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7thHeaven / Re: Nothing Working At All
« on: Today at 07:38:53 »
is the game crashing or are the mods not working when in game? What does the error say if its a crash?

Post your profile details and a screenshot of your 7th heaven settings. Also in your ff7 main folder post your APP log.

Alot of weapons in New Threat give actual stats instead of just having high attack values. This tunes the damage down so you dont hit the cap early but still makes the characters very strong. If you think Cloud is weak because of his weapons then you either chose the wrong stat upgrades for the weapon you are using, or you just dont quite grasp the value of extra stats like + 10 spirit or dex.
So it may seem like cloud got nerfed, but actually hes been buffed pretty nicely. Hes the 3rd best character in the mod.

use the image above as a guide. With ff8 on steam it has steam controller support so if you follow that post youll be able to get both your dpad and joysticks to work. It worked out of the box for me with my DS4 controller and 360 afterglow.

ive saved in that location before aswell and never encountered that bug. Use black chocobo to edit your save and move back one scene and remove barret from the party. That might fix it.

her reviving or not is based on the option you chose prior to the fight. I believe you want to pick the grey option for her to live.

General discussion / Re: How do I close my account?
« on: 2018-12-02 21:43:09 »
theres no need to close the account. just dont use it anymore.

Farming spots in NT are pretty much the same as vanilla. Outside Mideel is good fast xp, Gelnika is decent everything, All crater enemies give alot of xp, and the Movers in the swampy area of crater are the most AP per battle.

Sh*t man I did get stuck now... I copied the file  ff7_en.exe to my FF VII folder, instead of changing the settings in 7th heaven to en.exe, which is why it didn't work as you just mentioned..

What I did just now was change the name of the settings in 7th heaven to en.exe, but it said it couldn't find it. what  I did next was change the name of the .exe in my FF VII folder to ff7_en.exe, and now when I try to launch the game with 7th heaven, it opens the game with Steam. Which obviously doesn't work..

Terribly sorry for my poor way of discribing the situation I'm not good at this.. hopefully someone understands what I try to say and know what I can do to solve it because my game doesn't start anymore ^^

if you are using 7th heaven you need to use ff7.exe or ff7_bc.exe if you are also using Menuoverhaul. Those are the exes that the gameconverter gives you normally, then in the New Threat download there should be a new version of ff7.exe and ff7_bc.exe, which are the exe that you need to use.

the +5 on source will only work if you are using the exe included with the NT download.

Model changes seem to break the first field of the dark cave quest. If you disable the main character field model iro it will let you get past.

Hey im not sure if this was covered already but after i got the mystile from the dead guy (dark cave sidequest) i went to the exit of the cave and it teleported me to the ancient forest map. Now i can´t access my chocobo or airship since i left them at the bone village so it seems that i´m stuck in the cosmo canyon area... its kinda sad since i wanted to finish the game, anyway i hope you can somehow help me.

Also sorry if this was already covered :|

use the save editor black chocobo. With it open your save and go to the location tab, select bone village field, then tic the box that says "save location changes". Save and open your game and youll be back.

Completely unrelated / Re: RIP Diablo
« on: 2018-11-09 14:20:17 »
mobile games provide a surge of money for a company. They are generally short lived so you dont have to sink as much investment as a pc release. Its a fact that mobile games with micro transactions is more profit. I dont fault blizzard for this, and when i eventaully get a new phone I would try this game. The only thing they are did "wrong" was announce it in a setting where they had led the attendees and viewers to believe it was going to be a "real" diablo game. So yea the people defend Blizzard are techinically correct. Most of the hate is coming from childish pricks.... who might i just add... probably have purchased something from a MT store in a mobile game which lead to blizzard going in this direction.

All that being said I am sad to see that its not D4, or atleast not a diablo lore based game for PC or console.

you have to kill the 2 sides before you can kill the middle. When it gives your the first chance to switch, take it and make sure you kill all of the parts before shifting to the third team, then repeat with them.. this is your 2 man squad so better be ready to DPS the strawberries out of him. Then when you swithc back to the original squad again you will be able to damage the core and win the fight.

they are just 3 differnt upscales of the vanilla fields. IMO Satsuki has the best ones because he removed the light layers, which cause problems with upscaled scenes.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Mod manager - 7thHeaven (v1.54)
« on: 2018-11-02 14:31:08 »
If you are using 1.55 then you have to have 10 save files for it to run. Its a known bug that should be fixed in the next, its also not an issue in 1.54.
So your options are either
1. Go to your ff7/save folder and create files called save00.ff7 all the way through save09.ff7. The easiest way to do this would be play and save from the steam version and save in the 10 overall slots. then copy and paste them from your documents folder into your ff7/save folder.
2. Reinstall 7H and when it ask you to update select no so that you install 1.54

are you using iros://Url/http$ ? because thats the current link and its still working for me. If you have the mods already downloaded on another machine then all you have to do is zip them and upload them to mega or dropbox or w/e file hosting service you want and redownload them. YOu can also transfer them through a usb drive or even your phone if it has enough space to act as a portable memory stick. Just place them back in your ff7/mods/7th heaven folder and launch 7h and they will work.

so, just finished wutai pagoda. Gorky's many names is done on purpose huh?

Do you mean shake? All of the fights have a gimmick of some sort.

Spoiler: show
first fight has super defense and you lose if he powers up completely
Second fight shake is "super fast" so to simulate that there are actually 6 enemies named the same thing to be simulate an after image
third fight can only be damaged by magic and using an attack item will cause them to reset their hp to full
4th fight he hits hard and fast and applies poison and dual
5th fight is godo, same as vanilla mechanic wise.

