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D'oh.  Now that you mention New Threat, I vaguely remember installing it a few months ago with plans to try it out, but never did.  I thought I was using a clean install.

Surely that does answer your question?  The answer is yes.  8)

You might've wanted to keep the spirit of the localization or something, I dunno.  I just wanted to make absolutely sure, even if it does kinda make me look like a dunce.  :v  I cannot state how happy I am to hear that.  Thank you and Luksy and everyone else so much in advance for all the work put into Beacause and the other Reunion mods!  FF7 HYPE!

Edit:  I am so utterly confused.  I installed R05c because I wanted to demo it before R06 and I started a new game.  If I get a random encounter in the room after you name Cloud and Barret, I fight Mirage Weapon instead of some soldiers and it Stops me and kills me with Ice Raze.  I made it past that room once without an encounter and the rest of the Reactor seems normal, except the battles keep telling me \\Barret// defense stack+ and \\Barret// attack stack+.  I guess it's good that the game wants to \\༼ຈل͜ຈ༽// raise its Barrets \\༼ຈل͜ຈ༽// but I don't know WHY it wants to.  I think maybe I should have waited for R06.

It's a complete update.

Not to be rude or anything, but I'm not quite sure that answers my question, at least not to my understanding.  I know it's a complete overhaul of the translation, but does it make the stuff like Jenova possessing Sephiroth, Hojo's experiments on Cloud, the hooded figures' significance, and other stuff obscured in the original english version more clear?  I really want to experience the story as it was supposed to be.

Thanks for letting me know about the new version, though!  I can wait 'til it's finished to play.

So, I just recently found out about this mod and I'm eager to try it, but before I dedicate myself to another 40+ hours of childhood RPG, I have a question about the translation.

I found out from this Reddit post that the story for the English version was butchered pretty bad and there was a whole lot that us westerners missed from the original story.  Jenova's role, the Nibelheim incident, Cloud's shattered psyche, the whole Zack clone mess, etc.  Does this re-translation try and make the plot more in line with the original Japanese one?  It's been a while since I played through FF7, but I do remember some of the plot points seemingly making little sense and some things never really being cleared up.  I'd like to know how accurate that post is, and if this translation addresses those things.

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