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Hi, Tirlititi! Will you update Alternate Fantasy 5.0 with latest Memoria?

Unfortunately, making it an option is not an option, as you can't change individual files inside p0data3.

I already wrote that UnityEX can do this. I play with your Moguri beta 8 v3, Alternate Fantasy 5.0 and Scaled Battle UI. Everything works.

Thank you so much for this mod.

Just wondering how can I use this with Alternate Fantasy mod by Tirlititi? Both use p0data2.bin. I have no idea how to merge those two files. Hoping you can help.
Unfortunately, it will have to wait until he decides to merge those files. I'll gladly give him my files if he wants after I'm done. In the meantime, use his p0data2.bin.
I used UnityEX for this. Extracted textures from assets modded by snouz, and then packed it in Alternate Fantasy. I think that in this way, you can implement improved textures in any version of the game. In addition, UnitEX supports the command line.

FF9 Graphical Releases / Re: [FF9 PC] UI Stuff BETA V1
« on: 2020-04-25 13:11:37 »
snouz, your work is impressive! I like your FF9 mods.

So far what I see is this in the main menu:

Spoiler:  • show

It's Memoria bug. Try this. I was extract the texture title_bg.tex from the UI Stuff BETA V1 mod and convert it to png.

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] SeeDRemastered-UI v1.0
« on: 2019-09-16 22:35:05 »
Hello! I am engaged in porting translation of Final Fantasy VIII from 2013 Steam version to 2019 Remaster version. I can port texts, but I do not know how to change the width of characters in the font. Editing sysfnt.tdw do not give a result in Remaster. Mcindus or anybody else can you help me?
I used google translator. Sorry.

In the coming days, I will be releasing a new version of the driver - though it will likely have a few hiccups, given Luksy has had to rebuild it for VScode. I'll try to iron those out with him before that day.

Meanwhile, I noticed a slight bug in the code that I am awaiting Aali's input on.

I have added my screen centring code for field and FMV already.  I intend to modify the driver for use with Steam versions of FF7 (albeit with a check for proper install / non-pirate game).  It may be the case that, in the future, I decide to create my own fork that supports FF7 English only (it would be working with my own DLL too - to allow anyone to use 1.02 English for modding purposes)  - but for now I am adding some fixes for all - and will try to fix the odd issue we had with FF8 (like controllers losing focus). 

I will have to make a decision on how much work I am willing to do for FF8 and non English FF7.   Of course, Aali has now released his source and I am willing to work with any programmer who wishes to maintain the driver (minus any way to bypass buying the game).

Ultimately, I want to create a way for people to be able to use FF7 1.02 English as the sole exe. I have a great deal of thinking to do.

Wow! Great news! Will you add android version support?

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