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7thHeaven / Re: Error checking catalog
« on: 2019-06-07 01:02:40 »
Nevermind. Since I am a programmer, looking at the error message lets me know that that was a very likely server cause problem. So I decided to not doing anything. And today I just click "Update Catalog" again and it's all working right now.

7thHeaven / Error checking catalog
« on: 2019-05-30 11:29:24 »
I am following the tutorial to apply the mod and getting stuck at step 5 to download the mod.
I got this error when updating catalog: Error checking catalog iros://Url/http$ underlying connection was closed: The connection was
My subscription: iros://Url/http$
I'm sure there is no redundant space in the link.


Yeah, I've already done that, just to make it look as not having any save files as possible. Whatever, cloud saving sucks, I won't use it for sure.

A lot of things have happened. I was careless. I think it's not a good idea to decribe in detail, so I'll go simple.
I've just known that save files on Cloud CAN NOT be deleted, but I want to "clean" it. I'm sure this problem is server side, can not be done by end user. So, is there still a way to manipulate and make the server confused so it'll decide to "clean" my account? Or can you hack into their server and erase all of my save files for me  ;D LOL
Haha, actually 100% people would recommend not to use Cloud Saving, and I've also decided to do that too. I'm just curious.

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