Team Avalanche / Re: Upscale Pack
« on: 2018-10-20 15:27:33 »
FF7 can infact have semi transparency. I have personally imported a model of the Brotherhood from FFX, with transparent blade. The method to do it was a bit annoying. Have to set transparency in gimp and in blender before converting the files back to p. then play around in kimera a bit and youll eventually get a decent result. The same can be done for battles, which I will be doing once I get around to fixing/enhancing my current work.

Thanks for this mod! In this thread you said it's possible to use your mod without loosing the ability to get steam achievements. But I'm not sure how to do this. With the 7th heaven mod manager I need to run the game converter. How to install your mod without the mod manager? In the battle folder of FFVII there are other file types and it's not possible to overwrite them with your files.

Thanks in advance!

STEAM version

I broke the hypelink in the main page. ill go fix it in the morning but here it is.

Just finished. The final area was easy, but only because I had auto haste + protect on everyone and triple casted meteor.
here is my boss order and any thoughts i have on them.

Sphinx -> magic
Tripoint -> resurrection
Trauma -> limit break
   Simple fight unless he uses Mega Pulse cannon in a short span, for me he used it, then punched then used again next turn. It deals 7500ish non protectable damage, if you arent over 9200 hp then a pulse cannon + punch will kill you every time.
red giant -> item
Krysta -> GF
   Too low HP. 1 triple cast meteor with 255 magic won the fight. Its damage was nice though, 1.8k counter through protect and 6.5k with ultima no shell.
Gargantua -> Draw
   The only acceptable use of the L5 death spell Kappa. Rebirth flame saved me in this fight.
cateboplas-> save
Tiamat -> ability

In general I would recommend increasing their HP by atleast 1.5x. I triple meteor spammed and they were all over before they really began.

Ultimicia. I would recommend removing greivers elemental weaknesses. Triple cast water on selphie and squall for 8-10k per cast and rinoa in angel wing with only Meteor to use made easy work of the entire fight.

I think that the triple spell should be removed entirely and replaced with something else as it trivialized the entire ending.

Overall id give the mod an FF8/10. Just a few more tweaks here and there, but the power of triple is really the only major thing left that i had issue with.

 Ill be doing Ultimecias castle on Saturday so ill post final thoughts at that point. But bravo on your fast and appropriate response to my feedback. Identify the issues I had, gave me alternatives and explained your reasoning behind, then found a middle ground to meet. A lot of mod makers will either only do what the public wants, or only does what they want and there is no discussion or compromise. I'm looking forward to see how great this mod will be after all of the small things are perfected.

7thHeaven / Re: HELP! Error Starting FF7 (CODE 5)
« on: 2018-10-05 01:03:22 »
i am also on the update and my 7th heaven works still so its not a windows issue. Maybe you need to adjust your firewall settings though.

There is an option to disable random encounters located at save points. But if you are using the build from last year then you should really just restart your game. There have been major changes to alot of things and there could be a scripting error a bit further down the road that breaks the game.

I just got past Adel and the "sorceress" chain fight. Not a fan of either of them. It feels like you werent sure how to balance these fights out so you just started giving every enemy meteor. (fujin, behemoth, adel, and 2nd phase sorc all use it in this area). Maybe fights like that would feel better with more elemental attacks and less non-elemental. Aga spells, tornado quake water etc. The other big issue in the adel fight is Rinoa, she only has 10k hp and adel draws from her every turn for 4.6k (2.3k after you shell her, which is required). I would rather see adel draw 5000 flat and increase rinoas hp to 20k. with 10k i had quistis perma triple curaga, squall was on buff duty, and zell sat at low hp and spammed duel. Removing meteor and adding AGA spells along with increasing Rinoas hp would make the fight feel better while not actually making it that much easier.

The "Sorceress" chain fight on the other hand felt like triple ultima was the only way. The second type that spawn cast double and death. even with stat-d death they wiped my team in 1 turn. Im always opposed to instadeath status moves in any game. Its an RPG, i should not be forced to have stat-def death for the entire game just to avoid getting insta killed by bosses. The final phase of that fight i believe needs to be tweaked to be more difficult. 1 triple cast meteor was all it took to beat it.

So the real issue im feeling right now is that i feel that the mod has forced me into a corner where only triple casting meteor or ultima and spamming limits is worth anything. The rest of the game I felt the freedom that I expect from an RPG, but now that im at the tail end I just dont see many ways to get through without LB cheese or triple cast.

The Ultima Weapon fight was fantastic though. It was a very tight fight where I had to do everything perfect and 1 mistake would be a game over. It was fun, fast, and unless he spammed meteor ( so many enemies use meteor) I could maintain throughout the fight.

I am concerned with Ultimecia castle though, if its similar to the last 2 bosses then I dont expect that I will enjoy it very much, but I am hoping that it was just those 2 bosses that felt... for lack of a better term... lazy. Before I continue to it though im maxing the rest of my characters levels using the stat bonus abilities and gathering the ultimate weapons (which would have made the previous bosses quite a bit easier but ultimate weapons should be reserved for the final dungeon imo).

90% of this mod has been just wonderful and its had me streaming 14-20 hours every day while playing it so im really hoping the final dungeon regains the feel of the middle of the game.

lastly where is zells card? I havent been able to find anyone with it and Im fairly sure ive played everyone.

I gave the creep enemy some more fitting eyes and made their smile a tiny bit larger

place in FINAL FANTASY VIII\textures\en\enemy_creeps

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