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Derek has the right solution. When your pc restarts or updates sometimes it causes your audio to be set to "default" instead of what ever you have it set to. The game will crash if the audio isnt proper so you have to rerun the converter to set your audio device again. This wont affect any of your mods or 7th heaven or your saves. The only thing to take note of is if you are using a custom ff7.exe like segachiefs NT exe the converter will overwrite that if its in the main directory and youll have to put a new version in.

7thHeaven / Re: activate 7th heaven - already installed
« on: 2018-06-14 02:23:01 »
Did you run the game converter provided in the thread?
in your workshop / setting tab in 7h set your exe location to ff7_fr.exe
make sure the rest of your settings are set exactly how stated in the 7h tutorial thread.

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2018-04-15 18:11:20 »
 field uttmpin2 theres a "hidden" rotating door at the bottom of the screen and you can soft lock it by spamming "ok" when going through it.

shpin_3 is another bugged field.  There is a body next to the ladder and if you position correctly you can interact with both at the same time. This will lets you move with the txt bubble up, you can then start the trigger with sephi, end the first conversation which will restore your movement and you can attempt to leave the field during sephi talking, this can lead to a soft lock.


And Mr smiles only gave me a max of 3 sources, for instance I did clouds mercenary and got 3 power sources and 2 for the rest.

Because of the custom exe sources give +5 each instead of +1.

Not sure if its been pointed out but when you obtain Aeris her innate explanation it says that she absorbs poison damage, but then it says that Poison is not covered in the next text bubble. I think that you mean to say that damage from poison ticks are not covered but I just want to verify.

those bricks were the first thing i did in gimp and didnt know how to make them 100% seemless. in game the cam is so zoomed it that you cant tell, and the way we are rendering it in blender makes the lines stand out alot more than in game so i wasnt to concerned with smoothing it out, but if you want to heres the texture


Colab with Tsunamix to get the stages fully 3d. hes doing the modeling and im wrapping the uv and textures.


 ignore everything except the bricks here. Im going through and running my fields through CrazyBump to add 3d shading to increase the quality of the pack. Still working on a way to convert the flat models for the stages into 3d. some screen shots of that to come in the next week or so.

Im unfamilliar with the way x and x-2 work with their file structure but if you extract the textures for both yuna and riku then rearrange the contents of the images to be in the same spots as the other then their textures will be swapped. This will make yuna look like riku but she will still have yunas animations. This is a crappy way to do it though as the parts of the texutres have to be in the exact same location and size and may actually be impossible based on how they uv mapped the models. I suppose you could always just change the uv map for yuna to fit rikus texture file, again this is a poor option but is a valid way to do it.

7thHeaven / Re: crash on launch with 7th heaven
« on: 2018-03-07 23:59:50 »
The reason 7H was causing a crash is because 1.55 requires you to have a save in all 10 save groups. You can use BlackChocobo to create all of the saves needed to start, or just make 1 save with it and copy paste and rename save00 through save09 . Or just stay at version 1.54

7thHeaven / Re: [FF7PC] 7th Heaven crash help
« on: 2018-03-07 19:32:31 »
The reason 7H was causing a crash is because 1.55 requires you to have a save in all 10 save groups. You can use BlackChocobo to create all of the saves needed to start, or just make 1 save with it and copy paste and rename save00 through save09

right now i am reformatting and renaming my 1k textures to lgp format to share on steam. After that is done (its really easy just alot of tedious work i keep putting off) I will be moving on to either FF7 spell texture, FF8 battle scenes in the same fashion I did these ff7 scenes, or start working in gimp/kimera to make my ff7 scenes be fully 3d isntead of just flat models with textures placed on top.

Are you using FF7_mo.exe ? Because when i tried to use that exe with NT activated the stats changed from materia were huge. Using ff7_bc.exe fixes this for me.

It looks like everything is correct except the model id. So go to the enemy stats tab, change the name to w/e you want it to be. Helletic Hojo is the vanilla. Then change the model ID to 0132 and hit ok. That should fix it. The script and attacks all seem to still be Helletic Hojo so its a 30 second fix

So you have scene 215 incorrect. You have phase 3 hojo in it not phase 2. thats whats causing the problems. it should be hellatic hojo and the model id should be 0132

have you edited any of your lgp's ? What edits were made to your kernels and scene? Sounds like the issue is either a messed up or missing battle model, but if you didnt edit you lgp then not that. So its gotta be something youve done to either the characters ai in the kernel or the enemy/fight data from the scene.

We need to know what mods you are running, the exe you are using, characters in party, etc

Graphical Mods / Re: A new one wants to help
« on: 2018-02-15 01:33:33 »
Basically what you have to do once you have 7h and kimera

1. find a model you want to fix or redo animations for
2. unpack the iro
3. open the model in kimera
4. edit the positioning for every piece in every frame of every animation to make sure it works
5. repeat step 4 because some characters have way too many animations
6. save the model (save frequently because kimera likes to crash after using for a while.
7. pack the updated files into their iro
8. profit.

thats the very most basic steps in order to do this.

Troubleshooting / Re: 7th Heaven Modding not work
« on: 2018-02-13 01:59:16 »
Is your direct mode = on in your ff7_opengl.cfg ? Thats the most common problem. If it is then re do the installation process. If you are having problems following the guide you can instead use my tutorial video

Might be that you have to wait until Disc 3.

Check spoiler tag for anyone interested in which quest can be done when.

Spoiler: show
 Vincent and yuffie quest can be completed as early as you can access the area all others after getting to disc 3.

sources still get consumed even if you are at maximum stats.

I think it depends what .EXE you use with both mods together, I'm not 100% sure.

I played with the FF7_mo.exe and it has a major impact on the stats of materia, to the point where i had characters with 0 of a particular stat because the materia was taking 20-30 away. But with the FF7_bc.exe the game was completely winnable and there were no major bugs or stat swings like the other exes. I played with a full assortment of mods including reunion with NT and the only major problem was that barret softlocks in the first screen of the dark cave when him or cloud have a field model mod on. after i removed it the rest of the dark cave played out.

So long story short you can play NT with the menu overhaul as long as you use ff7_bc.exe.

7thHeaven / Re: Game Won't Run Past Initial File Select
« on: 2018-02-09 18:38:16 »
So there is an issue with 7H 1.55 that forces you to have 10 save files created. You can either uninstall 7H and when you install it again make sure that you do not upgrade to 1.55. Or if you dont wanna go through that then go to your ff7/save folder and copy the file that is names Save00 and paste it multiple times, renaming in order as you go. save00 save01 save02 ... save09. then you can launch 7H again and it should work.

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