policy to ignore updates, they patch security holes and bugs and stuff, and most windows 10 updates are just defender definition files and should not affect how the game launches. Only update I think that may mess with launcher is the win 10 anniversary update which should have come and gone on most machines by now.

You have to run it as admin or the thing will freak out at you with red screen and everything.
So yes, I ran it as admin (the second time)

I don't think this issue is win10 specific, I got it working and there was no issues.
Steps I took. I followed the guide.
Downloaded FFVII on steam (to c:/games/) (did not launch it at all)
Downloaded the blank ISO (win10 auto mounted it for me)
Downloaded and ran the game converter from step 1 on tut page (Not the special win10 one)
game converter did NOT auto find the install directory so I manually typed it in. After the prompts it brought up the FFVII config tool and I just kept following instructions.

Nothing special happened, it went completely as expected.
I know Coreag is using windows 10 (like me), and judging from screenshots Akawashi is using windows 7 and they're both having the same issue. There's got to be something else they have in common that's interfering with now this stuff installs.

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